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Information A History Teacher Reacts | Extra Credits - Genghis Khan (Parts 1-2)

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Frames A History Teacher Reacts | Extra Credits - Genghis Khan (Parts 1-2)

Description A History Teacher Reacts | Extra Credits - Genghis Khan (Parts 1-2)

A History Teacher Reacts | Extra Credits - Genghis Khan (Parts 1-2)

A History Teacher Reacts | Extra Credits - Genghis Khan (Parts 1-2)

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Packless1 2 months ago

31:00 ...good point...!
...you might have been given a title, but respect must be earned...!

Lonely Potato666
Lonely Potato666 2 months ago

I mean, technically abduction is a way to get a wife, just not a very happy one

Ryan Juguilon
Ryan Juguilon 2 months ago

Slurce-Secret history of the Mongols

Crystal Gansukh
Crystal Gansukh 2 months ago

I read that he killed his half brother because they were half starving and the half brother kept stealing the food for himself and not sharing any spoils. In either case, loyalty was very important to Chinggis Khaan. It may not be relatable but in the steppe life it’s a matter of survival. 🇲🇳

t3ngrist 2 months ago

The Secret History of the Mongols. a record written by order of kublai khan

Bel B
Bel B 2 months ago

Oh and anda mean bro

Bel B
Bel B 2 months ago

Our country had a big history and the first country had a biggest land and over 100 million soldier

Henn Geta
Henn Geta 2 months ago

Most definitely the whole naming your kid after a warrior you killed was an honor thing. Common in a lot of old warrior cultures

ZZekedia 222
ZZekedia 222 2 months ago

Imagine if John Wilkes Booth evaded captured, settled down and had a kid.
He ponders. He thinks. What should he names his child.
Then, he has an epiphany!
Abraham Lincoln! That president he assassinated!

ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances

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kokokawaii1 2 months ago


Anand Otgon-Urel
Anand Otgon-Urel 2 months ago

Im a mongolian and i can verify that Every facts in this Video is correct

peter dollins
peter dollins 2 months ago

The Greek island I lived had reversed dowries and a matriarchal structure in that sense.

Amanuel zew
Amanuel zew 2 months ago

wasnt yesugie a khan of the khamag mongol? haha so he didnt kidnap hoelun because he was a impoverished and poor raider but because she was beautiful.

Sen Sekaren
Sen Sekaren 2 months ago

THe big source about ghengis khans life is The Secret History of the Mongols

brigidtheirish 2 months ago

What I don't get is how stealing Temujin's wife is supposed to avenge anyone. That's just going to hurt the woman who was kidnapped and her children. The woman Chiledu loved, who sacrificed herself so he could escape.

Minikui Yosei
Minikui Yosei 2 months ago

I love how I can find so many history channels, through this one channel. He would answer the questions I would have just watching the simplified video and from what he says intices me to do more research for history knowledge, it's a beautiful cycle! C:

tselmuun tamir
tselmuun tamir 2 months ago

I am a Mongolian and most of the things are true

Meta Psychotic
Meta Psychotic 2 months ago

the discrepancy between the first and the second
the greatest and the second best

Aidan Vaughan
Aidan Vaughan 2 months ago

I never knew his early years...

Chinheg•H•W Borjigin

Actually, there is wrong in this video

Chinheg•H•W Borjigin

My my, I’m an offspring of Genghis Khan

Kanat Sarsenbekuli
Kanat Sarsenbekuli 2 months ago

Kazakhs are real Mongols, we are a people of Naiman, Zhalayir, Kipchak, Konyrats .. our president is from the Zhalayir tribe

Gato Villano
Gato Villano 2 months ago

Usually, when we are dealing with illiterate tribes, the stories are past down orally for generations and often embellished.
You see the same thing with the story of Muhammed that was only written down 400 years later after scribes were commissioned to write down the stories past down from the tribes.

Bill White
Bill White 2 months ago

Extra credit not extra history

salvation 777
salvation 777 2 months ago

And I shall create an even bigger empire

Micky nick
Micky nick 2 months ago

That wife stealing thing actually still happens mostly in the caucuses. Like its literally a part of there culture they will kidnap a girl and marry her by then end of the day

Nicholas Hawkins
Nicholas Hawkins 2 months ago

The part when Temujin snapped and decided that his older brother had to die is an early example of what happens when either a single parent (or both parents) doesn’t address the abuse of bullying that goes beyond the idea of sibling rivalry (or innocent things in that nature), how fast the bullied can snap and decide to put an end to the matter in the wrong way. We’ve seen it recently as a recurring problem where the kid gets bullied to the point where a school shooting or suicide occurs. Especially if the kid or teenager either doesn’t want to speak out or doesn’t feel like speaking out fixes anything. No amount of gun control policies will stop a young and smart child from figuring out a way around these issues. Just something I thought about when learning about this

Amanda Guerra
Amanda Guerra 2 months ago

My great GREAT GREAT grandmother was kidnapped here in Brazil. She was from an indigenous tribe and the man who abducted her was of a Portuguese background, kind of a raider. They lived together for a while until her father found out where they were and sent a message threatening to go and get them (he was the tribe leader). She and her husband left the kids and fled to somewhere else after telling them that if they didn't come back, the worse had happened. They never came back.

Kleen 2 months ago

think the naming is a respect thing.if you ever fought in a combat sport or watched it,you can see a enormous respect between the fighters afterwards.

imnot a zombie
imnot a zombie 2 months ago

The history channel said there is like 1 whole writer who talks about them.

Mongolian Boi
Mongolian Boi 2 months ago

There is a book called "secret of the mongols" where it tells the full story of genghis khan

MaxTheMaximumGamer 2 months ago

Young Genghis Khan was kind of a wuss. This enraged his father, who punished him severely.

L G 2 months ago

The sad part about bridenapping is that it is still a tradition in the northeast and southeast asia.

Rolandais 2 months ago

There's still many places that have arranged marriages today, especially in Asia. And the idea of marriage as something you do out of love, is very much a modern Western thing, most places for most of human history marriage was a business transaction.

samhouston1979 2 months ago

that’s pretty neat respect that you get a baby named after you by the man who defeated you

Krydolph 2 months ago

What I heard about the older brother was that he not only stole the fish and the bird, the thing that really pissed him off was that he ate it himself without sharing it with the rest of the family or the mother.

So it wasn't even to "claim the fame" and seem like he was provider of their flock, it was to feed himself, so he could stay strong, while the rest of the family starved. Djengis wanted to share it with his mother and brothers, and could not tolerate the selfishness of his older brother, that is why he killed him.

Dafdev76 2 months ago

Conn Iggulden wrote a set of books and some of this is in it. Don't know if that helps?

Yoonmi Kim
Yoonmi Kim 2 months ago

Catherine kept a journal and wrote extensive letters which are the primary sources for most of the Catherine scholars.

thedragong 2 months ago

Sad fact: Kazakhstan still has bride kidnapping. There are whole documentaries about it. This act while illegal is still allowed due to tradition and culture. It is sad to see women being kidnapped from their life and family to be forced to marry strangers.

Chaos Thierry
Chaos Thierry 2 months ago

The moral of the story: don't piss off your wife.

zetsumeinaito 2 months ago

People in China kidnap women to be wives to this very day. So... It's still a thing.

LiezAllLiez 2 months ago

*Alternative history scenario, king of an undisclosed country talking to his advisor*
- why do the Mongols have bombards? Arent they horse-people?
- they mustve stolen them from the Byzantines, Sire.
K: where did they get the catapults from, then?
A: most likely from the Venetians, Sire.
K: what about their heavy infantry?
A: Germany, maybe?
K: and what of those elaborate siege towers?
A: ah, those must be French, Sire.
K: then what do we have that can beat them?
A: the English Channel...

NetherTaker 2 months ago

Temujin's brother: Bullies him

Uvdloriaq Petersen
Uvdloriaq Petersen 2 months ago

About giving names of dead person, means you want to keep/continue the spirit of the dead person. This culture exists in Greenland where I live.
And in old days marriage depended on men's ability to feed the family.

Heather Beachgirl
Heather Beachgirl 2 months ago

His men did write a book about GK and his life called The Secret History of the Mongols just shortly after his death I believe. Some of these stories I’ve heard slightly differently so I don’t know if it’s just translation differences from the same source or if there were different sources.

I had heard he killed his brother for stealing food that was supposed to feed the family. This story does make it seem more trivial with his mother’s response to it and I wonder how people found out to arrest him. It’s kind of isolated areas lol

T.R TOM 2 months ago

Hard to believe just one clan can send several thousand men and each with 2 spare horses.

Vasco Jorge
Vasco Jorge 2 months ago

Look up weddings in Kyrgyzstan. Same premise.

Trashdoge 2 months ago

People still abduct women to force them to be wifes.

Cathsaigh 2 months ago

In the situation they were in I'd say stealing food is a fair bit worse than just bullying.

Andrew20 2 months ago

That channel aged so bad it's on its death bed screaming "bigot" to whoever came to say goodbye before it's too late

Theturtleowl 2 months ago

The summaries really make clear how lunatic Genghis Khan's life was.

to do
to do 2 months ago

I mean, it's one thing to bully a younger sibling. It's another to starve them and steal food that they caught and then for the parents to also do nothing and tell you to let it go.

David Corrales
David Corrales 2 months ago

Love the videos, just subbed!

Fanaticalplel 2 months ago

Dang genghis Khan a great man, was a timid boy and then took over basically all of asia

Daniel Reitman
Daniel Reitman 2 months ago

The source for Temukin's early life was probably The Secret History of the Mongols, which Cinggis commissioned.

Blood Eagle223
Blood Eagle223 2 months ago

I wish I had a history teacher like you back when I was in school!

Blood Eagle223
Blood Eagle223 2 months ago

sadly arranged marriages are still very common.

Nurgles Chosen
Nurgles Chosen 2 months ago

Smell is part of your soul? Well then when I go to Mongolia I'll give a girl my underwear to remind me by.

687Gaming 2 months ago

27:45 yeah, they love to go into the personal details and things like that, they are called EXTRA History.

Ууганбилэг Баясгалан

u can find this source. Mongolian secret history

Jürg Nobs
Jürg Nobs 2 months ago

the abduction to get a wife thing was a legitimate way in some cultures in that region for ages. it still is done in at least one country (often it is done as a sort of play before a wedding that is already agreed upon today)

Linda Kent
Linda Kent 2 months ago

Super nit-picky comment on the Extra History video: Why does it seem like when Tamujin had to flee, he and his people left their yurts behind? The coverings and frames would have been incredibly valuable resources for survival -- close to food and water -- and very difficult/time consuming to replace. Probably an oversight on their part, but a pretty important one.

Mattis Norén
Mattis Norén 2 months ago

I'm sorry, I don't wanna bash the guy or anything... But watching his videos doesn't give me the feeling of "History teachers reacts"... More like, "some guy who knows a little bit of history reacts to videos, mainly just nodding his head and stating the obvious."
He hardly ever adds anything that the video doesn't already state and if it wasn't for the title, I'd have no bloody idea that the guy was a history teacher.

Emperor 2 months ago

now i think ik what to do with my elder brothers

Rabbi Conduit
Rabbi Conduit 2 months ago

My friend is Mongolian and only knows bit about the history of Mongolia so this video helped him

Chris 371
Chris 371 2 months ago

You misunderstood when you said he was regifting the fur. The gift was never supposed to be for him, it was supposed to go to his father. That's why it had the significance it did when he gave it to Ong Khan.

Rentta 2 months ago

Arranged marriages are still a thing in some cultures.

KbAssassin 2 months ago

Temujin did have a scribe when he conquered China record his history, but it was most likely over exaggerated or under exaggerated

ArcheoFutura _
ArcheoFutura _ 2 months ago

In Kyrgyzstan they still do the wife kidnapping thing, sadly

Vincent Wong
Vincent Wong 2 months ago

Kidnap your own wife, that still happen in kyrgyzstan. Just FYI

eckelstein2 2 months ago

You rule, Mr. Terry!!

Otaku Medium
Otaku Medium 2 months ago

mr terrry looks super high in this video

CoolDepot 2 months ago

So he gave a coat to an old dude and in return he got the control of 20 000 troops? What?

Jeff Zaun
Jeff Zaun 2 months ago

One thing you, Mr. Terry, could add is temporal context. As I understand it, Genghis Khan ruled early in the 13th century; what else was going on then? Henry II had just murdered Thomas Bgneckett; Richard I then Henry III ruled England. Phillip the 4th ruled France. Europe was on its 4th and 5th Crusades while Venice and Byzantium were the big powers. The Black Death was 20 years after Genghis Kahn.

At one point you mention something about "The first time horses were domesticated.' That had happened a lot earlier. One major innovation that hasn't been mentioned yet was the metal stirrup.

Oh, also. I think the biggest historical event in Genghis Khan's reign was the Magna Carta, ~`1215

Dismas 2 months ago

Its true history, Sources came from Secret history of mongols. Secret history of mongols written by mongol scholar who was close to gengkhis khan.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen 2 months ago

pretty much all the sources were translated from mongolian so they are legit

tim mobile
tim mobile 2 months ago

Maybe ghangisus sons khnew his history and told it on and somone wrote it down you khnow

Joshua Perrin
Joshua Perrin 2 months ago

There is a fantastic book series about genghis Khan it’s called The Conqueror series - Conn Iggulden

Simmlex 2 months ago

Do you have to stop the vid very 5 minutes to ask people to tell you sources? Once at the end would be more than enough.

Dlw4456 2 months ago

glad to see a teacher who has a passion for history other than memorizing dates and people, thanks for your videos, keep up the good content!

Cool story, Needs more Dragons

notice he said largest CONTIGUOS empire? nobody forgets the British Empire

justinin trump
justinin trump 2 months ago

It was not childish it was about the symbolic meaning, you have to remember the past was fricin insane if he let that go on he would probably have been ousted when the going got tuff or treated like dirt. We sleep soundly without fear only because we live in a time and a country where all citizans are provided that luxury, back then(especcily on the steppe) everywhere was the poor nabourhood or the warzone. The lowest of the developed world live lives the most powerful monarchs if any time before 1850ish would have killed for

Chris C
Chris C 2 months ago

im sure a lot of this is true, on the facts anyway. i am just not a fan of the narrator stating things like " his mother was distraught" . nobody would know this.

Vasily Krushev
Vasily Krushev 2 months ago

Now this is the “reaction” worth watching!

Tom Cressey Lighting Cameraman

Mr Terry, I really enjoy your videos, especially the additional insights you give.

Another channel I would recommend doing reaction videos for is History Matters. He does a lot of great 10 minute videos on very specific topics.

Sean Roadman
Sean Roadman 2 months ago

Please do a video on extra history’s video that’s about the Sengoku Jidai.

DevilDude912 2 months ago

the sourcing is probably the writings of those Genghis Khan dictated his personal history to, like many other tribal cultures the mongols placed great store on one's personal history of 'legend' and Genghis was famous for importing writers and chroniclers to immortalize him.

HafdirTasare 2 months ago

Concerning Bullying with Siblings:
A childhood friend of mine had a older brother who was bullying him day on day. Stealing from him, punching him and the parents did not realy do anything about ist ("Boys be boys")
One day my friend was so fed up with his older brother after he flipped his icecream cone out of his hand that he pushed him to the ground and smashed his head with a rock several times.

The brother survived eventually and made it through therapy and regained most of his mental and physical health.
But he never touched my friend again.

I guess some times, as a bully you dont realize what you are doing mentaly to your victim...especially children.

So... we dont know how hard Temujin was actually bullied...

G F 2 months ago

Many traditional Hungarian weddings still feature wife stealing. At one part of the night the wife gets "kidnapped" and the husband has to find her to prove that he deserves her. Nowadays it's all fun and games of course, and just one part of the wedding games.

I'm not 100% sure if this comes from our steppe nomad period but it sounds likely.

Michael Goldsmith
Michael Goldsmith 2 months ago

His early life can’t really be certified as I’m pretty sure (correct if wrong I might be) that the chronicle that had all this info was written by one of his sons so it’s probably very embellished to show of gengises talent and his family’s selflessness

Trunks858585 2 months ago

react to the videos about Admiral Yi!

Techno Lion
Techno Lion 2 months ago

Bride-kidnapping is actually still very common to this day. Especially in the central asian countries.

Mel Geezy
Mel Geezy 2 months ago

www.youtube.com/channel/UCX7katl3DVmch4D7LSvqbVQ/about This individual who goes by Montemayor does incredible recounts and summations that revolve around historic battles and strategy analysis. If you could take the time to review his 1st out of 2 entries on The Battle of Midway; it'd be interesting to see you reciprocate and account for his hard work!

Horyd 2 months ago

Abducting used to be a legitimate tradition (well not anymore ofc) in many parts of Mongolia as well as all across mountain tribes in southern Russia

Agent Grandma
Agent Grandma 2 months ago

I'm new to your channel and I wanted to know what history you teach

MX 7812
MX 7812 2 months ago

Actually, bride service as it is usually called, is a pretty common arrangement in countless tribal societies worldwide. It often seems to depend on whether the norm in a tribe is for the wife moves into the husband's household (patrilocality) or the husband moves into the wife's household (matrilocality) in a given culture. In the latter arrangement, the husband may have to work for the wife's parents for a time after marriage.

It should also be mentioned that while real bride abductions do occur in many tribal societies (including in some former Soviet countries in central Asia to this day), many other societies practice a sort of arranged bride abduction: the bride escapes the possibility of an arranged marriage in favor of a romantic one by staging her own abduction. That might explain the instant love connection in this case. In some societies, this actually winds up being formalized in wedding arrangements and the groom stages a mock abduction with the consent of the bride's family: carrying the bride across the threshold may be a vestige of such mock abductions.

bdv 2 months ago

“Or you just like the name” with that tone and delivery just made me lose it

Xyz Sam
Xyz Sam 2 months ago

actually whole story of genghis khan was recorded in the book called secret history of mongols which was written sometime 10 to 20 years after his death so definately we can not take everything on the face value.

Joogledo 2 months ago

Can you react to “History of the entire world , iguess” from Bill Wurtz. Its really cool