The Christmas Story from the Gospel of Luke



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Title : The Christmas Story from the Gospel of Luke

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The Christmas Story from the Gospel of Luke

The Christmas Story from the Gospel of Luke

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LifeSaver Eli-Yah
LifeSaver Eli-Yah 2 months ago

Christmas is of pagan demonic origin.
Woe unto you for combining it to the Word of YAH. You better repent fast before you die without repenting.

Sophie Myers
Sophie Myers 2 months ago

I love Jesus so much and all that's happening is not making God weak because that's not possible for him to be

Catherine Christopher


Milica Markovic
Milica Markovic 2 months ago

Da li mozete na srpskom ili hrvatskom da prevodite,molim vad

Scott Brockman
Scott Brockman 2 months ago

Beautiful fireplace scene and soothing male voice, despite my pet bird making loud and obnoxious noises. For me, this is the example of what the true meaning of Christmas is, the birth of Jesus. I have just watched this on YouTube and on the YouVersion app, the "Nativity Story" & most importantly the classic Christmas episode from the Cartoon show "The Animaniacs". Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas, everyone ☺👍🙏🙇👫🎄🎅

Magdalena Gamboa
Magdalena Gamboa 2 months ago

Por favor en español vivo en Colombia

lion behavior
lion behavior 2 months ago

God is against this pagen man made holiday. Our Messiah was not born in the winter. America is full of lies

João Leite
João Leite 2 months ago

amem 🎅 🎅 zape11944598806

João Leite
João Leite 2 months ago

jesus da aaude 🎅 🎅 zape1194459880

Lucy Goose
Lucy Goose 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Official Travis Turner

Thanks for sharing this amazing video

Official Travis Turner


Stacie Minot
Stacie Minot 2 months ago

Im gonna have to check but this story is not accurate. An angel told Joseph to take the child to Egypt because Herod is looking to kill the child. Joseph and Mary followed the direction of the Lord. Didnt mention that Mary was still a Virgin yet had conceived a child by the Holy Spirt. Im sorry Booooo! Boooo! Youre telling lies. Read it for yourselves. The truth is still the truth no matter what you say. Lord, bind Falsehood and Deception. I plead the Blood of Jesus in His Mighty Name!!!

Alfa Real
Alfa Real 2 months ago

My fellow Christians please watch the video in the link its by Truthunedited. A youtuber that is a true follower of Yahshua .Maybe after the the video you will start to see christmas and the world as a whole with a different set of eyes.

Jairo Ocampo
Jairo Ocampo 2 months ago

Buenas quiero en español, muchas gracias

Naomi 2 months ago

Praise Jesus, the Truth, the Light and the Way. Merry Christmas everyone and may everyday be like Christmas. This year has been mentally tough for everybody, I pray for everyones mental health and well being these wicked times will not move us!
God bless to you all 💚🙏🏽

ajsulu anarbekova
ajsulu anarbekova 2 months ago


Caroline Mbela Böltau

HALLELUJA!!!!!!! His Word endure's forever and ever Amen !!!

Rhonda Lewis
Rhonda Lewis 2 months ago


M M 2 months ago

I never get tired of listening to the Christmas story. Thank you for offering it to me. I enjoyed it while I was at lunch.

Isla De la
Isla De la 2 months ago

We should wake up every morning celebrating life. Everyday is Christmas.

DBE2009 2 months ago

💜 Thank you! Support Us! #BibleStudyTheUpliftingWord ←→ 😇 Bible Study The Uplifting Word – December 2020 ►

Ruby Judah
Ruby Judah 2 months ago

Lol. This says nothing about celebrating “Christmas “. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Janet 95
Janet 95 2 months ago


htreg ythgfgd
htreg ythgfgd 2 months ago


James Storstad
James Storstad 2 months ago

Praise you Yeshua!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas to all brothers and sisters of the world.

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q adsfghjddf 2 months ago


Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez 2 months ago

Let us together come before the Lord that he may send upon us He's Spirit of Revelation so we can rejoice in this most wonderful moment, that fills us with hope and joy. When God stepped into our world to give us the Redeemer to save us from sin. Merry Christmas and may the Lord's Grace continually shine upon us.

Nagendra RP
Nagendra RP 2 months ago

Lord Jesus Christ please make me Your disciple. Please make me to remember You always and work for You. Thank You Jesus Christ. All glories to Lord Jesus Christ 🙏

Marinete Carvalho
Marinete Carvalho 2 months ago


Jermaine De Guia
Jermaine De Guia 2 months ago

I'm watching from Philippines. All glory and praise to Papa Jesus.

Veronica Boydwash
Veronica Boydwash 2 months ago

I love this beautiful story at Christmas time ,let the Holy Spirit Abide in us everyday,and throughout the year,his love(THE HOLY SPIRIT)never cease, MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!

Fried Marshmallow
Fried Marshmallow 2 months ago

He’s voice is so calming

Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 2 months ago

"Marry Christmas to everyone in Advance"😇😇😇☺️☺️
And always follow Jesus one command "Love God And Others"🥰😇

Kaniel 2 months ago

Praise to God 🙏

Kaniel 2 months ago

Thank you Jesus 🙏

MrsSavage 2 months ago

Hiii yassss I love gospel

Kaniel 2 months ago

Happy Christmas 🎄