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COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in

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Information COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in

Title :  COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in
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Frames COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in

Description COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in

Comments COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in

Alice ymx
wish my english is as good as hers
Comment from : Alice ymx

Joel Enero
hey you do a jugging where is your facemask?
Comment from : Joel Enero

Puzy AbdKADiR
Jom copy Sweden. I trust you policy still exist. Ikut arahan. Stay safe guys.
Comment from : Puzy AbdKADiR

is this love
IMO tabligh is a blessing in disguise. it will different story, different reaction on how we handle covid-19.
but still , u plan, i plan, they plan. and the almighty is the best planner.

Comment from : is this love

Rata2..cina dgn india ..yg x dengar kata...org islam..dengar jaa gov
Comment from : GLN CHANNEL

Der Malaiischen Reichskanzlei
Stupid kiasu
Comment from : Der Malaiischen Reichskanzlei

Silent Killer
1:33 so as long u are not in contact with other people ur are safe is it? then, when u jog do u think other people jog around u are far enough. don't be ignorant before it's too late. everyone wanted to go outside, and everyone wanted to be healthy without these pandemic. please be responsible and stay at home, don't talk about responsible if u still go outside to show to other people that u leading a healthy life by disobeying rules. these people need to be banned until these viruses are gone.
Comment from : Silent Killer

Premium Scan
"A Lot Lighter"

I respect you

Comment from : Premium Scan

Kabir Ahmed
It is time to obey the MCO of govt
Comment from : Kabir Ahmed

Stay at home covin-19
Comment from : SS_ CHANNEL97

Nur Q
it's not okay lady better stay at home and do you jogging👎👎 !!!!
Comment from : Nur Q

karen kaur
Pls im malaysia i love my country
But now i leave Italy so pls malaysia coperat ,
Pls dont meet any 1 stay at home pls. My requst for all malaysian.

Comment from : karen kaur

karen kaur
Pls malaysia dont go out
Im from italy
If ur guys keep on going out
Malaysia will be' like Italy
Pls stop all this ,
Pls dont go out .

Comment from : karen kaur

Chan Ee Xuan
so now 14 cases reported dead. possible lockdown for 2 more weeks. people pls continue to jog outside the park if u are selfish enough. ur fitness is important than other's LIFE ????
Comment from : Chan Ee Xuan

Wilma Aggarao
Keep safe po sa lahat..Huwag muna lumabas
Comment from : Wilma Aggarao

you tube
I miss peoples in city
Now city like a hunted

Comment from : you tube

CCP= Communist Coronavirus Party=Chinese Communist Party=中共
CCP spreads it's CCP WuHan coronavirus around the world !

Comment from : 阿松

Fauziah Halim
Her hand need mask than her face
Comment from : Fauziah Halim

Mawar Desa
The joggers are rude and selffish for not following Government orders. Is it so hard to just sit at home for 2 weeks? Is it so hard to show your solidarity? Yes, I understand that you maintained your distance and jog solo, but where is your solidarity and support at this time of crisis?
Comment from : Mawar Desa

DoubleA Gaming
If the park is closed, why don't you exercise at home? Its not like the park is the only option of exercising. These people are really not too bright, aren't they?
Comment from : DoubleA Gaming

Taj Abdullah
Melissa great reporting.
We can't buy face masks and Sanitizer in KT since last week


Comment from : Taj Abdullah

Sally Lemon
"A lot lighter"


Comment from : Sally Lemon

Wear mask still can talk
Comment from : Superman

Denny Denny
0:47 😂😂
Comment from : Denny Denny

Comment from : 可爱Him

Erwin Win
maling sila budak inglis 😁😉😁
Comment from : Erwin Win

Khairul Azhar
let teach them with bullet instead of kept advising with no result of awareness of how serious the situation really are. Don't blame the government, blame yourself if that happen.
Comment from : Khairul Azhar

jun bita
To all the pilipinos in kuala Lumpur please stay at home, specially those who are undocumented, you are not in our country. God bless
Comment from : jun bita

shelluq's kitchen
Omg!! Why so stubborn only 14days lock down la,stop whatever activities daily, adoiiii stupid la y'all! This virus very2 dangerous please la stay home!
Comment from : shelluq's kitchen

They so stupid..jogging now??? Malaysia government doing really good!!! Other country government never did like this...malaysian must follow their leader!!
Comment from : 자랑스런대한민국

Sonoa r0ckmans
Seem like advertisement..with brand on the background
Comment from : Sonoa r0ckmans

Ms. Chuisin
It's NOT okay. The virus stays on surfaces of most things for hours!!! You sweats when you jogged and you absolutely will touch things. Stay in. Most of the carriers do not have any symptoms during incubation periods.
There's no place to go to VENT?? GO HOME!!!!

Comment from : Ms. Chuisin

Mark 8787
🙈 reporter also no wear MASK ?
Comment from : Mark 8787

جيمي جيمي
Place to avenue?? What do think??? HOLIDAY IS IT?? CUTI CUTI MALAYSIA?!!!! What kind people u are!!
Comment from : جيمي جيمي

Zeenat Durrani
Why is your hand 'wearing a mask' instead of your face !!!! Now that is a bad example right ?
Comment from : Zeenat Durrani

MD.Elius sanny Nayan
How much have attacked
Comment from : MD.Elius sanny Nayan

Mohd Rafiq Mohd Sadiq
pakai topeng muka jgn main main
Comment from : Mohd Rafiq Mohd Sadiq

Ware Newaz
We should stop eating wild animals . Buying selling all.
Comment from : Ware Newaz

Warda Farha
The rude people just dont realize that malaysia will reach 1000 cases if everything isnt closed
Comment from : Warda Farha

Map of the Soul: Delete Yourself
Ey amoi arr don't be selfish can u? If u are The only one That get Infected then it's okay but U will spread the Freaking virus if u keep Being stubborn 🤦 aiyoo fikir lah sikit
Comment from : Map of the Soul: Delete Yourself

Raymond Law
Hope all the people follow the instruction from KKM, ALWAYS KEEP CLEAN AND HYGIENE ALL THE TIME....PLEASE STAY AT HOME.....
Comment from : Raymond Law

Lingam Jaganathan
Lingam .
Covid- 19 . Very post check screen test .
Shopping center can started business . We cannot hope government .we have carrying on to job . We pay bills . House car student for school . We all never hopefully in Malaysia government .

Comment from : Lingam Jaganathan

Kasharkhan_king_pool Khan
I am come to Malaysia 🇲🇾 it work but locked down I am very sad
Comment from : Kasharkhan_king_pool Khan

Tsukasa BFC
Ya'll can do home exercise, there's always an alternative but no u have to be salty about the move restrictions tho 🤦🏻‍♂️ you wanna have a curfew restriction next? Or a 30 days lockdown instead
Comment from : Tsukasa BFC

Alfian Rashid
How this Singaporean journalist manage to pass the lockdown border?
Comment from : Alfian Rashid

See she use word tourist in malaysia will become homeless.
Comment from : Azeem

Pls learn from Italy and the UK mistake! See what happened. End up over crowded care centre to treat infected people
Who are we Malaysian to be better then them??? 😱 😭😭

It's because of the same mindset...taking it likely...still going out... jogging ...shopping... it wud be the same people who will blame the government again later if they do contracted the covid-19. Blame yourself ok. Tak faham faham..😠

Comment from : alagau

Upset because park is close? Soo you have chosen the Kung flu ?
Comment from : MR AD

indra Lightning
If the virus turn people into zombies and spread through biting...malaysians will see how dangerous the situation...so they will understand when they see the effect with their own eyes....we are in same kind level of situation..so stay at home plis...build some gym inside...go out only for food or the most important...
Comment from : indra Lightning

Perfect Tionist
Stay safe Melissa!
Comment from : Perfect Tionist

Badong TrueAsiatik
be like Philippines. they Quarantine the Whole METRO Manila. Infected is not that big. they also stopped the All Religion's mass
Comment from : Badong TrueAsiatik

Alex Ashmead
UK caught Covid19 a month later than Malaysia already hundreds positive and a dozen deaths. Probably 10k unknown cos not tested. Malaysia still about 200 plus and only 2 died? UK government allocated £350b cos economy standstill. Read Guardian for global news, US 1 trillion dollars cos recession. Malaysia?
Comment from : Alex Ashmead

MdAnr MdAdn
Stupid joggers
Comment from : MdAnr MdAdn

gim zack
you put your reporter in danger CNA.GIVE HER HAZARD MASK!!
Comment from : gim zack

John Yeoh Eng Seng
God bless you 🙏
Comment from : John Yeoh Eng Seng

dantes peek
you won't die not jogging or exercising for 2 or 3 months. are you guys even making any sense? somebody needs to tell you to getting into sense? what if this was airborne? are you going to give the same damn excuse? people are just ridiculous
Comment from : dantes peek

Lansi Nic
I have been at home since 1 March 2020. Please don't tell me that you can't stand to stay at home for even 1 day...
Comment from : Lansi Nic

shomala thevarajah
Still want what answer? The answer is we are endangered by irresponsible
people 's gathering and many of infected ones hidden from getting medical attention.

Comment from : shomala thevarajah

Why are these idiots still touring and sight seeing? And those people complaining the closed parks are still not taking the virus seriously. No difference than the stupid ex pm who didn’t think closing the border such a good idea then.
Comment from : MyChilepepper

Lim Vincent
They can continue to pray more than 5 times a day 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Lim Vincent

How much korona virus my uncle positive
Comment from : SEKH MOFIDUL

My uncle is missing Malaysia airport
Comment from : SEKH MOFIDUL

0:45 Oh Hii
Comment from : keeponwaiting2002

Alexandria School of Science
790 infected, 2 dead. Whole country go into lockdown. Malaysian workers worried no money. This Federation of Malusia should rename to Republic of Italy.
Comment from : Alexandria School of Science

All this happened because of 7500 selfish pricks who didn't come out to be tested
Comment from : Ferret728

Eric G
A lot of Malaysian still think they are on holiday.😆
Comment from : Eric G

Nate p
I like how she's wearing the face mask as an accessory, like a handbag. Cool!!
Comment from : Nate p

Ashton Uyi
stay home , netflix , gaming , whatever you can do at home ... just stay home for covid sake
Comment from : Ashton Uyi

Azwan Yusoff
Sure humans by nature are responsible. You just defied the governments restriction and you are talking about being responsible. I really cannot understand this.
Comment from : Azwan Yusoff

Davis Urdaneta
Oh my good lord! We have the same situation here across Canada. A lot of businesses already shutdown and many people lost their jobs. So stressful time.
Comment from : Davis Urdaneta

I crossed the Pahang-Selangor border 4 minutes before the borders are going to close.

I still see busses and people going to the East Coast of malaysia which is mostly peoples home villages.Most of them were students and for me its bad.Because they are going to bring the virus to the east coast of malaysia and also at 1 :25 AM the 18 of march,the bus terminal is still filled with students waiting for a bus to the east coast and north of malaysia

Comment from : Hafeezy

Kiat San
I'm surprise that they are that strict.
Comment from : Kiat San

Akmal BruHaHa
Stay at home. Stay clean. Stay safe.
Comment from : Akmal BruHaHa

Zazhali Bahrom
Dun be too selfish.. think other people too
Comment from : Zazhali Bahrom

Alex Lim
Seriously, we need a total LOCKDOWN to tackle the problem. Many people are taking Covid-19 lightly. They don't understand the nature and severity of the pandemic. While the frontliners are battling the pandemic, some people still do not want to cooperate by going jogging or exercising ???? Speechless.....
Comment from : Alex Lim

0:46 that Guy 🙂✋

Comment from : SOULOOVE.z

Fajar Siddiq
1:55 More then 14,000 people who attended the event, they are everywhere in the states in Malaysia. OMG.
Comment from : Fajar Siddiq

Arthur C
Malaysian style lockdown: balik kampung!!
Comment from : Arthur C

Azlan Nair
Have a bad feeling that the worst is yet to come... both psychically and the effect on the economy which will follow up later. Better buckle up and brace ourselves. ✌️ 💓 🇲🇾
Comment from : Azlan Nair

sue Sam
Stay at home the virus dont care u jog or not coz it can attack you anytime anywhere
Comment from : sue Sam




Comment from : ktmythbwc

Ohyo iLabel
0:46 oh hello there!
Comment from : Ohyo iLabel

Keto Mania
If they had shut down the gathering in the first place all this would not have been necessary. That's what happened when you how down to magic instead of science.
Comment from : Keto Mania

Thirukailaya esai kuzhu kongarai
I like malasiya
Comment from : Thirukailaya esai kuzhu kongarai

Thirukailaya esai kuzhu kongarai
Very nice place
Comment from : Thirukailaya esai kuzhu kongarai

Shaun Walker
Upset because park close? Exercise can do at home la. Why so stubborn and selfish.
Comment from : Shaun Walker

EXO Twerps
Stupid people. Cannot adhere to the rules set by the Gov. Please stay at home.
Comment from : EXO Twerps

Angela Tang
This 2 weeks of gov enforced social distancing will solve multitudes of issues; those asymptomatic will be recovered by end 14 days, those getting sick will start showing symptoms while those healthy will be safe.
Comment from : Angela Tang

Angela Tang
The saddest parts will be those getting permits to go back home; nobody knows if the travellers are asymptomatic or the family members are.
Comment from : Angela Tang

Lime A
I think now the safest place is KL because most people carried the virus back to Kampong and other states yesterday .
Comment from : Lime A

toasted DiCamillo bread
It’s just day 1 of restricted movement can these joggers go out less ? - maybe work out at home in most days and go out for a quick jog after that. This is now the best time to slow down and watch out for our own health as well as the community. Don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary. This virus is so small you never know when and where you can contract it!!
Comment from : toasted DiCamillo bread

Carinne Lilac
Hope that the global epidemic will be gone for good in some months time 🙏
Comment from : Carinne Lilac

Take a good look at the big picture and be glad that the PM has the guts to decree this partial lockdown. It's not total lockdown, for goodness' sake.
Comment from : F SL

sunflower 21
I hope all the selfish people in the world, who only thinks for their own happiness and benefit during this pandemic catch coronavirus with severe effect.
Comment from : sunflower 21

Covid-19 解码:

[C]hina (中国)
[O]utbreak (爆发)
[V]irus (病毒)
[I]n (在)
[D]ecember (十二月)
20[19] (年)


Comment from : MyPianoRoom

kazar abdul
omg..virus is airborne and can stay in any surface for more than 12 hours.even not in contact with any human being there still a risk being infected just to come out in public.
Comment from : kazar abdul

Ice Ghost
Oooh I miss Kula Lumpur and especially Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor, such beautiful memories...
Comment from : Ice Ghost

انا مش عربي
somebody should start taking opportunity to make movies about zombie apocalypse since the roads are currently empty..just add some cgi effects and youll get a good movie..real acting can be done later after the lockdown ends
Comment from : انا مش عربي

I tell you... This will explode like a bomb..in 14 days.
Comment from : 得救者

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