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Mom4ever 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your technique. Grandma’s idea is awesome!

Shera Berry
Shera Berry 2 months ago

♥️😍🥰 Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I LOVE this bow! Wonderful tutorial!!

Alexis Nichelson
Alexis Nichelson 2 months ago


Dottie McClung
Dottie McClung 2 months ago

Debi I’m new to your channel from central Virginia,& just watched your easy bow. Beautiful job &
Very easy to do. I love your accent, where are your from? Gonna look you up on Facebook also,

Marlena DeSantis
Marlena DeSantis 2 months ago

Awesome tutorial!!

Lisa Vineyard
Lisa Vineyard 2 months ago

Omg I make the same now but with a lot of twisting n hand hurting, you have just showed me a total different way to get the same bow . Thank you for the share.

Lori Miller
Lori Miller 2 months ago

I LOVE THIS!!!! Even I can do this!💕

Candice Bergstrom
Candice Bergstrom 2 months ago

You're a great teacher! Thank you for sharing this technique. I actually think I can make this!🎀✔

Joanne Wilkins
Joanne Wilkins 2 months ago

Iknow I have 2different patterns

cindy green
cindy green 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your easy instructions! I think I can actually do this one! Be blessed

Teresa Read
Teresa Read 2 months ago

Found you on here again! Beautiful bow!!!💞

Angie Johnson
Angie Johnson 2 months ago

Thanks to you and your grandmother. Easy to follow directions on how to make a bow. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

Joan Diana
Joan Diana 2 months ago

You cleared up a lot of questions I had about this technique. I learned about this type of bow making but I did not know how to finesse it. As a result mine looked haphazard . Now I know how to do it correctly. Thank you for the clear instructions.

Jacq Epapara
Jacq Epapara 2 months ago

That’s pretty yes

Susan Buamah
Susan Buamah 2 months ago

One of the simplest I have watched. Easy to follow

Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith 2 months ago

Thank you I really needed this, I will be making it.

Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter 2 months ago

I have never made a video comment. Girl, you saved me and this works and makes sense! Thank you!

MsNovemberTuesday Rhodes

Great tutorial!

Karen Simon
Karen Simon 2 months ago

This is a great tutorial! Thank you much😊😊😊

BbMelhelma Matulin
BbMelhelma Matulin 2 months ago


Scarlett 2 months ago

Thank you for a great and detailed tutorial - I’m a beginner so I needed this!👍🎀🎊 Pretty bows!

Jackie Kitchen
Jackie Kitchen 2 months ago

Thank you, I have been making the bows the hard way, grip and twist!

Yvonne Orchison-Yip
Yvonne Orchison-Yip 2 months ago

i just watched your tutorial and i did it. they came out so beautiful . first attempt yay!

Cheryl Hylton
Cheryl Hylton 2 months ago

Thanks this is very easy, Happy holiday

Susie Grissom
Susie Grissom 2 months ago

Very very pretty. Your grand mother was awesome.

Gloria Gonzales
Gloria Gonzales 2 months ago

Thank you God bless

Linda Suire
Linda Suire 2 months ago

Thanks for refreshing my bow making skills😍😍

Iris Santos
Iris Santos 2 months ago

Thank you thank made it so easy..after like 10 videos I finally feel I can make a bow easy....your awesome

Gloria Maimon
Gloria Maimon 2 months ago

Talk too much

Donna Swingley
Donna Swingley 2 months ago

Thank you Debi. Your explanation was perfect. I will make a bow!

Yolanda Gibson
Yolanda Gibson 2 months ago

Thank you so much. This was very helpful 🙂

Olga Permejo
Olga Permejo 2 months ago

Very nice.

Kaitlin Sessions
Kaitlin Sessions 2 months ago

Thanks so much your grandma will be proud

Lucy Dougherty
Lucy Dougherty 2 months ago

Where do we buy the measure mat

Mandy Shirswan
Mandy Shirswan 2 months ago

This bow was so easy to make I just made one it was awesome thank you for the video

Linda Newlan
Linda Newlan 2 months ago

Thank you for this video!!! After watching several this is the one that "clicked" in my head I now can make the big bows😊

Zaliha Mohadi
Zaliha Mohadi 2 months ago

are you using wired ribbon?

Jacqui Bishop
Jacqui Bishop 2 months ago

Your grandma was creative! 😉

Alice Christian
Alice Christian 2 months ago

Beautiful. Easy tutorial to follow.🙏👍😀

Lauratta Cooper
Lauratta Cooper 2 months ago

I've always wanted to learn to make a bow

a b
a b 2 months ago


Rosa Climaco
Rosa Climaco 2 months ago



Tracy Wallin
Tracy Wallin 2 months ago

I did it finally! Best tutorial for bows

Trudy Labus
Trudy Labus 2 months ago

How would you add tails Trudy from pa thank you

Jacqui Bishop
Jacqui Bishop 2 months ago

Very nice! 💗

Kristine Bate
Kristine Bate 2 months ago

Thank You so much. Your so talented

Leslie Bird
Leslie Bird 2 months ago

Thanks. Now I can save money and make them myself!

Anita Martinez
Anita Martinez 2 months ago

Thank for easy to follow tutorial, I made my 1st bow I wanted to do a Halloween reef this yr had a little trouble nothing to bad I didn’t have two rows of the same ribbon so I improvised. Lol I don’t think the second one is long enough.

Vanessa Jackson
Vanessa Jackson 2 months ago

New subbie will be trying this soon tfs.

Norene Allinotte
Norene Allinotte 2 months ago

Awesome..You made my day!

Carol Ramiccio
Carol Ramiccio 2 months ago

Too much talk

Filomena Rocha
Filomena Rocha 2 months ago

Wow love it how you explained that it looks easy I will try it. Thanks 🤗

Teresa Gutierrex
Teresa Gutierrex 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing!!! Great video!! I love your accent!!!! Is grandma still with us?!

Gina Berardo
Gina Berardo 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful, Thank you Great Tutorial

Sanjay Chanda
Sanjay Chanda 2 months ago

Too much of blaa blaa blaa blaa

Shanell Faust
Shanell Faust 2 months ago

I’ve seen people give this technique but don’t think I’ve ever heard it explained so well....cause this gave me more hope than ever. Gonna give it a try and I’ll check back in.

Trina Mcmichael
Trina Mcmichael 2 months ago

Beautiful 🎀

Wanda Decatur
Wanda Decatur 2 months ago

You make it look so easy but it's not as easy as it looks

Faye Owens
Faye Owens 2 months ago

Wow! I watched so many tutorials on making bows on Youtube, but yours was by far the easiest and the best. Thank you! Faye Owens

Karen Tosh.
Karen Tosh. 2 months ago

Hi I Will Try This One In Tartan For Christmas As Im Scottish... Lol.. Regards & Well Wishes From Glasgow. Xx

Sandra Torres
Sandra Torres 2 months ago

New subscriber here. Wow! I love how how easy it is to make this bow. Its perfectly made without pinching and twisting! It turned out beautiful I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing🙂

Donna Reed
Donna Reed 2 months ago

I have trouble making bows I keep watching and trying

Ridona Carson
Ridona Carson 2 months ago

Is that it, am I missing a guide line some where? That is the easiest bow I have ever made. I have to leave and on my way home I’m at Michaels for some wires ribbon 🎀. Thank you Debi

dana chevalier
dana chevalier 2 months ago

Thank you for the most easiest bow making tutorial.... My first real bow!😍

Tina Yount
Tina Yount 2 months ago

Can u use this technique for printed ribbon? What about a ribbon that has a print on one side...not both?

Linda Geer
Linda Geer 2 months ago

Debi I have always wanted to know how to do this, Thank you I know I can do this now thank you so much.. be well from Denver Colorado

Irene Bartholomai
Irene Bartholomai 2 months ago

Thank you Debi you made that look soooo easy.thanks a lot.

Kelly Buckalew
Kelly Buckalew 2 months ago

This is about 3 years old, but you are so stinking cute, and talented. I hope I'll Be able to follow you more on you tube.

Anne Brett
Anne Brett 2 months ago

These are such beautiful bows Thank you so much for a fantastic tutorial

Wreaths By Momo
Wreaths By Momo 2 months ago

Thank you 🙏 for sharing that is super easy bow to made ❤️

Roxana Mcglinchey
Roxana Mcglinchey 2 months ago

Thank you, it looks gorgeous

EVE STANLEY 2 months ago


kandi phillips
kandi phillips 2 months ago

I've been making gift baskets for over 20 years, and thanks to you, I'm now making bows instead of buying them. You're saving me a lot of money. Lol. Thanks for making it so easy to understand. Keep up the good work 👍

Veronica Vallejo
Veronica Vallejo 2 months ago

Thank you this is been the best and easiest video iv seen.

Faye' Holloway
Faye' Holloway 2 months ago

So I figured out a way to have the tails with out having to add extra pipe cleaner. Oh man, if that makes any sense at all🤣

Tabetha Takkara
Tabetha Takkara 2 months ago

Question: what if I wanted another set, or two, of tails hanging down my tree? Would I just layer them? I'm thinking I'd have to put them in a different direction ality...?

Tabetha Takkara
Tabetha Takkara 2 months ago

WOW! Out of all the bow making videos I've watched, they never seem to end up looking "quiet right" = the shape or size I'm seeking-old school. But you, and Grandma, of course, got it spot on! This is the way I was told. I say told because noone ever showed me. It was more of, "take one apart and figure it out: it's easy." Well I took it apart all right but I could never figure out how it was put together. Your explanation is so clear. I love the way you explain the usefulness of the notches. This is the prettiest bow I've seen and done w/o a device=old-school Craftmanship1!! It is just like the bows on the tops of trees and packages, when Macy's and A&S Strauss would gift wrap gifts @ holidays! Thank you sooo much! See what happens when children sit with their grandparents. Mine taught me how to mend 😄

Kimberly Hendrick
Kimberly Hendrick 2 months ago

I want to say Thank you! Thank you! I haven't been able to make a decent bow in 3 years now due to chemo induced arthritis plus neuropathy that advanced pretty quick as the months went by. Your tutorial (especially sharing your Grandma's directions) has gave me the gift of making pretty bows again since I don't have to twist and hold on to all the ribbon. Merry Christmas!

Jo Rice
Jo Rice 2 months ago

Big thumbs up! It’s been a while since I’ve needed to employ my bow skills. This was a great refresher! Now my holiday decorations are going to be fabulous with lots of pretty, big bow-eautiful accents! Many thanks!

CarJohn 2 months ago

Thank you for this great tutorial! I've made bows for years but keep trying to improve my skill set by watching and learning from others. You do a wonderful job! Thanks again!

Mellie Chavez
Mellie Chavez 2 months ago

First time here, you are a wonderful teacher! I subscribed and liked your video. Happy Holidays.

Susan Houser
Susan Houser 2 months ago

Wow you make it so easy to make. Very pretty bows; thank you! ❤️🙂

puspadrina fh
puspadrina fh 2 months ago

Woooww..thank you so much for sharing this...!!! Beautiful!!

Itslilyrose 2 months ago

I’ve always struggled making bows & I’d never seen your method before... WOW an absolute game changer, thank you for sharing ! XxX 💜💜💜 XxX

Donna Grose
Donna Grose 2 months ago

It looks so easy but I don't have wired ribbon

Virginia McCormick
Virginia McCormick 2 months ago

Love it and so easy

Penny Jenkins
Penny Jenkins 2 months ago

Thank you for your time and tutorials I need all the help I can get

W S 2 months ago

Nice tutorial

Debra Smith
Debra Smith 2 months ago

Omg thankyou !thankyou! thankyou! from Ontario Canada Cheers☕did i Thankyou😉...I so appreciate IT!!😉

Marina Fernandes
Marina Fernandes 2 months ago

So sweet of you to share what your grandmother shared with you . A big God bless to you

Nhung Crosbie
Nhung Crosbie 2 months ago

Thank you! It is so beautiful!

Pajama Mama DIY
Pajama Mama DIY 2 months ago

Love this method!! I have no idea why there are so many unlikes on here. 275 people are idiots. Your grandma was a creative genius. Thank you for taking your time to do this tuturial.

SV Lewter
SV Lewter 2 months ago


Joan Loxdale
Joan Loxdale 2 months ago

Just fold and the ribbons all over in half and cut a V shape saves cutting both sides

Peggy Mazzell
Peggy Mazzell 2 months ago

Your communication and style have allowed me to understand the bow making steps...which is a miracle for me...I gave I you a 👍...and I subscribed...I am looking forward to more DIY s...

Susie Hodges
Susie Hodges 2 months ago


Becky Bliss
Becky Bliss 2 months ago

I just love your tutorials, you have so much patience and demonstrate so perfectly. Love this bow! Thank you

Melissa Rice
Melissa Rice 2 months ago

I just made your bow to top a gift basket for my future sister in law's bridal shower. It came out beautiful thanks to this video!! Thank you for sharing your grandmother's bow with us. :)

Kayla Martin
Kayla Martin 2 months ago

God bless your soul, just made my very first burlap bubble wreath, had no idea how to make a bow for my finishing touch. Lol thank you, thank you!!!!

Marian Shannon-Fee
Marian Shannon-Fee 2 months ago

Hi. Just watched this tutorial. Thank you for making this so easy for me. I tried for years and lost interest. I will share when I make my 1st. Lol
Thanks again

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