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Title : Now That's What I Call Christmas - SNL

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Now That's What I Call Christmas - SNL

Now That's What I Call Christmas - SNL

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Jake wayne
Jake wayne 2 months ago

the actor. but dint great song.

Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 2 months ago

I didn't realize the sketches use to be so bad lol

Jill Linson
Jill Linson 2 months ago

The whole skit is right on!!! Laughed my ass off. BRAVO

Jo Ann Frost
Jo Ann Frost 2 months ago

Wow what spot on Christmas impressions. Especially DMX , Billy Jo Armstrong( GreenDay), and Pitbull.

Antigoni Papadaki
Antigoni Papadaki 2 months ago


Andrés Cevallos
Andrés Cevallos 2 months ago

Falon should've stayed in SNL

Harls Quinn
Harls Quinn 2 months ago

Pov: You're here for Severus Snape😗✌️

Mark Mendel
Mark Mendel 2 months ago

I'm offended because white people portrayed Hispanic people.

Cu Quan
Cu Quan 2 months ago

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

Ed Smythe
Ed Smythe 2 months ago

Van morrison was in the description but not the video.

Dan Jones
Dan Jones 2 months ago

A couple of those would make decent songs.

Knarf Stein
Knarf Stein 2 months ago

Shut up and take my money!

Conrad Martinez
Conrad Martinez 2 months ago


Jen Vincur
Jen Vincur 2 months ago

2:23 “Harry” jumping in the background is so fucking accurate, I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner 2 months ago

The three watchmaker multivariably snatch because game climatologically empty pace a kindly trip. taboo, cooing deborah

The MightyCrusade
The MightyCrusade 2 months ago

hawee hawee awayo is time for santa clause

angelinajoanie 2 months ago

🎶Santa’s in Miami🎅

Arianna Mullins
Arianna Mullins 2 months ago

The DMX one always gets me every time.

NM Bowser
NM Bowser 2 months ago

Yo that DMX was ON POINT!

hutch 2 months ago

"Uno, dos, tres, Chrrrristmas...."

Darren Pedersen
Darren Pedersen 2 months ago

Jimmy's Buble impression was awesome

Tove Almroth
Tove Almroth 2 months ago


Juan Cantu
Juan Cantu 2 months ago

Anyone else need Jay Pharoah to drop a Christmas album?

Pete Fein
Pete Fein 2 months ago


Tam Tam J
Tam Tam J 2 months ago

I love when Jimmy does this!!!

saintsaint saint
saintsaint saint 2 months ago

I hate jimmy fellon... just a personla opinion.

Fiondo 2 months ago

DMX was spot on :D

Tom Bacchus
Tom Bacchus 2 months ago

"Shut up and take my money!"

Clint Beam Quillope
Clint Beam Quillope 2 months ago

I wish DMX really had that christmas album

Akeleojo Achor
Akeleojo Achor 2 months ago

I'd listen to DMX rap Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Shya Suki
Shya Suki 2 months ago

SNL is the only place where it is ok to make fun of actors, singers and many more. So funny! 😂🤣😂🤣

Suzanne Sherrod
Suzanne Sherrod 2 months ago

Kate all goth.....oh my 😍😍😍

Giant Pink Cat
Giant Pink Cat 2 months ago

One of the very few times Jimmy Fallon is actually funny

Mischievous Daniel
Mischievous Daniel 2 months ago

What is the song of Axi Rose

McCallos One
McCallos One 2 months ago

Dang dude playing bocelli has some pipes...was he really singing?

Ms. L C
Ms. L C 2 months ago

Who is Slash lol?

Katherine Drabek
Katherine Drabek 2 months ago

Bobby easily has a better voice than Bocelli.

David Cardona
David Cardona 2 months ago

Listening to Professor Snape speak "Holly Jolly Christmas" is the best thing I've ever seen

Alice Price
Alice Price 2 months ago

A Christmas album we actually need 🤣

zergmare7 2 months ago

That Alanis impression was on point!

divainloveforever 2 months ago

I have been in love of this SKIT for yeaaaaars!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse 2 months ago

I so thoroughly enjoyed this! Every single impression was spot on!

steven simmon
steven simmon 2 months ago


Roizel Diez
Roizel Diez 2 months ago

The one who did Andrea can sing!

Tucker Woodson
Tucker Woodson 2 months ago

This is among my favorite sketches now

Jake Tieri
Jake Tieri 2 months ago

Nobody is talking about that DMX impression but i loved that😂

TheTibetyak 2 months ago

Kate can't quite pull-off Shakira's shake of the booty, but her funky chicken was pretty respectable.

KatanaHatake 2 months ago


Gorrez Gorrez
Gorrez Gorrez 2 months ago

Lorde looked EXACTLY like the real Lorde. Also, the Micheal Bublé and Alanis Morissette were AWESOME!

DiverDown 2 months ago

Harry styles jump tho 😂

Margaux Fiskewold
Margaux Fiskewold 2 months ago

Ok but the Andrea bocelli part was so good like omggg

Noice Toit
Noice Toit 2 months ago

It really is what I call Christmas

claire o'neal
claire o'neal 2 months ago

the harry one is so accurate i-

Timo Mayer
Timo Mayer 2 months ago

If I could, I would upvote this twice!

kurosame 2 months ago

wait you telling me thats not actual Billy Joe Armstrong ?

Techn9cian123 2 months ago

DMX Rudolph had already been done

Sapphic Rose
Sapphic Rose 2 months ago

I would pay so much money to get that snape one

avocadox 2 months ago

by far my favorite christmas sketch

Jean Brannum
Jean Brannum 2 months ago

I really wish Alan Rickman recorded a spoken word Christmas Album that would have been fire

Ashley 2 months ago

Lowkey,I want this album to be real

Ashley 2 months ago

Jimmy Fallon as Pitbull is perfection

Thunnaychi Lwin
Thunnaychi Lwin 2 months ago

Who played Shakira?

Ruben Trejos
Ruben Trejos 2 months ago

In 10 days from now I'll say Santa is in Miami

ElliebeanRoblox 2 months ago

1:18 Kyle Mooney be like 🕺🏼

Jessica Arnold
Jessica Arnold 2 months ago

Can someone tell me who that is doing Slash?

Emmy 2 months ago

Wow, SNL casts really can sing so well.

jackob kik
jackob kik 2 months ago

I would really rock that DMX song

Kenneth Rebello
Kenneth Rebello 2 months ago

Melissa Villaseñor would demolish this skit. They should it again with her playing all the characters!

MusicaJamiel 2 months ago

That Alanis impression WORE ME OUT!!!!! 🤧🤧🤧🤧 And how she angles her head is🤣

Maria Belen Donoso
Maria Belen Donoso 2 months ago

All the impressions were amazing, Harry Styles lmao

fernando moncayo
fernando moncayo 2 months ago

123. Christmas. Yyeeaaa hahahahahahah. Great

Dakota 2 months ago

Why is it funny that jimmys impression of Harry is somewhat accurate

Alex Mothershaw
Alex Mothershaw 2 months ago

"this time for Santa Claus" XD

1D Blood
1D Blood 2 months ago

2:14 🙈

Ava 2 months ago

2:13 thats harry for you

soni anna
soni anna 2 months ago

only came for the harry styles impression which was hilariously accurate it hurt me

H8Beats 2 months ago

i would buy it.....

Tomasz Skowroński
Tomasz Skowroński 2 months ago

I'd like to acknowledge that we got Alan RIckman in a christmass album, yet NO MENTION OF DIE HARD. why no Hans Gruber spoken word? Why?

dharma rojas
dharma rojas 2 months ago

The harry impresion is litrally Harry OMG hahahahaah

Shya Suki
Shya Suki 2 months ago

Please do these kind of skits for the coming weekend SNL. This is so funny! 😂🤣😁😀😂🤣

Shya Suki
Shya Suki 2 months ago

Please do these kind of skits for the coming weekend SNL. This is so funny! 🤣😂😁😀🤣

hades773 2 months ago

Those were all spectacular lol

Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie 2 months ago


Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez 2 months ago

Jimmy as Michael Buble is sexy!

Aarushi Mittal
Aarushi Mittal 2 months ago

Pitbul doing santa 😂😂😂

Eliza McClain
Eliza McClain 2 months ago

I would totally pay for a Christmas spoken word from Prof. Snape himself. 😂😂

Hoodie Guy
Hoodie Guy 2 months ago

And THAT'S what I call cristhmas

Old king cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he

Man the sheer talent in this off the charts! Everyone crushed it!

Javi valdes
Javi valdes 2 months ago

the harry styles impression HAHAHAH

Scott Simon
Scott Simon 2 months ago


Soniccustomcompany 2 months ago

How did Randy Marsh get on snl?

Daniel Enyel
Daniel Enyel 2 months ago

I am Lorde ,I am Lorde

Destroyer of Nations
Destroyer of Nations 2 months ago

DMX does Christmas needs to happen

Sapphic Rose
Sapphic Rose 2 months ago

Take my money

Emma Fishman
Emma Fishman 2 months ago



Ingrid Styles
Ingrid Styles 2 months ago

Who did the Axl Rose, Slash and Billy Joe Armstrong impersonations??

Heidy 2 months ago

THIS VIDEO ITS BEING IN MY RECOMENDED OVER AND OVER FOR 6 YEARS!! Never goes away, I finally click on it and its not funny.

Abaid Anwer
Abaid Anwer 2 months ago


gregory oxford
gregory oxford 2 months ago

They may be joking but I would listen to Alan Rickman as Snape speaking Christmas songs all day

Rob Elliott
Rob Elliott 2 months ago

I have never not laughed so hard in my life.