Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)


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Information Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)

Title : Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)

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Frames Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)

Description Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)

Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)

Our 3 Week Southern USA Road Trip (Savannah, Charleston, South Carolina, Utah)

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Flying The Nest
Flying The Nest 2 months ago

Hey everyone!! So amazing to see all your faces again :) hope you enjoy this little video recap on what we have been up to for the last 3 weeks!

Yasamin Rezaei
Yasamin Rezaei 2 months ago

the link to charleston airbnb is broken🥲🥲

via travelers
via travelers 2 months ago

Thank you for showing us Lexington, SC and Charleston. Great editing and it looks like you had an awesome holiday.

Tom Gorham
Tom Gorham 2 months ago

It was so much fun to watch you enjoy the things I grew up with. I loved your joy and happiness. I am 70 but it brought so many wonderful memories. Thank you!

Katie Lemos
Katie Lemos 2 months ago

Savannah is the best town in the US.

Shane Melott
Shane Melott 2 months ago

Utah seems out of place here lol

Victoriah Nyambura njogu

I literally want to do this with my family

Carlos Ursua-Sanchez
Carlos Ursua-Sanchez 2 months ago

“ KENDALL, KENDALL” 14:27, That should be a meme

Hunter Powell
Hunter Powell 2 months ago

I used to live in the Savannah area and you could legally drink anywhere in the streets as long it’s not glass and as a local I would recommend going to Hilton Head island over tybee island it’s less regulated by cops and there’s more to do.

Maddy’s Journey
Maddy’s Journey 2 months ago

Tell me why the ending made me so emo. 🥺

Michael Gordon
Michael Gordon 2 months ago

That looks like such a fantastic trip! Glad you both had fun!

fromrighttoleft 2 months ago

I'm from the American South. I loved, loved, loved visiting Savannah and St. Augustine! I didn't like Charleston (and South Carolina for that matter) at all, as I didn't find the people to be kind or likeable at all. If you come back to the South, check out North Carolina, New River (West Virginia), Kentucky, and Tennessee, as the rolling green hills in those states can be just magical!

Marce Coral
Marce Coral 2 months ago

For a while you got me thinking you were in Brasil... when you said you were in the East in the south of America LOOOLLL

You meant the south of the U.S!! That was funny! I always forget people from other continents referred to the U.S as “America”

Shounak Sikdar
Shounak Sikdar 2 months ago

What is the song at 10:20

Verity Sullivan
Verity Sullivan 2 months ago


Sandra Simmer
Sandra Simmer 2 months ago

Hi from Green Cove Springs, Florida! Just discovered ya'll, love your videos! Glad you got to visit here. I will
have to try Pizza Time in St Augustine for the 2nd best pizza..lol I''m just up the road from there.

Way 2 months ago

We enjoyed your video! Looks like you all had a great experience! :-)

Linda Fett
Linda Fett 2 months ago

Amusement park rides😆😬🙃

Eliza Cardenas
Eliza Cardenas 2 months ago

Would love to check out details on the Airbnbs, but the links provided don’t work. Do you have updated ones?

Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur 2 months ago

I LOVE THIS VLOG SO SO SOOO MUCH. Seriously, I can't stop watching your vlogs. and this one really made me fall in love with the channel even more.
Thank you, Jess and Steven, for making laugh and smile. I love you guys. :)

Schuh weiß nicht
Schuh weiß nicht 2 months ago

I have to witch this shit for corona home school...

LoverofDoggos 2 months ago

Knowing now that you are having a baby girl, this video makes me cry, because you are going to be amazing parents!

Khloe Brittz96
Khloe Brittz96 2 months ago

They do food truck festivals monthly in many suburbs in Perth during warmer months. They have events on Facebook. Hopefully it's back by the Spring. 😊 Just FYI.

Khloe Brittz96
Khloe Brittz96 2 months ago

Watching your old videos again. I always wondered who the kids on your trips were? Are they friends kids?

Joe Blow
Joe Blow 2 months ago

This was truly funny

Deena Parker
Deena Parker 2 months ago

I’m glad you liked some of the special cities in the USA. There is a lot more to see! Come back!

Kirsten Harner
Kirsten Harner 2 months ago

The chasing scenes literally made me laugh out loud... at work 😂

Afia Syed
Afia Syed 2 months ago

I came across y'all's channel a couple months ago and y'all are officially my favorite couple now. Makes me so happy to watch you guys and I low-key live my travel dreams through you. <3

J J 2 months ago

Good lord this should be on the Travel Channel. You guys are that good at what you do.

Kara Shrigley
Kara Shrigley 2 months ago

Steve's face on ALL of the rides is like instant sunshine!

lisa slechter
lisa slechter 2 months ago

You were in our stomping grounds! We honeymooned at Disney and Daytona Beach. My son went to College in Charleston, he works from their and his wife is from there. Now they live in Savannah (the most haunted city in the. US). Now you need to road trip my home area. Asheville North Carolina and the Smoky Mountains. Fun video

Baylie McNally
Baylie McNally 2 months ago

I live on Tybee!! So neat to see y’all explore it.

Thomas DeMay
Thomas DeMay 2 months ago

The reason you know Daytona is from Nascar is why it's the World's Most Famous Beach (well that and the Biker Rallies and Spring Break). Before they built the Nascar track in Dayton they actually used to have the races themselves on the Beach and the Beach was also used for people trying to set record Land Speed records before the Salt Flats of Utah became the main spot for that. So basically Auto Racing is what made the town famous and popular to begin with and of course at that time it was "World Famous" as at that time drivers from France and especially England would also come to Daytona to attempt records and such.

Liv Purcell
Liv Purcell 2 months ago

This vlog made me soooo hungry

ThaSchwab 2 months ago

Lol at the title. South Carolina and Utah are pretty far apart!

Bonnie Tyson
Bonnie Tyson 2 months ago

I love this video so much! Just reminds me of when I was a kid going on family vacations and road trips. Thank you guys for sharing ❤️

Hakan's Life And Travels

Noam Chomsky , famous writer proclaim to the world that southern states of USA live like African nations economic status such as Angola citizens level in some towns and villages. That is why very successfull southerners of USA always find jobs in the northeastern states of USA and California and immediately leave their homes and villas and settle there.

Laurajanehahn 2 months ago

you clearly dont spend much time in perth. scarbs besch, thursday nights there is more then 20. there is food truck nights every where in multiple locations

Nicholas Leonard
Nicholas Leonard 2 months ago

I haven’t followed you since the videos in Spain, but I’m so mad I didn’t watch before! II live in St. Augustine and literally no one comes here (at least no one famous) I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it ! Please do a New England road trip!

Eflatun Yeşildere
Eflatun Yeşildere 2 months ago

These US food is so disturbing

Kimberly DuBoise
Kimberly DuBoise 2 months ago

so fun and beautiful memories... thank you for sharing!

Alexandria B
Alexandria B 2 months ago

I just subscribed to yalls channel, and I love seeing that y’all visited South Carolina! Hope you guys enjoyed my state xx

nishant dhamija
nishant dhamija 2 months ago

Super hot couple

Nina 2 months ago

I might have started crying at the end I hate when you're having the time of your life & you have to say goodbye

Axel Paff
Axel Paff 2 months ago

Nice video

WoogieBoogie 2 months ago

No no no. The bench from Forest Gump was a movie prop. It was never really there. They moved it because it was a PROP not because people kept coming to sit on it. 🙄

Michael Lusk
Michael Lusk 2 months ago

You lucky bastard. Your mate is probably the most adorable woman ever!

Mark Brim
Mark Brim 2 months ago

You look so much like Neil Buchanan from Art Attack! Great work

عجائب الدنيا التسع

All love from egypt

DVaccarelli1988 2 months ago

I noticed that Bailey & Kendall both got haircuts in this video!

Kylie Knudsen
Kylie Knudsen 2 months ago

I am absolutely addicted to your lifestyle and your videos. they really do remind me about the great adventures of life, and your personalities and editing style make everything 10000x more amazing

Bella Biundo
Bella Biundo 2 months ago

If you're looking for lots of great food trucks in Perth, you should definitely check out the inglewood monday night markets on beaufort street running from August-April each year!! It keeps getting bigger and bigger, has so many delicious food options and lots of buskers and live music :)

gill owens
gill owens 2 months ago

I love last song movie

gill owens
gill owens 2 months ago

I love song Old town road

Carly Beckman
Carly Beckman 2 months ago

Wow, this was beautiful. I was smiling the whole time. Great editing and it looks like you had a blast!!! I live in the middle of the U.S. and have never been to the South (or even outside the country). It looks beautiful and one day I'll get to make it all happen. Love your channel and keep it up. :)

nilgun Edincik
nilgun Edincik 2 months ago


Royal Khalsa
Royal Khalsa 2 months ago

I'm so happy YouTube recommended me your channel....you guys living my bucket list♥️

Isabella Carrozza
Isabella Carrozza 2 months ago

Aye greetings from Charleston I got so excited when this Popped up on my feed

MyMouseAdventures 2 months ago

Tybee is one of my favorite places ever! Love your videos

wkyken 2 months ago

I have to hand it to you guys: You really know how to have fun, and you'll try almost anything! I've been watching for only a few months, but I'm so impressed how good your vlogs are! So glad you like my country. Stephen said it -- every state is different.

KD 2 months ago

You guys should do a New England trip, check out Block Island (Rhode Island), Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard.

Miles Stewart
Miles Stewart 2 months ago

My wife and I found your content a few weeks ago and have been watching all your videos in preparation for our next trip. We live at Thanksgiving Point in Utah! Looking forward to more Bavaria content as we're headed there in October!

Syafia Rizky Hanifah
Syafia Rizky Hanifah 2 months ago

Omg this is so fun! I was so worried the kids would thrown out of the ride 😅

Stacy Zampedri
Stacy Zampedri 2 months ago

I was born and raised in Utah and I haven't been to half the places you did. It was really good to see what fun I can have right here in my home town. Thanks guys! Your awesome!!!

Peter Doe
Peter Doe 2 months ago

It's just heart-warming, to see you all so happy with each other. The twins arre really hooked to you both, aren't they?
Over here, I'm busy in trying to make my trip to australia happen. Many things to adjust to. Plus schedules ahead, that I don't even know about, right now. (I'm a temp-worker.) By today, even your new video is out. Can't wait to see that.
Greetings from the far north of Germany!
btw: I just came across the channel of Jacob. An Aussie, who is playing american football here in Hildesheim, Germany.
Maybe some of you wanna take a look. I think he's a good guy:

Kathlen Jeane Diola
Kathlen Jeane Diola 2 months ago

Hands down one of the best video you guys made and definitely one of my favorites waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh so much love💙

Online Paithani Sarees

Hello Guyz ...You both are awesome ... I wanted to travel like you but dont have financial capability... Well done Guyz

Korean with Charlotte 코샤

I enjoyed your all videos in Korea. Hope you all had a great time here:) and if you visit Korea again, I recommend visiting Jeju Island~!!

Diana Frankhauser
Diana Frankhauser 2 months ago

My question is— how on earth could you hold on to the camera on those rides?!

SunStars88 LoveLife33

I am your new subscriber and been watching your videos for days since I last stumbled upon your channel. I have to say your videos are amazing! Not only you have covered so many countries and places across the globe also your content is absolutely interesting and fun to watch. Both of you look teriffic together and I can see how much you love one another! I noticed in many videos how Jess looks at you in awe when you talk 😀 That is seriously cute! Im from Malaysia and hope you come again. Lastly guys, almost 550k subscribers, yayy! 🎈🎉

His Voice ministries
His Voice ministries 2 months ago

Come to Pakistan abd explore it ..I m. Christian..I will Help u

Kerri Neilson
Kerri Neilson 2 months ago

You guys were in Utah again!! I love seeing what I know so well, through your eyes! Best episode ever! 👏👏👏👏

Tammy sakalas
Tammy sakalas 2 months ago

I like how the adults were more scared then the parents

TheKingIsBack X
TheKingIsBack X 2 months ago

Turkish Language Please

cellano 2 months ago

I'm like screaming inside because you guys went to my home state of Utah and were like 20 minutes away from where I live. :D I haven't been to Lagoon and Thanksgiving Point in ages. Also you guys literally did the escape room that I was trying to get my former coworkers to go to because we all love Harry Potter.

The Life Created - Travel Vlog

HAHAHAHAHAHA the part where it went from scary to kids ride and I felt all the emotions 😂

The Life Created - Travel Vlog

Oh hell, you always have the best music! Playlist pleeeease

Ali Boz
Ali Boz 2 months ago

Try Gaziantep food

mfitz1997 2 months ago

This is by far one of the best videos! So emotional when you leave the girls!

Daancer57 2 months ago

How did you not drop the camera on those rides 😯

Mo Teaches
Mo Teaches 2 months ago

Omg if you’re still in the states, come to Kentucky! We have horses and bourbon! Such a great time!

Draško Golubović
Draško Golubović 2 months ago

One is for sure, of all travel couples that I have been following your videos has the best music backgrounds.

Angelina May
Angelina May 2 months ago

Are those the same little girls you took to Thanksgiving Point in your earlier vlogs? I've been binging your early videos and keeping up with the current ones. They got so big! 😊

Vicky 2 months ago

What a wonderful ride! Thanks.

It’s just my opinion but

Next time, come to the southern Appalachians!! You’ll love it, you can even visit Dollywood and the great smokies while there!

Mehmet Buğra
Mehmet Buğra 2 months ago

I am watching to you and I love you very much.

It’s just my opinion but

This made me really happy!!

Mehmet Buğra
Mehmet Buğra 2 months ago

I am from turkey

Mehmet Buğra
Mehmet Buğra 2 months ago

you should again come to Turkey

Renée Lynn
Renée Lynn 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your memories with us! This trip looked like so much fun and filled with so much love. 😊

Aimee G
Aimee G 2 months ago

It looks like you hit so many of the high points in Utah! If you get a chance to come back be sure to try the zip lines at Sundance. I think you would enjoy them. Still sad I didn't get a chance to say hello when I saw you at the mall, but glad to see you had such a fun time here. :)

steve tafe
steve tafe 2 months ago

beautiful vacation, beautiful family, all the best to you

Nevelssterren 2 months ago

Всем привет:)

SASO SABER28401 2 months ago

Go to Ain Sokhna pleas

wendy smith
wendy smith 2 months ago

this was one of the best vlogs ive watched all year thankyou so much 😘😘😘

Pradeep Rajkumar
Pradeep Rajkumar 2 months ago

VISIT CALIFORNIA , san jose and santa CLARA.... please

Sarah McHatton
Sarah McHatton 2 months ago

Utah is Midwest :) But it was great seeing you in the US. I live in Tennessee in the mountains. :)

Yörük Kızı Geziyor

Very beautiful 😍👍

Fahrur Razi Yusoff
Fahrur Razi Yusoff 2 months ago

What a sweet video

josh knox
josh knox 2 months ago

I live extremely close to there 😶