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Lise Rod
Lise Rod 2 months ago

You made me laugh when you said if you were a kid, you'd go around and flash a red light at people. Yep, that's what I would have done as well. LOL!!!

james sanders
james sanders 2 months ago

How about the flat try me buttons that don't have a cell battery, I bought these led Lightup snowmen ornaments from store and they just have a tiny flat try me button with no cell battery, so how is that flat tiny try me button getting power with no batteries, if there a internal battery that's built into the chipboard.

Tara Misu
Tara Misu 2 months ago

SOLD! I never knew I wanted a Try Me button til this video :) Is there a person alive that can even resist pressing a Try Me button??

lexmarks567 2 months ago

now you have a new toy for sharkey to play with when he's over. Joe would use that to rig up a buzzer that can be herd throughout the house to summon cassone

dynatrak 2 months ago

It would make a great low voltage light bulb tester, like for flashlights, or miniature bulb light strands. That's what I'd make if I stumbled upon a TRY ME button.
Just playing with an LED like that is more satisfying than a fidget spinner!

Todd W
Todd W 2 months ago

I was gonna make a foot switch for my keyboard using a try me button

petermazbabie 2 months ago

Jay your life is now complete you have a try me button that actually works what more could you want?

Michael Gegzno
Michael Gegzno 2 months ago

I have not one, but two, try me buttons lying around. One with a standard button and 3 volt battery, think it has some modes, and one with a 12 volt setup.

Leonardo Limon
Leonardo Limon 2 months ago

Yes I seen that in toys.