Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows


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Information Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows

Title : Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows

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Frames Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows

Description Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows

Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows

Top London 2020 Christmas lights \u0026 store windows

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Наталья & Jeffrey Vintage Canada

👍👍👍Thanks 💖💖💖

Наталья & Jeffrey Vintage Canada

Thank you. Good job! !! Very nise! !

travisinLA 2 months ago

Such beautiful

Linas Barštys CASHBACK

Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display private houses in London. London Top 50 Most Festive Homes in London and Christmas Lights & Christmas tree. Christmas light ideas.
Christmas music + Video Tour in London how Londoners decorate homes.

Gardenroom 62
Gardenroom 62 2 months ago

A lovely reflective walk through the London shops. I love Aspinal

Walking tour Pro
Walking tour Pro 2 months ago

Great video 👍🎄🎄😷🙏

xoxo xoxoxo
xoxo xoxoxo 2 months ago

Fantastic ❤️

블레어의 일기 La petite Blair

Merry Christmas 🎄🎄

Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson 2 months ago

Thank you so much. It has been a tough year. I lost two sisters this year and I have been in the hospital twice with endless heart issues and other health issues. Covid has been terrible world wide for everyone. Your videos bring and brought some Christmas joy to me as always. Thanks I needed that. Here in the USA it has been a mess. Better days ahead we pray and hope for all of us. I remind myself that God is in control and we can always count on Him. Thank you again Douglas for what you do bringing cheer joy and love to a sometimes harsh world. The Merriest of Christmas to you and yours!

Cat Lady
Cat Lady 2 months ago

I had discovered you before christmas last year . I very much enjoyed your christmas videos from 2019 and I couldn't wait to see this years videos . I was not disappointed this year either . Be safe with this covid and I wish you a Happy Christmas and a happy healthy New Year for 2021 . Debbie from the united states . 🇺🇸

женя Balash
женя Balash 2 months ago

Спасибо, Дуглас. Лондон - это очень красиво.

Sarah C. Hylton
Sarah C. Hylton 2 months ago

Excellent - I enjoyed that Doug x

tectonicblond 2 months ago

where were the Harrod's windows? too many boutique windows (Chanel Prada) and they all sucked. WHat about BUrlington Arcade? Penhaligan was a mili second look. Are or where a window trimmer? Can't figure out what you agenda is. Plus dude, stop with the mid roll ads.seriously they suck. My vote F&M - no contest. cheers

tectonicblond 2 months ago

too many youtube ads ruined it for me

guarddog 22
guarddog 22 2 months ago

My partner and I watched this together and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks, Douglas, for allowing us to see the London windows this year. -J. (NYC)

EU RAMBLER 2 months ago

Hi there, I subscribed to your channel. Feel free to visit my channel as well. Thanks. EURAMBLER

JCarol Blair
JCarol Blair 2 months ago

My husband and I were in London two years ago at Christmas time and looked in many of the same store windows. Thank you for allowing us to stroll the streets again!

TheSmallWorld 2 months ago

Hi, watched your video, nice one, you got my sub & sup, pop in to my channel as well, if and when you can. Thanks

Walking Studio
Walking Studio 2 months ago

The street is so beautiful with the lights of buildings on the occasion of Christmas season.
In addition, the lights of various Christmas ornaments make the street more brilliant.
I really enjoyed watching a wonderful video. Thank you so much.

Isabel Atence
Isabel Atence 2 months ago

Vibrant London, I wish I was there .. Nice video ✨✨💖✨✨

Jatt Drive
Jatt Drive 2 months ago

nice video👍🇩🇪

A. Vasilache
A. Vasilache 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing these instants with us!

Alison Light
Alison Light 2 months ago

Lovely to see this.I am currently watching from Bolivia, but hail from the West Country. Fond memories of when I was a child (back in the olden days) and mum used to take me up to London on the train "to see the lights" Hope to do it myself one day with grand children. Thankyou again for warming our hearts. Happy Christmas. Stay well.

Leslie Domler
Leslie Domler 2 months ago

Thanks so much for posting! Happy Holidays from New England!

River Channel
River Channel 2 months ago

Splendid!  Beautiful video! Thank you!
I photographed a video of 「Tokyo X’mas Lights」, too.
👈Please see my Channel if you like.

Garland Edwards
Garland Edwards 2 months ago

What beautiful Christmas lights, decorations, and window displays.
I have not been to London since the middle 90s. Would love to come and visit and see the sites one day.
Thank you for your video during this difficult time in history. Enjoyed the comforting Christmas music.
Happy Christmas and God bless you.🎄😊

Helene Giansante
Helene Giansante 2 months ago

Absolutely loved this video, Douglas! At times, your comments brought tears to my eyes and even made me laugh (I love sarcasm!). The best lights? Well, I'd have to vote for Selfridges, with a second place going to Fordham and Mason. But then again, I might be biased, as Harry Selfridge was American. The worst? Tom Ford (make an effort, please!). All in all, I think the street and store lights are fantastic. It's as if everyone thought that we need a lot of Christmas this year (a "little Christmas" just won't do). Best wishes to you for a healthy and happy holiday season and 2021. Happy/Merry Christmas, and thanks for posting. P.S. I might watch again!

Philip RIckard
Philip RIckard 2 months ago

A feel-good YouTube clip for these difficult times

Tory 53
Tory 53 2 months ago

I have been very impatiently waiting and feared lockdown had ended your plan. Now off to watch!!!

William Armstrong
William Armstrong 2 months ago

Oh to be in London! Well done!