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Sheeba Bejoy
Sheeba Bejoy 2 months ago


Gabriella's little easy peasy art and vlogs comedy

When I draw this my mom said it is soo cute

Taiwo A.
Taiwo A. 2 months ago

Is that God’s angel 😇.

Linipeter Thaipadath
Linipeter Thaipadath 2 months ago


pink sunset cokkie
pink sunset cokkie 2 months ago

Didn't you already did it?

snowflake winter
snowflake winter 2 months ago


•GachaSoftiex• 2 months ago

Thank you so much I can show it to my niece that passed away days ago she might be proud of me for the drawing!

alona joy
alona joy 2 months ago

Very nice and cute 👌👌👌

Dave Pereira
Dave Pereira 2 months ago

i felt holy drawing this angel

Dave Pereira
Dave Pereira 2 months ago

nice so cute

Christina and caleb Gonzalez

Love your drawings ❤

Martina Laurise Malabanan

I like (love) this Angel u drew! (👋🏻)

Kristie Slowke
Kristie Slowke 2 months ago

Awesome! Like this one better that the other one!

Kristie Slowke
Kristie Slowke 2 months ago

She looks sooo cute!!!!!!

KALPANA BARMAN 2 months ago

Wowwwww it's really good I liked so much it's really cool and cute please just draw a baby cute girl with her mother please I know it will be cute really know that I saw your art videos it's really good thanks 💝💝💝💝😍😍😘😍😍😘😘❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😋😋😋😋😋👍👍👍👍👍👍

Yoselyn Rendon Vazquez

I did it

Alexa Lukac
Alexa Lukac 2 months ago

Very good drawing

Jeri Bailey
Jeri Bailey 2 months ago

So beautiful. You make it look so easy. Thank you for sharing your talent.

aart broek
aart broek 2 months ago

Jij hebt stomme muziek op plus ben je dom duim om laag

Omkeltoum Abdouni
Omkeltoum Abdouni 2 months ago

I love drawing so much

Omkeltoum Abdouni
Omkeltoum Abdouni 2 months ago

I love

Azah Ali
Azah Ali 2 months ago

love it

Ralph Proemm
Ralph Proemm 2 months ago


Riley Berndt
Riley Berndt 2 months ago

Thank you so much for making this!🙏😊👍 It’s the perfect angel for my Christmas card this year! I LOVE ALL of your videos. I watch at least one every day!

Nehemiah Tucker
Nehemiah Tucker 2 months ago

this is the best.

Miruna Comarita
Miruna Comarita 2 months ago

i love it is so adorable and by the way i'm 8 years old!

elen7750 elen7750
elen7750 elen7750 2 months ago

I am loving Christmas Draw So Cute drawings. I am a big fan of Draw So Cute

Shirley Barboza
Shirley Barboza 2 months ago

At 10:38 the eyes changed their position

Chou QT
Chou QT 2 months ago


Mausami Patel
Mausami Patel 2 months ago

Thank u

Shadow Redstroke
Shadow Redstroke 2 months ago

This is so hard how can you do this 😔

Marie Angelique Wilson

I draw this 3 years ago!!! I remember:))))

Angelica Maine Cat
Angelica Maine Cat 2 months ago

lol this is my friend's profile picture

jeena mv
jeena mv 2 months ago


Jiyaalwyn Ajo
Jiyaalwyn Ajo 2 months ago


bindu viju
bindu viju 2 months ago

It's a wonderful angel I have ever draw I love it ❤❤❤

Navika Joon
Navika Joon 2 months ago

I loved it!!!!! My mother will love this!!!! 😘😘

Manny Bautista
Manny Bautista 2 months ago

Could you draw mother lupe and could you draw it sketch drawing

bubbacita913 roblox
bubbacita913 roblox 2 months ago

This is so nice to watch but a little sad🍢

Student Atara Martin
Student Atara Martin 2 months ago

you are right Anisha Makode 😉

Tapan Das
Tapan Das 2 months ago


Tapan Das
Tapan Das 2 months ago

Good drawing

Jason Conway
Jason Conway 2 months ago

I like the anime one

leslie houssou
leslie houssou 2 months ago

i love the first angel but i love the 2 angel.

Mousumi Sarkar
Mousumi Sarkar 2 months ago

I love the angel that you did before but I liked its wings.

Whippersnapper Wanderlust

I loved this angle more!

Swati Bandal
Swati Bandal 2 months ago

You are drawing so good

Cesar Salgado
Cesar Salgado 2 months ago

I love angels

linga reddy somala
linga reddy somala 2 months ago

I hate everything I hate I hate 😡😡very bad

fasil zafar
fasil zafar 2 months ago

I like your drawing 👍but sorry to say that art for kids hub is much better than you👎

somiandraj 2 months ago

Your drawings are amazing

merlin alphonse
merlin alphonse 2 months ago

Your drawings are always cute and aammmaazziinngg.😍👍

manganna d
manganna d 2 months ago

Mind blowing

Anand Parekh
Anand Parekh 2 months ago

Aanika and Eesha love your beautiful drawing

Anand Parekh
Anand Parekh 2 months ago

Wow I just can’t believe how good you are!

Ify sonly
Ify sonly 2 months ago

The engel is so so pretty

Jazzmine Yap
Jazzmine Yap 2 months ago

The real angel is men but that fine

D B 2 months ago

so cute

room 15
room 15 2 months ago

so cool I love angels

ALEXA PANIAGUA 2 months ago

That’s so cute!,I want all of your drawings!

ami art
ami art 2 months ago

Can you draw anniversary couple

itzCizybtw 2 months ago

Can you draw animals

itzCizybtw 2 months ago

Umm mine looks angry...

Natasha Deever
Natasha Deever 2 months ago

Lol Can you make a detailed angle ?!?!

QingJie Gao
QingJie Gao 2 months ago

Awesome vids just watching them makes me happy!

Raid Albattah
Raid Albattah 2 months ago


Shumaila Minhaj
Shumaila Minhaj 2 months ago

Thank you u inspired me a lot to draw my own stuff keep up the good work

Sonia Sha
Sonia Sha 2 months ago

U really help me with my drawing skills

Phoenix Scanlon
Phoenix Scanlon 2 months ago

OOf meh draw the thing on top realy really BAD ;ccccc but... MEH FIXED IT

Vandana Sharma
Vandana Sharma 2 months ago

Excellent drawings 💝

Rawin Arsirapongpisit

It is cute

Kim Baird
Kim Baird 2 months ago

You are amazing

Kitty Coco
Kitty Coco 2 months ago

I have ever since she first started YouTube I've just been so inspired by it I love it I don't so much stuff my aunt even made a wall for my drawings with her she is a good good jar I'm pretty good I just I just I don't know it's just it's amazing how she does this she must be in art class my aunt wants me to get into an art class because I'm because of how good I am at drawing and she doesn't know yet that I draw from YouTube yeah

Scott Edgar
Scott Edgar 2 months ago

My sister was doing it with me and she thought her work was ugly and she said I called it ugly but I didn’t

shyamkant Bhole
shyamkant Bhole 2 months ago


B Rose Gates
B Rose Gates 2 months ago

Hurry up can't you go any faster

Unwithered The Animatør

U uncultured swine

Laterrisha Watson
Laterrisha Watson 2 months ago

My daughter autumn said if you can draw a big lol pet

Aimee Guzman
Aimee Guzman 2 months ago

I love you're videos 😍😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

Mali 2 months ago

Nice but its called angle
People could get confused with a degree

Jamie Schneider
Jamie Schneider 2 months ago

Can you draw a jack Russell terrier dog

Chloe Mamo
Chloe Mamo 2 months ago

At 8:16 there is a cute christmas puppy. Wennie, may you pls respond and show me the website to this video?

•Ally O•
•Ally O• 2 months ago

They are both cute except u had a bit of a different way of drawing before so they are both unique! I probably like the newer one more tho

Couponing with Elsa
Couponing with Elsa 2 months ago

Can tou draw a draw so cute boy

Renee FrazierGlass
Renee FrazierGlass 2 months ago

I love ANGELS because I know that my family in heaven is wanching over me. :)

Alex Kelley
Alex Kelley 2 months ago

You go to fast

marvin mejia
marvin mejia 2 months ago

can you draw a boy angel

Surya Vanju
Surya Vanju 2 months ago

. . . . .

Nikhil Khandelwal
Nikhil Khandelwal 2 months ago

Can you draw a cute notebook 📚!!

ashok parmar
ashok parmar 2 months ago

Nice an angel

Malak Tabsh
Malak Tabsh 2 months ago

I love it❤️😘

Devesh Maheshwari
Devesh Maheshwari 2 months ago


Rohit Mahajan
Rohit Mahajan 2 months ago

I love this angle

Paloma Vazquez
Paloma Vazquez 2 months ago

u are lieing its not easy

Evie Peters
Evie Peters 2 months ago

Omg I love it mine worked

Cloudy Tears
Cloudy Tears 2 months ago


Cloudy Tears
Cloudy Tears 2 months ago

You deserve 0 subscribers

Kevin Nuno
Kevin Nuno 2 months ago

You put her wings on her hair.your dumb

Random Gaming
Random Gaming 2 months ago

Who are the 10 subscribers of draw so cute then like

Frances Mejia
Frances Mejia 2 months ago

Best video ever! I love Draw So cute

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