Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial


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Information Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

Title : Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

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Frames Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

Description Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

Gingerbread Spray Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

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Catherine Rafuse
Catherine Rafuse 2 months ago

This is a great channel. So happy to have found it!

Elizabeth Miranda
Elizabeth Miranda 2 months ago


Sal Jackson
Sal Jackson 2 months ago

It beautiful

Thelma Housley
Thelma Housley 2 months ago


Aurora Almazan
Aurora Almazan 2 months ago


Lauren Ball
Lauren Ball 2 months ago

I love this!

Laura Traxler
Laura Traxler 2 months ago

Love this video! Great job picking everything out and putting it together. It looks so festive.

jan frandsen
jan frandsen 2 months ago

Can you tell me the lights that are twinkling on this tree?

Julie Robinson
Julie Robinson 2 months ago

OMG I am SO redesigning my upstairs Christmas tree!!

Evette Hadzisavas
Evette Hadzisavas 2 months ago

Hi this is your biggest fan from Downunder Australia! Absolutely gorgeous!
Can I please ask when you doing the videos hold the phone vertically so we can see on full screen. The last two videos have been narrow screen. Thank you so much. We just love what you do so we like to see more of it on screen 😊
Also can ask please show us how to use of the products to create centrepieces, wreaths etc. thank you so much 😊

Verlene Howard
Verlene Howard 2 months ago

Love the tree topper. I am loving the Christmas in July series, whether they are from Decorator's Warehouse, the Hallmark's movies, the shopping networks home decor series (QVC/HSN), and the Youtube channels collaboration they are doing. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda Mullins
Brenda Mullins 2 months ago

I’ve done a gingerbread tree in my kitchen for at least 20 years and maybe longer. I love gingerbread and will always put this tree up. I love the topper you just did, very pretty!! I do one very similar.

Regina Valle
Regina Valle 2 months ago

I absolutely love this tree topper!!! I told myself I was going to do another theme for Christmas this year because I've done this exact peppermint gingerbread candycane theme for the past two years in a row now but those gingerbread men and the cookies on the top are a must have!!!! I have everything else. I just might have to do make it again. I really love your tutorials. I will be making purchases from your store m