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John Denver - Seasons Of The Heart

John Denver - Seasons Of The Heart

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Suzanne Berger
Suzanne Berger 2 months ago

Thank you Aneruca for bringing this beautiful singer and human being into the world! He will always becrenbered for his sensitivity, love, spirituality, and being at one with nature and Mother Earth. I would loved to have met Him. He was so sebsitive and misunderstood. God Bless this beautiful man. RIP John Denver, you live through your music! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤🇺🇸🇩🇪

mbapache64 2 months ago

Wow...just, wow. What an amazing performer of our time.

Rosa Araujo
Rosa Araujo 2 months ago


Don Nelson
Don Nelson 2 months ago

Love it

Vo Thi Ha
Vo Thi Ha 2 months ago

Of course we have our differences
You shouldn't be surprised
It's as natural as changes
In the seasons and the skies
Sometimes we grow together
Sometimes we drift apart
A wiser man than I might know
The seasons of the heart

And I'm walking here beside you
In the early evening chill
A thing we've always loved to do
I know we always will
We have so much in common
So many things we share
That I can't believe my heart
When it implies that you're not there

Love is why I came here in the first place
Love is now the reason I must go
Love is all I ever hoped to find here
Love is still the only dream I know

So I don't know how to tell you
It's difficult to say
I never in my wildest dreams
Imagined it this way
But sometimes I just don't know you
There's a stranger in our home
When I'm lying right beside you
Is when I'm most alone

And I think my heart is broken
There's an emptiness inside
So many things I've longed for
Have so often been denied
Still I wouldn't try to change you
There's no one that's to blame
It's just some things that mean so much
And we just don't feel the same

Love is why I came here in the first place
Love is now the reason I must go
Love is all I ever hoped to find here
Love is still the only dream I know
True love is still the only dream I know

Karen Fuchs
Karen Fuchs 2 months ago

awesome RIP god bless X Thank you for your inspiration . <3

Cheryl Cowden
Cheryl Cowden 2 months ago

Such a sad and beautiful song. Missing John and his music

Angela Arnold
Angela Arnold 2 months ago

SAW JOHN DENVER SING THIS SONG AT THE APOLLO THEATRE IN MANCESTER WITH MY LATE HUSBAND KEITH When I heard the words to this Song il Sobbed He will be missed Forever

TradeWinds On The Bay

One of my all time favorites. i sing it to myself often and it always hits right into my soul. wish John could have been around a little longer. I think I know the words to every one of his songs. He was always with me at my worst and also at my best.

Ronald Zincone
Ronald Zincone 2 months ago

John Denver....Karen Carpenter and John Lennon.....gone too soon. RIP

gloria ertel
gloria ertel 2 months ago

Love....Love....Love...JOHN DENVER......listening to his music every single day....9/2/20

Robert S. J. Hu
Robert S. J. Hu 2 months ago

Aloha John Denver and Jan Hammer !!! Thanks for posting this "Seasons Of The Heart."
A grateful fan, Robert S.J. Hu August 17, 2020.

Achal Sinha
Achal Sinha 2 months ago

Unlucky Annie...completely shattered... Sorry john...

Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly 2 months ago

I good as know he drove the nose of his plane deep into the crust of Mother Earth.

Semajcire Wanda
Semajcire Wanda 2 months ago

Tabili cagayungan

Col Coconut
Col Coconut 2 months ago


Edna Scigliano
Edna Scigliano 2 months ago

Sou loucamente fã dele, um dos maiores e melhores cantor que jã passou por essa terra, compositor incrível tbm...uma pena que se foi tão cedo.

Kathy Scott
Kathy Scott 2 months ago

I knew he was going to break up with Annie when I first heard this, then about 6 months later it was announced. It was sad. I so miss him but I am glad for all the music he left us. Thank you John.

Sermed Bayati
Sermed Bayati 2 months ago

A Great missing Legend country Artist,still very great

Jen Jung
Jen Jung 2 months ago

That was so beautiful. I felt your pain and mine. Thank you John Denver. Missed you with my heart and soul.

Prabhas Ray
Prabhas Ray 2 months ago

Yes,it's John Denver, the gift of you
we've received,and this gift still glitters.

Luci_In_The_Sky 2 months ago

People often think of relationships ending, and they of yelling, cursing, and being cruel to each other. They think “good riddance. I don’t need them.” You don’t typically think about how sometimes you can love someone more than anything and still fall out of love. You don’t think about the heartbreak you feel when you recognize yourself falling out of love with them. The hole you feel, imagining their absence. The feeling of guilt and loss, while your head is filled with “what if’s” and blaming them and then yourself. When you think of their face, you don’t see a warped image. You don’t see the anger or sadness that you’re feeling. You see the person you fell in love with. You long for the closeness you once felt. But loving and longing isn’t always enough. Hard work doesn’t always pay off. You don’t feel resentment towards them, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any time. You just feel loss.

BJ Dixon
BJ Dixon 2 months ago

I love classical music and that is all I listen to with two exceptions.... and John is one of the two. What a delight he was. Saw him in concert 5 or 6 times.

William Saaranen
William Saaranen 2 months ago

I wish I didn't know how to play piano like him.

Tyler C
Tyler C 2 months ago

Wish I was alive back then to have heard him play this live.

Achal Sinha
Achal Sinha 2 months ago

Song for true lovers .

lori rowe
lori rowe 2 months ago

Miss you John the world needs you back. Love you🎻🔦🎹🌹😘💕💙💚💛

luvya khushalani
luvya khushalani 2 months ago

The pain can be heard in his voice and the pain can be seen on his face.

Nicki Ladue
Nicki Ladue 2 months ago

Broke my heart to hear this !I can hear the hurt and emptiness in him! So sad

Rick Healy
Rick Healy 2 months ago

So beautiful, so heartbreaking.

Gloria Ertel
Gloria Ertel 2 months ago

Precious 'John Denver' .             Listen to his music,voice and videosevery day...…..12/8/19

Dr. Law
Dr. Law 2 months ago

Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 months ago

You can hear the pain and heartache that he was going through

Barbara E Dunne
Barbara E Dunne 2 months ago

What a beautiful sole is John his music his wisdom and truth lives on for ever .

Ms Spilkes
Ms Spilkes 2 months ago

Forever missed 10-12-97 💕🎸🎵💫

Tango Bango
Tango Bango 2 months ago

Such a tremendous talent taken from us way too soon.

Penni Weston
Penni Weston 2 months ago

This was one day after my birthday and my family was devastated by the loss of my 19 year old nephew on Sept. 4th that year. He was killed by a drunk driver 19 days before his 20th birthday. I know John lost his dad in March that same year and then I read Annie asked for a divorce on their anniversary which is June 9th. So so much sadness here. But John is such a masterpiece artist and his songs, each and every one of them, is pure magic and it touches everything in you, around you, above and below you. I love him so much and I mourn his loss so very very much.


とても 綺麗な歌ですね。初めて聴く歌ですが一度に好きになりました。彼の歌にしては、洗練された感じ!ピアノを弾いているからでしょうか?

utube 2 months ago

So sad that such talent has to leave so soon! By the way never knew he played the piano!

Green House Homestead

Wonder what he is thinking of. He sounds so sad. John will be forever young.

John’s World
John’s World 2 months ago

Listen to Annie’s Song and then after listen to this and you will feel terrible sadness for two people falling apart like they did.

manosmac2 2 months ago

I thought I had heard all of John Denver's music...wrong...this is a beautiful discovery for me.  Thank you for keeping him alive with this post.

zimbabwe gg
zimbabwe gg 2 months ago

At least he can better than me

Bettina Lonergan
Bettina Lonergan 2 months ago

This is my favorite version of This song, it's full of pain and tenderness it breaks your heart to hear.... Miss you John RIP

Carrie Hall
Carrie Hall 2 months ago

One of my favorite John Denver songs. Heat breaking,, but it was the song i played over and over after the heart break of first young love.

Claudia 2 months ago

He poured his entirely soul in this performance... The way he sings at the end... That was from deep inside... I'm in tears. I love him so much.

the buill
the buill 2 months ago

He played this in the point on piano in 1996. I feel so lucky to have witnessed it. And I was up the front

irene rodger
irene rodger 2 months ago

Yea I hear the heart break I feel it I miss him still I'm so grateful we have these to look back on all I need is his music and I'm in heaven with him and my Angel 💧😢❤thank you for your music we loved it all❤

Tom Brettin
Tom Brettin 2 months ago

so powerful.

Cynthia Martin
Cynthia Martin 2 months ago

They will never make music This wonderful again..😢 I will miss this voice till I breathe no more

Sam 2 months ago


Subscribe Hatfield
Subscribe Hatfield 2 months ago

Good job dude

opie1956 2 months ago

Great song! Hello type in "Back home again Frankie karaoke" tell me hows my piano playing! Leave a comment!

alindartist 2 months ago

I Still Love John Denver.. and I mean it in the truest sense...
My heart broke the day the news broke.... </3 Love is all I ever hoped to find here ... Love is still the Only Dream I Know. <3
Thanks John <3 RIP

誌詠 2 months ago

Of course we have our differences
You shouldn't be surprised
It's as natural as changes
In the seasons and the skies
Sometimes we grow together
Sometimes we drift apart
A wiser man than I might know
The seasons of the heart
And I'm walking here beside you
In the early evening chill
A thing we've always loved to do
I know we always will
We have so much in common
So many things we share
That I can't believe my heart
When it implies that you're not there
Love is why I came here in the first place
Love is now the reason I must go
Love is all I ever hoped to find here
Love is still the only dream I know
So I don't know how to tell you
It's difficult to say
I never in my wildest dreams
Imagined it this way
But sometimes I just don't know you
There's a stranger in our home
When I'm lying right beside you
Is when I'm most alone
And I think my heart is broken
There's an emptiness inside
So many things I've longed for
Have so often been denied
Still I wouldn't try to change you
There's no one that's to blame
It's just some things that mean so much
And we just don't feel the same
Love is why I came here in the first place
Love is now the reason I must go
Love is all I ever hoped to find here
Love is still the only dream I know
True love is still the only dream I know

buskerjames 2 months ago

For so many years as an entertainer John Denver is someone I always admired and I play many of his songs on my accordion

Ken Lonergan
Ken Lonergan 2 months ago

What an incredible singer.songwriter.human listening to him now and its just magical .i could listen to his music all day every incredibly heartwarming.beautiful music with beautiful lyrics.John Denver was a true genius.God bless you for the music and the memories.Thank you so much..

Kev Pilling
Kev Pilling 2 months ago

My Dad and I were there this night .... Beautiful and unforgettable night

Anzan Mahfuz
Anzan Mahfuz 2 months ago

so hypnotic and touchy song

T.Nissa By Neway
T.Nissa By Neway 2 months ago

To same one very special to me, along time ago.... I love it thank you!!!! 💕💕💕💕

stephen rollins
stephen rollins 2 months ago

It is my prayer that I will get to be a small voice in the chorus around Heaven's throne when John sings this one for the God of the " early evening chill". It is in my top 5, and I miss him.

Glen Brown
Glen Brown 2 months ago

first time ever heard this song
truly magnificent
dont know where I was
not to hear this music till today
thank you for uploading
Love this guy

Haider Ali
Haider Ali 2 months ago

This is very close to my heart


드디어 미국산 원반을 구했어요^^♡♡♡

Amy Brizendine
Amy Brizendine 2 months ago

I had never heard him sing that live. Oh wow. Such feeling in his voice. Absolutely perfectly beautiful.

James Larvin
James Larvin 2 months ago

This is the first time I have ever heard this song. Wow. That's all I can say.

Anjuli McDonald
Anjuli McDonald 2 months ago

I have to admit, I know a lot of John Denver, but this one was never in my repertoire. It breaks my heart to hear it -- he must have written it around the time he and Annie were breaking up...gut-wrenching how he sings it here, with more emotion even than his usual performances.

Michael Crowe ᄊc

This is surely one of his very best..A beautiful number.

alfred placido delatti

Estupendo !

Holyhallie 2 months ago

beautiful :)

Don Nelson
Don Nelson 2 months ago

Love it

Marion 2 months ago

Love is still the only dream, for all of us. It's what the world needs now, more than ever. Service and compassion, forgiveness and mercy.

Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy 2 months ago

He was a great piano player

Jacqueline Plattner
Jacqueline Plattner 2 months ago

Beautiful... Miss him and his Music Love this song <3 thank you

MARISHA MacRAE 2 months ago

Thank you for posting this song. 🕊John’s performance with only the piano is exquisite. And Seasons of the Heart is one of, if not the most beautiful love song ever written. His other love songs included. (RCA screwed it up adding the click track, drum, and French Horn behind it.) In the recording John is allowed the space as an artist to be human. It is a very powerful emotional impact on the audience.
John was a magical person. He shared his life with us through his songs. A life that ended to soon. Again, thank you. This performance of “Seasons of the Heart” is one of my favorite.

James Nathaniel Mondragon

How can they dislike this song
They must first understand the lyrics and not about teh popularity

Amanda Johnston
Amanda Johnston 2 months ago

Only John Denver could make a divorce sound so beautiful😢❤️

marbleman52 2 months ago

Wow...Wow...!! I had never heard this song til now. I was a huge fan of his even back in the 1970's but Life got busy for me and I didn't hear much of his music for a long time. Except...when I would get real tired and emotionally worn out I would put on one of his albums or plug in a cassette or later on a CD and my Soul and my Spirit would get re-charged. Yes...I had the only woman that I ever loved and vowed to spend the rest of my life with...shred my heart, and left a void that has never been filled. So this song touches me deeply. John Denver, I hope that you are singing for the Creator and for all those in the Heavenly places.

Andrew Munro
Andrew Munro 2 months ago

I work with young people in care a wee boy I worked with used to listen to John Denver songs during the day and especially at bedtime he said it made him feel calm and relaxed every time I hear John Denver sing it reminds me of that wee laddie

margaret Burke
margaret Burke 2 months ago

one of the best song writers of all tme.

Don Nelson
Don Nelson 2 months ago

such a great song

Connie Washburn
Connie Washburn 2 months ago


ScattySafari 2 months ago

I saw JD sing this song, complete with pretty much identical opening banter,at Festival Hall in Brisbane, Australia in 1983. He was even wearing the same suit. My sister and I were seated in the middle of the 3rd row in this small intimate auditorium, so more than about 2-3 feet away. He had no band and did every song alone on piano and guitar. I will NEVER forget that performance of that song. The pain in his voice was palpable, and by the end he actually had a heavy stream of tears gently rolling off his cheeks. I have never seen him cry on stage before or since. He held the last 'still' for an extra long time and the final 'i know' line was barely audible. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve and after a moment's silence the audience erupted in applause. He looked so sad. A woman in the audience shouted,' We love you John! Keep on smiling!' He gave this rueful little smile and said,'I'm always smiling' in that way guys sometimes like to pretend they're fine. He was very thin at the time, and he looked so slight and vulnerable at that moment. I think it was at that point I realised what a criminally underrated performer he was. He had sung to an entire concert hall like he was having a baring of the soul conversation one-on-one with you. I also realised he still loved Annie very much. I am sad they never had a chance to work it out before his death. See any interview with her and it's obvious she still had a lot of love in heart for him. It's always sad when love is not enough to save a relationship.
. There really hasn't been anyone like him since with the same ability to communicate so sincerely and directly to the heart. It's all autotuned nonsense now. I often wonder how awesome a comeback he'd had if he'd lived and had a YT channel where he sang live sitting in his living room or outside on a lovely Colorado spring day. Show the kids how it's done.
I miss him.

Robert Kincaid
Robert Kincaid 2 months ago

AWESOME ..............

allan hughes
allan hughes 2 months ago

Thanks Pat G i just cant let go of this one just keeps coming back to me day after day month after month
Christ how i wish he did not fly as he did !!!!!!!!!! But Fly he did and loved it NO doubt so thats how it goes
I ride me bike on track and road so who am i to talk yep i cant say a word !!!!!!! hope one day me kids hear
this and see what i have said cos i just find it hard to say it whilst i am alive how bloody sad is that ?????
My advice to any one is say what ya feel when it counts cos once you have gone you have gone !!!
bloody hell i sound like i am about to top me self and i aint i just love this song so deep !! dont give up
never give up keep trucking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Conway
David Conway 2 months ago

h,i first

Charlene Sirman
Charlene Sirman 2 months ago

I love this song that John Denver wrote and recorded and it is really beautiful!

Jill Flatt
Jill Flatt 2 months ago

This is one of my favourites too and I love this stripped back version of just his voice and the piano.

Pat G
Pat G 2 months ago

This is my favourite John Denver song, and I agree with him: It is one of his best. Lovely to find this live version of him singing it. Thank you.

loaring45 2 months ago

I was there!

Thomas Norman
Thomas Norman 2 months ago

did you record any songs about 2 people fallin together?

Colin Sanders
Colin Sanders 2 months ago

studio version entered Billboard July 31, 1982..reached #78


고1 봄방학날 마지막 눈을 맞으면서 만난 곡이다.
존 덴버의 명곡.
언제나 들어도 좋다^^

Mista E
Mista E 2 months ago

played at my father's funeral. RIP Dad. miss you

Nancy Sutton Murray
Nancy Sutton Murray 2 months ago

Honest to God, I'd swear John Denver spent a bunch of time reading the tablet of my heart and outlined every season..I'm sure he's my brother, my husband, my true love I thought I'd met already a time or two here. My son who died young had his inner identity..the heart of my hearts this performer projected, grabbing me by the part of me I hold tight because if anyone knew it was there, they'd hurt me again. I'm completely opposed to dying, to tell you the truth. We should be eternal people..this guy should be here right now. Our nation, our planet needs to broadcast his dreams because...I have a theory that all the angels in Heaven are down here helping solve these insolvable problems so unbelievably important we need our greatest feeling peoples to take each other by the isn't only his classic songs we should listen's what he said, did, and believed in. I should tell you my backyard is a bird sanctuary. Just for fun I played John Denver's Greatest Hits Album..more than once...The result is astonishing..birds fly in of all descriptions, one blue bird not a jay but vividly blue kinda dark shade, comes often. Two birds white obviously together, listen intently to songs like Fly Away...Amazing..

syahran ulya
syahran ulya 2 months ago

He should be still alive today, IF ONLY HE DIDN'T FLY THAT PLANE

Chris Q
Chris Q 2 months ago

Still my favorite singer ever....forever in my heart!

Cheryl Henson
Cheryl Henson 2 months ago

Great was the man with even the love to let go. I believe he had a very tender loving soul for everyone. Always to be missed when Heaven flew him home. God love him.

allan hughes
allan hughes 2 months ago

This is probably the best recording he ever made of this song you can hear the heart break in his voice. I am
a 62 year old fella and for the first time ever actually cried and for once not ashamed as we fellas normally are.
Sad but a fact..Listen close and listen hard because this is so close to most folks hearts and thoughts.. Dont get me wrong
married for over 40 years to the same lass and will be togethere till the end but this still has a simple effect on our relationship......God bless ya John hope you are happy where you are because we need all the help we can get down here
and i do think you tried to tell us what a mess we are getting into..You should have left the planet at a much later date
but as my mam and pa said its only the good that die young and you my friend are a good one so i guess you had to
go.....I will learn to play the piano just for this song thats a promise god how i wish i had your voice and god how i wish
i had your talent to put words as you have done... You will be around for a long long time and if there is a place up there
then i want to reserve a spot to have an interview i am sure we will get on.. See ya some time John hope its not too soon
cos i have a few things to sort first like kids etc etc ...Last but not least the great one got it wrong cos you had so much
more to give but we all make mistakes so he or she is forgiven but what a cock up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!God bless ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marty Hill
Marty Hill 2 months ago

The world was a better place with John Denver in it.