ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches



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Information ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches

Title : ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches

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Frames ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches

Description ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches

ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches

ULTIMATE HAWAII FOOD TOUR-Honolulu's Epic Plate Lunches

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Maritsa Darmandzhyan
Maritsa Darmandzhyan 2 months ago

Love this

Geo De
Geo De 2 months ago

I'm so, so glad your mom loved her poke bowl!!
Love to see her so happy!!!
Mom's day is coming! (May8)
Even if you don't get along with your mom or step mom, everybody just take the high road/humain road and let her know you care! After all, she raised you or your life long partner!
Find the beautiful common connections!.💞😄😍✌
Sorry Senochi, I grew up on Oahu and never heard any mention of Hawaiian curry. Yes many Japanese curry is low on veggies and meats (they can be expensive in Japan). Many Japanese families (not city people like you're used to) do make some what chunky curry. Even many curry boxes from Japan show lots of chunky ingredients. I'm sorry but, you lived a somewhat sheltered life.
A city life. Several/many of your videos like this one, you only go to city areas for your reviews. Most of the plate lunches you reviewed here don't look like plate lunches to us locals. Catch my drift brah 🤙?
Please ask construction workers, everyday hourly workers(not just in Honolulu)(you're missing out brah!!!), where are their favorite plate lunches are from! You'll be so deliciously and wonderfully surprised!!! Thust me and the everyday locals!!!
Doooooooo iiiiiiittttt!!!
I still love you and Satoshi!
🤙 ✌😎👍

jb mmm
jb mmm 2 months ago

The food is pretty much the same food that we grew up on in Detroit Michigan. It's like the hood went to Hawaii. I cant wait for my trip. But I will have to find different places to eat. lol When I vacation, I like to try foods that I've never had before. I did enjoy the video though. Nice job!

okolekahuna 2 months ago

onaka suita

Life 2 months ago

I love how all the food is a lovely mixture of different Asian cuisines, Hawaiian, and western. Everything looks sooo yummy!

Geo De
Geo De 2 months ago

? 6 ? Really???
In the tourist trap portion of Honolulu, 60 is easy.
You should do a 6 year trek of 600 Hawaiian plate lunches!
Oishiso!!! Ono you know!!!
Please give your viewers a little bit of history of the true melting pot that Hawaii really is!
Plate lunch is a melding of Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Korean and sometimes western foods!!! (My stomach is growling).
It depends on where on the islands you are, that determine the local plate lunch combo and ingredients!
One general plate is moco loco. Hamberger pattie on top of rice smothered with beef gravy and 1 or 2 sunnyside up eggs on top!!!
So much to explore!!

Of course shashimi in Hawaii is going to be Ichiban! Hawaiian tuna is!!!

very dark passenger
very dark passenger 2 months ago

The anemic hamburger steak patty made preformed by a machine, bought frozen from sam's club is not hamburger steak.

London Pelen
London Pelen 2 months ago

Hi guy's how you doing good to see you yes plate lunch my favorite Rainbow yes hamburger steak yummie enjoy

Laura Luffman
Laura Luffman 2 months ago

Everything looks delish. 👍👍

M A 2 months ago

I wish I lived in Hawaii

Ivy Kaneshiro
Ivy Kaneshiro 2 months ago

Yap !!!!! Hawaiian plate lunch is sooo so delicious...especially when you eat it at the beach...so ONO BROKE DA MOUTH.... nice to see you in Hawaii ...

June Goodwin
June Goodwin 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing so many beautiful dishes enjoy your channel have a blessed day stay safe

Lyceth Lyckman
Lyceth Lyckman 2 months ago

Miss the food from home. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. Hawaii is the best. One big melting pot of so many cultures and so many foods. I’m so lucky to come from a beautiful magickal place👍🏼🥰🌺🌹😇

GothicDrakanas 2 months ago

this video 1st time seeing Hawaii nothing like I thought much better

Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto 2 months ago

I actually live about a 5-minute walk from St. Louis Drive Inn...and about a 5-minute drive from Rainbows. 😁 Rainbows’ boneless chicken with brown gravy is the BESTESTESTEST ever! Hehe.

Wayne96819 2 months ago

When im at Rainbows, got plenty guys ordering Locomoco.....I luv my pork long rice every Monday n Friday!!! If you there at Poi Bowl, you gotta try pork guisantes...pork n peas.....thats GREAT pino food!! Speaking of mac salad....dig this, the best plate lunch mac salad ever made, was from this lunchwagon at Kewalos....in the parking lot by Ala Moana Park ewa entrance....they were called Kanda's lunchwagon.

Taralynn70 2 months ago

Loved this video! Loved the format! Great music, loved seeing your family. I think I would take a plate of beef teriyaki from the last place with a ton of rice and some shrimp tempura.

WatsNu2Day 2 months ago

Nico’s is great for healthy lunch. Their plate lunches are not oily or greasy. Try the chicken katsu there...

WatsNu2Day 2 months ago

Rainbows boneless chicken cutlet is good. Chili after going to the beach and get the ice cream slush when its hot out..

LIMON Khan 2 months ago

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Amy Hwang
Amy Hwang 2 months ago

I love how you sometimes call it “Rainbows Drive In”. Like calling Costco “Costcos”. I do that when I’m on Oahu too!

Frank Tumbuan
Frank Tumbuan 2 months ago

Hi guys, i first saw u in the vid u did with Eric Surf6 and just watched this one. Just wanna say u are the nicest guys I've met on utube, tho that's after only one vid so yeah 😁 maybe in other ones I'll see some reaction to food u don't like, doubt it tho. Also thanks for this unique vid on the island that everybody knows but how well do we actually know it huh.. Thanks for illustrating that. Looking forward to seeing more of ur content!

portlock88 2 months ago

Love that lady at st. Louis drive. She was there back in 82 and probably before than when I was going to school across the street.

Miss Jade
Miss Jade 2 months ago

Chili Frank plate... I'm craving zippys!!!

Daisy Colon
Daisy Colon 2 months ago

Hawai food it’s so good. Looks much healthier than USA

Truckngirl 2 months ago

Hi Grifters! No Kau Kau Grill? You lose! On every level! How do you bring up Zippy's nastiness? Shame! Shame on you! Want to make that YouTube click bux! You are traitors to local people and good food!

Bluey Barnes
Bluey Barnes 2 months ago

Hi🤙in England 🇬🇧 we always eat chilli with rice 🍚 too 😎

U Gone Need A Drank
U Gone Need A Drank 2 months ago

aLL these guys forgot to go to the DENTIST!

Mango Shake
Mango Shake 2 months ago

Compared to other food vloggers, you seem to really eat the food thoroughly before describing the taste! Greets from Germany.

Xoco World
Xoco World 2 months ago

any other locals here?

Ann Hutcheson
Ann Hutcheson 2 months ago

@9:49 must has Musubi immediate. *sigh*. 💜

Betty Townsend
Betty Townsend 2 months ago

St. Louis Inn has been there forever...I remember it growing up. All of your choices were fantastic...made me so hungry watching you eat...Oh, and pronounce it "Honolulu" not "Hanalulu"...Mahalo.

georgiaman1926 2 months ago

I guess eating Japanese in Hawaii is like me eating McDonald's in Paris.

Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller 2 months ago

All this food looks amazing and the price points all seem more than fair to me.

Joyce Yamamoto
Joyce Yamamoto 2 months ago

I love your Hawaiian videos!!!!!

Joyce Yamamoto
Joyce Yamamoto 2 months ago

I really like it when Lawrence is with you. He's a classy guy who likes food as much as you guys!!!!

CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan

Oh my god Satoshi's happy pronunciation of 'Honolulu' at 0:41!! Oh my god, so cute that I burst out laughing. I had to rewind it to hear it again. You two have made sooooo many great videos, thank you! Oahu is such an underrated travel destination. Once you explore and leave the Waikiki beach front...WOW! I eat like a pig in Japan and come back lighter in weight but eat modestly in America and come back feeling fat, sluggish and gross even after a two week trip. So sad, what the hell goes into the food over there?

Jackie Holona
Jackie Holona 2 months ago

Omg u guys made the food look so good..
The 1st guy that had his family at Nicos seafood
U r so darn cute

Mary Soto
Mary Soto 2 months ago

Loved it when we went 2 years ago.

Alvin Eng
Alvin Eng 2 months ago

Great video! Now craving me some Loco Moco!!

Sara Diaz
Sara Diaz 2 months ago

Oh, these videos of Hawaii reminded me of when I visited this wonderful state. Thanks!

bridget leverett
bridget leverett 2 months ago

OMG, this is bringing back so many memories of growing up in Hawaii!!

Kimchi Love
Kimchi Love 2 months ago

Hi from Nashville Tennessee 👋
We have almost identical cultures when it comes to plate lunches and surprises me how close the menu is as well!
We call them meat n threes-
But it’s what we eat locally and everything you ate reminded me so much of our food!
Arnold’s - watch that and you’ll see

Han Yoo
Han Yoo 2 months ago

If you're going to Poi Bowl you need to try the Tripe Stew

Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson 2 months ago

Howzit, what about Zippys. Or Pattis at Ala moana? Tell burger by the airport. Best curry, ono KSU KSU, aloha. Mahalo for the best memory,

Deborah Dean
Deborah Dean 2 months ago

I've never seen Makai Market so empty. That place is usually crawling with people. Loved the video!

Lakiah Overton
Lakiah Overton 2 months ago

Looks soooo goood

David Wharton
David Wharton 2 months ago

NIce colour and resolution! What camera do you fellows use for shoots?

Eldon Engbino
Eldon Engbino 2 months ago

Howzit, I’m from Honolulu — I love Saint Louis Drive Inn and Rainbow Drive Inn. Great job — very enjoyable! Keep it up! You guys be safe. Mahalo!

Sonny 2 months ago

Great Video. Thank you for posting.

samuraimonkey 2 months ago

Hawaiian foods looks more unhealthy than Filipino food.

Brian Hirose
Brian Hirose 2 months ago

I liked this video since I was born and raised here on Oahu. I have eaten at all the places you mentioned. My wife and I go to zippy’s all the time and try to go to St. Louis drive inn when ever I can. But you missed one very important place right up the road from St. Louis called Okata Bento at the top of the hill. They have some nice bentos but i like the Teriyaki hamburger steak plate lunch with the sauce over everything. IT IS SO GOOD! TRY IT NEXT TIME YOU COME TO HAWAII!

Lemony Crinkles
Lemony Crinkles 2 months ago

😂 the Japanese restaurants have been ripping you off all these years! Lol

Janet Hirakawa
Janet Hirakawa 2 months ago

It’s ‘Always’ very nice to see Laurence!

West_Nebraska_Dude 2 months ago

Loved the vid ...your Mom is adorable ❤

Brenda Gillette
Brenda Gillette 2 months ago

Went to Nicos and it was fabulous. Want to go downtown next time we come to the island.

Gerald Pribula
Gerald Pribula 2 months ago

Oh my goodness guys! My problem is I always seem to watch your videos when I'm hungry😄. Everything looked so delicious!!! Thank you for sharing with us👏👏👏. Love you guys🥰!!!

Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers 2 months ago

"Hamburger steak". You can gild that lily any way you want, but that's a frozen, pre-formed hamburger patty...I don't care what anyone says.

dalensandi 2 months ago

I agree with satoshi, I need wasabi also with my sashimi.

NavyVet 2 months ago

I remember when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor. Loved all the plate lunches. However, you had to be careful because with all those carbs, you'd need a nap afterward.

Rocket Power
Rocket Power 2 months ago

The gayness of the host is cringe af.

Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez 2 months ago

Bobs Hawaiin restaurant Gardena California is the closes we can get. They have Hawaiin music Saturday and Sunday 11-2pm

Melissa Dunton
Melissa Dunton 2 months ago

Love hamburger steak...we call it Salisbury steak, but always serve it with gravy and ur choice of mashed potatoes or rice and a side of macaroni salad or baked beans. I haven’t had it in years though. The little Hawaiian diner that we’d always have it at closed down back in 1996. And unfortunately, the traditional Salisbury steak in Pennsylvania is not the same as the one we could get at the little diner. 😢

Alienware 2 months ago

As someone born and raised in Hawaii, watching this video living on the mainland, makes my mouth drool!

You guys are so lucky!!

And the Filipino spaghetti is made it Redondo's red (hot dog) Winners.

richard bailey
richard bailey 2 months ago

Another place you should try is Yummys Korean BBQ. That was my ask time favorite place to eat on the island. Watching you eat zippys made me jealous. Miss the chilli and chicken plate!

Angie Tyndall
Angie Tyndall 2 months ago

Have you tried South American food, like Arepas with like an egg on it; etc.? You should, because it's so good.

Angie Tyndall
Angie Tyndall 2 months ago

If you go to WA., U.S.A. go to Pike's Market. I did years ago with my Great Uncle on my mom's side. It was great.

Angie Tyndall
Angie Tyndall 2 months ago

Taro root 🤤.

BradIXXI 2 months ago

P&L Drive Inn 44-748 Kaneohe Bay Dr, Kaneohe, HI 96744 I cannot wait to get back there!!!

LeeAnn Benedetti
LeeAnn Benedetti 2 months ago

I love all the places you guys went to. Made me hungry😁

gtrs4ever 2 months ago

First thing I do after arriving I directly hit Zippy's for hotdog and chili and then before I leave Elaina's kalua pig, squid luau...

Hunny Bun
Hunny Bun 2 months ago

Wheres Highway Inn? Definitely not fully Hawaii approved without Highway Inn & Kahuku shrimp truck.

Debra Harrison
Debra Harrison 2 months ago

Wow! Thanks guys, now I’m STARVING!!!!!!! Lawrence is so adorable!!!

Brinda 2 months ago

Bro Vons chicken in pearl city slaps🤣✌🏼

Maoli2013 2 months ago

None of the food you highlighted was grown in Hawaii. All imported food. Besides that, this food is the reason why a large population of Hawaii is diabetic and overweight. Fatty, salty and starchy. Real Hawaiian food includes Lu`au leaves, poi and fish.

WHODAT NINJAH 2 months ago

PLEASE change da title,Cuz its DEFINENTLY NOT Hawaiis ultimate food tour,COME ON MAAAAAAAN,WAKE UP

Planet Earth
Planet Earth 2 months ago

Malt vinegar is better on fish for me.

suzycreamcheesez 2 months ago

rice and macaroni at the same time?

Thank You
Thank You 2 months ago

Satoshi was about to marry that fried chicken...

G C 2 months ago

my favorite place to eat the must is zippys and rainbow drive inn the best I ate was the loco moco in my 2nd favorite place to eat is the zip pac my middle school favorite in hawaii

Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 2 months ago

I miss L&L drive in.....

onhawaii 2 months ago

No Worry Beef Curry! My foavorite!

Azrael Mariani
Azrael Mariani 2 months ago

That chili does not taste exactly the same it’s different from when we were kids. I don’t care what he says, they even use different beans.

Robert Dowler
Robert Dowler 2 months ago

Grind time.

kodiak536 2 months ago

Plate lunches in Hawaii is considered "Hawaiian" foods by many locals.

BUT, if you want REAL Hawaiian foods, as close as REAL gets, you need to try Ono's, right up the road from Rainbow drive-in and before you get to Zippy's.

You CAN NOT go wrong with their food.

Gary Souza
Gary Souza 2 months ago

Born and raised in Kapahulu, it's hard to argue against Rainbow Drive Inn! Always my go to...

Matt Rael
Matt Rael 2 months ago

Oh Satoshi, I love you man! You always order what I would. :D 'll keep watching y'alls S&S vids.

Lita Dykes
Lita Dykes 2 months ago

Enjoyed watching your video..loving it thank you for sharing

kaya808 2 months ago

No comparison Nicos hands down they only use fresh fish food land prefozen gas tuna

Don Chow
Don Chow 2 months ago

Plastic and styrofoam! Islands deserve better.

Lance Dub-u
Lance Dub-u 2 months ago

You guys are making miss home even more. I was surprised you went to the food court.

Angela Zayas
Angela Zayas 2 months ago

All those looks amazing. Thank you for all these videos with such amazing options

Heaven Earth
Heaven Earth 2 months ago

Your hair looks great. I’m so impressed by how many ways you changed your hair.🥰

Crystellie’s World
Crystellie’s World 2 months ago

he really gave a shoutout to zippys 😂😭💀 zippys is 🚮

Steven Uchida
Steven Uchida 2 months ago

had to get off of this video , got too hungry.
force myself to eat my f'en salad :).

Erin Smith
Erin Smith 2 months ago

Oh man, what a great show, except watching all that local food was making me hungry! Excellent variety of food shops

NK 2 months ago

Hawaii’s Comfort food

Loya Frostwind
Loya Frostwind 2 months ago

Isn't a plate lunch just a bento?

jllygrl2 2 months ago

thank you, I miss living in Hawaii and grew up going to Zippy's and Rainbow drive in. My favorite plate lunches were Masa's Massive teriyaki plate lunch(unfortunately he retired) and Poi Bowl's Hawaiian curry.

Feliza Ruiz
Feliza Ruiz 2 months ago

Nice!! Your tour was good. It was fun to watch. It made me hungry. Keep up the good work.