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Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers 2 months ago

I wish I was rich😭

Truly Beauty
Truly Beauty 2 months ago

love it ❤️✨🎄🌸

Keisha Douglas
Keisha Douglas 2 months ago

Your look in this video is giving me glammed Dorothy from Wizard of Oz!! I love it!!

Abdallah Ahmed
Abdallah Ahmed 2 months ago

Is it just me or does anyone else find it satisfying to watch make-up videos get a extremely cheap makeup set:

Pragya Shrestha
Pragya Shrestha 2 months ago

Drugstore version would be great as Part 2

mollyjane01 2 months ago

Oh Nikkia, cute video and I’d love to see a part two. I also love how you said many of the gifts would be great to give to ourselves—ha! That cracked me up! 🤣🤣🎁🎁♥️💚

Megan Small
Megan Small 2 months ago

Nikkia I’ve been watching you for a couple of years now and I absolutely look forward to each of your videos. You give off a really pleasant and positive energy that really makes my day feel brighter. I love how much you review products, it really is so helpful!

MsDidas10 2 months ago

You look so cute with your hair fix up😃👍👍👍👍👍 like the products

Haruckio 2 months ago

Those braids really fits you well! You look so cute 😁

Amina Uddin
Amina Uddin 2 months ago

Thoughts on the new too faced matte foundation & nars matte foundation

Rachel Telles
Rachel Telles 2 months ago

Yes, a part 2 would be awesome!

Reut Metallisydan
Reut Metallisydan 2 months ago

Thanks for the interesting gift guide Nikkia 🧡
What's on your eyes btw?
I also wanted to mention I live for your background in this video, I love the silvery frosty vibes 🙌😍

Chloe Derek
Chloe Derek 2 months ago

do you want to look incredible this Christmas follow the tips on

Aylar Azam
Aylar Azam 2 months ago

next time mention the price

Muñeca Lugo
Muñeca Lugo 2 months ago

What products did you use for your makeup in this video? You look flawless!

Carly Harrington
Carly Harrington 2 months ago

Yes to Part Two!

Samantha Victorino
Samantha Victorino 2 months ago

You look gorgeous!! ❤️ that eye makeup 🥰 I love it, sort of a nude shimmery look what eyeshadow are you wearing??

Sticks 2 months ago

Part2? Let’s goooo. Please also swatch the Mac lip stuff. I was waiting for it to be swatched but alas. Also Nikkia looks soso cute with that hair style and that lipstick shade is just 😍

Janet Carey
Janet Carey 2 months ago

Received your beautiful Skinned Oil today! I am in love with the fragrance! Can’t wait to use it! I ordered two bottles and glad I did. Absolutely amazing!

Chrissy Potter
Chrissy Potter 2 months ago

I love your look, very beautiful!

Taisha Denning
Taisha Denning 2 months ago

I always can't wait to see your holiday pack favs! Would love to see a part two xx

Hany Lotfalla
Hany Lotfalla 2 months ago

I would get one of the Mac sets

Lynds 2 months ago

I'd urge people to think twice before purchasing silk:

Silk is derived from the cocoons of larvae, so most of the insects raised by the industry don't live past the pupal stage. Roughly 3,000 silkworms are killed to make a single pound of silk. That means that billions, if not trillions, of them are killed for this every year

Katherine Hogan
Katherine Hogan 2 months ago

Can I just say, you look so gorgeous in this video. I love your hair 😍

Carol Perdue
Carol Perdue 2 months ago

I got the Morphe pallet! Would enjoy a review! Tfs! ❤

Margarida Badcock
Margarida Badcock 2 months ago

Yes please do a review on the morphe palette. Been waiting for you to do it.

Jody Diou
Jody Diou 2 months ago

Is Fairy Floss cotton candy?

Patricia Obrien
Patricia Obrien 2 months ago

Those candles are so lovely, but bummed that they don't ship to the US.

onatoh 2 months ago

i am getting Dorothy vibes from this look. not gonna lie it’s fantastic!!

Kim Fear
Kim Fear 2 months ago

The Laura Mercier holiday package of the setting powder and the powder puff is not a mini - it's the full size and a great deal - you get the puff for free!

Mel P
Mel P 2 months ago

Great video, thank you. And yes please to a Part 2 video!

Sylvia Lawson
Sylvia Lawson 2 months ago

Thank you for a great video. Love the Christmas background

Nutree Cosmetics
Nutree Cosmetics 2 months ago

You are gorgeous! ✨ Please watch my videos about hair products that really and truly work

Neha Rampal
Neha Rampal 2 months ago

Just love the way you have done your hair ! Please do a tutorial on it .

annette parise
annette parise 2 months ago

Yes to a part 2 please I loooooved this video!!!!

Amanda Verbeke
Amanda Verbeke 2 months ago

This video is GORGEOUS!! Everything about it!! Okay, back to watching! xx

Lydia Laticia
Lydia Laticia 2 months ago

Love the background 🎄🎄🎄

Honee2 Short
Honee2 Short 2 months ago

🥰🥰🥰 thanks for the ideas, yes part two would be nice 👍🏾.

Ramona 2 months ago

Make a part 2, yes please!! These are awesome gift ideas! 💕

Fla Ponte
Fla Ponte 2 months ago

I love your makeup! What are you wearing on your eyes?

Tonya Saunders
Tonya Saunders 2 months ago

Glow Recipe trio is on sale at Sephora for $30. Great deal. Thanks for sharing.

Paula Shockley
Paula Shockley 2 months ago

Yes please would love to see looks from the Morphe palette.

Hailey Rivera
Hailey Rivera 2 months ago

Love the makeup! I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing... She even cried when she saw the necklace.

Madison Andrews
Madison Andrews 2 months ago

Love this video! Can you give a tutorial on that hair babe?! 😍

Dee dlovesmakeup
Dee dlovesmakeup 2 months ago


Landon C.
Landon C. 2 months ago

Yes to part 2 please!! 💜💯👍😃 tbh I'd love any of this stuff you always have the best recs girl 🤩

Kylie Webster
Kylie Webster 2 months ago

Can u do a candle haul nikkia...i know u like boy smells but im sure you have more...i love your video it gave me ideas for myself😄🤣. Your blush looked so beautiful 😍 what was it???

Lynda Hollins
Lynda Hollins 2 months ago

:( does not look like we in Australia can get the Laura mercier products off their site. upsetting. NIkkia where can I buy these products Mecca or Sephora?

Emilia Davies
Emilia Davies 2 months ago

This is a useful list!! Especially for gift ideas. Here in the UK, Foreo is having crazy good black friday deals. Skincare products. I really hope their deals hit Australia soon. It's like 35% off I think and their products high tech, long lasting, the kind of investment for long term skincare. I'm definitely gonna take advantage, I deserve a gift just for surviving 2020 so far lol

Vicky Nguyen
Vicky Nguyen 2 months ago

I have the morphe pallette and would love to see you do a tutorial on it. Dont know how you do it but you always look so beautiful.

Renee McDonald
Renee McDonald 2 months ago

YES YES YES to the morphe review please ♥️😍

And DEF YES to the part 2!! Loved this!!

Desiree Ebert
Desiree Ebert 2 months ago

I am loving your eye makeup ❤️❤️
And I would love those fenty lip glosses 💄

Debbie Otoole
Debbie Otoole 2 months ago

Love the Laura Mercier gift sets and the fenty 1s, definitely on my Christmas list, great video

Amy Swirski
Amy Swirski 2 months ago

I have loved your channel for years but I am really missing your home videos like hauls and decorating!

Becky H
Becky H 2 months ago

Great round up! Did you check out the Charlotte Tilbury Bejeweled Instant Eyeshadow palette, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Face palette or the Olaplex Holiday Hair Fix gift sets at Sephora??

Linda Shanks
Linda Shanks 2 months ago

You look so beautiful in these braids Nikkia!! ❤️ loving the holiday decor in the background and yes absolutely a part 2!!!! 🙌🏼

Stacy Vela
Stacy Vela 2 months ago

Part 2, please ☺️!

Brittany Boehm
Brittany Boehm 2 months ago

Nikkia you could have a part 10 and I would watch it. I actually put the silk pillow cases on my Christmas list after you showed the teal ones 🥰

Raylaith Chaudhury
Raylaith Chaudhury 2 months ago

Have you got a link to the tutorial for this hairstyle?

Leslie Harless
Leslie Harless 2 months ago

You look so cute 😍 💗

Clau B
Clau B 2 months ago

I love your hair!! When are you going to show us how you make that hair style?? Please 🙏💗

MrsVoorhees13 2 months ago

Omg you look sooooo adorable 💕. Yes to a part 2 pls. That waver and hair dryer set is soooo cute, I’d love to get that!

Jessica Souza
Jessica Souza 2 months ago

YESSSSS a part 2 would be great!!!! Love all these gift sets I need to gift some of them to myself 🤣 love the braids you look adorable 🤩

Marcee Rodgers
Marcee Rodgers 2 months ago

I have been wanting silk pillowcases, but like you said, prices are crazy! So excited that you recommended some in this video! I ordered 4 and cannot wait to get them. Debating if I should get a duvet and sheets to match🤔 I love minis too. I feel like I’ll use them up before they expire🤷🏻‍♀️

L -EM 2 months ago

You always look like you’re on the verge of cracking up laughing 😂 And... are you losing weight?! You’re always beautiful but you look even more beautiful! Or maybe the holidays look really good on you. ❤️

Allie Burton
Allie Burton 2 months ago

I just got my Skinned Nikkia Joy body oil today!! I hopped right in the shower so I could try it out and OMG!! It is AMAZING!!! 💙💙

kelzee841 2 months ago

Thank you, this has given me some great ideas for my 16yo 😁

Paul Nickolas
Paul Nickolas 2 months ago

Any Nikkia Joy Cosmetics holiday gift sets or holiday sales? USA Black Friday is coming up.

Mazni Izani
Mazni Izani 2 months ago

Ouhh Nikkia, i wish i can have the ole hnricson truth juice and clarins one, but its not available in malaysia sephora.. i've been pregnant for 4month, my skin had so much break out...

Lauren M
Lauren M 2 months ago

Yes PleSe do a part two!! Really good ideas!! Is there any perfumes you recommend??

Timothy Sherrey Ehler

Yes, please, Beautiful! I love pink too, Nikkia! Canadian hugs, Sherrey🎀💟🎀

Nicole Wilson
Nicole Wilson 2 months ago

I loved this video! Please bring out part 2!

Therese Thalseth Kvande

Ok haven't watched yet but please, please a hair torurial for this look!? You look amazing. And I cannot for the love of me manage to braid my hair it seems. All the tutorials say it's so easy.. Yeah.. This 43 year old is either wery slow at learning or they lie. Hehe. 🤪

Deidra Zimmerschied
Deidra Zimmerschied 2 months ago

I love mini sized products just like Nikkia, I love them because my bathroom vanity only has two drawers and I can fit more stuff if the products are smaller!

Jacqueline Granillo
Jacqueline Granillo 2 months ago

Yea to Part 2
Part Two
Part II
Yes yes yes WE WANT A PART2 Holiday Edition 🤩 🙏🏻 😘
Everything you say/recommend I literally run out and buy
I’m an Oily Skin Beauty as well ¡!¡!
Please I need a part two in my life, your such an AMAZING ROLE MODEL

Jacqueline Granillo
Jacqueline Granillo 2 months ago

Yes PLEASE definitely needs a Part2

Kerry Green
Kerry Green 2 months ago

Yes part two please x

clarise jackson
clarise jackson 2 months ago

The cinnamon bear collection doesn’t have holiday vibes, it feels like Valentine’s Day. I love your background!

Sarah Shifrin
Sarah Shifrin 2 months ago

That Morphe palette is so pretty but I’m getting definite colourpop vibes. Surely they already have a palette with that same color story.

margaret smith
margaret smith 2 months ago

Honesty most of us cant afford pajamas at that price maybe cheaper dupe if possible, and a lot of the items you cant even buy in the UK or they dont ship here!!

Meetmeatsunset 2 months ago

I love your hairstyle 💁🏻‍♀️

Gracie Vee
Gracie Vee 2 months ago

Go for part 2!!

Gracie Vee
Gracie Vee 2 months ago

I could have a whole Christmas getting all makeup mini sets for giving and receiving and it would probably be the best Christmas ever lol. Love your gift guide!

Tamara Wise
Tamara Wise 2 months ago

Gift Guide part 2, yes please! You're right about the makeup gift sets this year, less, but good value and quality.

Sherry Lamphear
Sherry Lamphear 2 months ago

Love your braids so cute

Rumour972 2 months ago

I want so many of those glasshouse candles

Jess 2 months ago

You are absolutely the YouTuber who’s recommendations I take seriously. I love doing my makeup listening to makeup videos but not following one step. I love watching holiday gift videos and not intending to buy any of the items. But your tastes are so similar to mine that I mostly end up loving whatever I purchase that you recommended. Also, I’ve purchased two of your powders so far, it’s the only one I’ve used since you came out with it. It’s amazing and absolutely my favorite, it works with whatever other product you use it with.

AYA Godes
AYA Godes 2 months ago

I LOVE the dress!
About the gifts ideas... well normally I would agree but since corona is here this year, I think a real loving gift cannot be makeup, unless it's eye makeup.
If you love a person give them the nice pillowcases or clothes. Buy them skincare. Buy them a nice hair care piece. Buying a set of lipglosses or lipsticks really hit that nourve.. and I love Mac and Fenty. I have about 10 lipsticks and about 7 of them are Mac's, the only lipsticks I ever finished are Mac's. And I got the fenty lipglosses kit last year (I almost wish I didn'r). It breaks my heart that I never get to use any of them now since I only wear makeup outside the house and I can't now coz of the masks. Also my lips are drying out sooo badly coz of the winter + masking. Making holiday lip kits is a huge mistake, please don't gift them to dear ones, it's not the right year for that. Don't even buy any for yourself, it's a good time to take time off, use the money on things you can actually use.

Jane Spring
Jane Spring 2 months ago

i ordered the lily silk pillow cases for all my friends for xmas at about 3 minutes in! lol It;s the perfect thing for my girlfriends who were just complaining about how to combat aging skin the other day! Thank you!! love u! =)

Sophia Tijerino
Sophia Tijerino 2 months ago

Planning on getting that morphe palette for my birthday coming up, btw love your hair❤️❤️❤️

Arel Aguilar
Arel Aguilar 2 months ago

I love it pls do 2nd part nikkia.. 😘

CJ M 2 months ago

Loved the video!! Yes to Part 2 please! I'm loving all your rec's. The Gingerbread and Morphe paletts are my colors, might have to get. The silks, the hair dryer..well ALL of it, love it all. More please!! Merry Christmas!!

Hope D
Hope D 2 months ago

You look like Dorothy 👠 from wizard of Oz ... 👠👠🥰🥰🥰

Robin Conrad
Robin Conrad 2 months ago

I got the morphe palette, and love love love it 😍

Master Sensei Zach
Master Sensei Zach 2 months ago

I love your hair and makeup look today

Michaela Kay
Michaela Kay 2 months ago

You look adorable with your hair like that... Love the Christmas's back ground!!! I have always dreamed of finding the too faced chocolate eye shadow pallete under my tree ❤️❤️❤️

Gemma Maghoo
Gemma Maghoo 2 months ago

Love everything about this video, your background giving Xmas vibes, your hair looks amazing! And these gift ideas are fab 🥰 one thing I’m definitely getting with my Xmas money I receive this year is back ups of your sponges and powder 😍 I’m honestly obsessed with them! I love my Laura mercier and my fenty, but I have to say yours tops those 🙌 and your sponge is the best I’ve ever used. I’m in the uk and order all the way from here, LOVE LOVE LOVE them 💜💜

Amy Krupa-Wyckoff
Amy Krupa-Wyckoff 2 months ago

Love this, a part two would be great! Love the new holiday background as well. Thank you, Nikkia!

Stephanie Gil
Stephanie Gil 2 months ago

Such a helpful video !! Thanks so much for this. 😊

Kathy Perkov
Kathy Perkov 2 months ago

Great video, thanks Nikkia. Xo