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Description Last Minute Gifts Ideas for Her | Hostess Gifts | MsGoldgirl

Last Minute Gifts Ideas for Her | Hostess Gifts | MsGoldgirl

Last Minute Gifts Ideas for Her | Hostess Gifts | MsGoldgirl

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Meg104D 2 months ago

Lots of unique gift ideas here - thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy Zahradnik
Nancy Zahradnik 2 months ago

Nice choices for gift giving this year,Marnie.

Josée Leb
Josée Leb 2 months ago


Young Yun
Young Yun 2 months ago

Wow your choices are fantastic!!! Thank you!

Linda Robertt
Linda Robertt 2 months ago

Marnie, Great gift ideas! I like your idea of buying the Bliss throws on sale and keeping them on hand. I would love you to do another gift guide with budget ideas for men and women.

abbie karic
abbie karic 2 months ago

Really great gifts. Thanks for the ideas

Erin Ryan
Erin Ryan 2 months ago

Love this gift guide! So much thought put into it! Thank you Marnie!

Donna Nixon
Donna Nixon 2 months ago

Hi Marnie you always have the best gift ideas love this video every year may you and your family have a very blessed holiday season!

sborstner44 2 months ago

Great gift ideas Marnie! Already put some things in my cart. I loved your “Teen Boys” guide from last year and would love to see a 2020 version. Thank you!

Odalys nocera
Odalys nocera 2 months ago

I’d love to see a men gift guide. TY

Karen Walker
Karen Walker 2 months ago

I love your gift guides, Marnie! I have purchased both the Karen Adams easel calendar, as well as the Kennebunk throw, and I love them. I never want to be without the lovely desk calendar and plan on getting it for gifts this year. I also gave one of the blankets as a gift last year and the recipient loved it!

evakant66 2 months ago

man gift guide please

Terri Smith Brown
Terri Smith Brown 2 months ago

I love 💗 your gift guides... perfect ideas every time. I would appreciate a ‘what to get your husband (when he buys what he needs and wants for nothing) guide’ 😂

Susan Moore
Susan Moore 2 months ago

I loved everything you showed. Great ideas and we can shop online to stay safe. Thank you so much for sharing. Xo

karenejkleinfineart 2 months ago

Hi Marnie, So many wonderful gift ideas! Those Barefoot Dreams socks look cozy (I love the cardigans). Let me know how you like the faux blue hydrangeas. I was thinking of getting the blue, but got the white. I love the white hydrangeas and I put them in an arrangement with blush pink peonies and the white tulips. I want to buy a real hydrangea bush to put in a shady spot in the yard. I had one in my old house and it was beautiful. I wish I had transplanted it over to my new house. Thanks again for all the great gift ideas! Have a fun weekend! I'm going to my brother's place to do laundry. My washer broke 3 weeks ago and it is turning into a saga. See you in your next video. xoxo, Karen

debwlv 2 months ago

I panicked when I saw "last minute" gift ideas!!!!!!! Yikes! Besides that, I loved this video---thanks for all the ideas!

Debbie Cohen
Debbie Cohen 2 months ago

❤️❤️❤️. Great suggestions.

Mar Tina
Mar Tina 2 months ago

I can‘t give 5 hearts....says error,but big hug and 5 ❤️.

Mar Tina
Mar Tina 2 months ago


Jody Pulimoottil
Jody Pulimoottil 2 months ago

Great ideas!

Kristin J
Kristin J 2 months ago

Coton Colors and Happy Everything items! So many fun patterns and things to chose from. I am lucky enough to live by a local store, but the items can be found on many online/storefront retailers now including their own site.

MsSuz67 2 months ago

I love your gift guides Marnie, they are the best!!💗

Nancy Fong
Nancy Fong 2 months ago

I just ordered personalized mugs from For example, one of the mugs I “custom” made was the back of a girl on a dock sitting between two dogs, one with angel wings. You choose the hair style of the person and the type of dog/dogs and the names. The site also has cats, best friends, etc. it’s worth looking at.

Aimee ZeringueMonaco
Aimee ZeringueMonaco 2 months ago

Yes we need all the gift guides!!

Cowgirl Kat
Cowgirl Kat 2 months ago

Love this! Would be a great video series!

Helene Lazar
Helene Lazar 2 months ago

You look beautiful! Your hair looks gorgeous!

Karen 2 months ago

More gift guides please! ALL categories! ☺️

Rhonda O Oc
Rhonda O Oc 2 months ago

I have received your USB lighter and love and will buy as stocking stuffers. Thanks & I enjoy your channel and advice.

lilwink silly videos
lilwink silly videos 2 months ago

I always love you gift guides by category. They help me out a lot.

Priscilla Allred
Priscilla Allred 2 months ago

1canoe2 has lovely artwork in desk calendars ... but I haven’t seen a 2021 from them yet

E Soper
E Soper 2 months ago

Thank you, Marnie. You have some great recommendations here!

Yvette Hendershot
Yvette Hendershot 2 months ago

Teens pleez

Nicole Corry
Nicole Corry 2 months ago

Boys! Teen & Tween and Men.

saucerjess 2 months ago

Great video as always! I'd love a home gift guide! 💜

saucerjess 2 months ago


neszgirl 2 months ago

Teens please!❤️

Christina Walden
Christina Walden 2 months ago

I love when you do these videos!

STR LL 2 months ago

Thank you... I wonder whether you recommend the monthly subscription boxes from Allure and Ipsy etc? This would be a gift for... me. Have your or your members good experiences with any of those? Also a non drying acne wash for a teen with extremely dry skin?

Jennifer Myatt
Jennifer Myatt 2 months ago

Definitely need teen/boys/men guide. Men are so hard to buy for!!

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis 2 months ago

Liked the video. Would like a beauty and home gift guide.

Stacey Robb
Stacey Robb 2 months ago

Thank you! Would love teen gift guides!

Levia D
Levia D 2 months ago

Great recommendations! You're hair looks stunning! I did (upon your recommendation) get the lighter and I love it! 💖

vilmaconsuegra 2 months ago

Great video. Yes, more gift guides!

Melissa Bunn
Melissa Bunn 2 months ago

Perfect timing! Hubs just asked for a gift list for me to give to his family! I am blanking so this definitely helps!! I am into nails this year so I want Olive and June's pedi kit! I am gifting myself the barefoot dreams socks!! Love!! May finally break down and get the throw!! BTW - Thanks so much for the Hanukkah gifts! I am not Jewish but my BIL is living with a wonderful woman and she is Jewish!! You did a video last year that I am going back to, great ideas that I would have never thought of!! Thanks Marnie!!

Kim Sullivan
Kim Sullivan 2 months ago

Presents for In-laws!

Carol Lamothe
Carol Lamothe 2 months ago

Great ideas Marnie, thank you!

Lorraine 2 months ago

Love your gift guides! I just got my Trapp Orange Clove candle and you are right! It's decadent! I have the Bliss Plush Throw, finally got it this summer, and it is so cozy! Thanks for your recommendations, Marnie!

Marquetta Gunderson
Marquetta Gunderson 2 months ago

you have the best girt recommendation !!

carmen fox
carmen fox 2 months ago

When you started talking about face masks the second time...I thought...she’s already mentioned masks. 🤣🤣 #2020. Great list of gifts!