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Information Two Painting Techniques Explained

Title : Two Painting Techniques Explained

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Frames Two Painting Techniques Explained

Description Two Painting Techniques Explained

Two Painting Techniques Explained

Two Painting Techniques Explained

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deb murray
deb murray 2 months ago

Pawpaw, I can not thank you enough for your tips about using markers! I never even thought about using them on wood. I made a bit of an error programming some text and thought my sign was headed for the trash. I used a black marker to highlight the shape of the letters and it was magic! Absolutely saved the day!!!!

Danille Illyasaville
Danille Illyasaville 2 months ago

So if you sand it after what's the point of shellacing first?

freckles 2 months ago

It looks like you are using a vbit? What did you select in Easel for your bit since you have to have pro to select those?

Laroy Getz
Laroy Getz 2 months ago

I notice my rotor is moving a lot on my original xcarve. Does xcarve sell that upgrade that you have holding your Dewalt?

Rick McCaskill
Rick McCaskill 2 months ago

I would like to make the truck plaque since I have a 1951 Chevy truck. You said the file came from Vectric. I signed on my account and can’t find the file. Could you point me to the download? Thanks for sharing.

40mick 2 months ago

Nice job! Was it intentional not to center the wreath in the circle?

Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme 2 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to make this video, could you please do a review on your X-Carve. Im trying to decide which cnc router to get. I was wanting to get a Onefinity but Im not going to wait 3-6 months for them to fill my order.

Mark Gstohl
Mark Gstohl 2 months ago

I’ve been inspired by your x carve videos and learned so much that I bought one today, I may ask a question now and them! Thanks for giving me the courage to try my hand at this

Sonia Patton
Sonia Patton 2 months ago

Awesome content! ❤️ I You're similar to this channel ———> #_ebonyinterests 💖

Billy McGee
Billy McGee 2 months ago

thank you for sharing, was wondering why you started in the bottom left corner instead of the center of the project like I see you do normally?

Curt Boehmer
Curt Boehmer 2 months ago

Hope you had a good and safe Thaksgiving. Is there anyway you could share the old truck in Easel or add a link to it on here. I would like to try making it but couldn't find it Easel. Thanks

Ayota Amer
Ayota Amer 2 months ago

Very nice 💐❤️🇮🇶

TheFalconJetDriver 2 months ago

That is really nice! since i do not have a CNC router I may give this technique a try using my laser to create the relief, I have zero artistic abilities when it comes to drawing.

Harl Dave
Harl Dave 2 months ago

That is absolutely awesome

Harl Dave
Harl Dave 2 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving to you all south of our Canadian boarders.

Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 2 months ago


Benny Reed
Benny Reed 2 months ago

I always learn so much from you. I tell everyone to watch your video that is getting started. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving....

Art by ZUZU
Art by ZUZU 2 months ago

Like 👍Qreat

The Cocked Die
The Cocked Die 2 months ago

That was a new way to start a video. It’s kinda nice.

Mark Gstohl
Mark Gstohl 2 months ago

Hope you’re having an awesome Thanksgiving!