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Title : A Christmas Carol Ghosts all versions

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A Christmas Carol Ghosts all versions

A Christmas Carol Ghosts all versions

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Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez 2 months ago

What about looney tunes

JRax 17
JRax 17 2 months ago

Honestly I think 2009‘s a Christmas Carol got them all the best

Josh Lane
Josh Lane 2 months ago

What about the one from 1999 with Patrick Stewart

MajorLinkGaming 2 months ago

The Muppet Christmas Present is more adorable.

OddOneOut665 2 months ago

I love that all the Ghosts were in the recent DuckTales reboot, and had such great personalities too!

RossKroft96 2 months ago

The Ghost of Christmas Past from the 2001 animated version will always be the most iconic to me

Connor Kidwell
Connor Kidwell 2 months ago

The 2009 yet to come when he saw the stone looked like the scene from skylanders swap force

Kannon Whitaker
Kannon Whitaker 2 months ago

I subscribe

Sammy Westenberger
Sammy Westenberger 2 months ago

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

Sudeep Moganti
Sudeep Moganti 2 months ago

I love all these movies

Tyrs To Cry
Tyrs To Cry 2 months ago

I love each directors take on The ghost of Christmas yet to come. Different and artistic each time 😂

h193013 2 months ago

Well the Ghost of Christmas Past looks different every time

Denis Gauthier
Denis Gauthier 2 months ago

what about the Patrick Stewart version?

William Afton
William Afton 2 months ago

what about Bah Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas

Zurvan Mooney
Zurvan Mooney 2 months ago

Mr Magoo, anyone?

Ezra Stardust
Ezra Stardust 2 months ago

The scariest one for me was actually the Ghost of Christmas Past, I had so many nightmares about that weird shape shifting thing hovering over me shivers

Evie Williams
Evie Williams 2 months ago

I love the ghost of Christmas present he is by far my favourite as he’s so happy and merry and if you read the books he says he has 1800 brothers and the book was written in 1843 (around then) so it’s the Christmas present for that year and I find it really clever how dickens slipped that in but it’s sad because when Christmas is over that ghost dies and a new one is born for next year

Hugh S
Hugh S 2 months ago

They should also have included the Mr. Magoo and 1971 half hour animated versions as well

hazzahazza 2 months ago

0:27 Marley is really creepy it’s like a zombie.

beowulfiow 2 months ago

just thought i'd say that you are missing about 90% of the many adaptations out there >.<

Isaiah Ayala
Isaiah Ayala 2 months ago

You forget the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol

Chels Air
Chels Air 2 months ago

My favourite has always been Present, he can be kind-hearted and jolly but also pretty cruel when he needs to be

MR C M FIG 2 months ago

Your missing alot out

Joshua Orro
Joshua Orro 2 months ago

I got to be Marley along with Present and Yet To Come in stage versions of the story

Dave Hallsen
Dave Hallsen 2 months ago

I know it's not that well known but the 1970 Scrooge musical should be on here too lol

Penny Wise
Penny Wise 2 months ago

My favorite is the future

omegafan101 2 months ago

I always love Future, or Yet to Come whatever it's called, because it's normally just a silent black cloak and yet it's absolutely terrifying a lot of the time.

Swiper Fox
Swiper Fox 2 months ago

1:22 Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts

Transfromers guy Gaming

The Muppet christmas carol past creeps me out

disneyfanjsg 2 months ago

What about the old cartoon and Mr. Magoo versions!!!!

Creepy Planet Studios

Yet to come is my favorite

A Beverly
A Beverly 2 months ago

You omitted the 1999 television film version of Jacob Marley's ghost and the three spirits (Past, Present, and Yet to Come/Future).