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mikeyh0 2 months ago

I was raised in Boulder. Spent 3 weeks in the mountains alone when I was 18. 1968. Gives you perspective. Enjoying one's own company is a thing many may never know.

Mrsandmom5 2 months ago

Going home to a place he’d never been before

Robert Jones
Robert Jones 2 months ago

"He was born on his 27th year. Coming home to a place he'd never been before. He left yesterday behind him, you might say he's born again. Might say he found the key for every door." Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your love, sacrifice, and my salvation. And thank you heavenly Father for giving your beautiful only begotten son to be the ultimate sacrifice for the world.

Captain Gort
Captain Gort 2 months ago

Leaving on a 1 month RV road trip to Colorado tomorrow....1st my 72nd year. This tune is what I seek.

Scott Hembree
Scott Hembree 2 months ago

Except for the scars on the land, the slideshow is Heavenly! I remember when John was on fire with the Spirit and judged by Chinese Opium smoking con men Govt. officials for singing the word high!

Brian Jowaisas
Brian Jowaisas 2 months ago

Looking forward to the time when YouTube is replaced by a service that doesn't have lots of skips and interruptions...(slight as they are) Alphabet has worked so hard to monetize YouTube they've made it almost unusable.

Dan Dry
Dan Dry 2 months ago

On the way to Colorado today John and we looking for that beautiful high

anna marcaletti
anna marcaletti 2 months ago


Nils Ebner
Nils Ebner 2 months ago

The first time i got to Colorado it felt like coming home .... then i knew what John meant .

Susan Yanas
Susan Yanas 2 months ago

Why on earth would you create a beautiful video and then not allow people to share it with others? I am floored! You create a beautiful dedicated video about John Denver and then when we try to share it with friends...its says it can't be shared????Wow! I wonder what John thinks about that?

Mike Kelso. Jr
Mike Kelso. Jr 2 months ago

One of the best songs ever about one of the best places on Earth !! 👍👏👏👏 Miss you John !! 🙏✝️

Jacob Steckel
Jacob Steckel 2 months ago

I used to listen to this song with my grandpa that died recently it makes me think of him

Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez 2 months ago

Talk to God and listen to the casual reply

Sheryl S
Sheryl S 2 months ago

Cannot think of a better song than this to describe what it is truly like out there...It is what heaven must be like. Such beautiful lyrics, a true legend.

David Canter
David Canter 2 months ago

We will always have his music to cherish! Thank You John Denver!

juan gomez
juan gomez 2 months ago

2021......John’s music makes my day......

Bill Kramer
Bill Kramer 2 months ago

Was sitting out on the back porch of my daughters Provo Utah home, enjoying the view of the sunset falling on the stunning Wasatch Mountain range. I had my 4 year old granddaughter on my lap, and turned on this song, which she enjoyed just as much as I. What a beautiful experience, thanks for giving the world some of it's finest music JD.

Seven Seas of Michael Jackson

im a military kid, my dad is a colonel, and we've moved more times than i can count, im moving away from Colorado in a month and my heart is breaking and im crying. because of covid i never got to explore Colorado for what its known for. i will miss it. i think Colorado is my home. ive never had a place to call home. God.. my feelings are too much for me to handle

David 2 months ago

I love that song 😎😊

John Denver always was a good singer

Wayne Hawkins
Wayne Hawkins 2 months ago


Rayn Eanos
Rayn Eanos 2 months ago

What a pure soul.

Dave Sutton
Dave Sutton 2 months ago

great campfire song, have seen a lot of beautiful places but some of those pics i havent been to yet.... how can i figure out where they are lone wolf? thanks God bless!

Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan 2 months ago

I loved living in Colorado Springs in the early 70's. It was so awesome to wake up and walk out the door and see Pikes Peak. I had to shout as I have lived in Europe (Germany) since joining the army. John Denver's music always touched me growing up, and today I heard this great song on German radio, and I had to say something. I remember I cried when I heard that John had left us, and right now I have tears in my eyes just thinking back to the beautiful city that I grew up in. I am a 64 year old army veteran and I say, thank you John for your great music that I will never get tired of listening to.

lunar Skies
lunar Skies 2 months ago

Always missing my Colorado 🥺😢😭 I want to go home so badly.

Chelsea Chelsea
Chelsea Chelsea 2 months ago

Beautiful song, beautiful video.

Pam Jedlicka
Pam Jedlicka 2 months ago

I lived in Colorado for a number of years and it almost feels like, unless you did yourself, you can't know the majesty of the mountains. But John Denver captures it with his words, voice, and music. THAT is why people are moved by his songs. This one is perfect.

Douglas Dennett
Douglas Dennett 2 months ago

Miss Angelina Jordon won Norway's Got Talent in 2014 at age 7. Fun Cover Song: Country Roads if AJ record this. Must see her perform!!! Watch this Song.. Feeling Good - "Live". Fall off your Chair Stunning! & "I Will Survive" too!

dark helmet
dark helmet 2 months ago

and he lost a friend but kept a memory..

Lily Bond
Lily Bond 2 months ago

Makes me think about Telluride. I could have married man of my dreams and lived there in what I thought was heaven on earth. ——— but —— newly recovering alcoholics that we were —— I put it off for a while. Followed my gut feeling. Ended up going to school for drug and alcohol addiction followed by working in the best treatment center on earth. Did that for 20 years. Lost the guy because I wanted to see where this Adduction Therapy was going to take me. I thought and think about him every day. He died from alcohol use. I often think —- if I would have married him — would he have stayed sober ? No he wouldn’t have. No one can keep anyone else sober but I have battled that thought despite knowing better. Well —— maybe “eternal recurrence” exits. We’ll see.

Pat Early
Pat Early 2 months ago

The beauty of this song is so loved by me because it reminds me so much of John Denver. Rest in peace John and God bless John's family and everyone

joseph johns
joseph johns 2 months ago

Family vacation at age 15. Said to myself i will move to Colorado when i get older. Moved to Colorado at age 36. Never felt more at home. Wish i was born in Colorado and not Texas.

mike henry
mike henry 2 months ago

Brings back memories I had the 8 track in my 69 Camaro. It played a lot. I don't have the car but still have the 8 track tape.

Sandra S
Sandra S 2 months ago

I know that's right!!!! Amen to that!!!!

Jakob 2 months ago

This song makes everything better.

Shannon Cowling
Shannon Cowling 2 months ago

So Beautiful

ROAD WARRIOR 2 months ago

I used to visit my aunt and uncle in Colorado from about 2007-2012. They lived 2 miles from Glen Haven, and we visited them once or twice a year when I was a kid. My parents and I went to the Alpine Visitor Center and saw the cool lime green tour Jeep with the red roll cage, the 1950s Chevy truck yard art in Glen Haven, and walked around Estes Park. Uncle died in 2011 and aunt a few years later. The last time we were there was in 2012, which I have some pictures of on my DS, but we may never go back since it wouldn't be the same. I found this song sometime around 2013, and I always thought it would be cool to play this song if we ever went back.

kavkaz kavkaz
kavkaz kavkaz 2 months ago

John Denver was one of the best I miss him so much ..

L Hill
L Hill 2 months ago

In memory of those who died in Boulder’s mass shooting. Rest easy

Sandro Kumpf
Sandro Kumpf 2 months ago

When I was young I has five LPs.Marillion Eurythmix Bob Marley and John Denver!😊thx for that upload.This pictures and the pictures from the video are ! MfG

Evelynne Kosowski
Evelynne Kosowski 2 months ago

Oh how beautiful best concert ever xxxx

Sierra Mike
Sierra Mike 2 months ago

Thanks John....

Kirby Coe
Kirby Coe 2 months ago

Tour de force excellence. Sublime, ineffable transcendence

William Borland
William Borland 2 months ago

I’ve been to Colorado a ton. I would recommend going there in Winter or Spring. Winter is so beautiful and it’s Christmas time all winter in the Mountains. Great skiing, views, and so much more. The spring is beautiful for hiking, camping and the views match Winter.

James Angerer
James Angerer 2 months ago

I really like the views of the Eagle

cell pat
cell pat 2 months ago

RIP John. You will live forever thru your music.

NorthForkFisherman 2 months ago

If there's no plaque up there at Williams Lake commemorating this song, it's a crime.

Sangeeta Jadiya
Sangeeta Jadiya 2 months ago

John Denver' imagination is beyond ordinary.

HvA 2 months ago

I live in Aspen - Heaven on earth

J T Torgerson
J T Torgerson 2 months ago

Listening right now on the side of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, where I live.

the 21 guns channel
the 21 guns channel 2 months ago


Onkel Michel
Onkel Michel 2 months ago

Hey Alter, sorry wenn ich auf Deutsch schreibe. Ganz, ganz toller Song. Gerade in so blöden Zeiten schöpfe ich Hoffnung bei dieser Musik. DANKE - THANK YOU

Maryann Dauria
Maryann Dauria 2 months ago

This song inspired myself a New Yorker to take a trip to Colorado. Now I take trips out west to see the country side. Beautiful pictures in this video!

Kingemerald1 2 months ago

Like the Hall=Oates/ Temptations, John & Joel duos shows, wouldn't it been sweet a/f with Denver, Lightfoot and Taylor jamming together. JD 4ever !!!

eric berensen
eric berensen 2 months ago

01 - 05 - 2021. STILL

Cali Classy
Cali Classy 2 months ago

who else got this video to do an assignment for English class?

Winsociety 2 months ago

This man just made 2021 seem like a cake walk as long as I have songs like this to listen to. 2020 can kiss my ass. Hello 2021 with John Denver. :)

Scrum Thebum2
Scrum Thebum2 2 months ago

His birthday today

assassintwinat8 2 months ago

I listened to him a lot as a kid and Colorado was always so romanticized in his songs, I grew up wishing I lived there

Jackie Filakosky
Jackie Filakosky 2 months ago

Love this song! Lived in Loisville for a year. This state has to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STATE! Clean fresh air, Beautiful mountains, Fresh snow! Lol! I have seen it raining fire in the sky. Stars and meteorites falling. JUST BEAUTIFUL. Just wish it was less expensive to live there.

TheJackflash85 2 months ago

I lived in Colorado Springs during the 1980's it was beautiful, great people! Then was on to California! I love this song and my memories ~

Joseph Garrison
Joseph Garrison 2 months ago


INDIE GEMS THAT JAM 2 months ago

That was really enjoyable ... not sure but seem to recall a clip years ago where John talked about inspiration /? writing the song coming from a camping trip in the Colorado mountains , partying with friends --- and the "I've seen fire in the sky" line referring to the group easing back and enjoying one of the busy meteor showers ... along with their Rocky Mountain High!

Matt Lugg
Matt Lugg 2 months ago

He was born in the autumn of his 50th year, going home to a place he'd been a few times before. Love this song.

Noah Wenzl
Noah Wenzl 2 months ago

In my opinion, the real MVP of this video is the photographer(s)

Craig Adams
Craig Adams 2 months ago

Talk to God and a casual reply 🙏

My Name Is Also John.

From Houston but i live in Colorado now. So beautiful.

James Voit
James Voit 2 months ago

Coming home to smokey mountain in the 70s



Kristina Rezack
Kristina Rezack 2 months ago

Boulder <3 forEver

Diane Brown
Diane Brown 2 months ago

Always moving the feels deep in the soul

A Heinz
A Heinz 2 months ago

One word: goosbumps. Nothing more needs to be said.

Jake Bailey
Jake Bailey 2 months ago

I’m 28 and moving to CO for work. Song hits close to home it seems like . Never been before but looking forward to it

Julie Colleran
Julie Colleran 2 months ago

Thank you to the person that posted this. I literally have tears in my eyes listening to the lyrics and watching the beautiful pictures flow past my eyes. John Denver was definitely a legend and it’s too bad we did not have him on the earth today still making his beautiful music.

rosty2 2 months ago

Now everybody can sit around the fire and get high legally. And i do.

tom greaney
tom greaney 2 months ago

Thinking of John today, on the anniversary of his death... still missed

John Barlow
John Barlow 2 months ago

Love and miss you John 😓😢 cant beleive 23 years today

Crazyideot 459
Crazyideot 459 2 months ago

I was born in country

Crazyideot 459
Crazyideot 459 2 months ago

This is one of my favorite songs from the country my true home

Raymond Cank
Raymond Cank 2 months ago

God bless you John Denver 💙

Denise Loua
Denise Loua 2 months ago

I’m looking forward to moving to Colorado next year!🙏🏽❤️

Trish Dundas
Trish Dundas 2 months ago

Shadows from the starlight......lovely

Rick Gillespie
Rick Gillespie 2 months ago

|||You had a lot more to say! ||!!!!|!

Nene Salvosa-Bowman
Nene Salvosa-Bowman 2 months ago

Have loved this song since I first heard it when it was first aired . . . still one of my favorites . . . love the guitar accompaniment just as much as John Denver's voice!💚

Richard Francis
Richard Francis 2 months ago

Hey Lone Wolf... Thanx Pal for the "Always Brilliant" voice of Mr Denver! Cheers..x

Minstrel Piece Theater

John Denver's songs lead to a whole life of adventure and romance.

Matt Lugg
Matt Lugg 2 months ago

I was born in the winter of my 48th year, coming home to place I'd been a couple of times.

Barnabus Keith
Barnabus Keith 2 months ago

Nobody will ever fill John Denver's shoes. Even if they try. Prove me wrong

Adrian Rosenlund-Hudson

Music from my childhood. John's music always painted pictures in my head, which this lovely video has bought to life. Wish I could go there.

Mike Callahan
Mike Callahan 2 months ago

I lost a friend............but kept the memory.

Karen Shroyer
Karen Shroyer 2 months ago

beautifully written.I can name most of these places and Colorado is forever my home.

Derek Knight
Derek Knight 2 months ago

Wonderful video

SammiGirl1965 2 months ago

I am finally going to visit the beautiful state of Colorado - its been my dream as long as I can remember. I am 55 years old...raised 3 amazing children as a single mom...spent many many years broke and they are grown....all graduated eldest daughter moved to Denver 2 years ago and I was supposed to visit her in May for my birthday but it was cancelled due to the wonderful 2 weeks I am finally getting to make my trip...I am so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement....I have listened to this song 25 times in the last week....and I cry every time. Thank you John...xoxo

Pickles-the- Chimp
Pickles-the- Chimp 2 months ago

God Bless You john, such great music you left us, never forgotten!

Emmemm Guy
Emmemm Guy 2 months ago

such a beautiful song with very beautiful photos. Colorado Rockies most beautiful place on earth!

Jamsé Bòñd
Jamsé Bòñd 2 months ago


deputydog239 2 months ago

I love John Denver’s music. He left us too soon.

Jeannie H
Jeannie H 2 months ago

There will never be another John Denver. I really miss him as he was always my favorite singer /songwriter ! May he rest in peace. Thank you John for making us all so happy when you sang to us!

Robert S. J. Hu
Robert S. J. Hu 2 months ago

Aloha John Denver and Lone Wolf !!! Thanks for the awesome rendition of "Rocky Mountain High." This posting is so uplifting and so
magnificent with nature's beauty intertwined !!!!!!!!! Gratefully, Robert S.J. Hu August 14, 2920.

Cynthia Rodriquez
Cynthia Rodriquez 2 months ago

Some day I hope to see Colorado...

Bradley Gilkison
Bradley Gilkison 2 months ago

Give anything to live there....among those mountains...Denver painted such scenery with his lyrics..

stuck in FLA. :(