USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!


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Information USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!

Title : USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!

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Frames USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!

Description USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!

USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!

USPS SHIPPING DELAYS! How to Get YOUR Package Delivered! C'mon Ebay!

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Da V
Da V 2 months ago

Package Shipped April 26. It’s May 5 and it is still at the original USPS distribution center. I get a text every day that it departed the facility in my tracking app. And the next day it’s still there. This is the Memphis one. Will never buy items in or around the Memphis Distribution Center. I’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

1205 Studios
1205 Studios 2 months ago

Mine has been in pre ship meant ever since I bought the item I looked at both usps and eBay and they both says the same thing so I told the buyer to make a request

rod williams
rod williams 2 months ago

I just want to know if you're stupid you not understand without eBay policy most of us would not even attempt through an eBay store that's why most of us by through an Amazon store because of the guarantees and the fast shipping and less scams when we purchase items with guaranteed delivery dates we expect to get them by then that is a contract try selling without them guarantees and I bet you don't sell much

S AVANT 2 months ago

This sounds like a cluster F. What ebay really needs to do is step up their game and have their own delivery system like what Amazon does for their prime orders.

Sam Chu
Sam Chu 2 months ago

There's no excuse for the delay. The holidays are over. I have a package is being shipped by priority mail by the seller. It's being held in Greenville, SC distribution center for 10 days with no movement. I work for FedEx in Memphis. We're the main distribution center. We might get over 20 thousands of packages a day. We still get them delivered. USPS is just useless. Don't used covid-19 for an excuse.

Noah o_o
Noah o_o 2 months ago

I bought something on eBay and it’s been saying pre shipment info has been sent for the past 4 days what should I do?

homo sexual
homo sexual 2 months ago

Why not just not ship usps? Just let them dry up and go out of buisness.

Killalex 2 months ago

If you're looking for your package Fauzatools on Ìñstàgrám can hlep you out he got mine back

Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash 2 months ago

If a seller has not shipped by the estimated delivery date I think it's fair and just to go for a refund. If an item was shipped then it's obvious it's then in the hands of the delivery service.

kingdomhearts 2 months ago

it's been a month and i still haven't gotten mines, usps needs to stop taking more and handle what they have now.

Silver Leo
Silver Leo 2 months ago

What does it mean when a seller says the item is located in Rancho Cucamonga CA but then it shows as departed the shipping partner and USPS awaiting item in LA?? That makes me think that its an over seas shipment waiting at the port in LA even though they said it was in Rancho CA. Am I getting duped??

George Fletcher
George Fletcher 2 months ago

Don't trust USPS they lie on the package scans all the time. They order employees to "stop the clock" with BS scans when they can't handle all their work. If you ship with them they will ruin your business. Look at USPS Youtube page comments are turned off GEEEEE I WONDER WHY

01takejake 2 months ago

Filed two help requests on a package stuck in transit for two months... and they send me copy and pasted emails saying that this is normal delivery time during COVID... ugh

James Hurley
James Hurley 2 months ago

Lol it won't work. I can't get local government mail let alone packages. I refuse to ship anything with them

Acg blah
Acg blah 2 months ago

Nope. ebay refunds the buyer after 3 days end of discussion. That is what that commie ebay site has been doing to me in 2020 and 2021. Packages are being delayed recently of course. All the buyers do is open a request. I got 3 days and thats it. Even when answering, does not matter, REFUNDED. Even when resending the item, REFUNDED!. Damn commie-bay.

Zimlux Auctions
Zimlux Auctions 2 months ago

Why are packages not moving again? Most of what I shipped in February has not delivered. I am seeing 12 days between scans in transit.

margaretsville 2 months ago

The post office simply needs more people to work there.
The more packages shipped, the more money they make.
So they make more money, but don't hire more people? The extra money is going somewhere. In addition, the Govt. has tons of our tax money that they waste so they could easily put some of it into the USPS! Covid has been around for months, they should have figured this out by now.

Guias Digitales
Guias Digitales 2 months ago

Great insight! Thank you ! Just had 2 refund cases open that were a pain to get the 10 day extension will definitely jump ahead of the situation and reach out to pending customers and will follow your process with usps
Appreciate all you do ! Thanks again

Andy Jay
Andy Jay 2 months ago

Warrendale PA is horrible all my packages get stuck there

Chezamme Stickle
Chezamme Stickle 2 months ago

Yes penns was worse delays for my store over holidays , fishy .

Bilal Ghafoor
Bilal Ghafoor 2 months ago

which is why amazon is the future

B Humphries
B Humphries 2 months ago

The post office needs to start hiring more employees! I've been waiting on a package from usps that keeps going back n forth from two different usps locations for several days! Why does it keep going back n forth!? This is ridiculous! I think we could run USPS better. This new post master general is a joke. It's no surprise, especially considering who appointed him from the previous administration! Post Master Generals should be required to have postal work experience!

Salvage Monster
Salvage Monster 2 months ago

I only had one guy complain. A New Yorker trying to get it for free. 36k in sales from October 31 to January 1st he was the only one complaining about delays. Most folks understood. But I don’t sell new stuff. So collectors tend to be more understanding than impulse Amazon type buyers

kescha1995 2 months ago

usps sucks!

larry presley
larry presley 2 months ago

Hello Especially for a $200 item and Ebay rules in favor of the buyer and pulls the money from the seller and tracking shows late confirm delivery, and Ebay will not give $ back to the seller this is worth a date in a small claims court!! Record the event and put on You Tube & Face Book for other sellers to see. This will hold Ebay to a higher authority. Most sellers are responsible for handling time, not transit time. Request a re-payment from the buyer and if buyer refuses / no response, include the buyer in the small claims case. Like unions, if enough sellers stuck together and enough small claims cases occurred, I'm sure a policy 'update' would be issued. The down side is if enough small claims court occurs and Ebay gets a reputation for court cases, buyers may be reluctant to purchase which is bad for Ebay and sellers.

Sherry Dennis
Sherry Dennis 2 months ago

I live just outside of Philly and my mail (during this time) was very erratic. I had no problems getting mail from the northern part of PA but anything coming through Philly was delayed. I still do not get my mail regularly. Local carriers were (and maybe still are) taking two routes to make up for carriers out sick. I feel bad for those carriers, they were working crazy long hours and getting crap from customers. Hopefully that is all behind us now.

Leona Quenza
Leona Quenza 2 months ago

I hasn’t get new update of my package that was sent through USPS. Last update was December 30,2020 it says item departed a transfer to CKS airport Taiwan. Until now February 13,, 2021 I have no update where’s my package now. So disappointing

Brandon Harbison
Brandon Harbison 2 months ago

I’m in Philadelphia my package is saying in transit arriving late for 4 day now and I don’t know what to do

Awang Widya
Awang Widya 2 months ago

lol , i use to work in the usps 19116 facility

diepio player
diepio player 2 months ago

My package has came within 3-9 days

David Buchanan
David Buchanan 2 months ago

I definitely agree with prime time, if you're proactive about it my package is have definitely gone through faster, one time and item was just sitting there and I called USPS an the next day it arrived

LRF142 2 months ago

I would deal effectively rather with the seller first before going to Ebay, especially if the seller did send the package in good faith and through no fault of their own, the package was missent or not delivered. I would also go to the distribution site myself, but at some point, the buyer has to have either the package, or package replacement or refund.

LoveThatPhantom 2 months ago

My package is stuck in Philly right now. Shipped on 16th from Willow Grove, PA and went to Philly distribution center. Never scanned scanned again since arriving there. :*( About ready to give up on using USPS all together.

Jovani Jaimes
Jovani Jaimes 2 months ago

I’ve been waiting for my jacket for a month it’s was supposed to come on the 12th of January and I’m still waiting😤

(December 24 is when I bought it)

Jen Ferris
Jen Ferris 2 months ago

I contacted seller and they never responded

Marco Aurelio
Marco Aurelio 2 months ago

Boa tarde. Ótimo video. Tenho uma dúvida, comprei um produto nós EUA e constam que a empresa gerou um código de rastreamento no dia 23/12/2020, mas até agora não tive nenhuma atualização no site da USPS, isto é normal? Muito obrigado. Abraço.

Mary Lodato
Mary Lodato 2 months ago

All Help request go to the delivery post office. If it hasnt reached the delivery post office, there is nothing they can help with. A Missing Mail search goes to the Mail Recovery Center previously known as the Dead Letter Office in Atlanta, GA where packages or items go if they have lost their address or the address cannot be read or the item came out of the package and cannot be matched to the package. It will not get anything accomplished with packages that just are not being sorted at the processing plants. The fact that the packages start moving after youve done either the Help Request or tge Missing Mail Search is just a coincidence

Rockstar Freddy
Rockstar Freddy 2 months ago

I hope this happens to people who sell overpriced PS5’s

Khan Tutero
Khan Tutero 2 months ago

These usps lazy mf’s cost me 3 grand!! I hope they go bankrupt and close down!!

Non-folding Chair
Non-folding Chair 2 months ago

Unresponsive Ebay Seller: Scalps an rtx graphics card for $1000
Also Seller: Ships it through USPS
Me: So you have chosen death!

Steven G
Steven G 2 months ago

Can delays start before acceptance of item at origin facility? Or is that because seller has only created shipping label and not shipped item?

Marcus Powell
Marcus Powell 2 months ago

Next time I buy off eBay I am asking the seller to use fedex or ups. I paid nearly $1k for an item and USPS hasn’t updated it since the seller printed the label.

It’s been 7 days including the weekend.

Corey's world of Karaoke and Gaming!

Just ordered an item on ebay for $102 Wednesday still saying this whenever I track "Shipping label created, USPS awaiting item" bit worried

Ian Seiler
Ian Seiler 2 months ago

I ordered a pair of shoes for 200$ and they're coming from stoughton MA and the tracking only says shipping label created for 5 days now. idk if they just forgot to scan or its lost. The seller says he sent it so idk what to do.

Janiyah Winslow
Janiyah Winslow 2 months ago

STOP being cheap and sending through the post office! Fed ex and UPS are not having a problem. Los Angles distribution center is sick

Randall Lind
Randall Lind 2 months ago

I had to reach out to a seller cause it still said after 13 days label created. He reshipped and now it is moving. I only get eBay or whoever it involves if selling doesn't respond to me

michael shepherd
michael shepherd 2 months ago

The in transit is a electronically generated message it is generated every 14hours that the package is not scanned

L Mitchell
L Mitchell 2 months ago

❤ Thank you SO MUCH for this tip!! I am a believer! After a whole month of waiting for a package that was never even scanned, I FINALLY got an update that it's in our nearest distribution center. This happened soon after the postal service sent me a response saying, "...according to our tracking records a shipping label was created by the shipper but the Postal Service has not yet received your package.  After the package has entered the postal mailstream, further information can be provided."  Based on the tracking info, I can with absolute certainty attribute this to filling out the help request form you suggested in the video.

Christopher Marcus
Christopher Marcus 2 months ago

eBay refunded $500 to a buyer for a polo parka that got lost while being returned back to me due to incorrect address the buyer provided. I AM FURIOUS. I spent 3 hours on the phone with 2 agents with no resolve and now I’m out $500. I agree ebay should extend the refund period to 30 days after item not received case is opened by the buyer.

Astro Attro
Astro Attro 2 months ago

Ordered myself some earbuds off of eBay on December 22nd it was said to come on the 28th... it’s now January 11th

Denise Saxton
Denise Saxton 2 months ago

Working with a Ebay seller who reached out to me a week ago. Tracking showed the package in transit from the Philadelphia center then nothing for three weeks. Seller opened a mail search with USP and talked to the oist office. Some facilities were closed due to people sick with COVID19. Got a message today 1/10/21 that the package is now moving from the center in South Carolina. Package originally mailed by seller 12/15 as of 12/17 USPS stopped scanning. I wanted to give it sometime. I did not want that buyer to not get paid or get a bad rating so I did not involve Ebay myself. I have a personal package stuck in Texas somewhere so this information will be helpful to try to get that one moving again.

Tex Avery
Tex Avery 2 months ago

USPS is a trash company and I cannot wait until they don't exist anymore. They need to be shut down, if they were doing a good job people would be happy to use their services and they wouldn't be struggling. It's the fact that they have to compete with FedEx and UPS hertz and dhl is the reason why they're going out of business

1 In 17
1 In 17 2 months ago

Hey I wanted to ask does the blue dot with the i in it normal? Or does it mean something I’m new to eBay and I’m kinda scared

Harun13 Mcneil69
Harun13 Mcneil69 2 months ago

funny thing is all my packages are stuck in the exact same place you just showed in Philadelphia.

Fejarang Sama
Fejarang Sama 2 months ago

It keeps rerouting to Chicago idk why it keeps going there

L Mitchell
L Mitchell 2 months ago

Has anyone tried intercepting or redirecting a package after issuing a refund?

Dylan Aquino
Dylan Aquino 2 months ago

My package have been saying that it was in transit to the next location for the past 16 days, what does that means for me?😣

OmegaFire 2 months ago

Im trying to return an item already refunded. The tracking info instantly updated at the moment the package arrived, that was two weeks after the due date. Tracking was none existent. I don't mind item arriving late, but the postal services need to keep infi up to date, that is the purpose of tracking. I'm trying to return an item but ebay wont even give me a proper shipping label that case is resolved. Postal office are the ones that need to eat the return cost for this.

Vanjam 2 months ago

neeeeded this video! lol!

Gary 2 months ago

Ebay is not automatically extending claims for 10 days, only happens if you contact them case by case and ask for extension. Also USPS keeps closing my cases as resolved without doing anything and there seems to be no recourse. It seems the USPS is not always scanning items they delivered which is causing me trouble. Ebay needs to step up.

Debbie Anderson
Debbie Anderson 2 months ago

So, I just want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for this video! I filed USPS Help Requests on two packages that were dropped off at the post office on December 7th. It took about 24-36 hours, but both packages are finally marked arriving in USPS Distribution Centers near the buyers' addresses. It appears that the packages may be delivered on January 2nd. Your recommendation worked!!!! Thanks for helping me become a much better seller!

Part Time picker
Part Time picker 2 months ago

I followed your advice and filed a missing mail request last week. Never heard anything from them. Today they closed my request and I got an email asking how my customer service was from the USPS. How funny is that?? So I did stall, but what the heck do I do now?? The usps blew me off and I’m still in the same spot I was before.

firecharger 2 months ago

Good advise. I used this and most of the postmasters called back on items i started help requests on.

Deb C
Deb C 2 months ago

I have a package that has been bouncing from post office to post office in Missouri since Dec. 19th. I live in NC. Why is my package being shipped every where in Missouri?

Dominick D'Onofrio
Dominick D'Onofrio 2 months ago

Hey so I got my email saying that they delivered my package but there wasn’t anything around my front of my house so what should I do wait until Saturday and contact the seller or what

Chris Rees
Chris Rees 2 months ago


David Logan
David Logan 2 months ago

Great video. Thanks for doing. So I am coming late to the game here. Some comments 1) eBay doesn’t care about their sellers. This is just another example of eBay sticking it to their customers (yes sellers are customers of eBay- we are eBay’s revenue source). How many businesses treat their customers like eBay treats their sellers? Look at the switch to managed payments. How many sellers out there know that you can’t sell items in certain categories under managed payments because eBay’s payment processor is not setup to handle? eBay couldn’t fix this prior to the change? 2) this is a law of averages game here. You have 10 packages stuck somewhere, 2 or 3 customers are going to be unreasonable and will demand a refund today. Most are going to understand but most of our efforts as sellers are going to be on the few who don’t care about what is happening at usps 3) I had a buyer file a did not receive claim with their bank. No contact with me. Bank obviously gets in touch with eBay who gets in touch with me. I immediately filed a package intercept request with usps. Going to cost about $20 to have returned to me but I didn’t want to risk the refund occurring and then the package being delivered. I am just going to let this play out but at least I will have the package back that sold for $130. My concern with this is the bank is going to have more pull and possibly eBay will have to resolve faster and give refund. If this was a $20 item then no need for package intercept and If buyer receives package and is refunded then change to unpaid in transaction and send invoice by PayPal 4) agree using ups or fedex but buyer can’t have a P.O. Box and cost to mail will be higher especially for smaller packages. I have mailed several lately by ups and all were delivered without issues. 5) usps is now bypassing all of the bottleneck distribution sites that were mentioned. So you are seeing packages go to FL and KS even though the seller and buyer are in the middle Atlantic region (Pa, ny, nj, De). This kind of path is going to create more delays but hopefully more movement and less sitting. 6) as the video noted some packages are just showing delivered as a second scan. No other scans. So anything can happen. 7) overall all of these packages will get delivered (ok understand some will not but very much the exception) so patience is needed but unfortunately a small % of buyers want resolution today. 8) keeping an eye on which packages are sitting and contacting the buyer is a good idea that will hopefully lead to less cases Being opened. But this is a manual process that can take time especially for sellers who do a lot of volume.

b111791 b111791
b111791 b111791 2 months ago

Could you put a note in the description of the item warning buyers of a massive USPS shipping delay and to expect a 1-2 week delivery? By bidding you accept this delay? Of course ebay may not let that fly. I've been in constant contact with my buyers with any updates. All of my buyers (a handful) are understanding and patient.

Cathy Eller
Cathy Eller 2 months ago

Postal employee's not scanning packages in the first place. Post office saying the package was never sent. Package is in Evansville sitting in a trailer since November. I am doing the only thing I know how, turned off promotions turned off all sales and only listing low dollar items, only listing 5 every other day slowing down sells. When I do sell something I'm going into the post office even though I have CHF and COPD just to get a piece of paper. We are getting ready for the second wave here, it's going to get really bad. Is there a way for me to close my store completely not just put it on vacation, I want to hide all of my listings. Then restart in February? I don't rely on Ebay for bills, it's just for extra cash but not worth my life (what I do have left). Thanks

Jesus Arenas
Jesus Arenas 2 months ago


Verts Videos
Verts Videos 2 months ago

Or just don't use USPS I mean they're awful right now

Barbara VintageHotties1

The mail in ballet's started this back in out.

JDDeluxe 2 months ago

Hey Dom, thank you for the excellent video. I'm in this predicament myself right now. The buyer opens a case with eBay ONLY 12 DAYS after she ordered the item. Better yet, she's not replying to any of my emails. I've opened a help request with the USPS, but I have feeling that's not going to help. The tracking only shows I created the label, which is ridiculous. Ebay is going to a make a Decision 4 days from now. What would a great mind like yours do in this situation? Thanks for all your time and help, and happy holidays.

Mavjag Maverick
Mavjag Maverick 2 months ago

Scammers must be really loving Ebay right now. Glad I closed my Ebay store until the middle of January.

Heath FamilyFarms
Heath FamilyFarms 2 months ago

Just dont use the usps. Problem solved and just charge more for shipping.

Rhino -
Rhino - 2 months ago

Class A buyer, not all are that nice.

3 Kings
3 Kings 2 months ago

We are jumping through hoops . Bells . Whistles. eBay needs to know what’s going on and the impact this is having on their sellers. I’ve emailed the CEO , and other executives and you should do the same. I’ve received communication back - let this not be in vein, and let’s impact change in the best possible way,

Railroad Man 81
Railroad Man 81 2 months ago

I've curtailed selling until after New Year's. So many delays and lost packages. Doing package research cases does seem to help. I really wish Ebay would do something for sellers. I've had to issue too many refunds only for the package to show up days later. However, I did file a claim with the USPS and they actually sent me a check for the amount I lost.

Carl Bach
Carl Bach 2 months ago

My $.02. USPS should've been better managed. 1) COVID = less employees; 2) COVID = more packages; 3) Raise prices and not do anything to mitigate what was known months in advance.

Carl Bach
Carl Bach 2 months ago

Actually, I've skipped the help request ALL the time and filled out missing mail lets you......and next day (usually), package(s) starts to move. Great advice on problem has been that I don't have the time to monitor and respond....Send out a LOT and a LOT is late. But orders keep coming in so I have no time :(

Carl Bach
Carl Bach 2 months ago

It's been a cluster. I don't understand why usps couldn't see it coming, and, if out of their control, why they think it's cool to increase prices for holiday deliveries and for priority mail to take 16 days. Just saying.....they should've LOWERED their prices for this service. eBay has been screwing me due to the late deliveries ~and~ global shipping issues. Really frustrating.

Craig Winans
Craig Winans 2 months ago

By law, if you refunded and they receive it later they either have to return the item or pay you for it. They can not keep something they did not pay for that they ordered. It's mail fraud .

William Curtin
William Curtin 2 months ago

I chose to sit out two weeks ago when the tracking started to get flaky. I still have one package in the either. I will start back up on the 7th of January.

Mike Petraglia
Mike Petraglia 2 months ago

Great proactive steps ! Super info, many thanks !

Adam Korzon
Adam Korzon 2 months ago

Mine left Dec 7th and still is in transit

RDNRetired At last
RDNRetired At last 2 months ago

Thank you! I followed these exact steps a few weeks ago, and reached out to eBay to formally notify them and get it documented. eBay asked me (the seller), why did you open a research case with USPS when the buyer hadn’t / isn’t even complaining?🤦🏼‍♀️. I had to explain that I was concerned and that I was trying to be proactive. 😳🤣. It was resolved in 21 days — he received it on Christmas Eve. Thank you again for your helpful advice during this crazy time.

Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 2 months ago

Dom, I have one better than you on USPS closing cases w/o any communication with you. How about one I opened on 12-23-20 and CLOSED on 12-23-20? PO at South Ozone Park, NY. I have several others that have been opened and closed w/o ANY response or resolution. Mark, Flippin Chicken

Rudy Valle
Rudy Valle 2 months ago

I had a 2 day delivery take 60 days to deliver. I was able to convince the buyer to wait it out. I completely removed USPS as an option after that. UPS only until things improve.

Spigot Of Pudding
Spigot Of Pudding 2 months ago

thank you so much i have had a package sitting in vegas since the 17th just filed a claim

sdvlt 2 months ago

Wish you a Merry Xmas ist of all :)..don't know if I am making a BIG mistake, but once I have a sale,I am contacting the buyer and informing them that the package will be delayed because of obvious reasons,and asking them if they wish to cancel the order PRIOR to me shipping it to avoid adding to my previous 70% refunds because of 'ITEM NOT DELIVERED in time'' .Some items are not worth paying for a tracking number ( I sold cheap xmas greeting cards ) and by contacting the buyer BEFORE I ship,leads to good communication with the buyer from day one.Till now, the 2 sales that I had,accepted the delay and the order went through.I sent a photo of the postal receipt that I did indeed send the package fast..which was appreciated by the buyer..your thoughts please..

Happy Feet Harrison
Happy Feet Harrison 2 months ago

I reached out to some customers today whose packages have been missing in USPS land for weeks. One Customer replied that despite the tracking which said it hadn’t been delivered, she had finally received her package and really appreciated my professionalism, and how conscientious I was. I reached out to once a week as she awaited her delivery. I totally agree with you, proactivity goes a long way!

Chris Quinn
Chris Quinn 2 months ago

It’s a very simple solution. You put not responsible for shipping delays or damage in transit in your description. The sale is binding as a contract is. Seller is shielded from frivolous refunds or refunds due to things beyond their control. Works for me and I lose no money.

Lester Palocsay
Lester Palocsay 2 months ago

Tried to contact a buyer just now the ebay system did not allow to leave a message, had to circumvent by saying it was not about a item which i did ebay is doing things wrong by virtue of the dirty dozen. principal.

Zach Evans
Zach Evans 2 months ago

Great job being proactive and working through these shipping issues with your customers.

Deb L.
Deb L. 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the super helpful information to get ahead of this problem!

Charles Bartholomew
Charles Bartholomew 2 months ago

DeJoy needs to go to DeJail...Now!!!

Susan B
Susan B 2 months ago

I too, make it a habit to check tracking on my items “outside” of eBay on the usps (or FedEx) sites. Due to the delays , I also requested email status updates from usps (several times if necessary) This seemed to relocate my package and keep it moving. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼 all my items have been delivered. But I’m just small potatoes. Still very relieved. ✌🏼

Bill Stoner
Bill Stoner 2 months ago

The USPS is just closing cases to clear them. I don't think most of them are even being looked into. I have had several closed with no contact.

Su Bee
Su Bee 2 months ago

Someone might have already mentioned this I haven't seen it in the comments but you can reopen the case I just did that and they gave me a new case number. They had only had mine open about 3 days. Yes, stay in touch with your customer. I've had several packages as many of you have go missing not moving and I contacted the customer and I kept them updated and everybody has been so patient and so kind and I've got one package out there waiting to be delivered for a child and I'm just hoping it comes today. Santa is having a very hard time this year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill 2 months ago

These carriers should have 2nd and 3rd shift contractors doing delivery. The only way a parcel can get delivered in a timely manner is to increase the workforce.