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clark jeanine
clark jeanine 2 months ago

how much yarn did you use

Anita Bray
Anita Bray 2 months ago

Where do I get red # 3 yarn ? Thank you

namrata dhami
namrata dhami 2 months ago

Very beautiful..........I wanted to ask you how many chains do I need to put to make this design for a 7 year old girl

Altagracia Ortega
Altagracia Ortega 2 months ago


Kathy Dickerson
Kathy Dickerson 2 months ago

I love, love, love your videos. I just wish you had written patterns for sale or for free to go along with your videos. You should really think about selling them on Etsy or some website. I understand patterns so much better with both written and video. Plus you should make some money from them! I also wish you made things with heavier weight yarn. Just my personal opinion. Plus I hate working with such lightweight yarn.

Elaine Marta
Elaine Marta 2 months ago

Que lindeza

Ignacia Lopez
Ignacia Lopez 2 months ago

Dice tu vídeo en español x favor lo quiero hacer en talla dos

Katie Nelson
Katie Nelson 2 months ago

You are a wonderful teacher! So lovely!

Darla Elliott
Darla Elliott 2 months ago

Keep your lovely patterns coming. You are so thorough at explaining each and every step which makes your tutorials the very best.. In fact, you have spoiled me. I try other patterns, but usually end end up back on your channel. Wonderful tutorials. Thank you!

Romaisa Sana
Romaisa Sana 2 months ago

Made this frock in red and white and it turned out perfect😊

donna tharpe
donna tharpe 2 months ago

How do I purchase this pattern?

Alisa Heijnen
Alisa Heijnen 2 months ago

Thank you. Very beautiful dress. I would like to make it for 6 years old. How can I begin?

Romaisa Sana
Romaisa Sana 2 months ago

Veryy well done👍

มังกร 7ขวบ


Sindura Dixit
Sindura Dixit 2 months ago

Its very beautiful & pretty. Thank you.

Izabell Otero Cañari

Hermoso ❤❤❤...!! Lo espero en español... Gracias

Dr R S Kushwah
Dr R S Kushwah 2 months ago

V beautiful Christmas gift,just can't wait to make one.well explained as usual.thank you so oo oo much from India......madhu

Margarita Urpi torre
Margarita Urpi torre 2 months ago

Sta hermosa pero m gustaria en español plis

Lyne Naya
Lyne Naya 2 months ago


Monica Buch
Monica Buch 2 months ago

Beautiful dress. Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial😊

May Barnard
May Barnard 2 months ago

So beautiful

Silvia Viaytes
Silvia Viaytes 2 months ago

Muy lindo vestido amiga !! Lo espero en español muchas gracias besos

Yeni Del Carmen Chavez Silva

Me encantó...hermoso vestido... excelente trabajo Sara 👏👏💯, me gusta tus vídeos son muy originales, con gusto espero en español, bendiciones 😘

A &H Hair And Beauty Salon

Very beautiful dress 👗
Thanks 🙏

Fanny Molano
Fanny Molano 2 months ago

Por favor hagan tutoriales en español todos los tejidos me gustan pero los que llegan en ingles no puedo realizar tejidos gracias.

Quinell Leftwich
Quinell Leftwich 2 months ago

This is absolutely beautiful! I want to make one for my 2 year old granddaughter. I guess I would use #4 yarn and a 5mm hook. I hope that's right. Also how would you go about attaching the bow?

Luz Villanueva
Luz Villanueva 2 months ago

Hermoso proyecto felicidades gracias por enseñarnos, saludos.

Heidi Vester
Heidi Vester 2 months ago

How mouch yarn did you use to make this beautyful dress 🎅🏼🤶🏼🎄🥰

Bushra Malik
Bushra Malik 2 months ago

Very nyc👍👍👍👍

Alka Grover
Alka Grover 2 months ago

It's really very beautiful😍💓

Галина Худякова

Большое спасибо!!! Очень красиво!!!!!

Armanious D
Armanious D 2 months ago

How many grams of threads to make the age of one or two years?

George Weiss
George Weiss 2 months ago


Eileen Allen
Eileen Allen 2 months ago

Beautiful for Christmas. I will be back to make it for my great granddaughter. Thankyou.

🌹Yanis🌹 2 months ago

OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

Elisa Muñoz Perez
Elisa Muñoz Perez 2 months ago

Es precioso guapa es justo lo que necesito pero esta vez no lo ha puesto en español un besito