What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)


Alex Tudor

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Information What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)

Title : What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)

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Frames What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)

Description What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)

What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)

What I Got For Christmas | Christmas Morning Vlog | Christmas Haul (Teenage Boy)

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Alex Tudor
Alex Tudor 2 months ago

Hope you enjoy!

Lsully films
Lsully films 2 months ago

Good video happy late Christmas

Gavin Payne
Gavin Payne 2 months ago

7:44 what in the fuck did you just say my guy there a fucking skate company get your line stright jheezzz

Gavin Payne
Gavin Payne 2 months ago

teenage boy mans is tweleve at hits a fortnite dance after getting a video game

Euan Mitchell
Euan Mitchell 2 months ago

Bruh im in 2020

Frank Ragano
Frank Ragano 2 months ago

Wait why did they get so many presents from Santa but I only got school supplies and Walmart shoes. I was really good this year and I don't understand did I do something wrong? What's going on. Also my mom couldent get me anything. All these guys get huge gifts from there parents.

Tad Strange
Tad Strange 2 months ago

Lol Christmas is tomorrow and I can’t calm down

VIZE chxie
VIZE chxie 2 months ago

Tommorow is xmas

NAX 2 months ago

Christmas in 2 days baby

Edward Gustafson
Edward Gustafson 2 months ago

why you got so much lol😂

Dabi 2 months ago

Alex turd, did you like your pikachu game?

Wolf flames
Wolf flames 2 months ago

Who is watching this video in 2020?

Keenan Perkins
Keenan Perkins 2 months ago

Are u guys french or italian? Or sum different🤔

RESSES PIECES 2 months ago

I really like the vid

Henry Jacome
Henry Jacome 2 months ago

Who else watching in 2020.

Henry Jacome
Henry Jacome 2 months ago

Who else’s watching in 2020

Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 months ago

I’m gettin ready for Christmas 2020 lol I watching these kind of videos XD

Lucas .69 years ago Edited


Egirl Azza
Egirl Azza 2 months ago

I’m watching this during 2020 it’s been a crap year and I hope this Christmas is going to be Amazing I’m watching this to get pumped for Christmas it’s only 8 days till Christmas!

Nbx bomber vibez
Nbx bomber vibez 2 months ago

Ok... are you a skater?

Or poser

Dominic Knelsen
Dominic Knelsen 2 months ago


LEGENDARY ZAY 2 months ago

Forgive guys!! Just as Jesus Forgives us❤️

LEGENDARY ZAY 2 months ago

Colossians 3:31❤️

Quentin Solomon
Quentin Solomon 2 months ago

This whole video yaaaaooooooooo

Reckless iOSgaming
Reckless iOSgaming 2 months ago

I don’t kno

ROyal XGamer
ROyal XGamer 2 months ago

Are you from România too? Nu pot sa cred! Super!

Panacop 18
Panacop 18 2 months ago

Nice content

Jiggly Jookson
Jiggly Jookson 2 months ago

Who’s watching this on zoctobe r

Gio_da_Great 2 months ago

What language are you guys speaking in

Dynasty 5800
Dynasty 5800 2 months ago

Me in 2018 only getting 3 present [][][][] [][]👁️💧👄💧👁️

Donut operator Stan
Donut operator Stan 2 months ago

Watching to get hyped for Christmas 2020

Camzy116 2 months ago

This boy rich

GlowVr 2 months ago

go to 9:20 and turn on captions

Keiron Lee
Keiron Lee 2 months ago

Anyone watching this getting close to 2020 Christmas?

Landon Bitker
Landon Bitker 2 months ago

Who tf gets money for christmas

BarrettLovesPickles 2 months ago

Who else here 2020 Christmas

Berry Bomb
Berry Bomb 2 months ago

My channel is berry bomb! Your awesome

Connor ._.
Connor ._. 2 months ago

Exited for Christmas 2020

Cool Reviews
Cool Reviews 2 months ago

Can not wait till Christmas 2020

Maysσn 2 months ago

Was that coryxkenshin merch?

Joshuabunny Playz
Joshuabunny Playz 2 months ago

Who else is watching this in 2020

JDM Central
JDM Central 2 months ago

At least he not one of those spoiled ones

Malcolm R
Malcolm R 2 months ago

im here because im hyped for xmas

Petre Ciprian Necula
Petre Ciprian Necula 2 months ago

Cand realizei ca ei sunt romani:)))

David Graham
David Graham 2 months ago

I bet I'm the only one who's hyped for 2020 christmas

weird doctor
weird doctor 2 months ago

Your house is pretty

And yes, it's month before christmas but I'm watching it because I can't wait

Hurshey1234 cytrowski

I’m watching this and I just remember at the end I watched this this exact day last year hood content bro!! Love ya ♥️

Cristian Paval
Cristian Paval 2 months ago

Sunteti romani!

Logan Sherrard
Logan Sherrard 2 months ago

Dang it must feel good to be that RICH

ITSMAHIR 2 months ago

Who's hear in 2025?

Blake R
Blake R 2 months ago

I wish my x mas was like that

Luis The gamer
Luis The gamer 2 months ago

Who watching in November 2020 trying to get hype Christmas

Dave Kurltin
Dave Kurltin 2 months ago

Thanks for the ideas

Rowan JPC
Rowan JPC 2 months ago

Why did this dude look so sad whe. He got the teypod

Aiden Rakow
Aiden Rakow 2 months ago

Eat the rich

Paxton McChristian
Paxton McChristian 2 months ago

Where did your mom and dad imagrate from they have a accent

a n i a k a r i s h m a

Watching in November 2020

Bryson Thompson
Bryson Thompson 2 months ago

what is this

Tony chavez
Tony chavez 2 months ago

Idk why u remind me of fazerug

Hudson Crow
Hudson Crow 2 months ago

me watching this bc i love christmas

Hayden James
Hayden James 2 months ago

I got pranked last year. My sister got me a big box with

VIPoo in

family adventures
family adventures 2 months ago


Nikhil Cima
Nikhil Cima 2 months ago

who is is hyped about chrsitmas 2020 watching this\

Jack 123
Jack 123 2 months ago

2020 gang where we at

Kyle’s Reptyles
Kyle’s Reptyles 2 months ago

This would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Andrew Renton
Andrew Renton 2 months ago

I’m not trying to brag but let’s count the presents

Brittany Boutwell
Brittany Boutwell 2 months ago


GamerDVL100 2 months ago

3:34 LMAO all gifts come in boxes

Trimmz 2 months ago

who else watching 2020

CreativitywithGigi 2 months ago

Yass anyone who is nice and sweet plz view my channel I do journaling vids. But also surely view the channel The KCakesFam. She is awesome and does cool videos. Like day in my life, clothing things etc.

Ponald Bomber
Ponald Bomber 2 months ago

Corana took my presents 🎁

Jordy Pordy
Jordy Pordy 2 months ago

I love how Vanessa was like i'm the best. That's so sweet. Haha

Twiloh 2 months ago


Brandon Stoker
Brandon Stoker 2 months ago


BigE Playz
BigE Playz 2 months ago

I got yeezy 350 boost’s

Austyn Thing
Austyn Thing 2 months ago


Synthethical 2 months ago

Christmas eve 2019 who is with me

Darin Bolyard
Darin Bolyard 2 months ago

u talk way too much

Axstro XM
Axstro XM 2 months ago

What language do you speak I’m curious
Edit:nvm your Romanian I was inpatient

Fayeions 2 months ago

Okay Christmas is tomorrow like if ur here cause ur too exited 🎅🏼🎅🏼😁😁

Luke Pate
Luke Pate 2 months ago

His voice makes me want to kill myself

Rubeus Hagrid
Rubeus Hagrid 2 months ago

Are you Russian or something because I couldn’t understand what you said to your grandma it sounded Russian

Nathan Molloy
Nathan Molloy 2 months ago

2 days

Mayhem Music Tutorials

2 days till christmas

Aiden 2 months ago

You have a great house

Derek Jobin
Derek Jobin 2 months ago

Delete your channel it sucks I hate this

Gambies Plz
Gambies Plz 2 months ago

Do you skate because if you don’t your a poser

Jplayz 123
Jplayz 123 2 months ago


HuntingWhile Enjoying TheHunt

Every one get him to 25k for Christmas

JvstNexus 2 months ago

- me watching christmas videos wishing my family had enough money to get as big of presents other people get -

Siena Del Sontro
Siena Del Sontro 2 months ago

Now ur at 20.2k subs

Pure Kringe
Pure Kringe 2 months ago

This guy look likes Alta consigna

DeadStrike HQ
DeadStrike HQ 2 months ago

Where r ur parents from cos they have different accents??

lost.spookyy on IG
lost.spookyy on IG 2 months ago

ur sister looks like the girl in toy story

Riley Smith
Riley Smith 2 months ago

2:55 "What did you get? A Surprise Capsule!"
2:58 "Oh a Surprise Capsule" *Leaves Room*


Midnight TV
Midnight TV 2 months ago

Merry Christmas dudeeeee

Clixxy 2 months ago

5 days till christmas 2019 merry christmas lets all get hyped up

frank Forsyth
frank Forsyth 2 months ago

HiS face just annoys me

landitoe 2 months ago

9:25 “oh my god this is so cool” he sounds so sad

Matthew Lamb
Matthew Lamb 2 months ago

Your voice pisses me off on another level