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Information Country Christmas Decor | Mom's House | Red Black Buffalo Check

Title : Country Christmas Decor | Mom's House | Red Black Buffalo Check

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Frames Country Christmas Decor | Mom's House | Red Black Buffalo Check

Description Country Christmas Decor | Mom's House | Red Black Buffalo Check

Country Christmas Decor | Mom's House | Red Black Buffalo Check

Country Christmas Decor | Mom's House | Red Black Buffalo Check

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Tanishka Gaming
Tanishka Gaming 2 months ago

Very nice decoration done by you

Emily C
Emily C 2 months ago

So beautiful !!!

LINDA G 2 months ago

Love this as I’m doing the same theme in my log home 2020...
Yes Buffalo check added on mantel would look great..

Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith 2 months ago

First off what a beautiful log cabin your parents have, and you are a wonderful decorator, everything looks amazing! Your a wonderful daughter, and you should do this for a living, I’m sure you would get a lot of business Decorating for Christmas, older folks would love this, hard for them to do all this when they get older. I decorated my moms tree for her one year because she was so busy one year and my daughter and I went to her house and decorated her tree to surprise her, she didn’t know we were going to do this. She was very happy. Mom is gone now, I miss her so much.

Terrilyn H
Terrilyn H 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree. I would of voted for the red buffalo check for sure. The nice pop of red fits perfectly

Christine DePalo
Christine DePalo 2 months ago

Your mom has a beautiful home.....I love it. All your decorations are absolutely beautiful.....looks amazing 💕


Maybe you can suggest where to go to get anything gingerbread other than the D.T.? Thanks & God Bless You & Yours...

Rachel Colorado My3kidz

2/25/20 yep I am re watching even right before spring! Love ya 😘

Rheanna Hicks
Rheanna Hicks 2 months ago

This is one of my favorites 😍 love that cabin and all the decorations were perfect. Would love to see more of this house

G YamBal
G YamBal 2 months ago


W L !
W L ! 2 months ago

your mom's house is beautiful and u did an amazing job

Jen Jett
Jen Jett 2 months ago


Kim Lettau
Kim Lettau 2 months ago

yes the mantel needs the buffalo plaid!!

J Recm
J Recm 2 months ago

I would love to have you decorate my tree!!

lisa langsteiner
lisa langsteiner 2 months ago

You did a beautiful job decorating the tree and house!! I know your mom loved it. So sweet and thoughtful of you. I too am going with the red buffalo check theme. How do you order item from dollar tree website, it always tells me minimum order is a case. What am I doing wrong🙈

Tava Heaton
Tava Heaton 2 months ago

Hi, I'm going with a candycane tree this year. Hope it turns out good.

Cindy Hasty
Cindy Hasty 2 months ago

Very pretty

Nena Bonilla
Nena Bonilla 2 months ago


Aracely Fernandez
Aracely Fernandez 2 months ago

beautiful home

Ana Rosa Pastrana
Ana Rosa Pastrana 2 months ago

I love everything you did. I haven't seen the chargers yet though. I can't wait to decorate.

Gale Murphy
Gale Murphy 2 months ago

Love those acorns

The Front Porch Crafter

Absolutely Gorgeous!! You can come and do my tree 🌲 lol 😂 Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day. 😘🙏🏻🤗❤️✨❄️🎁🎅🏻☃️🤶🏼🎄⭐️⭐️⛄️🌲

Ashley maher
Ashley maher 2 months ago


Aprill King
Aprill King 2 months ago

Great video with awesome ideas !!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Bridget Whitten
Bridget Whitten 2 months ago

OMG the fireplace is Gorgeous😍

Emily Carroll
Emily Carroll 2 months ago

That is a Gorgeous home!!! And that fireplace ❤❤❤❤!!!! Oh and the tree of course looks amazing!! 😊🎄

Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch

Aww this looks so beautiful I love everything 🤗🎄❤

Shirley Desrochers
Shirley Desrochers 2 months ago

The garland is great without adding to it.

Sandy Marks
Sandy Marks 2 months ago

It looks beautiful! I got the chargers at my Dollar Tree . I was lucky and saw the box and asked if I could have some. I would add some buffalo check ribbon to the mantle.

MsOzimeli 2 months ago

Thank you for the Bible verse at the beginning 🙏🏻

Maria Loureiro
Maria Loureiro 2 months ago

(: Your Dad did a great job making that Hutch!!!!! ... 😚
I bought one a few years ago that has drawers just like that one made by your father, so I know the work that is in it!!!!! .... ☺

Maria Loureiro
Maria Loureiro 2 months ago

(: I know the "prelit" items seem convenient ....but eventually the lights won't work!!!!! ....And anyways, it's not that much work to add a string of lights to anything!!!!! ... 😚☺

Maria Loureiro
Maria Loureiro 2 months ago

(: If you still like the buffalo check on your garland, add buffalo check bows!!!!! .... 😚☺

Maria Loureiro
Maria Loureiro 2 months ago

(: I think I would leave the garland "as is" or if you decide to ... then maybe add the burlap ribbon .... !!!!! ..... 🍁🌺
I loved the centerpiece and the garland too!!!!!! ... ☺☺☺☺☺

Maria Loureiro
Maria Loureiro 2 months ago

(: Great video .... !!!!! .... 😚

A broken and a contrite heart

Soo glad to see this ... I wasn't sure what type of ribbon to go with, I really like the red buffalo check. Love the black bears! Oh those ornaments with the white and red, very pretty. Reminds me of vintage Scandinavian look.
You did a beautiful job! Oh wow see I like the black and white buffalo check too! Yes constantly looking perfecting the decor till the big day. Lol

Shirley Hawkins
Shirley Hawkins 2 months ago

Beautiful tree and decor! I think it's sweet that you (help) decorate for your Mom and MIL. 🎄❤

Linda Wyche
Linda Wyche 2 months ago

You did a great job everything is beautiful

knit addict
knit addict 2 months ago

Do you make any old fashioned decorations or is it all buffalo check? I really like your style I'm just not into the buffalo check stuff. If that's all you make... I can find another channel to watch it's no big deal

Dale Bisram
Dale Bisram 2 months ago

Which state is this located?

Belinda Wright
Belinda Wright 2 months ago

I love the flocked tree and the country mixed with gold and red it gives it the pop of Christmas with the shabby country cabin look. I really loved it and the mantel was gorgeous if you add the buffalo check just cut pieces and tuck them in randomly not too much just a touch to pull it together with the tree!

Creative Dee
Creative Dee 2 months ago

Love all the decoration you made for your parents! I’m using the same color theme for my Christmas decor.

Sandra Garza
Sandra Garza 2 months ago

So Sweet of you. XOXO

gnayK 2 months ago

Just beautiful.. I'm going for simple red, green and sliver this yr. Last yr I did a winter wonderland ..

kajlove1 2 months ago

Loved that flocked garland from Walmart and I would add the burlap so that it coordinates but not necessarily is matchy matchy. Christmas Tree shop is one of my all time favorite stores. I got buffalo check charges for $2.99 each and for Fall sunflower salad or bread plates and blk and wht enamel tin cups that say FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS on them for $2.99 each. I've shopped there for nine years now since I discovered it.

kajlove1 2 months ago

I did find the buffalo check chargers in a Dollar Tree in Richmond VA after much searching in different stores. They had everything which I mentioned in another video of yours.
I do move things around a little from year to year at Christmas, but this year I'm going completely different with adding the buffalo check accents, ornaments, curtains, signs, plates and chargers, etc.

Dianna Perry
Dianna Perry 2 months ago

You did a beautiful job. Your Dad is an awesome woodworker! I would love to have their home! Gorgeous!

deb anderson
deb anderson 2 months ago

The red buffalo ribbon would look great on the mantle

Leah Kitts
Leah Kitts 2 months ago

I would love to have my house decorated for me, or even just help. I find it very depressing. Love watching, hoping to be excited to decorate this year.

deb anderson
deb anderson 2 months ago

Just bought them at the store

Sharon Somers
Sharon Somers 2 months ago

Very pretty. I am doing a lot of red and black buffalo check and a lot of red. But vintage Christmas in the kitchen.

Simča 2 months ago

I love it!❤ So nice!❤🎄

Mars 2 months ago

You're so talented but when you mentioned that your father made the hutch, it's clear he passed the "talent and creative" gene down to you. Simply beautiful and my style completely. Thank you again. I wouldn't change a thing. As much as I like the whole buffalo check thing, I feel it can be overdone but that's just me. It's beautiful just the way it is. :)

TL Rector
TL Rector 2 months ago

Love love love what you did. The garland on the mantle is perfect as is.
I always do red and gold in my Christmas decor, but this year I will add red black buffalo check and a red truck or two.

Charlotte Phillips
Charlotte Phillips 2 months ago

I love your parent's house. The Christmas decorations are beautiful.

Janet Williams
Janet Williams 2 months ago

Wow u decorated so jealous of ur mom and dads house..always my dream to build a log cabin house..almost had one but just didnt have enough money so settle for another house..beautiful work u the buffet ur dad beautiful..tyfs♡

Ashley champ
Ashley champ 2 months ago

That is a cherished memory you will have forever! Your parent's raised a very thoughtful and generous individual! Shout out to mama and daddy!!💗

Helen Campbell
Helen Campbell 2 months ago

It’s absolutely beautiful!!!

Lana Letien
Lana Letien 2 months ago

Everything looks so beautiful.

Debbie Dodge
Debbie Dodge 2 months ago

You are a sweet daughter to help with this and a great decorator!! I need an extra daughter so come on over lol Merry Christmas Your moms house looks awesome!

Debbie Dodge
Debbie Dodge 2 months ago

Yes add the buffalo ribbon ;)

D Love of hounds
D Love of hounds 2 months ago

I think it's wonderful that you're decorating for your family.
Glad you used the red buffalo check ( the black & white has been so overdone by every diy person this past year) it's very country nice!!

Helene's Holiday Home

Tree and decor are beautiful! I LOVE the red buffalo check with the log walls! Oh my goodness it is pretty AND cozy! I felt like I was there! I think the mantle is excellent as is. But if you wanted, maybe not add to the garland, just add a bow of the checked to each end. And that bear! How perfectly fitting! Maybe you could find a standing sisal bear for the fireplace lol. I must tell you since you asked at start of video, buffalo check is just that, a check, like on the order of gingham etc., it is not a plaid. The mugs now are a plaid. Sorry, my mom used to sew and knows her fabrics 😉 I'll bet your parents were over the moon with all you did! So loving!!!

Donna Rny
Donna Rny 2 months ago

I think it's sweet that you do your mom's tree. I wonder if my mom would go for that. She definitely has scaled back and sometimes doesn't decorate for Christmas. I love what you have done so far for . I think you could had the joy or the other ribbon you have in the tree for the mantel. I think that would tie the two together without taking away the beauty of the garland. Your mom's house is gorgeous and hutch your dad built is amazing.

Alandra Hubbard
Alandra Hubbard 2 months ago

I haven't seen the red/black plates. I did find the red/ black Christmas stocking with tan fur at Dollar Tree . Love the acorn ornaments.

Craft happy Maw maw
Craft happy Maw maw 2 months ago

I’ll be using red buffalo check also. You made that tree look amazing. I also found an old galvanized wash tub I’ll be using under my tree. Can’t wait to puT it up

Cheap,Cheap And Cheaper

I really love your style ❤ i am new at this and would be really happy if you could follow me back.

Rose Strange
Rose Strange 2 months ago

Love just the way you have it all done !
The tree is gorgeous !

Donna Johansson
Donna Johansson 2 months ago

Beautiful hutch! Clever Dad!

Donna Johansson
Donna Johansson 2 months ago

The little black bear ornaments are cute!

Julie Kalivoda
Julie Kalivoda 2 months ago


Alice S.
Alice S. 2 months ago

Loved the cozy factor. 👍

Carmen Rosario
Carmen Rosario 2 months ago

Love it!! every thing is beautiful. Im always rearranging throughout the whole season!

Tammy Langdon
Tammy Langdon 2 months ago

Everything is gorgeous! The beautiful as is but I think I would add the red and black buffalo check just to pull everything together.

Tammy F
Tammy F 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful

KeeKee Mason
KeeKee Mason 2 months ago

Thank you for the scripture!

Samgm 2 months ago

I love it. Leave the mantel as is, you don't want to O.D. on buffalo check your eye needs like a calm here and there.

Becky Tant
Becky Tant 2 months ago

Love how you decorated the country Christmas cabin! So beautiful and cozy! Reminds me of A Hallmark Christmas ! Very nice job! And beautiful home!

Theresa Mikoff
Theresa Mikoff 2 months ago

I think it’s so sweet you took the time to decorate both your moms & mother in laws tree!!! Both turned out gorgeous!!!

diane bedard
diane bedard 2 months ago

awesome tree, so out of this world . wow ,come and do my tree ,lol.thanks for sharing.

laurah1423 2 months ago

You're sweet to do this for your mom. Everything is lovely. I have chosen black,white,red, silver and gold for my tree and house decorations this year. No buffalo check of any kind for me😁and red trucks only in my 3 year old grandsons room. Keep the diy's coming. Love you're style 🎄🎅🤶

Diet Coke & DIYs
Diet Coke & DIYs 2 months ago

I’ve looked and had no such luck finding the plates. The search shall continue....
Love all your decorations!

Patrina Copeland
Patrina Copeland 2 months ago

You are precious. The love and care that you give your parents speaks volumes to how you were raised. God bless you all! Your parent's log home is beautiful. It reminds me of a Christmas magical wonderland in the mountains. Incredible👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Elma Jean
Elma Jean 2 months ago

Love all The Christmas decor and the tree turned out beautiful ❤️

Susan Zais
Susan Zais 2 months ago

Everything is beautiful! Our Dollar Tree has very few Christmas items out. :(

Terri Lombardo
Terri Lombardo 2 months ago

gorgeous! love the home and the decor.

Barbara Hogan
Barbara Hogan 2 months ago

Love the mantle the way it is. Very nice. 👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🦋

liongirlone 2 months ago

This is the first time that I've seen your video's.  I love how you've decorated your mom's house.  I love the red buffalo check.  I think with the log walls red looks terrific!  I love the printed ribbon on top of the other ribbon.  I've done the two ribbons like that on my tree in the past, but not with the print.  I think I'm going to do that this year.  I've always tied the ribbon on the tree as I go which is a pain.  How do you connect yours on the branches?  Your dad's hutch is gorgeous!  Love the whole video!  I like the mantle the way it is!  I will be watching for more ideas!

Judy Mathena
Judy Mathena 2 months ago

I'm so glad I found your video, I'm doing a buffalo check Christmas, and thought Black??? But I want it to look Country style, so now I'm going to sit back and watch you create, and maybe a few ideas. Your mantel garland is beautiful, I would add some buffalo check ornaments to it, but it's beautiful as it is. My favorite part of the video is ribbon on the tree with another ribbon to accent it, and the frame you did with the white and black check, been thinking of that myself. Your decorating is Awesome, you should do it professionally.  The decorations the rustic look of the walls and ties in with it all. I just love this, this is the effect I want. TFS and have a wonderful day. This is so wonderful what you do for your family.

ZBeautifulDay Crafting with Rena

Love love love the hutch. That tree is how I want mine to look. You did a beautiful job.

Najwa Yakoub
Najwa Yakoub 2 months ago

Everything is amazing sweetie

Brenda Case
Brenda Case 2 months ago

Very pretty 😍

Patricia Tolliver
Patricia Tolliver 2 months ago

Love love it!!

Living the Silver Life

Beautiful job. You're so sweet to do this for your mom and dad.

Christina Smith
Christina Smith 2 months ago

So Beautiful

Allison B.
Allison B. 2 months ago

Love the country Christmas theme, which I plan on doing too!🎄😁 I might try adding a buffalo check bow at each end of the mantle garland. 🔥❄️

Peter Beier
Peter Beier 2 months ago

Wow 👍, i enjoy it so much. I had decirated in black and gold.

Shelly P
Shelly P 2 months ago

Love your videos! I am making a winter fairy wonderland Christmas :D I'm using branches, spraying lightly with silver, white and glitter...but after that, I'm stuck. Adding in natural touches, but I think I will create most of this as I go.

Mary Wallbridge
Mary Wallbridge 2 months ago

Hi Rebecca beautiful decorations i really love the red and black buffalo ribbon with the burlap over top is really gorgeous and brings the whole look togeather, i love how you added the same design to the hutch as well which is also gorgeous your dad did a wonderful job on that, i wouldn't change the mantel ribbon unless you really wanted to tie it in with the tree maybe put the buffalo check with tha burlap over top to tie the entier room togeather with the tree but honestly they truly a gorgeous christmas decorations ,all the best Mary 🎄

mary m
mary m 2 months ago

Waooo love it. Everything look beautiful So nice of you do decoration for ur mom. Sending blessing ur way