30 Simple Art Techniques Everyone Can Do


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Title : 30 Simple Art Techniques Everyone Can Do

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30 Simple Art Techniques Everyone Can Do

30 Simple Art Techniques Everyone Can Do

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Aakkash Aakash kumar
Aakkash Aakash kumar 2 months ago

Next part

Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago

I liked the idea of using foil for "foil-age"

Rashda Perveen
Rashda Perveen 2 months ago

Really cool ideas😘

Nick Sperrazza
Nick Sperrazza 2 months ago

I hope u don’t use that tooth brush ever again

Paulina Sandoval
Paulina Sandoval 2 months ago

Cool viejo eres un buen artista😎 te volveras rico🤑

ilvanete Garcia
ilvanete Garcia 2 months ago

@UC9208IwPCCThOuuuHLIwM_Q lindo seu trabalho, Parabéns!

rebe6402 rebe6402
rebe6402 rebe6402 2 months ago

i want to try the butterfly chain as well

CloudyViibes 2 months ago

I tried the feather art.... I faild

Leni Depruyck
Leni Depruyck 2 months ago

My Eye s : i can do This
My hands : stop,it You cant

Kenzi W
Kenzi W 2 months ago

honestly all this is, is a waste of paint

Queen Medusa
Queen Medusa 2 months ago

11:11 simple your eyes:) the expert did

northern strong
northern strong 2 months ago

Φοβερό αυτό το βίντεο!!!

Fatima Hussain
Fatima Hussain 2 months ago

Can I get a heart from 5-Minute Crafts???

Rhodent Gaming
Rhodent Gaming 2 months ago

You foool peoples wasting things

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huo z Li
huo z Li 2 months ago


Ayella Nezzyle
Ayella Nezzyle 2 months ago


Diya Devya
Diya Devya 2 months ago

I had seen many videos
Very creative

Sasha HOLLES 2 months ago

some of these are lowkey kool

M W 2 months ago

Cool geht das auch auf Papier?

Mahender Dhanda
Mahender Dhanda 2 months ago

Very nice mam

muddy cheeks
muddy cheeks 2 months ago

I like

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mariyu medina
mariyu medina 2 months ago


Haseena Begum
Haseena Begum 2 months ago

I try

Carman Cecelia
Carman Cecelia 2 months ago

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Nisha Sankhla
Nisha Sankhla 2 months ago

Total waste of color

Eirini Papouli
Eirini Papouli 2 months ago

Συγχαρητήρια πολύ όμορφος πίνακας !!!

Muhammad Surya R
Muhammad Surya R 2 months ago


ndhh jdjd
ndhh jdjd 2 months ago


Sara Asif
Sara Asif 2 months ago

So beautiful

MEHAR WASWANI 2 months ago


Kevin Bergin
Kevin Bergin 2 months ago

Good news, bad news. I can use some of these techniques. On the other hand, as a viewer of art I'm not sure I wanted to go-behind-the-curtain all that much.

HERO PUPPY 2 months ago

Omg nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍!

Bayarma Clark
Bayarma Clark 2 months ago

So cool I love

Ruby Yim
Ruby Yim 2 months ago

Very beautiful! I like it.

Hamxa Khan
Hamxa Khan 2 months ago


Hanna Hablicsek
Hanna Hablicsek 2 months ago

yeah anyone can do them, unless well... you dont have the materials.

Rinku Singh
Rinku Singh 2 months ago

Well I haven't enough paint

Lamis Samy
Lamis Samy 2 months ago

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Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur 2 months ago


Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur 2 months ago

Wow very nice aap bahut ashi petting karte ho 😎

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Marina 2 months ago

Are you a granddaughter of Bob Ross? He would be proud of you.

Joseph Oluyemi
Joseph Oluyemi 2 months ago

uh? What is happening!

Anuschka Brockhaus
Anuschka Brockhaus 2 months ago

Mega geiles Video

Navin Arts
Navin Arts 2 months ago

Wow nice technique 👍👍👍

Melzz1 Melzz2
Melzz1 Melzz2 2 months ago

That butterfly was so awesome!

Grace Hernandez
Grace Hernandez 2 months ago


Grace Hernandez
Grace Hernandez 2 months ago


Anupama Sharma
Anupama Sharma 2 months ago

Very creative

Алина Аверьянова

Начало как у бери и делай и сам канал как бери и делай, только английский 😁

Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color 2 months ago


art arttn
art arttn 2 months ago


Bella Panton
Bella Panton 2 months ago

Love them do more!

Ashwika Trehan
Ashwika Trehan 2 months ago

Nice drawings but I didn't like the close up 🥺🧠

pei zhang
pei zhang 2 months ago

I like your work very much. Can I provide free watercolor paints for you to use? I am an Amazon merchant. My Twitter @zhangpe75093239

Brent 2 months ago

1:40 is my favorite

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Please watch my videos 🙏

ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴛᴜʟɪᴘ

Butterfly is very nice 👏👍❤️😀

Emmie Waddell
Emmie Waddell 2 months ago

Claim your “I’m so smart cause I decided to watch this video” badge here.

Maryanne Smith
Maryanne Smith 2 months ago

Leonardo De Vinci would be so proud. (sniff)❤️🖌

Maryanne Smith
Maryanne Smith 2 months ago

me sitting on my bed watching this video thinking, i bet i could do that. But i would rather just sit here and watch them do it.

Sekai Ni Heiwa
Sekai Ni Heiwa 2 months ago

now you only need to be cryptofriend and you can sell all for several millions



Cash Chagnon
Cash Chagnon 2 months ago

I loved trying the tree one

efi aggeli
efi aggeli 2 months ago

Beautifuls crafts

black mamba
black mamba 2 months ago

Paint with BARE HAND for long time leads to cancer.

Lynda Bond
Lynda Bond 2 months ago

Too fast and not enough time to actually see what their doing


not me watching this cause i have nothing better to do-

Alina Dumitrascu
Alina Dumitrascu 2 months ago

Nice, youtu.be/nEeqZIRNnEI this is my

Ale Flores R
Ale Flores R 2 months ago

Es muy bueno

ARYANTO 000 2 months ago

Waste of paint

Savanna Mallak
Savanna Mallak 2 months ago

Everyone can do these?
Everyone: Does it amazingly
Me: Fails HARD

Алла. Антиквариат. Фарфор, открытки.

Прекрасные работы! Спасибо за мастер-класс. Творческих успехов!

Satish Kargeti
Satish Kargeti 2 months ago

Hi... how are u. Simple Art Techniques displayed by you, are really simply and easily explained. Great work! Wish you all the best for future. Keep it up. Take great care. Satish from Delhi India

Delabie Handsome
Delabie Handsome 2 months ago

Wow, 1:41 is so beautiful!

Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar 2 months ago


miniPic 2 months ago

Sea View | Drawing for Beginners with Oil Crayons www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiF2dz36D3M

Casey Therrian
Casey Therrian 2 months ago

That woman at the end was superb! I found myself totally mesmerized watching how she could equip her paintbrush like that. Such amazing & delicate strokes with Incredible precision. very fun to watch !

Jakub Zgar
Jakub Zgar 2 months ago

Cool !!

Craft Art Market
Craft Art Market 2 months ago


Mason Jones
Mason Jones 2 months ago

It didn’t work

James Doidge
James Doidge 2 months ago

There all so fun and colourful I love all of them I’m definitely trying out some of them!

Stina Me
Stina Me 2 months ago

some of these pieces are nice to watch how they'e made, but the result is just nothing that i would want to put onto my wall...

My Arts and Crafts
My Arts and Crafts 2 months ago


Snehal_Dadhich 2 months ago

Wanna try the feather 0:35

Divyanshi Joshi
Divyanshi Joshi 2 months ago

amazing 😍😍

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lata ramchand
lata ramchand 2 months ago

Wat are these liquid paints name , which are just poured and spread. Name it plz

Hello Arts and craft
Hello Arts and craft 2 months ago

Wow 🤩

RehanYT 2 months ago

14:32 Bob Ross 2.0

Hannah Wenceslao
Hannah Wenceslao 2 months ago

I won't be surprised if you say that the government gives you unlimited paints

Anvitha Yalamanchili
Anvitha Yalamanchili 2 months ago

Ok that last one was WAYYY more than 5 minutes for sure

Anvitha Yalamanchili
Anvitha Yalamanchili 2 months ago

It’s cool and all but ur wasting a lot of paint that ur not using for the craft

Vinod Sonkul
Vinod Sonkul 2 months ago

What was the second soundtrack?

Louise Raether
Louise Raether 2 months ago

U make it look so easy but it is WAY to hard

Tess Gonyer
Tess Gonyer 2 months ago

It is so amazing what they can do

Easy ideaz
Easy ideaz 2 months ago