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Clayton Garrette
Clayton Garrette 2 months ago

Fake news still waiting

Tamala Rovaris
Tamala Rovaris 2 months ago

Frankly China threw ENTIRE CITIES on the sacrificial bonfire! All they did was buy us time! We shut our travel to and from China but without accurate incubation information this was more than likely here since last year!
Experts stated that they bought us time and nothing more! Get ready to deal with it!

Hacker Games
Hacker Games 2 months ago

Nothing to see here, Trump won't tell the truth about the severity, briefings have been held in secret and the WHO is corrupt
Money was more important than lives

Sylvia Flores
Sylvia Flores 2 months ago

Students need to be quarentined in a remote area. Sure, everyone wants to come home who are infected from abroad.......But, AT WHAT COST?????

Rainyy 2 months ago

Whoever had this fucking virus should be dead and fucked up in hell right now

Gary65437 2 months ago

Trump is doing an awesome job with the potential US coronavirus problem. We only have 500 test kits for 3 states. See we have no virus problem in the must have the

Nick Kidd
Nick Kidd 2 months ago

The corona virus its the gift that keeps on giving cough cough

Instyle Red
Instyle Red 2 months ago

This is just the beginning people, all in the Bible!

Jen 2 months ago

It's already spreading. They just aren't telling us the truth.

Dillon Schildknecht
Dillon Schildknecht 2 months ago

Isn't it already here? ABC this article names a joke

BACKYARDsky 2 months ago

Im surprised they didnt say 322 students

BACKYARDsky 2 months ago

What is happening i knew 2020 would be the year
Please enjoy my backyard News

James Brown
James Brown 2 months ago


Tony Atliss
Tony Atliss 2 months ago

The End is near

Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2 months ago

The Chinese leadership needs to be held 100% accountable for mass murder and need to be put to death!!!! China bet on the U.N. ushering in the N.W.O. and time to pay the piper!!!!

RICH SOUL 2 months ago

Here we go 馃う

boon ros
boon ros 2 months ago

We need help from the alian

Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 2 months ago

Once it spreads to Africa we鈥檙e fucked

NateDawgTv 2 months ago

Watch my latest video on how to prepare for the Coronavirus

john smith
john smith 2 months ago

The guy next to the iranian infected guy. Is doomed too.

dee ann laker
dee ann laker 2 months ago

Bring the abroad students home from a country with the virus and they didn't say weather they will be quarantined knowing there's a 28 day incubation period!?

Tracy McDaniel
Tracy McDaniel 2 months ago

I鈥檓 out of time!!! It鈥檚 in solano county California and I live in solano county. I better go upload a video on YouTube. We all got to go sometime I just did not think I would go down like this.

lee lunk
lee lunk 2 months ago


Omid Norozi
Omid Norozi 2 months ago

Get ready for mayhem.

Steven Artuso
Steven Artuso 2 months ago

If it鈥檚 anywhere near as contagious as they make it out to be it will be no time until some big numbers appear. Just isolate yourselves, and stay healthy.

Nature Care Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

馃拃馃 Cancel your HOLIDAYS and TRAVEL PLANS 馃.馃拃

Racquel Williams
Racquel Williams 2 months ago

I pray they get something for this people have lung problems already and got to worry about this 馃槱

lazo livin
lazo livin 2 months ago

Don鈥檛 let no one in to the us and don鈥檛 let no one out of the us. Keep our people and country safe

Ally Rah
Ally Rah 2 months ago

They did not just say they鈥檒l think it鈥檒l die out with the warm weather 馃憖 we are so f****k

Fernando G.
Fernando G. 2 months ago

This is how all this news spread the panic

Jack Son
Jack Son 2 months ago

Bigger cities have the higher prone likelihood given how many are congregated together all the time.

Samanthi Wettasinghe
Samanthi Wettasinghe 2 months ago

Why are they preparing this much and why are they preparing so much towards this. If it鈥檚 so much under control why the stocks are down??... Is there鈥檚 anything these authorities hiding from public???

Ira Dorsey
Ira Dorsey 2 months ago

The elite is elimating the worldly population

The Average Guy 路
The Average Guy 路 2 months ago

I guess we are going to have to wear protective suits

david jones
david jones 2 months ago

If a person is carrying the virus and does not know it, he can pass the virus on to another person that does not have a mask on his face. So having a mask on helps to prevent the sick person from spreading the virus. The person that is not sick is protected by having the mask on his face! So have a mask on your face! N95 Mask!

Bob Might
Bob Might 2 months ago

There鈥檚 only a 2% death rate, why is the whole world acting like it鈥檚 on fire?


Lmmfao "they're hoping the virus dies out with warmer weather"...uh Iran isn't exactly a cold weather climate dip shits.馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

Aundrea Henson
Aundrea Henson 2 months ago

If its contained how is it spreading???

kailee56 2 months ago

How can the CDC say how many have the virus when their testing is woefully inadequate and people are contagious before they have symptoms. I am actually embarrassed at how arrogant the USA has been about this, promoting the assumption that we are somehow invulnerable to this, when they should have been encouraging people to prepare. Florida has said that they will not release any information since that would breach confidentiality. If others take this stand, we won鈥檛 have any accurate data. Then again, if they won鈥檛 release data, why bother gathering it. All I can do is shake my head in sorrow and disbelief.

Darryl Hamlin
Darryl Hamlin 2 months ago

You assholes already brought the infection here.

Socheath chhim
Socheath chhim 2 months ago

Do a report on mask availabilty. 0 mask on the shelf here. Where are they produced? Does the government have a surplus?

Pablo Godly
Pablo Godly 2 months ago

Respirators will help a little but the virus can spread person to person so anything thwy touch that you touch your liable to get it

SIGN STUDIOSS 2 months ago


Brett 2 months ago's already reached the U.S. Quit trying to downplay this.

Fleeky Drip
Fleeky Drip 2 months ago


discord ping
discord ping 2 months ago

This is going to be expensive. In my own opinion, this will ruin the economy, cause panic, etc.

Monica Simmons
Monica Simmons 2 months ago

I hope the Americans is getting ready for this virus..See the most high God had said don't eat unclean food..But no China doesn't read the Bible they worship Buddha so this is why we are in this state of virus cause those in china eat's bat's..

Greg Mano
Greg Mano 2 months ago

The Iranian Health Minister is pathetic. Giving people false hope and wrong messages. So now you have the virus. Isn't it lovely how karma works.

jay storm
jay storm 2 months ago

Is the chinese government going to pay for the outbreak? Since they tried to cover it up in china.

The Official Andy Saenz

I have my hand sanitizer, my Clorox disinfecting wipes, my antibacterial hand soap, my antibacterial dish soap. It's not gonna get me. 馃挭馃挭

I hope everyone else will be wise as well. Cover your face and mouth when you cough, sneeze, etc. Don't be stupid and cough or sneeze in the air, keep your hands and surfaces clean.

General Diplomat
General Diplomat 2 months ago

It's not reaching the US but originates from the US.

Jennifer Wang
Jennifer Wang 2 months ago

I hope when we reach summer, it gets very hot and hope that the heat will kill the virus. I鈥檓 not sure if it would work or even count on it but I鈥檓 hoping for it. Because this is getting really ridiculous. More people each day gets sick and dying. Pray that everything will work out in the end for everyone. prays for everyone in the world

Irish Curse 412
Irish Curse 412 2 months ago

anyone in America sick from Corona virus needs to get out of America or execute them get rid of the sickness

Ilovesesshomaru sama
Ilovesesshomaru sama 2 months ago

I literally just got over the flu twice. First one was a flu like food virus, and the second one was a horrible respiratory like flu that was horrible. This was in the span of two months! Now I鈥檓 at risk of catching this?! That鈥檒l be the third time I鈥檝e been sick in three months! And I never even left the house! The first one was from ordering Uber eats. The second one, my husband brought home! Shouldn鈥檛 we be allowed a 40 day home quarantine without losing our jobs or homes?

Donna sloane
Donna sloane 2 months ago

Steven hawking said that the earth hasn't much life left. Either a virus or a meteor will wipe us out. I figure the reason certain individuals ,billionaires included, are concerned with finances is because most of them are planning to exit to another planet .I think the flights cost quite a bit. And can you imagine the cost of property? Bon voyage to us All! And to all a good night!

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder 2 months ago

bruh coronavirus already in the us man i swear humans need a mass extinction #earthvibes

D4MNYUMAD Is Live 2 months ago

They knew there were people that they couldn鈥檛 track and that they had passed the disease on to other Americans they let people travel in and out of the country too freely ! Stewardess ,Business men , Athletes, Politicians ! But the normal citizens will suffer the most .

Neex3 Love
Neex3 Love 2 months ago

This year started out very horrible....

Some Sasquatch With Dial Up

I new the CDC wouldn鈥檛 put out a statement like this if they didn鈥檛 know anything. Somebody has been running around Solano and Sacramento Counties for the last week and a bit.

MIKE BARAN 2 months ago

Made in A Chinese Bio Weapons Lab

Uncrnblood24 UB
Uncrnblood24 UB 2 months ago

I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 been here. Higher power not saying anything tho

Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson 2 months ago

The virus is a European, China virus both have something in common one eat dog and one smells like dogs.

MONKEY WILD LIFE 2 months ago

very sad news even US cant protect all the people

Marcia Young
Marcia Young 2 months ago

How do we prepare

Apple DaRealAppolonia

Only doctors should be allowed in and out the U.S. right now but the president is Trash so we鈥檙e Doomed.... pray y鈥檃ll

Fred Ramirez
Fred Ramirez 2 months ago

Over 1000 tested positive in the US already, the news will never tell you the truth.

Ms G
Ms G 2 months ago

We should probably stop screaming save the planet and start screaming save the children.

jackthememelord 2 months ago

Nobody: literally nobody

Coronavirus: ima end this whole countries career

Jose Robinson
Jose Robinson 2 months ago

Will real president please stand up, please stand up,please stand up 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 smh

James Solberg
James Solberg 2 months ago

Thanks Obama

Dr. Deadpool
Dr. Deadpool 2 months ago

All those years from playing zombie games will finally pay off, and the media thought there鈥檚 nothing video games can teach us

david zero
david zero 2 months ago

That tears it!!!!! I'm calling the cops!!!!!!

Stevie Rogers
Stevie Rogers 2 months ago

I want to know WHEN should be prepare... should we be wearing mask now because if we do ppl freak out and make us take them

Real Economy
Real Economy 2 months ago

How can one get treatment for this if not having medical insurance and while Trump works against us in pushing the Fed to lower interest rates? I use to get $300 per month bank interest then down to zero. Invest far on the correct side of fair value and lose much more. This country is a mess but the wealthy are loving it.

If I catch the coronavirus I wouldn't be able to go to a hospital. Lots of Americans would have no other choice as well.

Victoria Short
Victoria Short 2 months ago

Washington is so out of touch with the American people. Folks with NO HEALTH INSURANCE who get NO SICK DAYS at work will not be going to a physician or 'staying at home' when they're sick because they won't be paid or be able to pay their bills. These people will unfortunately and through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN be spreading this illness. We will be seeing an outbreak worse than in China which, at least, has universal health care.

2Perc Burke
2Perc Burke 2 months ago

Y he show up infected

DOHARKsmash 2 months ago

"Not If, but when" applicable to asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes. Ect. This is nothing new. Just have some good soup and cover your cough.

Izzy 2 months ago

It鈥檚 all China鈥檚 fault for eating those animals that they don鈥檛 suppose to eat . Ahhh man !馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆解嶁檪锔

acajudi100 2 months ago


Erika RNcorazon
Erika RNcorazon 2 months ago

But we should listen to trump? Omg! Very reassuring! 馃槬馃槬馃槬

Jewel Dazzle
Jewel Dazzle 2 months ago

Damn, damn, damn China!!!

Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 2 months ago

Two percent mortality. Unstoppable spread. Vaccination too late. Cry for the children. (FUTURE HEADLINES)

R C 2 months ago

Why is Trump so stupid?????

Van Canuck
Van Canuck 2 months ago

Trump and Weinstein, cellies for life.

Dave102693 2 months ago

Why didn't all of the forengers ppl who visited China, stayed in China?

Miss Oodles A. Noodles

trump says its gonna work out fine. no worries.馃槵

B mac
B mac 2 months ago

If ur not worried u should be is the idea I'm getting from this!!

Zhang Ruyi 寮靛鎰
The US has only done 445 tests!
Do you seriously think such few tests are sufficient?

Marcy Brown
Marcy Brown 2 months ago


Alex Rolon
Alex Rolon 2 months ago

I heard that the VIRUS dies in 103掳 FARENHEIT AND ABOVE TEMPERATURES..

ABBA鈥檚 Chosen
ABBA鈥檚 Chosen 2 months ago

I thought lysol killed 99.9% of all viruses.....hmmm

Fire Feet Hok_Tui
Fire Feet Hok_Tui 2 months ago

Health minister of Iran, IDIOT..standing there, febrile, coughing, sweating. What a selfish Arse, cannot even state the stupidness and brainwashing of people in so e leasership positions

erol temizsoy
erol temizsoy 2 months ago try me

Chris Jones
Chris Jones 2 months ago

i think some of us were warned along time ago in Revelations from the bible... but anyway, im seeing drake in concert tonight! YAAAHOOOOO!

C. R
C. R 2 months ago

Did the CDC say that we want the US people to prepare for this PANDEMIC did they finally say what we all ready know. An if you look at some of the country's with positive cases there weather is hot to warm so I would so weather is not a factor

Jeqal 2 months ago

Thought 2020 was going to be a hell of a year .. yet we had no clue of what was coming: a threat of going to war with Iran and now we have a threat of the Coronavirus causing a pandemic smh.

ghost walk
ghost walk 2 months ago

"Reaching the U.S."? Yeah we know, that 1 person had it, then another, and another, then a dozen more, it's here, we know

Matthew Matthew
Matthew Matthew 2 months ago

Where exactly are the US cases located? Why is that not being reported?

MeMeMen 2 months ago

china is never sorry for anything, they are known for lead in their food, breakable merchandise that impaled people, and dangerous chemicals in their products that have killed countless people around the world. now the worst kinda thing that has happened, an epidemic close to the 10 plagues like the one you see in a biblical story, that is making their fellow asians look like the bad guys right now, and its still not enough or never enough for them to take responsibility for anything. their communist agenda is more important even at the cost of deaths of millions. they could even be responsible for the deaths of billions, and they will NEVER BE SORRY, EVER. EVER EVER

i have my money on china blaming america yet again for calling this a propaganda lie =\

ALSO what kinda weird ass f***ing people eat BATS IN A SOUP
i mean i know these guys eat dogs, cats, rats, ox genitals, but come on is there any limitation for these guys?

and nobody better call me ignorant for saying this about china,
i lived near new york and near chinatown all my life, i met thousands of these guys, im telling you, they are not in their right minds and no matter what country they immigrate to, they do not come in peace

Alan Conlan
Alan Conlan 2 months ago

Coronavirus turned into another red herring for keeping the public dumbed down while Julian Assange is obliged to put the entire British Establishment, its rigged legal system and its vassal state, the US War Regime, on trial for the world to see its pandemic corruption and the real danger it is to the wellbeing of humanity.