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Bakkerfeeling Adventures

Hahaha, you already had me laughing at the start. Sexy sexy... 😂Love your singing too! 👍Loved to see the outlet of Roermond as we lived so close to it for 10 years. (Heel) Only 7 minutes away. So nice to see that place again and the big annual Christmas tree. Awesome. You guys really spend the day there until it got dark. And you found a mistletoe! 😄👍Great Jacky Chan modelling too! Awesome vlog as always. ❤️🤩🤗

Jin Sargent
Jin Sargent 2 months ago

It's nice to see this biggest shopping outlet in Holland and they also display great stuff there. I would love to experience this last minute christmas shopping as we shop very early last christmas lol.

Kernohan's Not-So-Secret Diary

I wish christmas was like this for us, everything was closed around christmas. Just wasn't the same because of covid :( but this looked amazing!

ruby monse
ruby monse 2 months ago

so many choices that is a big place

Cary S
Cary S 2 months ago

Fun last minute shopping

Lynn F
Lynn F 2 months ago

It's so cold

Nabil Khondoker
Nabil Khondoker 2 months ago

I always forget to do Christmas shopping

completelycydney 2 months ago

What a fun adventure! Enjoyed the video

Nabi Junayed
Nabi Junayed 2 months ago

Wow nice video thanks for sharing

Etish Pritish
Etish Pritish 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Lynley B
Lynley B 2 months ago

Looks like there's a lot of people! Nice place!

Fab Fab
Fab Fab 2 months ago

Christmas shopping is always exciting! you both had so much fun!

Randy Taglucop
Randy Taglucop 2 months ago

Wow what a great place to shop. A lot of nice and expensive stuff.

Rosy TV
Rosy TV 2 months ago

place looks beautiful! it's fun watching you shop!

Rif at
Rif at 2 months ago

Loved watching your video. Beautiful content with nice presentation.

Facebook King
Facebook King 2 months ago

Beautiful walk

El Profe de Informática

Greetings from México from Aprende N5

Diaa Alone
Diaa Alone 2 months ago

This mall is so huge

Vivien ML
Vivien ML 2 months ago

Shopaholic is eyeing on you guys. Wishing both of you abundance of joy and love to cheer always!

Trish Lee
Trish Lee 2 months ago

Wow, that was a great place to shop! So many things to buy in there! Thank you for letting us hop on this shopping vlog! Keep safe! :)

Red Barbie
Red Barbie 2 months ago

Awesome Vlog keep sharing

Ruth and Thomas
Ruth and Thomas 2 months ago

This looked like a fun high-end shopping mall!! It's like a whole city in and of itself! Thanks for sharing, guys. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely new year!

Much Love 〈3
Much Love 〈3 2 months ago

Last minute Christmas shopping is always crowded 😂 but fun! 🤩 Love the place you guys went to shop! It looked beautiful and festive! 🥰

By Nia Cuisine
By Nia Cuisine 2 months ago

Beautiful walk... Christmas is my favorite time in the year

BD Paris
BD Paris 2 months ago

Wow so beautiful vlog

Dorli's Happiness
Dorli's Happiness 2 months ago

Shopping time with Jacky and Wifey 😍 Althrough I don't like shopping so much, It's always lovely to watch you! You are so a sweet couple, positive and happy ❤️ And I regconized actually now, a shopping tour online isn't so bad haha Thanks for sharing, my friends 🤗 Lots of love from Austria ❤️

JE Alvarado
JE Alvarado 2 months ago

Wow! That was a fun shopping experience! And I am also one who would die without coffee before anything else! 😂 Love churros, too! You guys enjoy and stay safe! ❤️

M GANG 2 months ago

Love this video

Salty Beaver Explores

I’m with Janice on the coffee and I lover her coat. We are not much for fashion or shopping- probably because we live in the country and are far from large cities.

Wholesome Nourish
Wholesome Nourish 2 months ago

This was such a great shopping video. I'm glad you made to shop and enjoy during this pandemic

eye mak
eye mak 2 months ago

Love watching you guys😘❤😘

The sparkling three
The sparkling three 2 months ago

Lots of lovely things to buy from the shops. Both of you look like you enjoyed the shopping experience.

don't worry i'm finite

Looks like you can get just about anything you need there, including the views!

Elite Squad
Elite Squad 2 months ago

Nice tour and shopping.

I Am Fee TV
I Am Fee TV 2 months ago

That mall is huge! It has some really good stores to be an outlet mall. Makes me want to visit to shop lol

Theresa ajise
Theresa ajise 2 months ago

You both are hilarious, I loved the designer stores

beloved70x7 2 months ago

Great last minute shopping there! Looks like you had a great time. When we were there, we did a quick daytrip to Beligium

Fahima Khatun
Fahima Khatun 2 months ago

thanks for sharing this amaZING vedio

The World Through My Eyes

Such good vibes of the video✨✨✨
Thank you for sharing 💖

shyda tania akter champa

Nice vlog like it

My Colorful Times
My Colorful Times 2 months ago

Hope you had a lot of fun😊You guys are awesome😊

the sup
the sup 2 months ago

excellent vlog...really enjoyed this vlog!!

Here, There and Everywhere Travel

What a really nice looking designer outlet mall. You two are too cute and too funny.

dixiecuddles fitness
dixiecuddles fitness 2 months ago

It's fun shopping for gifts

The Theme Park Foodies

Awww the mask kiss

The Theme Park Foodies

I do most of my shopping online but you guys make it look so fun.

zarif siam
zarif siam 2 months ago

Nice vlog I like it

B & KL Channel
B & KL Channel 2 months ago

Great happy couple. Keep it up guys. Thanks for sharing. Love the energy on both of you😀. Great shopping.

Australian Native
Australian Native 2 months ago

This was great to see this outlet. I have really missed shopping during the pandemic but thankfully we are able to get out a bit more now. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

The Average Tourist
The Average Tourist 2 months ago

That looked liked such a fun shopping adventure! How many hours were you shopping for? Those churros looks really great for a quick shopping snack. Loved all the fashion poses at the end!

Costa T
Costa T 2 months ago

Shopping shopping shopping is the real deal and the real fun!!! Nice adventure guys!

Mrs. Bugzy
Mrs. Bugzy 2 months ago

We enjoying watching your vlogs... if I may ask,What camera do you use and what do you use for editing???

Duke Khan
Duke Khan 2 months ago

Nice vlog, enjoyed thoroughly.

Rainbow Parrot
Rainbow Parrot 2 months ago

Very nice vlog.. Enjoyed it

Free Birds
Free Birds 2 months ago

Very nice video.. Enjoyed your video

Golden Rootz
Golden Rootz 2 months ago

Christmas shopping is my favourite time of the year 💯🛒🎄🛍️

Nasima Begum
Nasima Begum 2 months ago

Mas maganda po, best wishes for both

tomal toru
tomal toru 2 months ago

Looking forward to see more videos

nitu zaman
nitu zaman 2 months ago

very nice

Hyped Media Australia - Photo Video Drone

Really enjoy your content

Mamun Mohamed
Mamun Mohamed 2 months ago

Very nice video thanks for sharing

Sleep meditation Relaxation Corner

christmas season comes with a special feeling. everything is special even shopping. no day like that one day.

Monika G
Monika G 2 months ago

That high street is absolutely beautiful.😍 That big tree with the big will is so amazing.❤ You had fun shopping for Christmas.🤗

Diya Hasan
Diya Hasan 2 months ago

Amazing vlog thanks for sharing

Morleys Crew
Morleys Crew 2 months ago

Looks like fab last minute shopping, the carousel for the kids would keep them happy!

Farzana Akter
Farzana Akter 2 months ago

Beautiful Place and nice video thanks for sharing your video.

Diora Styles
Diora Styles 2 months ago

I absolutely love Christmas shopping. Well just shopping in general so this was my idea of fun. Thanks for sharing.

Mala Akther
Mala Akther 2 months ago

So nice blog thanks for sharing

fake id-4
fake id-4 2 months ago

you are a happy cupple

Sonu Sonu
Sonu Sonu 2 months ago

Thanks for your video. It has nice and interesting content. Loved watching your video.

Assamese Unlimited
Assamese Unlimited 2 months ago

It is really fun to see your all videos. Great content. Keep it up!

Christy Evers
Christy Evers 2 months ago

Awe! You guys are so cute. Looks like you had a ton of festive fun !

kitchen ranna
kitchen ranna 2 months ago

great video

mazeen alfahid
mazeen alfahid 2 months ago

Happy shopping, happy travelling. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Jin S.
Jin S. 2 months ago

I really love the big christmas tree outside. Congratulations Jacky for winning the challenge haha

My 50 Plus Fitness Journey Motivation#50pluswomen

You really had a swell shopping escapade

Sailormxn •
Sailormxn • 2 months ago

Beautiful Vlogs thanks for sharing

Aahil •
Aahil • 2 months ago

So nice vlogs thanks for sharing

CestJackie 2 months ago

The designer outlet looks so beautiful~! It was great fun walking and shopping with you~

HNH Vlogs
HNH Vlogs 2 months ago

That's so interesting to watch the Christmas shopping... Thanks for sharing

Ndlovukazi Thabethe
Ndlovukazi Thabethe 2 months ago

You guys so cute 😍😍😍I totally enjoyed this

Fatima Ahmad
Fatima Ahmad 2 months ago

Oh I hear you sister. I can’t shop without my coffee too. Happy last minute Christmas shopping. 😊😊😊

Pabbsways 2 months ago

Last minute shopping is mine domain lol. Idk why but I always finish up running like crazy five minutes before the gig :)

Ira Kismet
Ira Kismet 2 months ago

Looks like youve had great fun shopping... beautiful place, thanks for the tour. 👍💗

Jennifer Luv
Jennifer Luv 2 months ago

Wow you guys have alot of fun why shopping for Christmas 🎄

Playtime with Harper!

It is so beautiful there! Looks like you both had a lot of fun shopping!

Ayasha AAH
Ayasha AAH 2 months ago

U enjoyed a lot of..guys..keep smiling

Snigdha's Passion
Snigdha's Passion 2 months ago

Christmas energy is something different. I love this festival of happiness. You guys are so cute together..

Queen Nishia
Queen Nishia 2 months ago

The place looks so pretty wow i hate last min shopping you never get the good stuff😂😫

RICHA KOTWAL 2 months ago

Really enjoyed your both enjoyed alot while shopping..

Nadine’s Mommy Channel

Very funny intro! Those briefs can indeed be a last minute thing, lol. Benelux is a lovely place for Christmas..! I’ll add this on my bucket list post-Covid. Thanks for sharing!

Travelwithme24x7 2 months ago

I love your videos with you and wife doing shopping with lots of fun. Good you have some last minute good deals before Christmas.

Elizabeth Penaloza
Elizabeth Penaloza 2 months ago

Y’all make a wonderful couple! I enjoyed the vlog! Y’all made me laugh 😊

Globeblogging 2 months ago

You have a great voice! I love the lampposts and christmas lights all through the centre!

Nicholas Caggiano
Nicholas Caggiano 2 months ago

looks so fun

ODea Baez
ODea Baez 2 months ago

Great last minute Christmas shopping

MJDRockstars 2 months ago

Hahaha sexy sexy :P shopping is always fun to do specially the last minute your vlog..keep posting guys.

The Schaefer Chronicles

You guys have fun wherever you go! Lol love the shopping trip!

LifeWith Debbie
LifeWith Debbie 2 months ago

❤️❤️❤️yasss love the energy ❤️❤️

Life with Allie and Amaia

The designer outlet is such a vibe. While shopping you also get to enjoy the place. And there are so many shops to choose from! Thanks for showing us around.