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4dark21 2 months ago

does any1 know how to get the main menu in the kindle HD

4dark21 2 months ago

does any1 know how to get to the main menu on the kindle hd

Ewin444 2 months ago

I think that's a really hard task since there are thousands of books there but who knows? Someone might do it. Anyway, I bet that you can find almost every book you are looking for in the Internet for free if you try hard :)

toocoolforu 2 months ago

I meant getting every book that Amazon offers. I need some books for school and they cost 30 dollars each, so if some people have managed to build most of Amazon's library, it would be awesome for pirates.

Ewin444 2 months ago

Do you really think Amazon can be hacked? xD However, you can download lots of free books from there (specially classics) but I actually prefer to download them with torrents because this way, I can have the books in Calibre.

toocoolforu 2 months ago

With torrents ? Or can you hack into amazon's store and get any of their books ??

Ewin444 2 months ago

yep! I have not pay a single euro for the books I have in my Kindle Touch and my Calibre library has about 5000 books.

Khalid 2 months ago

perfect, but what about battery life?

S 2 months ago

yeah boy

javiervillegasr 2 months ago

So this is kindle touch

Frigo Coder
Frigo Coder 2 months ago

If you have problems with ghosting set your kindle to refresh the e-ink display every page.

ClayMation 2 months ago

I actually have had a kindle 3 for about 5 months now. PDF viewing has been, a pain in the back side to say the least. I have been able to convert many books, but many will not convert. I am now getting ready to purchase a nook since the nook has text re-flow for both PDF and Epub documents (EPUB being the nooks default file type).

Classy Tomboy
Classy Tomboy 2 months ago

Yah of course that kindle has absolutely no ghosting... -__-

Mike M
Mike M 2 months ago

yes. a fo that.

Macrat 2 months ago

Also, all books older than 75 years (the classics) are avaiable for free :)

phaexus 2 months ago

If it's anything like the other Kindles you can. Just make sure the books are in the right format.

Alejandro J. Oliva Torres

Esto es para leer, tío. A ti no te interesan esas cosas.

Johnny GoGo
Johnny GoGo 2 months ago

yes you can

Roman Batyuk
Roman Batyuk 2 months ago

Kindle Touch plays Simon's Cat videos and streams from network camers !

djguy100 2 months ago

I am thinking of buying one of these. I want it because i read that it will read books to you and you can listen with headphones. Does it do this with every book or is it just special audio book files.

leeche 2 months ago

is it any better than Kindle 3?

ClayMation 2 months ago

I was way ahead of this comment months ago. If I have PDF files previously accessed that I wish to convert to MOBI then it is a no brainer to do this instead of spend money on new copies, especially considering the money spent on the kindle....

Macrat 2 months ago

Just use Calibre (google it) and convert your pdfs in .mobi format if you want to read free books. Don't pirate them! eBooks are a great innovation and prices are affordable for everyone..

shotokun16 2 months ago

A new firmware is coming out very soon (late April 2012) just spoke to amazon customer service and it will include landscape but no public announcement on the date has been released yet.

Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez 2 months ago

tengo un kindle touch y estoy arrepentido de comprarlo! te puede servir si solo queres leer libros de kindle... pero si queres leer pdf es horrible!! las letras aparecen muuuuy chiquitas y no podes rotar la vista y hacerla horizontal (land scape) simplemente no tiene la opción!!!! Conclusión: no te lo recomiendo, compra cualquier otro kindle u otro e reader por que este no sirve!! PD: el truco que muestran en youtube para rotar la imagen no sirve mas!!

Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez 2 months ago

I have a kindle touch and is a shit! if you only read books of kindle it may be good for you, but if you want to read a pdf is very bad!! the letters of the pdf document became soooo little and there isn't land scape mode!!!! so... fuck kindle touch!

rbaleksandar 2 months ago

People who have concerns with glare and [email protected] like this - don't you worry. Look at the E Ink technology as the modern paper that is - you can't read a classic paper book in the dark, can you? :P You need an external light source (natural (sun) or artificial (lamp)) in order to be able to read. It's not like the displays on tablets, laptops etc.

rbaleksandar 2 months ago

I have read that reading PDF files on Kindle is a bad idea when the text contains different fonts for Kindle has only a few some of which are something people have never of. It is also incredibly dull to have to use the Kindle converter to view JPEG, PNG etc. (the description on the Amazon says so). We are talking about major flaws like STILL not supporting the international standard ePUB. Especially considering the fact that this format is so popular, free and open. Bad marketing omho.

Deuce Jiggalow
Deuce Jiggalow 2 months ago

I really dont like that spazzying thing when changing page. It feels as if the thing is broken

Jimmy R
Jimmy R 2 months ago

@kakistophrenia thanks lady

Stephanie W
Stephanie W 2 months ago

@Jimmy4240 Yep! 3g model costs more though

Igor Bankovsky
Igor Bankovsky 2 months ago

@VDCization Well, pdf is hardly readable on a Kindle because you would have to zoom in to almost every paragraph and kindle will not try to fit it to the screen.

Igor Bankovsky
Igor Bankovsky 2 months ago

@Triangulove yes :) u can.

Evrenius 2 months ago

I love this dude's accent! :D

Jimmy R
Jimmy R 2 months ago

these have internet?

Salim Khemira
Salim Khemira 2 months ago

@chaghar of course it does

123boro 2 months ago

does it read pdf?

Matheus Araujo
Matheus Araujo 2 months ago

@Triangulove yeap

ClayMation 2 months ago

@kirikset Sure, but may i ask what you plan to do with it first?

kirikset 2 months ago

@Triangulove if it is OK with you could you send me one of the PDFs that cause trouble to ksetdekov at gmail dot com?

ClayMation 2 months ago

@kirikset Calibre converts about 70% of the PDF files I have to MOBI files without problems, the other 30% come up as 'unknown' and cannot be converted. These same files, when I send them to the kindle email come back as PDF's again. Does anyone know why this is?

kirikset 2 months ago

@Triangulove In that case try a free piece of software - Calibre. It can convert any book format for any device as well as organizes books on your PC neatly. I use it myself all the time and it works wonderfully.

Neocasko 2 months ago

@ALIENgunnerX20Zz Printed books are typically black and white. I guess the Kindle Fire will suit you better.

ClayMation 2 months ago

@kirikset I've actually tried converting a few via the amazin route and they all seem to be coming back as PDF's again.

kirikset 2 months ago

@Triangulove yes. either by connecting via usb or via wifi by sending to [email protected] email address

KingSersus 2 months ago

kindle fire is my thing

ClayMation 2 months ago

@MrSociofobs I guess my question was are they readabl without ruining the experience. But I've since purchased a kindle and the answer to that is yes and no. Some PDF files can indeed be read in landscape mode (not all the kindles have landscape support for PDF's for some reason). Many of them are formatted in such a way as to make this very difficult to do, unless you zoom and scroll back and forth, which distracts from the experience. Conversion of PDF to MOBI is the best option

ClayMation 2 months ago

@MrSociofobs Because old phones don't have battery life of over a month!

elenor1996 2 months ago

@SharkAcademy actually, this is probably a camera flash... I think pretty much everything glares with that.. :(

ClayMation 2 months ago

Can you put books that you downloaded for free on this without any problems?

Pote Pcy
Pote Pcy 2 months ago

@MrBraveheartme No....Are you colored blind?

Xi 2 months ago

@SharkAcademy Well, I have a Kindle Touch and so far I've had no problems with glare at all, even under direct bright sunshine. I think it's because of the camera. The only problem I've had with it is that is turns pages a little slower thant Kindle 3 (which I also had), but it's not something you can't get used to. I just click the line before ending the page, and it's not a problem.

Marina Ivanova
Marina Ivanova 2 months ago

@SharkAcademy i have Kindle Touch, so can assure you, that in reallity there are no problems with glare, even under bright sunshine.... on the video you see the glare, because camera takes video from the side, not from direct position as you would be reading. :) the reading actually reminds reading from old newspaper, where you can also adjust the contrast of the letters!

Neocasko 2 months ago

@ALIENgunnerX20Zz Well, it makes it look more like an ink book. Also, it may save battery life.

Neocasko 2 months ago

@MarkisaTVgeek I agree! :)

Vikram Kalidindi
Vikram Kalidindi 2 months ago

@SharkAcademy that might be from huge light setups from press cameras. I own a Kindle and can say first hand that the glare is much less than that on a tablet and I can also read in bright sunlight comfortably.

Christian Costello
Christian Costello 2 months ago

Latency on these eReaders are so bad. I'll wait until they speed them slow.

Christian Dee Palomar

Is it colored?

250lespaul 2 months ago

@SharkAcademy its the way the camera intakes light. I have a kindle touch and can read it without a glare using a reading light right on it. Its like looking past the open blinds to see the outside instead of looking at the now sideways blinds. We can do that easily while cameras can not.

Ryan Carder
Ryan Carder 2 months ago

Can you put audio books on it?

007unknown1 2 months ago

@JohnnyZenith I'm extremely annoyed I couldn't get one in australia either, but then I got thinking; "surely theres more places then amazon I could buy a brand new kindle from...", and after searching around, I have a kindle touch coming in the mail in a few days now :D

blackwanza 2 months ago

@ALIENgunnerX20Zz must be some kind of ancient tablet they used to read e books in prehistory.

DownRange1776 2 months ago

Im a guy who loves print and after getting the kindle 3G touch I love it and I've found so many free books and short stories that I have not used my gift cards yet. I love it but still love print. I think if the books are in print and kindle and I like them enough I will buy the print to keep.

DownRange1776 2 months ago

@julianicole11120 if you dont have wi-fi or 3G you can go to your archive and downlaod to your computer and then transfer it over to your files on the kindle when you are charging it.

Amzad Hosein
Amzad Hosein 2 months ago

i like to pronounce the second "a" as a long vowel in amazon kindle :p

The Max
The Max 2 months ago

@AngelusFromHell not slower than kindle 3 anyways.

lordrandal90 2 months ago

I have the kindle with the keyboard, I think it's really useful to me because I study translation and it's very handy to carry all my books with me. and yet, do you think the touch model could be even more efficient? I don't mind using buttons

AngelusFromHell 2 months ago

It's very slow!

Joshiyotis 2 months ago

@jacob498 Only when you are connected to wifi

Jaspe r
Jaspe r 2 months ago

@gmjonchang Yes you can it might not be as fast but it will work. Hope I helped!

Blair Slavin
Blair Slavin 2 months ago

Set it down in one place so no annoying reflection.

kmcoolady 2 months ago

@NoahDangerously If you are not able to do it on the Touch, you can always go to "manage my kindle" on the Amazon site and you can delete it there. It should sync with your Kindle the next time you turn it on and connect to wifi or 3G.

БелыйВолк 2 months ago

Which kindle is the best?

ElasticGiraffe 2 months ago

"So, Versailles is... the palace of Versailles... is simply... Versailles... is a royal chateau in Versailles." o_O

Carla deSantos
Carla deSantos 2 months ago

Would this work in Barbados? I live there, and I would really like to get one of these. Either this one or the other one with the keyboard.

Pyrocatheter 2 months ago

@gmjonchang Amazon's removing web browsing over 3G in the newer models. You's need an older Kindle for that.

ASIC Man 2 months ago

@symetricbody they drop the landscape mode out of this mode! you can zoom in the pdf but in portrait mode only. pretty easy to move the page (touch like ipad) but it's ... slow! slower than kindle 3. Ican tell you that. Can read but a bit of finger action needed

Torkiliuz 2 months ago

@gmjonchang Theoretically, yes… Though it's neither going to be fast nor productive…

SharkAcademy 2 months ago

At 0:30 you can definitely see a huge glare off the screen where you cannot read anything at all. I thought this was supposed to be what makes e-readers better than the ipad, e-ink but from what I've been reading this new kindle touch screen is not as good as kindle 3 in glare.

symetricbody 2 months ago

How is this product for PDF documents? Is it possible to read documents horizontally?

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AllenWes 2 months ago

Seems slow...

ketsubansama 2 months ago

It is possible to access to Facebook with the WiFi?

Rachie Roo
Rachie Roo 2 months ago

@gmjonchang No it does not have internet connection in that sense. The nook color from barnes and noble allows you to acces email accounts and browse the web as well

Sally 2 months ago

I have a QUESTION!!! If u flip it horizontal does the screen change to open book format ( 2 pages on screen ) like the iPad kindle application does.

odisseo183 2 months ago

it could be possible to put in and read a pdf file from a pc or it works with books downloaded by wifi only?

rikart16 2 months ago

This will make english class way easer

ande bax
ande bax 2 months ago

@ModelbuildingTANKS oh ok thanks :) i guess ill wait till its cheaper anyway, or when color ereaders are perfected :]

Ian G
Ian G 2 months ago

You know how the previous version had an integrated attachment for a case - so that it snapped in without covering any of the body. Does anyone know whether this new Kindle has the hinges for a similar snap-in case design? I don't like cases that overlay the body, like the Marware ones on Amazon right now...

Anna Klug
Anna Klug 2 months ago

@curian11 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 2 months ago

@EasternPancakes77 The ads don't appear while you're reading at all. It only pop up in screensaver mode or when you're turning off the Kindle

DonPetrushka 2 months ago

Am I the only one who didn't like that it has only "Kindle" logo instead of classic "AmazonKindle" on it? =))

Anna Klug
Anna Klug 2 months ago

@BeBeBaBaBuBaeBoo I totally agree! But one thing that people need to understand is that,there will NEVER be a device that EVERYONE will like. There are pros and cons,but no electronic device is perfect in every way. But I COMPLETELY agree with you. They should've put buttons on the side to turn the pages. They'll probably do that on the next Kindle. I'm still gonna preorder it though :)

TheMrAbdulhaleel 2 months ago

@jmitchener its not avalable in the UK. I have to pay $25 more for shipping

JohnnyZenith 2 months ago

I am very annoyed this isn't in the UK. The only Kindle I want for christsake.

Jim Mitchener
Jim Mitchener 2 months ago

@TheMrAbdulhaleel $99. You can pre-order it on

TheMrAbdulhaleel 2 months ago

how much?

Anna Klug
Anna Klug 2 months ago

Hy everyone! I'm planning on buying this,however from a previous review that I saw,the guy said that it's,"99 dollars with ads,and 139 dollars without ads" can someone please tell me what that means? Does it mean that random ads will pop up while I'm reading? Because I REALLY don't want that to happen (and I mean REALLY don't want that to happen) while reading. PLEASE REPLY SOON!!

fkeopfkeop 2 months ago

@gmjonchang On the 3G version you can.

christinaaaaa 2 months ago