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Bugatti Dream Come True

Bugatti Dream Come True

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Holden Ivy
Holden Ivy 2 months ago

2:25 that guy read the brochure before saying that

Holden Ivy
Holden Ivy 2 months ago

How on earth did I get to this video

Hello 2 months ago

Bugatti: our car can go 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds!
Tesla roadster: no

promaster fireroblox
promaster fireroblox 2 months ago


Tim Adams
Tim Adams 2 months ago

To the people that claim money can’t buy happiness. It can certainly help provide it.

Jennifer Ang
Jennifer Ang 2 months ago


Chocolate Rulez1
Chocolate Rulez1 2 months ago

2021 any news about him since it’s been 5 years now just wondering but I’m like him as well I love racing games

ArdyrLa 2 months ago

This was in #LamborghiniRealLover

Sharad Vashisht
Sharad Vashisht 2 months ago

Are his mom and dad also infected with some disease ?

[HOTs] Mclaren 765LT [OPS-222]

I like Bugatti too

hot sauce
hot sauce 2 months ago

I need cancer

Sujan Kota
Sujan Kota 2 months ago

Are you a real lover #RealLover

anson ng
anson ng 2 months ago

for sure butch is a millionare

IndianGamerzz 2 months ago

dream car is Bugatti

Somoni Sak
Somoni Sak 2 months ago

I am in tears

Bartolo Paz
Bartolo Paz 2 months ago

I want to ride a bugatti 😣

Gabriel Coutinho
Gabriel Coutinho 2 months ago

Bugatti es el auto que más me gusta de todos lo que han creado de automóviles en el mundo!!!💘

Laolu Adegbesan
Laolu Adegbesan 2 months ago

What a vision, so lovely! Thanks.

Road Runner
Road Runner 2 months ago

Videos like this make me wish I was a multi-millionaire, so you could help people in this way too

ʕっ ̆ڡ ̆ςʔ
ʕっ ̆ڡ ̆ςʔ 2 months ago

Would yall say that I'm lying about being his friend after a long time of being in elementary school with him

DJF LVTK 2 months ago

Thay should get him one for kids

Ardhana Hariwidagdo
Ardhana Hariwidagdo 2 months ago

If I was that kid I would love to put all the cars that I love in the Nurburgring, with my friends in the US inside them with the boys wearing soccer jerseys and the girls wearing anime cosplay outfits.

I might be Famous
I might be Famous 2 months ago

I’m always having dreams of owning a exotic car I pray it will work out in my life

Axner 2 months ago

This actually gave me tears.

Ankur Debbarma
Ankur Debbarma 2 months ago

Came back to this video again for the nth time after 3 years just to ask how's Mike doing now?

LilBoi 123
LilBoi 123 2 months ago

I would be his best friend

MonkeyMechanic01 2 months ago

That's awesome lucky him getting to ride in his ultimate dream car.

BRO HOY official
BRO HOY official 2 months ago


FUNNY GAMING 2 months ago


Suppenteller 2 months ago


Vindex 2 months ago

How about 4 Years from now?

Axmed Jikin
Axmed Jikin 2 months ago

😢😭😭 yu dream kam tru bro

Erik Hollis
Erik Hollis 2 months ago

Last year on this day was his last dose of chemo and had his port removed a few months later. Cancer free and going strong. Thank you everyone for the kind words and yes he truly is if we can only get Mikey to focus on school lol.

Yung Logical
Yung Logical 2 months ago

I love watching videos like this, but never would I ever expect another kid with all leukemia to have such an amazing love for cars like me, I love that I can relate to others so much
I’m makin my way through it and it’s awesome he is doing even better

Greg Rowell
Greg Rowell 2 months ago

I"m puzzled as to why people would 'dislike' this? Amazing.

josh Gallagher
josh Gallagher 2 months ago

It goes 550

ʕっ ̆ڡ ̆ςʔ
ʕっ ̆ڡ ̆ςʔ 2 months ago

He's my friend in school 😊😢

Midnightwolfkitty 37
Midnightwolfkitty 37 2 months ago

Solo cute I mean

Midnightwolfkitty 37
Midnightwolfkitty 37 2 months ago

Zoo cute

No name
No name 2 months ago

No fair


Bravo 💪✌😍😊❤

Maryjane Bacud
Maryjane Bacud 2 months ago

I love supercars too!!

Koby Pateman
Koby Pateman 2 months ago

That was so nice of make a wish

TixoPlayz_YT 2 months ago

God bless and work hard foryour dreams to come is the key to succes

George Isaak
George Isaak 2 months ago

the word "pilot" is so proper about this car because it is so fast you actually flying at ground level in it ! As a car i think is a masterpiece of engineering and style , which is kinda why it is so expensive , but apart from that the fact that Bugatti gave to to this kid that awesome opportunity made me feel very good !!!! thumps up !!!

idrk 2 months ago


BadBoy 22
BadBoy 22 2 months ago

That kid is lucky😭April 6th is my birthday dream car bugatti😳I allways at least see a bugatti for 1 secend if it got to at least see it😔😔I will give my son the future he needs and buy my dad his dream car😌😌

Janet Moore
Janet Moore 2 months ago

God bless that kid! I hope he Beats the cancer

ChappieMedia 2 months ago

All the people who disliked this is just jealous because they didn’t get to ride in a Bugatti

Llama Licous
Llama Licous 2 months ago

God bless him i hope he revovers but a bugatti i 267 mph

Creepo 2 months ago

Tesla is faster!

Tricia Scudder
Tricia Scudder 2 months ago

I pray beat the cancer

Tricia Scudder
Tricia Scudder 2 months ago

I'm crying

KD Rapper
KD Rapper 2 months ago

Good one kid

Ryan Retherford
Ryan Retherford 2 months ago

have a good bugatti life

Mi Mi Khaing
Mi Mi Khaing 2 months ago

I live there and i got to sit in a porsche 918

Little Fluffy Marshmelloe

Fight cancer

irfan kecik
irfan kecik 2 months ago

Special kid in the world

Gracely Sipin
Gracely Sipin 2 months ago

I am so grateful it is his first time seeing his dream car and he will be recovered and until he will get that car it is his gift from god to him

Marcos Espino
Marcos Espino 2 months ago

Made me happy and cry heart touching

oli 2 months ago

I saw this video and there was 666 comments...

Joshua Peebles
Joshua Peebles 2 months ago

God bless this kid hope he recovers does he know all exotic cars

lays chips
lays chips 2 months ago

Some people might be like, "oh he's so lucky, I wish I could do that"
But the sad part is that they are very sick and fighting for their life everyday.

Infinite gamer Bro
Infinite gamer Bro 2 months ago

That is so sad 😭🤧

Classicgaming Yay
Classicgaming Yay 2 months ago

I love buggati I love buggati super sport

minecraft ricegum
minecraft ricegum 2 months ago

Man this kid is welp cool

Johnathon Kuykendall
Johnathon Kuykendall 2 months ago

This kid is lucky

shush 2 months ago

I thought is name was Buzz Lightyear!!!

kR33P0 2 months ago

The Bugatti Veyron has a speed of 2.55 MPH but it's not the fastest, actually the Venom GT has a higher speed of 270.49 MPH, but this kid can do what ever the hell he wants.

tripjet999 2 months ago


Edward Myers
Edward Myers 2 months ago

God bless this child and the people who made this happen this an act of kindness kick cancers ass kiddo!

How To basic1
How To basic1 2 months ago

I now you can beat cancer because a little bit faith is so big nothing can beat it so dream on nothing to big to beat you can do it

Heather Hansen
Heather Hansen 2 months ago

This video almost made me cry and I have a Bugatti as my picture so it's just so cool with that I know that another person in the world likes a Bugatti because a lot of people think that they would like the world's worst car but they go from 2.8 seconds to 60 miles per hour what I think it's just like it just makes me so much one of the cry.

Linkeddragon2 2
Linkeddragon2 2 2 months ago

But I hope he gets better

Linkeddragon2 2
Linkeddragon2 2 2 months ago

Awww I feel so happy for him 😊😊🙂🙂

Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 2 months ago

I Hope This Child Beats Cancer!
And I Don’t Think There Is Any Big Difference Between The Lamborghini And The Bugatti.... My Dad Owns Both And It Really Ain’t Much Difference

Aiem YT
Aiem YT 2 months ago

Subs me pls

Keaton Senzel
Keaton Senzel 2 months ago

bugatti is my favorite car to. hope he gets rid of cancer he is a good kid

Tasha Fullblesse’d
Tasha Fullblesse’d 2 months ago

wow i feel happy for him desserve it

Alexander Carmona Nuno

hope he beats the cancer I have autisum

Oz 2 months ago


Trader Lincoln Mitchell

great video

1Aeuji 1
1Aeuji 1 2 months ago

i respect that

Jacob Scrivens
Jacob Scrivens 2 months ago

Poor guy

Myth'sFace 2 months ago

The Bugatti:
Has more radiators then a average house
Has 16 cylinders
Pushing 1000+ hp
Got SuperChargers

Still Silent af

Eminent the third
Eminent the third 2 months ago

Huuuu why do cancer kids get everything they want

Crew Sam
Crew Sam 2 months ago


Nilay singh
Nilay singh 2 months ago

Good luck child/m8 i hope you recover plus you are SOOOOOOO LUCKY you get to sit in a $2.62 million Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

InvalidHawk 2 months ago

kids lucky he gets to ride in a buggati I can't even get my hands on a traxxahs

Far Is
Far Is 2 months ago


logan gaming
logan gaming 2 months ago

That the best thing

TacticlleUnorganizd 2 months ago

That's nice and all but I think it's rather awful that they use that kid as a publicity stunt by making a video about it!

John A
John A 2 months ago

This is super COOL!!! Thank you!

Javier Pavlik
Javier Pavlik 2 months ago

Try not to cry challenge

Roski 2 months ago

i wish i had a avendator 😟

Charles 2 months ago


Mackenna Titzell
Mackenna Titzell 2 months ago

I'm so sorry about cancer but nice life love you and your channel

JacobJacob 44
JacobJacob 44 2 months ago

God bless his soul

Molly Percocets
Molly Percocets 2 months ago

That a kids dream

MoparGuy08 2 months ago

That is so cool, he got to live his dream!