Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music


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Information Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

Title : Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

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Frames Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

Description Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

Morning Hillsong Violin \u0026 Cello Instrumental Worship Music🙏Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

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Casa Worship New
Casa Worship New 2 months ago

I’ve already loved these videos, but this kept me from an anxiety attack today, so I think I’ll make this my standard go-to! 😊

Silvia Murcia
Silvia Murcia 2 months ago

¡Qué bella producción! Bendiciones

Sarah 2 months ago

beruhigende Music für Homeschooling :)

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To the person reading this i wish you and all your family go to heaven in the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen 🙏

Hillsongs Praise and Worship

God I surrender myself to you, I find peace and love in you Lord, you never leave me during my ups and downs, You always show me the right path near to you. Thank you Lord for the gift of life, I will cherish it until the end. Thank you for being my best friend, my father and my savior. All Praise to you oh Lord.

Sarah 2 months ago

its so good music

Xyra Mae Recamadas
Xyra Mae Recamadas 2 months ago

if i heard this music i feel overwhelming and loved.

Hinos Da Harpa Cristã

If you read this, doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful night and a happy peaceful life where all your dreams become true. 🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I miraculously survived the fall. I knew that GOD had spared me because he had great plans for me, and that gave me the will to carry on.

Kathy Jolicoeur
Kathy Jolicoeur 2 months ago

Is that a yoga position I just saw????? I thought this was a Christian channel?

God Is good
God Is good 2 months ago


Praise and Worship Songs

whoever is going thru something always remeber God gives his strongest battles to his strongest soldiers

Anna Bernstein
Anna Bernstein 2 months ago

Its amazing what God do good morning heavenly father.

Moses Ouko
Moses Ouko 2 months ago

Dear family, we are living in the time of the second coming of our beloved Jesus. He has returned and walks amongst us. Watch out for Easter and let the spirit of God within you guide and reveal this truth to you. May the peace of Jesus be with each and every one of you. God bless you all.

Guilherme Luigi Naves


Worship Music Instrumental

I'm a Korean high school student and i have exams tomorrow. I was feeling so anxious and gloomy nowadays so i decided to listen to worship piano today while i study math. I strongly believe God will take all my anxiousness...

Gloria Altamirano
Gloria Altamirano 2 months ago

Que nuestro Señor guarde tu vida, tus manos y tu corazòn!!

Andrew Layland
Andrew Layland 2 months ago


HTH Sound
HTH Sound 2 months ago

Beautiful Cape Town 🇿🇦, Beautiful music

Ricardo Santos de Souza


Nisha Daniel
Nisha Daniel 2 months ago

My puppy beautiful ❤️ I miss you

Andrea Chica
Andrea Chica 2 months ago


Kervens Christo Laurent


Kervens Christo Laurent

Thanks is beautiful

Edison Cruz
Edison Cruz 2 months ago

Thank you for the beautiful and soothing music.

Worship Songs Music
Worship Songs Music 2 months ago

Soaking Instrumental Christian Music

Shayne Hills
Shayne Hills 2 months ago

I’m not gonna lie I have prayed every night with the lord 😢😭and he speaks to me when I drop something he’s testing me watching me and alone I mourn for my sins for I have been granted another chance

igreja missionaria comunidade da paz VL

muito lindo ... perfeito clipes som musicas engrandecendo ao senhor

Kayley Ong
Kayley Ong 2 months ago


ollo U
ollo U 2 months ago

wow, I love it so much that i want to perform them in my church, where can I get the music sheet

Bob Harms
Bob Harms 2 months ago

My wife and I are recovering from covid...we are 73 years old and peacefully approaching the throne of grace ... thank you for these precious moments you have provided...we are looking forward together each moment for what Jesus has for us...there is rest for the weary, strength for the weak...thank you

Music Panda
Music Panda 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing these wonderful music, i am looking forward to use this as a music for my youtube videos also, can i get a yes?

Rena 2 months ago

The best christian music I've ever heard! Thanks

Elias G
Elias G 2 months ago

So BEAUTIFUL! Seriuosly miss playing the violin 🎻 would love to play it for the Lord 🙏🙌👑😃

LADONNA 2 months ago

Am i the only one who feels like an evil psychopath, rich villain with an exquisite and relinquished taste for art, food and music violin

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful and beautiful....God bless you all <3 Jesus will come again, may we be zealous for Him with all our heart, might, soul and strength as HE was for US!!!

Michaella B. Manalo
Michaella B. Manalo 2 months ago

GOD is always with us always pray and Never give up❤️

Zsofi Szabo
Zsofi Szabo 2 months ago

"And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, [is] the Lord of hosts: the whole earth [is] full of his glory."

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owen Mpofu
Owen Mpofu 2 months ago

Thank you, I have been searching for Hillsong violin instrumental for ages now. I really need this when I need concentrate

Evina Nkolo Jean Uriel


Thank you Lord Jesus

Musica para orar Instrumental

Les pido que oren por mi, porfavor, se que soy extraño, pero cada dia me siento peor. Tan solo de ir a mi Preparatoria, me siento el ignorado, palabras tras palabras en contra mia y humillaciones, cada dia tengo la esperanza de encontrar alivio, se que Dios siempre esta conmigo, mi nombre es Alfonso, y les pido que oren por mi. Asi como yo lo hare tambien por ustedes.

Feba Jose
Feba Jose 2 months ago


SUNGA, Kezia Faith
SUNGA, Kezia Faith 2 months ago

So soothing. I really love the calmness the violin is giving me most especially when it's used for godly music. Thanks for this, I'm always using in my quiet time with God.

God bless us all! We'll get through this pandemic, in Jesus' name. Let's just wait expectantly.

Melody Clark Calkins
Melody Clark Calkins 2 months ago

Beautifully done Thanks hope to sleep during this


Esa embarcación deslizándose sobre el agua, parece que no sabe da dónde dirigirse, sin embargo, tiene un propósito, así es la vida que Dios va dirigiendo, esas corrientes van hacia un lugar determinado, aunque nosotros no,lo sabemos, El Señor si sabe cuál es el final. ... Y ese sol que aparece en el horizonte y que ilumina a las nubes y nos regala un paísaje maravilloso, por lo cual gracias,mil... en Levíticos 26, 12 dice: "Andaré entre ustedes, y yo seré su Dios y ustedes serán mi pueblo". amén y amen...

David Amakye Sackey
David Amakye Sackey 2 months ago

harmonious worship

Kat G.
Kat G. 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL! Love the sound of Cello & Violin together. TY for sharing. Music for such a time as this. O Lord draw us nigh to thee. Hide us under thy wings, in thee we trust.

Gustavo Leite
Gustavo Leite 2 months ago

Que lindo!!!😊

Shannon Cook
Shannon Cook 2 months ago

Who would give this a thumbs down?! Unbelievable.....
This is so beautiful! God bless 🙏

SistaSunshine Smith
SistaSunshine Smith 2 months ago

Praying God's liberty healing & blessings for us all...Grace Mercy Forgiveness Love & Peace! JESUS is Lord & Savior!

Dionisio Morel
Dionisio Morel 2 months ago

El remanente de Israel no hará injusticia ni dirá mentira, ni en boca de ellos se hallará lengua engañosa; porque ellos serán apacentados, y dormirán, y no habrá quien los atemorice. Canta, oh hija de Sion; da voces de júbilo, oh Israel; gózate y regocíjate de todo corazón, hija de Jerusalén. Jehová está en medio de ti, poderoso, él salvará; se gozará sobre ti con alegría, callará de amor, se regocijará sobre ti con cánticos. Reuniré a los fastidiados por causa del largo tiempo; tuyos fueron, para quienes el oprobio de ella era una carga. He aquí, en aquel tiempo yo apremiaré a todos tus opresores; y salvaré a la que cojea, y recogeré la descarriada; y os pondré por alabanza y por renombre en toda la tierra. En aquel tiempo yo os traeré, en aquel tiempo os reuniré yo; pues os pondré para renombre y para alabanza entre todos los pueblos de la tierra, cuando levante vuestro cautiverio delante de vuestros ojos, dice Jehová.
Sofonías 3:13‭-‬14‭, ‬17‭-‬20 RVR1960

Aude Léonard
Aude Léonard 2 months ago

cello and violin are beautiful together and with christian song it's just wonderful. I listen this when I spend time with God...thanks for making my time sweat and peacefull <3

belina adriatico
belina adriatico 2 months ago

It really uplift my spirit ...
I love it...

Rahel Liwandouw
Rahel Liwandouw 2 months ago