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Information CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING | Watch This BEFORE You Decorate Your Tree

Title : CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING | Watch This BEFORE You Decorate Your Tree

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Frames CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING | Watch This BEFORE You Decorate Your Tree

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baritonebynight 2 months ago

Very boring and sterile tree.

Long live Saudia Arabia

Marry christmas to all Christians brothers and sisters from Muslims from Pakistan

icdab ty
icdab ty 2 months ago

Tinsel is really snake mirrors.

JESSICAH HALI 2 months ago

No Jo
No Jo 2 months ago

No good👎🏽

Kadie Hunte
Kadie Hunte 2 months ago

I decorated my tree! Go check it out

Clarisa Tungdim
Clarisa Tungdim 2 months ago

I prefer real natural christmas tree😊...Can you please suggest me with somethin' like decorating the natural christmas tree??..I kinda have no idea of decorating.....

Jay Stephen
Jay Stephen 2 months ago

"Fake Christmas tree, fake Christmas tree,
you aren't environmentally friendly.
Your pine is made of PVC, too many carcinogens for me.
You might have thought, I'M SAVING TREES, but carbon emissions are three
times higher than a cut-down tree, so get a real one immediately!"

Johnny Garriga
Johnny Garriga 2 months ago


Tanis Georgetti
Tanis Georgetti 2 months ago

Fake sooner and later is better we get our up in November and take it down when all the snow is gone! Lol I know we’re crazy

Tracy Lu
Tracy Lu 2 months ago


Tracy Lu
Tracy Lu 2 months ago

I use fake Christmas trees, not real, but in Australia the Christmas trees are all sold out! Even the tiny ones, and I have a question, If you don’t have a Christmas tree, but i decorated your house

Shiv Kumar
Shiv Kumar 2 months ago


Milolaland 2 months ago

Decoration Christmas tree for children in vietnamese

MS JL 2 months ago

I prefer a fake Tree too. We bought ours in the year of 2007 when we moved to a new home. I'm still using & decorating it the year of 2020 (13years) now & still in a very good conditions. No tree cutting. Save the environment. Hv a Happy & Blessed Christmas 2020 everyone.✝️🙏👼🎄🎅❄️🎀⭐💖

Abalabal 2 months ago


Mike26037 2 months ago

Who in their right mind would use gloves to put up a tree? I mean I would maybe understand if it were a real tree because of sap but, cmon really?

Desi Boyz
Desi Boyz 2 months ago

Honestly , i love the fill in the gaps tips, big balls with small ones, a good balance of red to go against the nice green tree, i loved it the very first time i saw.. it has to be the most beautiful tree i have seen ... great artistry and btw kool shirt 🥰🥰🥰

dawnblush 2 months ago

my tree still looks like poo poo

Purbasha Chakraborty
Purbasha Chakraborty 2 months ago

I prefer a fake tree. 😀😀

Tsukino 2 months ago


Paradox !
Paradox ! 2 months ago

Artificial trees, coz you can use them many times and won’t dry out, well with real trees I’m against cutting alive trees 🌲

Gvoozy Велислав

This is for the homies that decorate for the first time.

Simran Chowdhury
Simran Chowdhury 2 months ago


Faith James
Faith James 2 months ago

How do you make the bows can you be more detailed

Pia Lisk
Pia Lisk 2 months ago

she loves decorating the christmas tree

Jas Grewal
Jas Grewal 2 months ago


Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson 2 months ago

Very different xxx

Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson 2 months ago

Are u an a actress, I've seen u b4, I am sure, can't remember what in ,?

Janice Lee
Janice Lee 2 months ago

Hello. I’m Jay. I prefer a fake Christmas tree.

Rebecca Bates
Rebecca Bates 2 months ago

I put up my tree already and it's a mess I wish I hadn't put it up before I watch this video

Ludmila M
Ludmila M 2 months ago

Real trees is great

Angela Cox
Angela Cox 2 months ago

I preferred real trees my whole life....until I became a mother! Lol I've used artificial for 15 yrs now, just because they're safer and less hassle.....I do add some of the pine hangers to add the smell back (because I missed the smell of real ones!)!

jeenablesson 2 months ago


jeenablesson 2 months ago


jeenablesson 2 months ago

thank you for doing this

Carson Pierce
Carson Pierce 2 months ago

were doing a real ten foot tree this yr

Shelba Lionel
Shelba Lionel 2 months ago

You are so amazing.thanks anyways

Shelba Lionel
Shelba Lionel 2 months ago


Shelba Lionel
Shelba Lionel 2 months ago

Fake tree

Paula Lazdauskaite
Paula Lazdauskaite 2 months ago

Very helpful 👍 (I personally like real trees because I think the look better and the smell makes everything better)

Valeria Quintero
Valeria Quintero 2 months ago


Lisa Donner
Lisa Donner 2 months ago

Fresh love the smell

Lisa Donner
Lisa Donner 2 months ago

I love original tree

Leigh Phillips
Leigh Phillips 2 months ago

I feel super distracted by something. I can’t really put my hands on it 🤣. Beautiful lady.

Josie Hernandez
Josie Hernandez 2 months ago

Adorable thank you

Elegant 2 months ago

This is my first video I watch for decorating Christmas tree 🎄
I’m Muslim Arab from Kuwait & I decided to put Christmas tree 9 ft wish me luck
PS: I’ll add some empty boxes gifts 🎁 under the tree 😊

Sindi Rodriguez
Sindi Rodriguez 2 months ago


Elmance Gwaabe
Elmance Gwaabe 2 months ago

Awww this is a great inspiration already. I'm in for a fake tree too

Amy 2 months ago

Were you putting your lights on the tree as you were sectioning out your branches? I always do mine after it’s completely up but I’m wondering if it’s better to do it the way it appears you did yours.

van nguyen
van nguyen 2 months ago

Where and what kind of Christmas tree did you get in this video? I really like that tree you have.

Julia Vargas
Julia Vargas 2 months ago

I definitely prefer real! Hands down. 😍

Also you look so much like Emma Roberts to me. ❤️

Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith 2 months ago

I love the artificial trees. Your tree is beautiful, and your dog behaves well, while you were decorating👍

Steve Kaplan
Steve Kaplan 2 months ago

How do you fix artificial tree lights that are not all working? They worked the first two years, now sadly they don't. I even have a newer tree that the spine has the electrical connections.

mandy stinson
mandy stinson 2 months ago

Whats with all the banging

Sherri 2 months ago


Kelly Mcfisher
Kelly Mcfisher 2 months ago

you are cool

Yadira Valencia
Yadira Valencia 2 months ago

I like artificial but would love to have a real Christmas tree in my home :)

linh nguyen
linh nguyen 2 months ago

For the bedroom wall they are just right

Kimberly Berlin
Kimberly Berlin 2 months ago

Your tree turned is so pretty. I need some of those spinners in my life, and, I never thought of adding small twinkle lights to my prelit tree. I'm getting some tomorrow. I've had an artificial tree for the past 25 years and never needed gloves to put mine up. Never had a problem.

Diya Art And Craft TV

I have a real Christmas tree

Bear Love B
Bear Love B 2 months ago

One time I tried to subscribe and my phone stopped working and it didn’t subscribe!

Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 2 months ago

I like both but I do find artificial trees to be more convenient and less messy. Love your tree!

M G 2 months ago

my xmass tree is ready now all I need is a girl like you :)

Antonia Ortiz
Antonia Ortiz 2 months ago

Love ❤️ your tree

Reanna Draper
Reanna Draper 2 months ago

Big baby you don't need gloves and long sleeves i made the tree using no gloves and no sleeves

Hangout with Miya
Hangout with Miya 2 months ago

Hi new to your channel love all ur Christmas decor great video! 😍🎄 I have channel too come join me ❤️

Maheen 2 months ago

Anyone know how many metres of led lights you need to wrap around a 180 cm long tree??

Marie Pardi
Marie Pardi 2 months ago

Very pretty tree...."

Erdi 2 months ago
incredible I DO ADVICE

Fabienne Cadet
Fabienne Cadet 2 months ago

Thank you for the tips im doing my first Christmas tree for my newborn

Just Juniper Gaming
Just Juniper Gaming 2 months ago

I prefer real trees! 🎄🎄

Lila Rere
Lila Rere 2 months ago

sooo cool

Vee Ahern
Vee Ahern 2 months ago

How do you make the bow?

winter dark soul
winter dark soul 2 months ago

Fake tree but this year I mught use a real one its my first Christmas at my own house I just moved in

Mark OByrne
Mark OByrne 2 months ago

If your in a place that sucks make sure you always have a Christmas Tree. It’s Jesus’s birthday n shit C’mon people.

CelesteLoveHeart 2 months ago


Kate LeBlanc
Kate LeBlanc 2 months ago

The banging in the background is pretty annoying!

Bugner Richard
Bugner Richard 2 months ago

Thank You for sharing Sarah... gorgeous tree indeed!

jana lisiewicz
jana lisiewicz 2 months ago

I HATE FAKE TREES I LOVE REAL TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronald David Dada
Ronald David Dada 2 months ago

Why does this lady remind me of ivanka trump... Hehe

Maria Da Silva
Maria Da Silva 2 months ago

Thanks for the tissue paper idea. Brilliant.

Luis carlos Martinez
Luis carlos Martinez 2 months ago

That is a real bad looking tree

Lordjim Balsamo
Lordjim Balsamo 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this! This is really informative and very helpful. New subscriber here!

Jeanie Hillman
Jeanie Hillman 2 months ago

Tree is gorgeous you did a beautiful beautiful job

Alexandra Guillen
Alexandra Guillen 2 months ago

Just put our Christmas tree up following your tips and I wish I could share a picture! Came out so cute ❤️

Nikita Amerie
Nikita Amerie 2 months ago

you are like the chick they cast in American comedy movies as the "annoying girlfriend"... i thought it was just in movies.. lol

CAMS BENIGNOS 2 months ago

Ayaw ka offend ha pero d gud nako bet hehe

First Last
First Last 2 months ago

you belong in a hallmark movie... at least your voice and style seems straight from a hallmark movie.

FYI this is meant as a compliment cause all those girls are pretty. 😂😂

Corry Tarbox
Corry Tarbox 2 months ago

Hard to believe how your plain tree turned out sooooo grand!

memyprojects&I 2 months ago

Love this! checkout my modern christmas tree video :)

Anwar Alamrad
Anwar Alamrad 2 months ago

I love this video and all of your tips and ideas. My number 1 guidline for decorating my christmas trees. Thanks for all the great helpful advices! ❤️

Cami Cri
Cami Cri 2 months ago

Real tree! But I have artificial one. I can't make myself spending$100 to throw it away in a


I recommend everyone buy a smart plug. They’re not too expensive. I bought 2 for $20. One for my mantle garland and one for my tree. You don’t need an Alexa or google home, just an app on your smartphone. You can set timers on them so they automatically turn on and off whenever you want!

Big Mike 1903
Big Mike 1903 2 months ago at this beautiful wreath!!👀👀👀

Paul Lesson
Paul Lesson 2 months ago

This is a beautiful lady!

Madison L
Madison L 2 months ago

Beautifully done!! ☺️👏🏼💕

R M 2 months ago


Feze cupcake
Feze cupcake 2 months ago

I got dis from ma school. Fuck sake

Willium Shewfelt
Willium Shewfelt 2 months ago

Real tree