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MojoTravels 2 months ago

Are you stoked to get skiing?

alex 2 months ago

Jack’s hole #1 agree!

Patrick Strong
Patrick Strong 2 months ago

Winter park should be on there

jaska145 2 months ago

Great video. Few comments. For me Alta/Snowbird is #1, Jackson #2 and Kirkwood #3. In fact, any place with powder and steep enough terrain is great

elkgrovenation 2 months ago

What about Keystone

thomas medeiros
thomas medeiros 2 months ago

Be aware that the Little Cottonwood Canyon road has 4 wheel drive , snow tire or chains required on snow days. The local sheriffs check at mouth of the canyon road. Be prepared to wait for road to closed while Avalanche work is in progress. The road can close during the day due Avalanche. Even if you are already at Alta Snowbird they my go into Inter Lodge mode and everyone is required to stay inside because of high Avalanche danger. On powder days expect the lifts to be delayed until Ski Patrol finishes checking the resort section by section. The more snow the less terrain due to increased danger. Don’t expect grooming on powder days and it will get all tracked out and bumped out especially on trails leading to lifts. Alta Snowbird can require skills in deep variety of snow conditions. Go to Park City or Deer Valley for nice grooming.

jimmy dingo
jimmy dingo 2 months ago

I disagree with your picks, Aspen is always #1. With 4 full ski areas and better snow than other regions. The #1 ski town by far! Vail blows donk in so many ways when we are talking destination resorts. Jackson Hole is very remote and difficult to get to and the town sucks. Utah ski towns and Park City's terrane is kind of a yawner however I agree with Snowbird/Alta on your pecking order. Back country skiing is not as important overall when you take in consideration of the entire spectrum of ski travelers.

TRN Lux 2 months ago

What about Mammoth mountain

Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly 2 months ago

Ski town USA is top 5 100000% and it’s my hometown, you had my house in the video

cryptovamp 2 months ago

not one single vermont or adk ski resort listed this really should be called busiest resorts that do the most advertising

Charles B Henderson
Charles B Henderson 2 months ago

Its hard to argue with Jackson (formerly Jackson's Hole) Wy as #1, I started skiing there over 40 years ago and try to frequent it at least once a year. I'd have placed Vail near the bottom due to the lack of steeps, the long lift lines, and the crowds...not fun. You really need to to have included Crested Butte for its steeps, lack of lift lines and its economical cost. And lastly Big Sky should definitely be ranked near the top.
Just the opinion of someone that has done them all over the last 60 years.

Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett 2 months ago

It is tough to rank ski areas in the US or North America. You will always have people that disagree with you as everybody wants the same thing in a destination ski resort. I wish you would have done a better job of explaining why you ranked the resorts the way you did.

Bill Curry
Bill Curry 2 months ago

So glad you didn’t mention Taos.

Christopher Tompkins
Christopher Tompkins 2 months ago

Tf is this??? Title say best in US, but video says WEST? BULL, are least 2 east coast mountains that make the list

Tyler DeWaard
Tyler DeWaard 2 months ago

I bet these guys are from LA county

Greg l
Greg l 2 months ago

You should make a list for the east coast. But honestly, Jay Peak VT is honestly good enough to deserve some recognition. The snow is amazing (best on east coast). The trees are amazing and rival with tree runs out west. And now there's actually stuff there to do now like an indoor waterpark.

Robbie Evans
Robbie Evans 2 months ago

Vail is a bit That's an understatement .

Jonathan Kosyjana
Jonathan Kosyjana 2 months ago

um excuse me ALta does not play nice with snowbird as they do not allow snowboarders. screw alta man and deer vally

GoldTigre 2 months ago

Sugarloaf in ME and Killington in VT are really the only mountains on the East that can get close to the west in terms of scale. Jay Peak VT and Loon Mountain NH are pretty rad too but they’re limited by size, you could totally ski every trail in a day or two there

nafnaf0 2 months ago

I need to ski Jackson Hole and Aspen. To think I had them on my season pass two years ago and didn't even use it... Def wasn't a bad video, yep Vail lacks some steeps. Whistler is kind of out because the snow is too heavy, but the resort town itself is top tier (Vail, Aspen, Telluride, maybe even the best)

Michael 2 months ago

I don't see Montana fave Lost Trail

Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 2 months ago

Any body ever been to grandy Colorado

Alan Roach
Alan Roach 2 months ago

You forgot to include Mamoth MT and Cottonwood Butte!

Guildnam Style
Guildnam Style 2 months ago

The fact you didnt put whitefish montana in here shows how little you know

RogueEliteCS 2 months ago

Not a single Washington resort on this list? Damn I feel insulted. Like I thought Baker or Crystal or Stevens would be on here potentially.

664 TheNeighbor
664 TheNeighbor 2 months ago

Alta >>>> all others

Clint Rubber
Clint Rubber 2 months ago

Breckenridge trash vibes are off there

Jdubs 2 months ago

I am glad Vail and Breck exist so all the people that ski Vail and Breck go to Vail and Breck.

Shashi Maharaj
Shashi Maharaj 2 months ago

Looking for a snowy destination for my honeymoon to do skiing and other snowsports. We are extreme beginners. Any recommendations? We would love a great and beautiful atmosphere. We would also love other activities such as Winter Zip Lining and hot springs and stuff. Any recommendations from people who know a bit more about this stuff than I do? Lol

Somebrown Kid
Somebrown Kid 2 months ago

Out of all the mountains in Tahoe you pick squaw??????????? Troll

Justine Hazen
Justine Hazen 2 months ago

Sun Valley and Snowbasin should be on this list.

Jesse M
Jesse M 2 months ago

Yes.....go 2 UTAH and COLORADO!!!! The best resorts!! Have Fun!!!

Benjamin Roberts
Benjamin Roberts 2 months ago

Vail number 2 probably mammoth

Colin Rhodes
Colin Rhodes 2 months ago

Imagine putting telluride at 3

Joe Herr
Joe Herr 2 months ago

Chair 15 at Telluride Colorado goes to 12,500 ft thanks for not ranking Telluride #1 you will ruin it

Efuuccckkkk’nVVVVVV at Glen Win and Scr

I’ve been to a few of these resorts and I still don’t know why mammoth Mountain isn’t on the list. It has 5 stars for craft brews, food, nightlife, and a small-town atmosphere. Holiday weekends are busy but aren’t overcrowded with long lines. Just my opinion...

Coleman 2 months ago

Sun Valley

levatlas 2 months ago

Used to have a house in Jackson Hole

Read Kitchel
Read Kitchel 2 months ago

Park city over Alta and snowbird?
Deer valley?

Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen 2 months ago

#1. Jackson Hole
#2. Snowbird
#3. Squaw Valley
#4. All the rest.

David Cline
David Cline 2 months ago

Park City above Snowbird/Alta??

JGNATIONandMORE 2 months ago

No mammoth! Y’all trippin

Mori Magic
Mori Magic 2 months ago


BucketLemonz 2 months ago

the only one i actaully agree with is squaw valley and jackson hole

Andrew Cloutier
Andrew Cloutier 2 months ago

Vermont definitely has the best skiing in the East. If people are driving up, go to Killington. If you’re flying in, check out Sugarbush, Smugglers Notch, or Jay Peak.

TgameZ ‘
TgameZ ‘ 2 months ago

U forgot beaver creek been to vail and beaver creek, beaver creek Colorado was way better. It had better snow, better trails, more family friendly, and more fun. Has a wide range of slopes differing across the mountain. You have your little fun greens like red Buffalo all the way up to the rose bowl which is a blue or even up to blacks and double blacks.

シGlowinqLu シ
シGlowinqLu シ 2 months ago

So glad park city was on here! I love park city and it’s one of my favorite places to go skiing(that and North Star, in Lake Tahoe)

Mfenn 2 months ago

Where is Snowbasin ya butthead

John Johnson
John Johnson 2 months ago


Michael Young
Michael Young 2 months ago

deer valley should be on the list

ODDPLAY3R 2 months ago

Which one is the cheapest 🥶 I wanna plan a trip with a bunch of friends

Victor Sullivan
Victor Sullivan 2 months ago

"And sometimes underrated resorts"
Next Sentence: "#10, Breckenridge"

Arjun Bharadhwaj
Arjun Bharadhwaj 2 months ago

I think you have the right resorts on the list (though I would switch out Steamboat for Mammoth personally), but the order is kinda wack. Altabird should probably be a bit higher and Park City and Vail are definitely overrated in my opinion (Park City especially)

All About Life
All About Life 2 months ago

Whatever from florida and learned to ski mt killington vt on east coast. Prettiest place ive ever been.

Stephen Spaulding
Stephen Spaulding 2 months ago

This is a list of the top 10 boutique ski towns - not the top 10 mountains...

Sparks 2 months ago

We get it guys your so cool tf up and go to your “hidden gem”

CJ JENSON 2 months ago

Vail maybe should be 6 or 7, maybe!

Daniel Dole
Daniel Dole 2 months ago

Ok selection but I wish you had included BC, but I guess you'd have to remove a few Colorado resorts. Whistler, Revelstoke, and Kicking Horse are better than many on this list.

Dallas Smith
Dallas Smith 2 months ago

Can’t wait to get back on the snow

Nate 2 months ago

Good selection and review. One thing, I find it difficult to think of Jackson Hole without mentioning nearby Grand Targhee and its powder runs and tree/glade skiing in the same breath. When I go to Jackson Hole, I always spend a day or two over at Grand Targhee. Some of my best powder days ever have been at GT. But big Jackson Hole, it has the majesty and variety of the two.

This ole Dad
This ole Dad 2 months ago

How is mammoth mountain not on here!

Auggie Doggie
Auggie Doggie 2 months ago

My personal favorite is beaver creek, and that's not even top 10

Caleb Browning
Caleb Browning 2 months ago

Crested Butte definitely should've been there. I go every year and its the same thing: no lines or crowds, great back country, steeps, and a great Colorado vibe yet it's an Epic resort so it has all the great benefits and incredible service.

T Stass
T Stass 2 months ago

a good list to keep most skiers away from the true hidden gems.


Pray this prayer to be saved plz, Dear God I know I am a sinner but I believe Jesus died for my sins, I repent of my sins, I accept Jesus as my personal lord and savior in Jesus name AMEN!!


Pray this prayer to be saved plz, Dear God I know I am a sinner but I believe Jesus died for my sins, I repent of my sins, I accept Jesus as my personal lord and savior in Jesus name AMEN!!

Colton Edwards
Colton Edwards 2 months ago

Alta and snowbird should be number 2 and vail 6

Thomas Wiman
Thomas Wiman 2 months ago

I love Keystone and Taos too

Mr Thim
Mr Thim 2 months ago


Connor Mack
Connor Mack 2 months ago

Mary Jane is the actual best Ski area

James Griffin
James Griffin 2 months ago

bruh park city > Alta + snowbird -- joke

Ty Wagner
Ty Wagner 2 months ago

broke my leg.last run of the year at Boyne Highlands,Mi.March 31,2021.

Staplesoap 2 months ago

where the hell is heavenly

John Moye
John Moye 2 months ago

What happen to Deer Valley ?

M o t h e r
M o t h e r 2 months ago

What about Vermont? 🙁

Spark Voodoo
Spark Voodoo 2 months ago

Let's get one thing right. Snowbird and Jackson Hole are the top two "Skiers" mountains in North America.

Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson 2 months ago

What about Beaver Creek ?

Les 2 months ago

Breckenflat. Really? REALLY?

Mike Norman MMT Economics

Vail, Breckinridge, Park City, Jackson Hole, Squaw. Been to these 5 mentioned. My favorite is Park City.

Michael rocks15
Michael rocks15 2 months ago

How tf is Breckenridge only #10?

indeed77 2 months ago

I disagree with this ranking. And Colorado is not the snow mecca to mention one.

Steve Chilcoat
Steve Chilcoat 2 months ago

Skied many of these resorts in the past. Mammoth Mountain is one of the most comfortable and snow consistent resorts. Great views and easy access are pluses too. I dont know how the crowds are today?

Thomas Frye
Thomas Frye 2 months ago

You can actually snowboard down Alta. They won't let you on the lifts. You have to hike up it. Better be in shape!!

F4st 2 months ago

No winter Park?! Just me?

Eli Brown
Eli Brown 2 months ago

Telluride should be number one! At least it’s on the list

Withered_Teddi 2 months ago

How come Bretton Woods is not on here!?

Charlie Ski
Charlie Ski 2 months ago

You know he has no idea what he is talking about when he can’t even pronounce Alta correctly

bigguns 222
bigguns 222 2 months ago

One of The only type of life style where people are out door more than indoor meeting people and socializing and not spending all day on there tv screen's

RockyMountainTrout 2 months ago

Lmao I've been to 7 of these resorts but never in winter

Karina Dionne
Karina Dionne 2 months ago

0:46 You forgot that you're slowly dying at this elevation because you don't have enough air.

Shane Churilla
Shane Churilla 2 months ago

I can’t believe vail got beat. I mean it is pricey, but I don’t have any problems with crowds.

Charlie Wellington
Charlie Wellington 2 months ago

Number all: literally any vail resort

Note: i mean the hotels

Joseph Van
Joseph Van 2 months ago

Best ski resorts by whose standards? Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Steamboat, etc. are best is you want to spend $150 or more for a lift ticket, $300 a night for a hotel room, $100 for a mediocre dinner after standing in line for an hour or two. I'll take the little-known gems like Big Powderhorn in Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula, where a vacation will cost about 20 percent of a trip to one of the western biggies, and where you get 200 inches of real powder most winters and where you can still find untracked powder days after a dump.

Ruben VW
Ruben VW 2 months ago

Wait, the title says "Is the US", but in the first few seconds it says "In the western US".

Apology Meat
Apology Meat 2 months ago

Personally Vail is my favorite. It’s probably my favorite designed mountain. No matter where you are, there’s going to be many different ways to get where you want to go. Plus I love the town.

Nick Ha
Nick Ha 2 months ago

Thanks for.confirming East Coast ski resort.sux.

Pearce Fowler
Pearce Fowler 2 months ago

Vail is so overrated my guy

Rick DiOrio
Rick DiOrio 2 months ago

Really no Sun Valley ? rated the top resort in the country this year , and didn't even make number 10 ? Really ? Do you people ski ??

Dylan Fishbough
Dylan Fishbough 2 months ago

This list is horrible, you had park city over snowbird and alta, and left mammoth off the list when its easily top 3

Julien Halleman
Julien Halleman 2 months ago

Where is park city?