How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall


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Information How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall

Title : How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall

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Frames How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall

Description How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall

How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall

How To Install A Command Hook-Hang Stuff On The Wall

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Kaif Baig
Kaif Baig 2 months ago

Thank you so much.. this one helped me.. somehow i felt the instructions are too much to read

MsSemki 2 months ago

You have to wipe the area on the wall with alcohol and let it dry before installing the hook.

xxx 2 months ago

because sometimes you need the really slow and thorough explanation of everything

helpful asf

Go garden gallery
Go garden gallery 2 months ago

Hey try tgm hooks from amazon

Ni-Ka Hikari 光
Ni-Ka Hikari 光 2 months ago

Thank you, a good video straight to the point

Isaiah Matias
Isaiah Matias 2 months ago

You've helped alot of people

Raelene Hernandez
Raelene Hernandez 2 months ago

Thx!I 👋♥️

jb826 826
jb826 826 2 months ago

GOD BLESS YOU ....the instructions on the package are AWFUL.....i felt i was dealing with a Rubrix cube until i saw this video finally got it right

I am milan
I am milan 2 months ago

This guy is everywhere

Mazzer B
Mazzer B 2 months ago

Awesome vid u have saved my life ❤️

Benjamin 2 months ago

Thanks! super helpful

Delphine V Masilamani

Thank God. I looked this up.

Owen Lanie
Owen Lanie 2 months ago

It’s sad I had to look this up

in the vortex 2021
in the vortex 2021 2 months ago

Perfect, I am to lazy to read instructions. I love tutorial videos for almost everything. Thank you so much. Just make sure to clean the wall with alcohol

Alessandra Liverani
Alessandra Liverani 2 months ago

Hi you do explain very clearly but it’s also important that you mention the surface should be cleaned prior with something like rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits, not other types of cleaners which might leave a slippery residue, plus wait for the cleaning substance to dry thoroughly before placing on the back of the hook.

sagara krishantha96
sagara krishantha96 2 months ago

Max Nguyen
Max Nguyen 2 months ago

Everyone gangsta until you have to look up how to hang a hook.

Sharon R
Sharon R 2 months ago

Thank you!

irish89055 2 months ago

No... I have the one with the wire that's meant for hanging heavier things like a broom I couldn't get mine to fit right with the instruction they give you

donaches 2 months ago

Thank you so much

Cesar Andrade
Cesar Andrade 2 months ago

I’m installing some hooks for backpacks and I had no idea I was about to meet my old driver instructor! I thought I was done with you!

ps. thanks for all your help learning how to drive

Glory M
Glory M 2 months ago

Lmao 🤣 I can't believe this was in my suggestions when search how to make diy command not how to install lmfao 😭

Steve 2 months ago

Anyone ever told you that you sound like Badger from Breaking Bad? 😎

G 2020
G 2020 2 months ago

Stuttering baffoon


Thank you very much sir 😊

Beetle 2 months ago

command hook is a Minecraft plugin...

robertbdesmond 2 months ago

Hack job.

Emmy Dream
Emmy Dream 2 months ago

Uh-oh somebody did't clean their area with alcohol first! OOOoooo!

Seleste R
Seleste R 2 months ago

Do you have to use rubbing alcohol like the instructions say??

gigi biz
gigi biz 2 months ago

Thanks , I have a newer version and it worked great with your great tutorial 👊🏽

Eeets 2k20
Eeets 2k20 2 months ago

This is the best video on youtube. Tysm!

periel 2 months ago

Thank you! I wish I would have watched this before I wasted two strips. The instructions on the box were confusing.

Shamone 2 months ago

Cool cool thanks. Mans talk to much

Harsha Anand
Harsha Anand 2 months ago


DogSplat 2 months ago

Holy guacamole. Does it take you an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes?

Grace Gonzalez Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Thank you! who would have thought!

B Mejia
B Mejia 2 months ago

Thank you, so simple, yet complicated on the package instructions lol.

thisisacrummyname 2 months ago

You turned something that should have taken 30 seconds to explain, into a mind numbing dragged out video that was almost 4 minutes long 👎

Tom McGuirk
Tom McGuirk 2 months ago

great video thank you

Ngozi Oguejiofor
Ngozi Oguejiofor 2 months ago

Very helpful

Brandon Dorion
Brandon Dorion 2 months ago

not all viewers are retarded, you know...

Debbie Seiffert
Debbie Seiffert 2 months ago

The actual 3m YouTube page has the guy showing to have the tab up, so you actually see it. Your way of doing it makes more sense and you don’t see the tab sticking out, thank you so almost installed it wrong

Rozalyn C.
Rozalyn C. 2 months ago

The only thing keeping me going is the fact that there are 291k other idiots in this world

My Wee Tube
My Wee Tube 2 months ago

Really good! Is this available everywhere??

WEIRDEAD 2 months ago


Ankita Kankarwal
Ankita Kankarwal 2 months ago

Hey thanks man. It was very well explained 😊

Ilsiyar 2 months ago

very simple and useful!hello from Russia :))

Kartik Shirsat
Kartik Shirsat 2 months ago

Can we re use the strip...

Aris Sub
Aris Sub 2 months ago

Thank you man, the instructions really looked confusing

stephen parker
stephen parker 2 months ago

Are you badger from breaking bad?

211292alex 2 months ago

Does anybody know if they do damage to wallpaper when removing them cant seem to find anything on it

egg 2 months ago

Thank you king!!!!!

MATURE SASS 2 months ago

Thank you !!! I can't tell you how many of these I've messed up. They are pricey. And to think, all I needed to do was watch you.😉 lol. TFS

Evan Rittmann
Evan Rittmann 2 months ago

After all that talking and you still couldn't like up the adhesive backing....thank GOD I'm able to control my OCD with medication. And even changing the playback speed to "2" wasn't fast enough. He must get paid by the hour.

margaret Talbot
margaret Talbot 2 months ago

Great video this 78 year old grabbed the concept from the package but just to make sure I watched the video and really appreciate the help.

Brandi Williams
Brandi Williams 2 months ago

Great video!!

IsidroMM 2 months ago

Thank you for your explanation, it was really helpfull for me.

Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez 2 months ago

How many pounds does it hold? Can someone tell me please...thank u

splugereport 2 months ago

236k views for how to use tape. Have a patreon? :)

Fran Lewis
Fran Lewis 2 months ago

couldn't make a mistake after your explanation. thanks!

Lindstheteacher 2 months ago

Thank you!

vijay saradhi
vijay saradhi 2 months ago

I followed the instruction back of the box but fell down 2 times wasting the strip but after watching ur video I was successful in installing the hock which is study in holding items

tsharvester 2 months ago

Do you do " how to get dressed in the morning " videos please

Maryann Sarapanan
Maryann Sarapanan 2 months ago

Thank you so much!😊

Calistar: 2 months ago

you really made the 2x playback speed button looks so attractive 👀

Natasha Mables
Natasha Mables 2 months ago

I was on the struggle bus toooooo long trying to figure this out 😂. Thanks for the video. Very helpful

G Trot
G Trot 2 months ago

This guy talks too much this needs to be simple

Gino velasco !!!!
Gino velasco !!!! 2 months ago

Well thank you very much i like the way you explain everything thanks !

denise Mansell
denise Mansell 2 months ago

What if it falls off and wrecks my beloved guitar?

Newangel Park
Newangel Park 2 months ago

I think I've become de-skilled to need this. But I also need You Tube to show me how to fit a bike carrier to a car

Jelly 2 months ago

He kinda sounds like Danny devito

Arlene Trujillo
Arlene Trujillo 2 months ago

Thank you, clear concise and direct! 👏🏻👍🏻

Pablo Ucan
Pablo Ucan 2 months ago

Also should clean wall with rubbing alcohol first.

shubasish mandal
shubasish mandal 2 months ago

Plz mention Hook hang stuff price and brand

Lenny Jane Selepeo
Lenny Jane Selepeo 2 months ago

Thanks for the vid

alani 2 months ago

thank you so much I know how to use it now.

Pixel 2 months ago

love these products but when they said to clean the wall with rubbing alcohol, I didn't realize it would leave streaks all over my painted wall. So annoying!

Pheara Lim
Pheara Lim 2 months ago

What happens if you stick wall side adhesive to the hook?

Cosmos Princess
Cosmos Princess 2 months ago

!. I cant believe that I looked this up
2. I cant believe I looked this up and learned the RIGHT way to do this.
3. I cant believe I'm adulting .

Patrik Potočki
Patrik Potočki 2 months ago

How does this need any explaining? Isn't this clear logic... This is really disturbing to see so many people troubleing with putting tape onto the wall...

GuitarDoc 2 months ago

Was very helpful..thank you

gladys michael
gladys michael 2 months ago

very neat and simple

Nimrat Kaur
Nimrat Kaur 2 months ago


Samuel Carrillo
Samuel Carrillo 2 months ago

I can’t believe I looked this up lmfao


You forgot to mention to pull the tab at the bottom dude. And slow down so people can understand what you’re saying, you’re also all over the damn place

Kat Guyot
Kat Guyot 2 months ago

Thank you for this, I needed it! :)

Judy, Judy, Judy
Judy, Judy, Judy 2 months ago

Thank you so much for showing me how to do me, the directions were NOT clear! LOL Judie

Latifa Wood
Latifa Wood 2 months ago

Super helpful

Robert Parel
Robert Parel 2 months ago

Use the Bathroom.

OTC Bar 2 months ago

(2:24) - Sir! The hook is installed to hang the picture (or whatever), not to hang itself.

Bodragon 2 months ago

(1:10) - Obviously... Duh!
(1:37) - Please note. This deomonstration is how not to align the "3M Command Strip"

TrickyNekro ́s ELab
TrickyNekro ́s ELab 2 months ago

That video will make me not sleep for weeks... nothing ended sticking straight, neither the adhesive on the clip, nor the clip to the wall... awful...

Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga 2 months ago

Thank you!!!!!

William S
William S 2 months ago

Prefer using nails for heavier items. We found great little app for the iphone called Hang-a-pic to hang pictures evenly across any space. It does all the math for you and shows you exactly where to mark your nail positions. It saved us the headache of trying to figure out where to hammer in the nails evenly for hanging pictures. Just a great time saver for this kind of thing. Not sure if there is an android version though.

happy minion
happy minion 2 months ago

Thanks very helpful

Have trust issue with humans

Short and sweet ! Thanks for the explanation!

Intisar ا
Intisar ا 2 months ago

Thank you

Lola Medley
Lola Medley 2 months ago

This was EXTREMELY helpful!! Thank you!

Michele 2 months ago