$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit


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Information $400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

Title : $400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

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Frames $400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

Description $400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

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Albert Zarilla
Albert Zarilla 2 months ago

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Short Giant
Short Giant 2 months ago

Nolan: Condensation in the headlight
Me: Oooooh blinker fluid

Chris Steinhausen
Chris Steinhausen 2 months ago

Mac @ cheese yes it's real cran.

Swiggy NutMcgee
Swiggy NutMcgee 2 months ago

I just learned what street sharking is…. Youre going to jail nolan😂

Jimmy Moral
Jimmy Moral 2 months ago

“Hot blue” ahh yes my favorite color

Genji 2 months ago

Why do you guys never give time for this show? It always performs super well and it's a lot of our favorites. But you're always rushed for time and half assing things. Makes sense if that was the case occasionally for low car but hi-car never gets it's parts installed to the best of their ability.

A kid From mtl
A kid From mtl 2 months ago

Are forged internal worth it

QurttoRco 2 months ago

Nolan with crushed can > F1 10

EXXOTICBLADE 2 months ago

These lights remind me of Malaysian car culture or something

jose lopez
jose lopez 2 months ago

That blinker fluid in the low car

David Attanasio
David Attanasio 2 months ago

I love how underglow is actually cool now lol

Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 2 months ago

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Sage Hoge
Sage Hoge 2 months ago

holy shit. The fabled headlight fluid.

DAFUSER 2 months ago

The boys having full with tin cans and pipes. 😄

Mr stupid
Mr stupid 2 months ago

I would just get the highcar underglow kit

Dean Jones
Dean Jones 2 months ago

Ahh yes the blinker fluid 😂😂

HTC148 2 months ago

im sure there was a cheaper option than $400 😳 right? riiight?!!😭🤣

alorrick 2 months ago

For removing steering wheels.
Leave the nut on a few threads so you dont pull a steering wheel into your face.
Some dont remove that easily...ive seen alot of broken nose accidents....

buster STIG
buster STIG 2 months ago

Nolen dosent even know how to use a wrench lmfao

Price Jamie
Price Jamie 2 months ago

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Snickle Rick
Snickle Rick 2 months ago

I can't help but love this channel lol. Y'all are freakin funny 😂

Alejandro SM
Alejandro SM 2 months ago

13:56 I probably watched this about 20 times

Mustang Creeper
Mustang Creeper 2 months ago


Mrbobbyfresh 2 months ago

Patiently waiting for next season

Darcie Dillion
Darcie Dillion 2 months ago

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Nickolas Hanzel
Nickolas Hanzel 2 months ago

Low car steering wheel color is called Anodized blue

Cattard1 2 months ago

Everything but the underglow is illegal. Why would you remove the airbag wheel?

Alex Lewis
Alex Lewis 2 months ago

I used a five and below to add lights under my car

White 2020 Hyundai ionic
Came with blue lights in the day and with all the touch screen buttons inside being blue I got 4 6 foot blue led lights to usb connections
Used electric tape, gorilla glue, $1 switches from Lowe’s, a plastic jewelry box, a bunch of old chargers I don’t use and a kitchen knife and I have pretty solid under glow for less than $40
Wires inside are out but it fits how I do things

Owen Schifferli
Owen Schifferli 2 months ago

“hot blue” @ lo car?

4by108 2 months ago

Congrats you ruined hid housings and made them inferior.

Ya Dog
Ya Dog 2 months ago

What’s street sharking?

Uneek 2 months ago

I can’t do any of these things. Where can I go to get everything installed?

Polish Toilet
Polish Toilet 2 months ago

Can confirm that the money is worth it especially for the long term durability

Chizzles playz
Chizzles playz 2 months ago

None of you guys got wheel lights like the stradmans GTR

XxkurplexXPUSH Gaming

Yall should do a hi low version of garages and shop tools, low team focuses on how us regular car dudes would mod our cars like in our driveway or with a jack and stands and hi team focuses on more track focused upgrades that drifters and drag racers would do.

Ya, no?

fazina tilasta
fazina tilasta 2 months ago

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enbelivebel gamer
enbelivebel gamer 2 months ago

More power babyy

enbelivebel gamer
enbelivebel gamer 2 months ago

More power baby

enbelivebel gamer
enbelivebel gamer 2 months ago

More power baby

Sean JFr
Sean JFr 2 months ago

Please make another hi low

legoman singh
legoman singh 2 months ago

Cheap one is super coooooooooool

Hiran Gutierrez
Hiran Gutierrez 2 months ago

does somebody knows
where can I get the XKglow under glow kit?

goodboycoy 2 months ago

do a hi low with hondas next

Drew Miller
Drew Miller 2 months ago

It's not a Donut video without the airhorn sound (girl laughing in the background)

oloid 2 months ago

the underglow hurts me because it's illegal where I live. I want but I can't have.

Alex Rubio Music
Alex Rubio Music 2 months ago

Condensation?? No.. blinker fluid

Killian Perreault
Killian Perreault 2 months ago

When they switched the steering wheels in both the cars did they keep the cruise control ?

Ledger Tipton
Ledger Tipton 2 months ago

Yall need to bring this back and do a 240SX

matt taylor
matt taylor 2 months ago

Omg why am I only finding this channel now. This is the tits.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 months ago

I like to rewatch the series for ahits and giggles and nolans 350 at 3700rpm is spot on

Titan Redeemer27
Titan Redeemer27 2 months ago


Dominykas Sukys
Dominykas Sukys 2 months ago

why ruin it with the lights tho

Jack Kinney
Jack Kinney 2 months ago

“I can’t even name 16 million colors” - James

Dukes Up Dan
Dukes Up Dan 2 months ago

Nolan: “Street sharking is not a crime!”
Me: googles street sharking to understand what he’s talking about
Google: Xvideos, the hub, etc.

Dyllin Damm
Dyllin Damm 2 months ago

Nolan sexualy identifies as an f1 car

jayden jegachandran
jayden jegachandran 2 months ago

this video was published on my birthday

Deniz Ozan Tatar
Deniz Ozan Tatar 2 months ago

Actually it's 16 581 375 different colors

theMelvinShow 2 months ago

Oh man this is NFS Underground 2 tuning but IRL

Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love 2 months ago

Both are illegal

LmaoGaming 2 months ago

Do e46 plss

Mitraraj Dhadhal
Mitraraj Dhadhal 2 months ago

13:57 I want that exhaust

Martin McAlister
Martin McAlister 2 months ago

Do it again but with wranglers, 392 just came outttttt

Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller 2 months ago

When are we going to get another hi low series

Harten33 2 months ago

5:25 Mmm topped up on blinker fluid!

Paul8v 2 months ago

Nolan wins Hi Car / Low car just for that one bit with the can

Paul Sadler
Paul Sadler 2 months ago

When he said check back in 20 mins and the vid is only 17 mins 🤔🤔🤣

Glenn Soltes
Glenn Soltes 2 months ago

Love this content men 💗

Rotem Shaul
Rotem Shaul 2 months ago

What were the lights inside the car at the end?

Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 2 months ago

1:35 sick bird call

Bill Lee
Bill Lee 2 months ago

I feel like you guys keep getting ripped off lol. Each store has its own price some mock up the price and you think are more expensive but in reality they are ripping you off.

giir 2 months ago

You could easily program and make your own for a lot cheaper

Tobias Wright
Tobias Wright 2 months ago

XKglow sucks. I went through 3 sets under warranty replacement in a year. The 4th set failed just after the warranty expired. I got just over a year of use on one set of bulbs.

Aleksander Urbaniak
Aleksander Urbaniak 2 months ago

14:19 That shot cleeeean

The Fazbear Channel
The Fazbear Channel 2 months ago

how did i now notice u guys partnered with Aaron Parker, one of fav (Spoilers to Hyperdrive)

Hyperdrive drivers with his rotart RX-7

CallmeEm 2 months ago

13:56 LMAO

goalmaker88 2 months ago

I can’t understand how those lights weren’t plug and play...

Leevi Martin
Leevi Martin 2 months ago

ngl. bought the cheap ones for my mustang. sucked ass when i installed em. but they don’t look TOO bad

Whizkid Bricks
Whizkid Bricks 2 months ago

I love pumphrey’s golden doodle. Golden doodles are the best

NotfoolsGold 2 months ago

that's not water, that's headlight fluid to more evenly disperse the light to help you see better

CoDUwU 2 months ago

For interior lights I put a 9.88 light bar under my seat in the car and it actually looks really good

Mike Guilmette
Mike Guilmette 2 months ago

Should have done an HID or LED projector retrofit on high car

Stigs Ukrainian Cousin

James looks like he came from aushwitz

DatKidKay 2 months ago

bruh that dog looks like "Waffle Dog" from Cbeebies in uk

Li-san 2 months ago

The moment they all blow on those tubes and make those sick car noises 🤣🤣🤣 it got me rolling! Guys together, in a garage and cars. I wanna be a guy my next life 🤣😂

David Miller
David Miller 2 months ago

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Wxmbo 77
Wxmbo 77 2 months ago

1:22 to 1:35

Razvan Kirchoff
Razvan Kirchoff 2 months ago

The dusty dorothy secondarily balance because south korea latterly advise next a depressed winter. divergent, unusual yugoslavian

Joshua Amantea
Joshua Amantea 2 months ago

Blinker fluid was leaking

Rudolph III
Rudolph III 2 months ago

Damn they downgraded with those led bulbs. Osram HID are superior in brightness

sgt kagawa
sgt kagawa 2 months ago


Mixup 221
Mixup 221 2 months ago

Are you guys ever going to do a mid car?

Daniel Seligman
Daniel Seligman 2 months ago

When is HiLow coming back? 🏎🛻

Kye Smith
Kye Smith 2 months ago

U should do air suspension 🥵

Jake GGG
Jake GGG 2 months ago

I’m here fitting £16 LEDs

totothedog We are not in Kansas anymore

Hi low frs would he dope if you and nolan switched places

Giovanni Romero
Giovanni Romero 2 months ago

Miata next!

soulassassin0g 2 months ago

Lawmakers logic: something that makes your car more visible at night, making it safer, is illegal.

Fuzekan 2 months ago

season 2 hilow should have an episode with a nos kit

Mashruf Anan
Mashruf Anan 2 months ago

Next do a series on Supra

Kakaroon 2
Kakaroon 2 2 months ago

my neighbours straight piped honda civic every morning 13:57