Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features


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Information Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features

Title : Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features

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Frames Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features

Description Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features

Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features

Galaxy Note 4 - Tips,Tricks \u0026 Hidden Features

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J. R. GRAY 2 months ago

Fantastic review, greetings from England

Pat Santos
Pat Santos 2 months ago

Your video is great too. After years I'm finally learned all the things it can do. Mostly I require a good camera and the Note feature but it's amazing to learn all this even 8 years after my purchase!

Pat Santos
Pat Santos 2 months ago

It's 8+ years now that I've had my Note 4. I've done everything possible (that I know if) to keep it going. I've looked at all the new Notes but most are bigger (I don't want bigger... I wamt easy to carry in my pocket) I've discovered that buying original Samsung batteries has given me years more service. It had stopped working - had all kinds of problems -with the knockoffs sold in most places. I finally found a place that sold the real ones and every pblm disappeared. Amazing a battery could do that ,tho I have no idea how! I like more simple phones and the new ones really didn't have much appeal... plus they're too big and expensive. Since the support from Samsung ended I'm having more problems but still working well for most part. I'll cling to it till it truly dies and be irritated with Samsung for trying to force me to buy a new Note when I don't like the new styles or prices by stopping support for our Note 4 phones . Anyone know any tips for keeping it going would be so gratefully appreciated ... if anyone else out there is still using theirs! :)

PRAGYAN PANTA 2 months ago

I am still in note 4

NOURLM10✔ 2 months ago

Still note 4 😂

David Bolha
David Bolha 2 months ago

I have 2 of these, though both OLED LCD's suffer from the "Burn In" issue. 😏😕

Played too much Race Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2 game. 😄

I went through like 5 batteries (replaced them).

Still fine in 2021. ✌

Rogue Aryan
Rogue Aryan 2 months ago

Still using note 4 for 4 years

jdhd hdudy
jdhd hdudy 2 months ago

oml im so sad no one comented form 2021

viewer 2 months ago

Sala mere paas abhi aaya hai ye mobile second hand liya hai......
Dam!i have this phone..
Buy second hand...2021

emmanuel de jesus
emmanuel de jesus 2 months ago

how to make a repair flashlight

Yara Jaladef
Yara Jaladef 2 months ago


m3c43 2 months ago

No idea what u r talking about.

İstikbal YKS
İstikbal YKS 2 months ago

I still use samsung galaxy note4 and it's perfectly working!!!

croshant 2 months ago

How do you use otg on it

Angel Olaytaaa
Angel Olaytaaa 2 months ago

How to zoom in and out?!

Fantahun Mamo
Fantahun Mamo 2 months ago

Yo thank you bro subscribed 😊

October Entertainment

Stupid phone, it doesn't let me save funny cat memes from google chrome.

Maream Maream
Maream Maream 2 months ago

How much Samsung oxygen note 4pink in dollar amount 🙏

Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 2 months ago

Hey guyz
I am from India
I am using note 4 from quite long time,
but I'm facing battery problem I replaced it few months back but still the problem of draining is not solve .
If anyone knows anything to solve this please suggest

Yeon Sha
Yeon Sha 2 months ago

I came from the future on 2020

saiful faizal
saiful faizal 2 months ago

I still use it until now..2020 like today hihi..

Hanma 2 months ago

Reduce screen size lol, get a smaller phone.

Achu S
Achu S 2 months ago

Thaq broooo. Thaqq soooo much. Its really working ❤️

Rohit Gaikwad
Rohit Gaikwad 2 months ago

5:00 This might not be in note 8

King Kong
King Kong 2 months ago

I love this phone

Tenshi 2 months ago

its 2020 and still using this. works well.

Patrick Zator
Patrick Zator 2 months ago

Your accent is annoying and you show only your hands. If you want to connect with your audience this is not the way to do it. I didn't NOT subscribe

Aashish Subedi
Aashish Subedi 2 months ago

Sahi ho dai😂😂

Amir Afridi
Amir Afridi 2 months ago

very helpful Bro thank you so much

Yusuf Kanar
Yusuf Kanar 2 months ago

In 2019 any phone has this features

Zain ali
Zain ali 2 months ago

I also have a galaxy note 4

knowledge station
knowledge station 2 months ago

M getting updates nd adds while using can i get rid off

9MH. 22. Nia
9MH. 22. Nia 2 months ago

Its 2019 and my phone is still samsung note 4

Si JoyCe
Si JoyCe 2 months ago

thanks for the infor i learn something new

Stacey Parkes
Stacey Parkes 2 months ago

Note 4 2019

shabbir dana
shabbir dana 2 months ago using note4 but i dont see the grey scale setting option to keep my display n app n all in use of grey.please help me in that

MeelonBS Official
MeelonBS Official 2 months ago

Bro my galaxy note 4 not showing messages delivery report

Princes Rubab
Princes Rubab 2 months ago


M.Sammi ur Rehman
M.Sammi ur Rehman 2 months ago

good video

Helping Mind
Helping Mind 2 months ago

wow, there are lot of hidden features.

Osman Gazi
Osman Gazi 2 months ago

04:53 what was that? how can i achieve side shortcuts?

Viral Anowara
Viral Anowara 2 months ago

wow nice boos

Wilko GRACZ 2 months ago

Still using it in 2019 I LOVE IT :D ..if only samsung continued the original batteries...

Bob Dowlen
Bob Dowlen 2 months ago

Great job. I will probably need to watch it a couple of more times to get it all.

Sangram Hegade
Sangram Hegade 2 months ago

Best mobile of the time*

Tony Brighter
Tony Brighter 2 months ago

Nice Vid Awesome Music Background

ABH3 2 months ago

cannot find ir blaster

Pratik Upadhyay
Pratik Upadhyay 2 months ago

Very bad phone don't buy anyone

G.G.H.S Maddokahlwan
G.G.H.S Maddokahlwan 2 months ago

A very useful video i have subscribed u because of this video

IAm Baxpe
IAm Baxpe 2 months ago

nigga u blow up buildings??

Ashraf Khan
Ashraf Khan 2 months ago

Signal problems my note 4 data

EDGE USA 2 months ago

Note 4 us the best edition in note ...I have black

TweetyTaffy 2 months ago

Whatever you do don't update the note 4 because you will lose features?

Emzy Tahlawy
Emzy Tahlawy 2 months ago

thank you sooooo much for the very useful info

Teresa Webb
Teresa Webb 2 months ago

so glad my mum is giving me ths phone

A D.
A D. 2 months ago

Useful information! Thank you :-)

Frezer Ice
Frezer Ice 2 months ago

Great phone...still using this phone..

41levergun 2 months ago

Good video but you go WAY TO FAST! some pays are useless, you can not see what you are doing!

AKIYIAKELLY 2 months ago

Thanks for the Info

Nida Malik
Nida Malik 2 months ago

my music stops automatically after every 20 seconds without any reason .plz tell me any solution

Nida Malik
Nida Malik 2 months ago

what u have to do if your music will stop automatically on samsung note 4

Dragan Stojanovic
Dragan Stojanovic 2 months ago

Fucking ass doing everything so fast that it is very difficult to follow. Son of a bitch.

kostma69 2 months ago

I have note 4 n910f and I have note s note photo note mode. do you now what can I do ?

anahi mendez
anahi mendez 2 months ago

android sucks ios is better the android

Tajae Campbell
Tajae Campbell 2 months ago

is this the Verizon version or at&t

Surround Sound
Surround Sound 2 months ago

OH MY GOSH! WHERE has this video been these last 2 years! Thanks so much for such a great video! It's full of awesome info! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

787.86 2 months ago

Still on my Note 4 and it rocks.

BoSsOm boss
BoSsOm boss 2 months ago

how to get marshmallow update ?

betsy ferrell
betsy ferrell 2 months ago

Thank you.

Tymiria 2 months ago

thank you

Sagar Paudel
Sagar Paudel 2 months ago

I my note 4 ( android 6.0.1) there no feature to extract text from image in S-Note. please tell how can i get this?

Jayballer 2 months ago

OMG what is it about Hindus and Cell Phone reviews Dont people who speak clear ENGLISH do reviews?


are you Nepali???

nour el din Abu khalifa

is it just me who the increase touch sensitivity doesnt work with every thing I hold in my hand like the video said ?

Binod Sen
Binod Sen 2 months ago

Safal Dai : Aile ma fon garchu ekchin ma bro.... Hehehe..... good job

Mohammed Aroz
Mohammed Aroz 2 months ago

this video is extremely helpful. it is stupid

Brian Joseph
Brian Joseph 2 months ago

Note 4 won't connect to my Pioneer FH-X731 BTW car stereo Bluetooth...
I can hear music, audible and even other person speaking but they can't hear me....
Any ideas how to fix this.....?
Please help...

fairytaleviola 2 months ago

and i was ashamed of my accent. well done man

Zaki Dridi
Zaki Dridi 2 months ago


Hisham Hussein
Hisham Hussein 2 months ago

how did you open multi window

Sammith Shohag
Sammith Shohag 2 months ago

How I can increase battery back up plz tell me

Syed Osaid Vlogs
Syed Osaid Vlogs 2 months ago

my galaxy note 4 audio is not working through skype or viber .i can hear the talk but my voice doesnot go to the listener. plz reply me

SAVAGE TV 2 months ago

is Samsung note 4 ios

Rasack Yousof
Rasack Yousof 2 months ago


FunnyMcBunny 2 months ago

why cant i select pics with the s pen like he did around 09:18??

Hussain Wathiq
Hussain Wathiq 2 months ago

I want to buy note 4 but I think note 3 better than note 4 in tips &tricks

Nismo Armada
Nismo Armada 2 months ago

how do I get Facebook pic to display in my gallery. I tried to click but it not allowing me.

anand bhalakia
anand bhalakia 2 months ago

does the word highlight feature work? I have seen videos where you can select any word with the spen and then you get an option of dictionary and you can look up the meaning. doesnt seem to work on my note 4

Jashan Singh
Jashan Singh 2 months ago

very nice video. it was like having close look to note 4

Maria Cristina Nicolas

great work.. didnt know u cud take a selfie by judt pressing thats

DAMARCUS BELL 2 months ago

The Note 4 will go down as one of the best smartphones of its time & it's time is not over yet!

Wendy Mogul
Wendy Mogul 2 months ago

I dont know what Note 4 you have but mine does not have all those features.. seems like the phones you developers use in these videos are way different than the one I have.. whats up with that..

Min Ko Naing
Min Ko Naing 2 months ago

Thanks You!bro

M V 2 months ago

hey there can you buy and do an unbox and testing video of battry case for this phone pls

Andy Hop
Andy Hop 2 months ago

can u do aero same as the s5 ??

Somnang horng
Somnang horng 2 months ago


Nigel Riza
Nigel Riza 2 months ago

Great work. Very informative and efficiently presented!

Suman Kumar
Suman Kumar 2 months ago

my phone note 4 I s prblm

Elexa Sanchez
Elexa Sanchez 2 months ago

this helped me alot