McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime


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Information McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime

Title : McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime

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Frames McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime

Description McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime

McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime

McDonald's Open on Christmas Day, Employees Not Getting Overtime

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Natasha Graham
Natasha Graham 2 months ago

I really hope no one will turn up to work on Christmas day... Fuck McDonalds.

Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 2 months ago


Jualo 2 months ago

Actually, I wouldnt mind working on Christmas, seeing as i'm not Christian. The only reason Mcdonald's is open then is because people go there. Nobody goes to other stores or offices on Christmas. Little arrogant to think that everyone in America is Christian and celebrates Christmas.

Ice Lore
Ice Lore 2 months ago

Because they don't provide insurance for their workers. And when they were made to do so, they raised the prices on their food, far above the cost to them to do so. They said that even though " ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb [the changes]" (it will only cost them$0.15 to $0.20 cents per order) that they would rather cut hours and fire people so as to not cut into their profit margin. They are money hungry asshats.

Ice Lore
Ice Lore 2 months ago

You do realize, even for Christians, most people observe the holiday in it's commercial aspects, right?

Jualo 2 months ago

Why not just get the non-Christians to work on that day, if they have non-Christians working there of course. I live in a city and that's what places like McDonald's do on days like Christmas and Easter.

dioseoloreturns 2 months ago

Who the fuck goes to McDonald's on Christmas that they feel the need to be open? Only in America, man...

redwaterblue 2 months ago

this is mcdonalds usa not all mcdonalds all the one in canada do pay over time and treat there staff very well

Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 2 months ago

Not in my neighborhood...

HyperSole 2 months ago

David why did you boycott papa johns? I'm curious

Brian Williamson
Brian Williamson 2 months ago

Strange Story as most Holidays are not recognized as day you have a right to relax on in Fast Food. Easter, Earth Day, Independence Day, etc. are all treated the same by the fast food businesses as just another work day. Thanksgiving & Christmas are anomalies. Let's get real we all need to paid vacation back where if you worked X number of hours the last W2 year you get Y number of hours off from work to use as you see fit.

onelove16180 2 months ago

Well I understand why you would say that because I just re-read what I wrote. But I'm not preaching to them. For example, my sister complains about her weight gain but drinks crazy amounts of diet soda (because it doesn't have any calories). People complain of headaches and I tell them how I can tell a difference with my own headaches when I eat processed foods. A pill is just an easier solution I guess.

Dan MCV 2 months ago

Maybe people just don't like being preached to.

brandnutopian 2 months ago

LOL, yes, millions of do actually care about what they eat! Welcome to the club.

X-MISMA-X 2 months ago

Actually labor law states that any hours worked over 40 in a week it is required to pay overtime. The bush administration did the same thing forcing fed employees to take "comp" time instead of earning overtime. President Obama changed that.

onelove16180 2 months ago

LOL nobody cares about any of that. I have been working on eating healthier the past few months and have even given up meat for four months now. As I learn about things I try to educate those around me and nobody cares! I guess it's like smoking. You may know it's bad for you but until you are ready to quit, the facts just don't make that much of an impact.

CmatthYBR 2 months ago

Of course they're going to be open; it's the biggest day of the year for them. If the employees don't like it, they don't have to work there.

Ed Sookikian
Ed Sookikian 2 months ago

Just remember that if they have not worked over 40 hours in a standard work week, then the company does not have to pay the overtime. But if they do wind up working the overtime by the end of the work week then McDonalds better pay the overtime. They might not have holiday pay as some jobs do, but it all depends on how many hours they work during the work week.

divinewords 2 months ago

Do you honestly believe that ALL or MOST atheists are prejudice? Have you ever thought about it from THEIR point of view? I believe people can do what they want to do--but DON'T force your religion upon me w/ your Christmas music, or come knocking on my door proselytizing. I grew up Christian, and most of my family is. I still love them, but I have different beliefs. First and foremost, I don't believe in god(s). That doesn't make me prejudice, intolerant, or hateful.

divinewords 2 months ago

There are about 5 million atheists in this country & that number is also growing. I personally am a humanist, and I believe people should have days off to be w/ their families because it's good for your health to have days off! Don't act like Christmas is some special day, when it was positioned at the same time of Pagan holidays to get people to accept Christianity. Jesus wasn't even born in the winter!! It's not about hate, it's about truth. You are the one that sounds intolerant.

divinewords 2 months ago

1) I DID address your comment; the comment about your channel background was a SEPARATE comment--so how is that ad hominem? 2) I just found it ironically funny...that's all. I have no issue with weed! Hell, the Rastafarian religion is a Christian religion that believes smoking weed is a sacrament. 3) If these companies could force people to work holidays w/out holiday pay--they would. Don't be delusional. This has nothing to do with religion. I don't like abuse of workers anymore than you do!

swisshakilla™ 2 months ago

...I attempted to point out to the intolerant hate filled atheists that most of the country was religious including people like me who are sympathetic to liberal causes & initiatives. Too bad the right is racist & only represent the wealthy with their policies because if they weren't liberals would only represent about 14% of the country because that's about the amount of Americans who identify themselves as liberal. I believe it's because of the prejudice nature of the atheists among us...

swisshakilla™ 2 months ago

What are "Christian values" & how are video games & weed smoking sinful activities? If you would've attempted to address the content of my comment instead of searching for atheist talking points that are suitable for your little ad hominem attack you would've noticed that I was simply pointing out the reason Chistmas is a national holiday...

brandnutopian 2 months ago

Yeah, never mind the toxic slurry that they serve and have the nerve to call beef, the plastic in their milkshakes or the potatoes are drained of flavor to have artificial potato flavor added, it's the working on Christmas which has finally dissuaded me from poisoning myself at McDonald's.

neppy503 2 months ago

McDonald's is holding their employees hostage, if they are open on Christmas. Sure they say that can opt out and not work their just above minimum wage job, but out of fear of losing their job what real choice do they have? Then McDonald's doesn't want to pay them overtime? I think I will go find out what the local McDonald's is going to do. Probably will voice my opinion with the manager, if they are going to be open.

jbcomics 2 months ago

Christmas is pretty much the only day of the year anymore where the country shuts down for one day and non-essential people can relax. McDonalds should NOT BE OPEN on Christmans, and to go further, retailers should not be open on thanksgiving. Work work work work work. thats all people in this country give a shit about anymore. How about this: Work to live, dont live to work.

Plassmann1 2 months ago

DO NOT GO TO MCDONALD'S ON CHRISTMAS. Otherwise everyone will open up on Christmas and we will all be working. How would you like to work on Christmas

Plassmann1 2 months ago

I am officially boycotting McDonald's.

sage19 2 months ago

on the subject of Christmas being a federal holiday, in the U.S. Only 81% of the population identify as christian, but 93% celebrate Christmas. I think this is because about 12% of the population (including myself) are Atheist or Agnostic and still celebrate Christmas just in a secular way.

randmideas 2 months ago

This owner on Christmas Day goes to every store he owns that is open and gives presents to all the employees working that day. And they are not just gift cards. He has been known to give out an iPad or tv or other things that he pays for out of his own pocket. People don't realize that even though McDonalds is a huge company with a lot of money, the pay and bonus structure is actually controlled by the franchise owner. Some of them do pay more than minimum wage.

randmideas 2 months ago

This is the first video I don't really agree with. Not all McDonalds treat there employees poorly. The stores are franchised and some owners do treat the employees like crap, but there are a lot that treat the employees really well. I worked at one for a while just so I could have insurance because the company I was working for did not offer insurance. I know a few store managers and the owner of 14 locations that put the labor laws and the treatment of the employees as TOP priority.

Heisenberg's Uncertainty

So McDonalds, you pay your employees minimum wage make millions if not billions of dollars a year, yet you won't pay your employees OT?? McDonalds, you SUCK!

Branden Skoken
Branden Skoken 2 months ago

I currently work at McDonalds, and i am not sure if it is the same for all stores or not, but Volunteering at the store to work on Christmas Day our "Overtime" or whatever you would want to call it is a 20$ Gift Card to Walmart. (Which is pretty shitty to begin with, it should be Pre-Paid debit cards) Ive been there for 2 years now, its my first Job, and ive worked both years on Christmas. But its all i got coming right out of high school!

TheoisZeus 2 months ago

They also don't have to close on Christmas...

Tony Tur
Tony Tur 2 months ago

i just started working at mcdonaldsas not to long ago and all we get is a 25 doller gift card to wallmart if we work o christmas and if we dont show up we get fired

Barnabus 2 months ago

bogans, derps, swag junkies, idiots, the usual rabble and scum.

Jelloz104 2 months ago

I'm not religious but I love Christmas.

Gemma Hentsch
Gemma Hentsch 2 months ago

Christmas should be a federal holiday, not because its a christian festival, its a human festival, that has been misappropriated by christians for 2000 years. Everybody has their own traditions and ideas, but christmas still has magic, inspite of all the religious mumbo jumbo.

Lupercus50 2 months ago

It's why many educated people became atheists, and the reason for the clergy project, educated preachers who have known for years their belief conflicts with the real world but have not found a way out, the clergy project gives them someone to turn to for help and support.

divinewords 2 months ago

lol...funny you say that!! People think I'm an atheist because I hate god(s). I became an atheist because I started to study religions!

luchpockets 2 months ago

All Real Americans should Boycott McDonald's just on principle !

Lupercus50 2 months ago

"I think you need to STUDY UP." They cannot, it might cause them to become atheists, you know better than that, they only want to see the parts that make them feel warm and fuzzy inside, the loving Jesus who passes on gods command to continue stoning to death unruly children and people working on the sabbath, oops, did I just do a spoiler, sorry theists, did not mean to spoil your fictional book before you had the chance to read it properly.

C0ct0pusPrime 2 months ago

us minimum wage: $7.25 canadian minimum wage: $10-$11 who needs overtime for one lousy day when what we really need is to provided a living minimum wage?

divinewords 2 months ago

OH, BTW...Nice blunt background on your Youtube page....Compliments the violent video game action on there...beautiful Christian values there...

divinewords 2 months ago

Let me, a "hate-filled atheist"--as defined by you, school you a little about your own religion. #1) EASTER is the holiest day of the Christian year, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. #2) There are over 40,000 Christian religions, some of which like Jehovah's Witnesses, who DO NOT celebrate Christmas. #3) as a Christian, the proper response to people who you feel are filled with hate would be to show them LOVE (Matthew 5:39). I think you need to STUDY UP.

Michael Edward McFee
Michael Edward McFee 2 months ago

Just so you know it depends on where you live in Canada... but for most workers, if they work on a Stat Holiday, would get time+half plus holiday pay or reg time plus an additional day off..

MyMagic111 2 months ago

Just another example of corporate slavery. I'll wager the president of Mcdonald's is not working that day, not to mention the owners of the various stores; nor the senior managers, either. I guess people just need to be thankful they have a job, at least the people at the top of the ladder would like them to think that way. For those of you who do celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and are blessed enough not to be working, I hope you have a happy and joyous time with your loved ones.

Blow-Up Bunny
Blow-Up Bunny 2 months ago

Okay, sorry. One: If you want to talk about hate-filled people, Christians take the cake on that one. Tell me the last time an atheist killed gays because of a well-edited book, let pregnant mothers die by refusing them a life-saving abortion, or committed genocide under the guise of saving the heathens. Two: Most of the country does call itself Christian, but that doesn't mean it should be a federal holiday because of it.It still goes against the separation of Church and state. Period.

Amy Hamberg
Amy Hamberg 2 months ago

If you work for a small store, very few people would be needed to run the store. It would suck if you are a manager.

E. Johnson
E. Johnson 2 months ago

Christmas Day is a paid holiday in Canada. If worked, you would receive the paid holiday wage for that day plus your regular hourly wage rate. Only overtime if above 40 hours a week.

SelfImmolator 2 months ago

I want more businesses to stay open during holidays. That also means strong unions and regulations needed to prevent employee abuse. But not paying overtime for working on a federal holiday - let alone one which perhaps shouldn't be a federal holiday - is not exactly the most horrendous policy I've ever heard.

swisshakilla™ 2 months ago

I love the little disclaimer for the hate filled atheist audience you guys pander to. Christmas is a national holiday because MOST of the country is CHRISTIAN so MOST federal & state workers would most likely not show up since its one of the holiest days of the year for CHRISTIANS. ...Merry Christmas!

Trev S
Trev S 2 months ago

Whats McDonald's? LOL

Anonops 2 months ago

If nobody would actually go to mcd on christmas they wouldnt open.

Kevin McCondichie
Kevin McCondichie 2 months ago

"bite the bullet" means "work through it"

Kevin McCondichie
Kevin McCondichie 2 months ago

Dennys is doing the same thing. My sister is missing Christmas to work there. ;/

saltybugaloo 2 months ago

So? I work at a restaurant and it is open. We don't make overtime. I mean, it would be NICE if we did make overtime, but honestly, I don't expect any less from a company that tries to make as much money as they can.

Kevin McCondichie
Kevin McCondichie 2 months ago

My biggest question is not "Why no overtime?" but "Who goes to Mcfatty on Christmas?"

Insanetoaster 2 months ago

"im certainly not loving it" this statement was clever

Caleb Welte
Caleb Welte 2 months ago

Now explain to me why Unions are bad?

Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul 2 months ago

Eating at Dennys anyway...

drummerboy54100 2 months ago

If only EVERYONE would boycott McD on Christmas day and make it a losing proposition for the greedy bastards. I wonder how long we would have to boycott them to put them out of business. I rarely eat there anyway and now I will NEVER eat there again.

FancyKerbloops 2 months ago

I would recommend Wendy's. Not only are their fries and shakes amazing, but they support marriage equality. Win-win.

Vport 2 months ago

This is a valid question. I suspect it hinges on whether 'part time' workers are on a 'lower value level' than full time workers and/or they choose to work a limited amount of hours. Many businesses limit hours as a matter of financial policy to avoid having to offer health insurance and other benefits by law. I support the idea that Sundays and Holidays should be days when all businesses close. We were better off when "Blue Laws" were in place. OT is mere compensation for corporate greed.

Juan Federico
Juan Federico 2 months ago

I don't understand why they should be expected to pay OT unless the employee works more than 40 hrs in a week as with any other given week.

Brenediction 2 months ago

I'm adding McDonalds to my list as well. Time to go Jack.

Vport 2 months ago

What's that funny flavor on my burger? Oh, a Christmas present from yet another disgruntled McDonald's employee.

Mr.Dizzy Spinda
Mr.Dizzy Spinda 2 months ago

I just wouldn't go. Greedy a-holes.

lif3isadanc3flo0r 2 months ago

I have suuuch a stupid crush on the guy in the back he always talks to.

Vegan Jerry
Vegan Jerry 2 months ago

Fuck McDonalds!

Coffeeisnecessarynow 2 months ago

David is my Gay boyhood fantasy! ;D

SilverBelle1986 2 months ago

I don't really consider McDonald's to be real food. I feel bad for anyone actually eating that crap let alone working and actually making this crap food.

frictionRx5 2 months ago

lolz I did address what u said, very clearly I thought I said it was fucking stupid anyway, go find a McDonalds that's open on Christmas and create a scene if u want

CN_Minus 2 months ago

Whatever, don't bother to address what I said. I showed why the nature of this current ordeal is similar to that of past events, but you would rather blather on about how I am a "far lest nut" (a hasty generalization) than to take what I have said prima facia.

Vanessa Pardue
Vanessa Pardue 2 months ago

Now days Christmas is secular. Santa Claus is more associated with Xmas than Jesus. So many celebrate for the holiday festive spirit and presents. I'm not religious but its one of my favorite holidays.

frictionRx5 2 months ago

no u didn't understand what I said u far left nut this is none of your business u seem to think it is this is 1 of many problems with u leftwing loons, everything seems to be your business

CN_Minus 2 months ago

Still didn't address my argument. If it is as you say it is, it ought to be easy to defeat. However, after your most recent display, it appears you didn't understand what I said anyway.

Artmonger 2 months ago

Does anyone know if Hanukkah is a federal holiday in Israel in some capacity? It's an interesting topic to investigate.

frictionRx5 2 months ago

what you laughably call an argument was fucking stupid Germany/the Jews=McDonalds/their employees holy christ is that stupid

CN_Minus 2 months ago

Nice, attack me instead of my argument. Typical.

frictionRx5 2 months ago

does liberal Hollywood give any of the money their movies rake in on Christmas Day to the theater employees who slave away selling tickets instead of having the day off? STFU liberals!

Tangle2Brook 2 months ago

You are against Christmas being a federal holiday, but you want them to pay overtime? Confused much?

johnny718bravo 2 months ago

McDonalds is run by scumbags. You stay classy, *ssh*les.

Thezuule 2 months ago

I wonder how many stores actually are though. I don't mean to defend McDonalds but I don't think it's cool to spread a rumor like this if it's not entirely true.

mars Cubed
mars Cubed 2 months ago

In UK, I used to do industrial temping when I finished college.. One Christmas I refused to take a (new) job on Christmas day.. it was supposed to be optional etc.. however refusing meant I didn't get work again for weeks. Such pressure should be illegal IMO.. there should be statutory overtime pay on public holidays so workers are not exploited. especially in America where you have so few vacations already.

Halloween111 2 months ago

Sure. You can sign up, or we will schedule you anyway, then cut hours after and screw with you later. Heads-we win. Tails-you lose. I have worked for places that do this shit.

bf1tz 2 months ago

What bothers me is that they get the same hourly rate no matter the volume of people there... minimum wage should constitute you being there take time from your day to provide labor services for the amount of time... from there any increase in volume aside from normal should serve as bonuses to the working employees who facilitated that volume within the same hours as a normal traffic day. I hated working in these environment, no one is ever reimbursed for facilitating more than normal business.

frictionRx5 2 months ago

lolz u can't be serious only a far left loon like u would think a stretch like that makes perfect sense hahahahahahah

weejockpoopongmcplop 2 months ago

You might as well argue that having the calendar we do is tantamount to an established religion. Say NO to 2013 AD.

Thezuule 2 months ago

Just talked to a friend who works at McDonald's and he says that his store isn't doing this.

CN_Minus 2 months ago

Just like it was none of our business when we stopped Germany from treating Jews so terribly? Definitely not on the same level, here, but lies on the same principal. Wellbeing is being violated and there is nothing workers can do to stop it, for the most part.

biggydx 2 months ago

Isnt this a "War on Christmas" that Fox News often rails against?

demonorse 2 months ago


Sean Ferrol
Sean Ferrol 2 months ago

Keep McDonalds a federal holiday! If you've worked in retail over the Christmas period you'll need that day off before you're back at work early on Boxing Day.

Gordon Gilmour
Gordon Gilmour 2 months ago

Can't blame the employees? We'll see what Fox "news" has to say about that!

frictionRx5 2 months ago

lolz add this to the list of things that are none of your fucking business you idiot liberal jackoffs

ocerg1111 2 months ago

dont go in to work. Period.

PrimeConsciousness 2 months ago

Boycott McDonald's! They are ran by evil bastards!!!

Morning Eagle
Morning Eagle 2 months ago

Chinese food is usually available.

Asher8328 2 months ago

See, there really is a war on Christmas! Will O'Reilly and Hannity be covering this story?