Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days


Bill Rogers

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Information Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days

Title : Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days

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Frames Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days

Description Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days

Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days

Santa Fe Coal Train at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum BNSF Days

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Fish On!
Fish On! 2 months ago

Bill, I don't understand. Is this O guage? why are there only 2 rails? Being 2 rails, how is it powered??

CNPFunTeam 2 months ago

It feels like you’re actually in Colorado in the 1970s with that scenery!

xYz_aBc 2 months ago


thirdgengta 2 months ago

Unbelievable. Impeccable scenery. Realistic signaling and train handling. The 'cub scout' paint scheme that graced the AT&SF units during the seventies was beautiful. What's with the eerie glow coming from the cab of the second Santa Fe unit?

Jal Bhagwagar
Jal Bhagwagar 2 months ago

This is MY No1 layout. It is the benchmark, the gold standard, the layout to compare others with. It is a joy to keep coming back to the videos I've already watched a few times before and yet discover new things. Bills videography is the cherry on the cake. Thank-you Bill Rogers. Please send us some 2020 ones. God bless.

ant-1 -1
ant-1 -1 2 months ago

Super lay out, fantastic detail in the back drops and track side. Just like to see a little more detail in the trains. Look to plastic! A little weathering, a bit of rust, some graffiti. Make the thing really pop!!

David Alexander
David Alexander 2 months ago

The scenery was top notch! Really amazing! The only thing that could push it way over the top, is to weather the locomotives and rolling stock! Would definitely push the realism over the edge! Great video!

Sergio Gerevine Júnior


1jeffr 2 months ago

I wonder how many environmentalists were triggered seeing that train full of coal.

RICKEY HALL 2 months ago

Nice layout, but the sound is quite loud.

Christian Rotola
Christian Rotola 2 months ago

Absolutely The Best

Robert J Williams
Robert J Williams 2 months ago

Hard for me to watch the train for studying the landscape.. Really realistic.

TRAIN MODEL 1:87 2 months ago

Cool 👍

The123bill 2 months ago

So beautiful - thank you for sharing it.

Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan 2 months ago

Beautiful layout. I was curious as to who makes the signals?

3077nrth 40
3077nrth 40 2 months ago

18 people put it down. I believe those are the assholes who missed the train

whiteknightcat 2 months ago

Wait a minute! Why is the train proceeding with a RED signal staring it in the face at 11:30?

Paulo Freire
Paulo Freire 2 months ago


Manchurian Scilly
Manchurian Scilly 2 months ago

Good job John. Appreciate the prototypical manner of speed and nicely weathered coal train. I hereby dub you "John Coaltrain"

Oshi 2 months ago

Awesome scenery

Dutch 2 months ago

Fantastic layout! Great Video of trains & scenery! One question, Whats up with some locomotives with blue lights in the cab?

Kevin Young
Kevin Young 2 months ago

One of the nicest and by far sweetest layouts I have ever seen.Stand tall !!

The /\nunnaki
The /\nunnaki 2 months ago

I wish I could shrink down to HO scale and hitch a ride on one of these...

Engineer Skalinera // Neon Nickel

this is why all models should be geared for low speed running

da folker
da folker 2 months ago

Bill, you do great work. Thank you!

James Tally
James Tally 2 months ago

Good stuff man

i jakis
i jakis 2 months ago

12:18 i cant believe that you have made an antenna on the cool!!!
I am a field service engineer-microwave-mobile links in Greece and when i saw it i feel really happy...because i love trains locomotives,trees like yours bridges are perfect.I have started two months before to construct my own wooden bridges from toothpicks and the results are so good!!!!
Now i want to make a few hills and antennas give me the idea sir....
Have a nice day!!!
Perfect job....

Decrepit Chef
Decrepit Chef 2 months ago

Awesome layout. Thanks for the video

i jakis
i jakis 2 months ago

The latest coal wagon can stay on the rail tracks even three engines has a big pushing force?

Lyn Miller
Lyn Miller 2 months ago

awsome detail great work


DCC modelers always use too much bell and too much horn...

Thomas Abbott
Thomas Abbott 2 months ago

Bill Rodgers,
Truly Amazing Layout. An to see the Locamotive's going around the track layout.

Tektoniks Architects
Tektoniks Architects 2 months ago

Gorgeous scenery.

Michael McCarville
Michael McCarville 2 months ago

I like the variety the most. Tree colors are not all the same. Many different bridge and trestle types. Some main line with multiple tracks and some single. Amazing detail. Power lines. Snow shed. Sooooo great to see Colorado done well. Great job guys.

rbh haner
rbh haner 2 months ago

Out of stupidity, why do they place the deisals facing backward instead of all them in forward positions

Luiz Parana
Luiz Parana 2 months ago

Qual é a medida dessa maquete?
São em dois níveis?
Att Luiz Sánchez Londrina PR Brasil

Brad Fuson
Brad Fuson 2 months ago

absolutely beautiful. wow

John Chastain
John Chastain 2 months ago

View nice

Phil Rabe
Phil Rabe 2 months ago

Wow! Amazing scenery! That river!! All that resin must have cost hundreds. Really well done!

Sean B.
Sean B. 2 months ago

Nice video, would like to have seen more of the scenery

WOOD BUTCHER 2 months ago


g bridgman
g bridgman 2 months ago

It's amazing so many people love trains enough to build something like this. Despite all the changes the railroads have gone through, especially since the 70s, people still love them.

Ed Grzetich
Ed Grzetich 2 months ago

N Ed's

John Kelly
John Kelly 2 months ago

Outstanding work,especially the river treatment.

Ken C
Ken C 2 months ago

Pretty Sweet Looking Layout I Do Like The Colorado Sceniery Very Well Done.

wizTV 2 months ago

where can this full set be bought and how much it costs approx.

gnr311182pj 2 months ago

Simply beautiful 👍🏻👍🏻

yootooberer 2 months ago

Very impressive layout.  Really like the structures - trestles, bridges; very realistic.
Those UP locos are WAY TOO CLEAN though; where I live, they are always filthy compared to their BNSF counterparts.

400exNick 2 months ago

I’m in Love with this layout and you guys take the best videos I’ve ever seen of a model railroad!

maboteam 2 months ago

Great Landscape. Love the film.

Larry Schneemann
Larry Schneemann 2 months ago

Largest Lionell train layout

Daniel Wancura
Daniel Wancura 2 months ago

Fucking awesome

bgm1958 2 months ago

That is one seriously impressive layout. The craftsmanship in that display is incredible.

bloatedman 2 months ago

Did ja ever paint any hobo graffiti?

edstud1 2 months ago

Awesome layout! All hand laid track?

Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 2 months ago

After watching this video I feel like I am part of that world.

Curious Mutation
Curious Mutation 2 months ago


lakeshoremodelrr 2 months ago

This place truly is amazing!

FlyTech FlyTech
FlyTech FlyTech 2 months ago

very nice

knockout 4251
knockout 4251 2 months ago

nice train

Chase a Train . . . Indiana

Awesome layout!

Manders Channel
Manders Channel 2 months ago

Awesome club! Do you still have your layout?

Model Train Guild
Model Train Guild 2 months ago


Avid Moy
Avid Moy 2 months ago

De toute beauté !!!

White River Rails
White River Rails 2 months ago

Really amazing video!

Jacob van der Meulen
Jacob van der Meulen 2 months ago

I guess the person holding the camera is only interested in locomotives and not in rolling stock? 20 Minutes of watching the loco's in a beautiful landscape, never showing the entire train passing by..

Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 months ago

Oh! um bye the bye do you know that we fans only expect the top shelf stuff? Aw come on , love you vids, eat 'em up every time. cheers Paul.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 months ago

Thank you Bill, top video as usual.

Reel Legends Expeditions

Thank You Bill for sharing your train world, we always enjoy your productions. The detail and realism of the Layout is inspirational for the Golden Spike Train Club of Utah members.

Jennifer White
Jennifer White 2 months ago

we did in joy the ride you have gave us

luciano54ful 2 months ago


Tom Machut
Tom Machut 2 months ago

Another great video Bill. Really like how you change up the camera angles.

Badger 2 months ago

Never tire of watching GFSM videos....your camerawork is excellent Bill, and each new video, I see something new. Not the worlds biggest layout, but easily one of the worlds finest...if not THE finest.

mountain valley railroad

Amazing, Looks great!!!

trainroomgary 2 months ago

HI Bill / As always everything looks very realistic. Cool.
• Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

Rob White
Rob White 2 months ago

Alwatys look forward to your videos at this great museum layout.

waltworld 2 months ago

Looks great.  Thanks for posting.

SPMcCloudRR 2 months ago

Thanks Bill. I always enjoy your posts.