Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)



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Information Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)

Title : Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)

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Frames Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)

Description Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)

Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)

Christmas Tree using toilet paper rolls (DIY)

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Nekeisha Mohammed
Nekeisha Mohammed 2 months ago

What is so cool

KT Jonas
KT Jonas 2 months ago

love the music in this video....

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown 2 months ago

We just moved and don't have a tree or the money to get one so I'm going to make this only bigger and I'm hanging it on our wall.

Vickie Wright-Evans
Vickie Wright-Evans 2 months ago

I made a Christmas tree also,I used soda tops and water bottle tops.Its takes time to line them up.But to me the soda and water tops are easier.You can spray the soda bottle and water tops any color ,you would like.Be artistic,and creative.A great family project.

Luana D'urso
Luana D'urso 2 months ago

Idea brillante da copiare grazie

Anjana Kandulana
Anjana Kandulana 2 months ago

so nice

Lolololol Lol
Lolololol Lol 2 months ago

Me and my family don't have a Christmas tree and they can't use any money for that,so I decided to make this a suprise for my family and make one! Thank you,this helped ALOT!!!

Priscilla Hinds
Priscilla Hinds 2 months ago

that's cool

CouponingwithMARY 2 months ago

omg i love this idea working on it today. ..thanks

Arelis Quintero
Arelis Quintero 2 months ago

fácil y genial

MsAwesomeCrew 2 months ago

in the song it said 1,2,3,4.

Sharlene Plescia
Sharlene Plescia 2 months ago


Barb Kramer
Barb Kramer 2 months ago

fabulous many thanks

Phoebe 2 months ago

That's pretty.

Night Stringers
Night Stringers 2 months ago

lookin great

juliee lucass
juliee lucass 2 months ago

cool?!?!?!?!?!?!?! lmfaooo nvm ill try it (;

irwanto widyatri
irwanto widyatri 2 months ago

how many rolls of tissue paper needed for this project ?

Sunita Garbuja
Sunita Garbuja 2 months ago

wow.. thank you for sharing, totally liking the toilet paper rolls idea :)