Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree


Karla Hemingway

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Information Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree

Title : Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree

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Frames Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree

Description Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree

Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree

Lionel Polar Express Train Set under tree

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Randall Todd
Randall Todd 2 months ago

Everything here is fantastic! I especially like the old antique style tree ornaments! And the cat’s appearance here is great!

Leonardo Klynstra
Leonardo Klynstra 2 months ago

Watches this 5 years after it came out

Railfan Casey
Railfan Casey 2 months ago

I just uploaded a few videos of my lionel ho Nkp fast freight set

Rich 2 months ago

Beautiful train display - your tree is awesome! Merry Christmas to you!!

Guitarron28 2 months ago

What a beautiful set up! Thank you for sharing! So magical; hits me in the kid spot.

Bill Yates
Bill Yates 2 months ago

Love the train and your tree and scenery look fantastic! Thanks!

Norina David
Norina David 2 months ago

Beautiful! How wide is that track? Is that automatic or do you start and stop it with the remote? You gave one more train than mine!

Steve Joshua
Steve Joshua 2 months ago

I don't know why, but I'm very curious if you had any help in setting this up. I've never known a woman to take on this kind of project. I'm guessing you're a single mom (?)

Maureen Smyth
Maureen Smyth 2 months ago

Where can you buy this in the UK ??

Razzy Kidz
Razzy Kidz 2 months ago

Very nice Polar Express train set!

CrashRyan 2 months ago

Wow! fantastic set up!

Larry Loveless
Larry Loveless 2 months ago

Very well done. I like the locomotive sound. The cat even made sure not to knock over the train station. This reminds me of the years I had double track around our Chistmas tree with a siding to run 2 AMTRAK trains and a freight HO scale with track for a carpet like yours.

David Sheriff
David Sheriff 2 months ago

Great to see and sound effects are wonderful, where's ya ticket ?

Sebastian the king of Disney.

That's a Lionel Legacy Polar Express.

FUYMAOYH 2 months ago

Is this "O" gauge?

D C 2 months ago


DD Yodaman
DD Yodaman 2 months ago

The classic Christmas display. Great job!

Kat Germanotta
Kat Germanotta 2 months ago

Lol Cute

Ricky Mada
Ricky Mada 2 months ago

Can’t find this train online . I can only find it without the last two box car ...What’s is it called?

Michael Tudda
Michael Tudda 2 months ago

Phat Train.

Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips 2 months ago


Ryan Caiazza
Ryan Caiazza 2 months ago

How did anyone thimbs down this? Xmas alone is awesome time of year thjs is sick

DrBENISA 2 months ago

I just purchased my HO scale electric Lionel New York Central Waterlevel to use in my village setup. Literally can’t wait to get it!!!!

Railfan Casey
Railfan Casey 2 months ago

That polar express train is $2,500

PumpkinGoddess 2 months ago

Hi I know it’s been quite a long time but could you tell me where did you get it from did you get it from Amazon ?

A J 2 months ago

Wow very beautiful. All of it.

Landon Blake
Landon Blake 2 months ago

I have one its a poller ecsprese train

David Wright
David Wright 2 months ago

This is an amazing setup, I'm thinking of purchasing this particular Polar Express set. Can you tell me how you get all those different sounds that appear over radio chatter i.e. "Polar Express, track clear, over!, Affirmative! You're clear into the station, over!" are those stock sounds from the remote that comes in the box? Thank you :)

Giulia Eftimescu
Giulia Eftimescu 2 months ago

It s...amazing. Where i can buy this beautiful train????

Ben ben videos movies

Very nice, tres jolie vidéo, dommage de pas avoir ce train en France il est tres beau comme votre sympa....

Erwin 2 months ago

Beautiful set up. I have the same train with the 40x60 fastrack set up. What other pieces I need to have your track lay out around the tree? Thank you


Is The sounds of people talking, is that coming from the train and what’s the set number? What brand is it?

도레미 2 months ago

lovely cat 잘 보았습니다^^ 부러워요. 한 편의 예술작품 같습니다.

aiden_games 2 months ago


Michael Fischer
Michael Fischer 2 months ago

I love your Kitty Cat!!!🥰🐱🐈

Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan 2 months ago

This is a individual set right? Like the engine and cars sold separately cause the lionchelf is alot shorter of a train

S. H.
S. H. 2 months ago

Do you mind sharing where you use for the snow like flooring base? Thanks in advance.

Ron Lego
Ron Lego 2 months ago

Nice. Beautiful tree.

Wide World Of RailRoads

I have an antique Illinois Central 4-8-2 ho scale real brass train

Diana Romero
Diana Romero 2 months ago

Where can I get this one?

Art Warmanen
Art Warmanen 2 months ago

Nice Christmas Layout! I have the Big battery Operated Lionel under my tree. They are fun!

OG thrifter Goodwill
OG thrifter Goodwill 2 months ago

So cool I have the small one

Thomas Abbott
Thomas Abbott 2 months ago

I'm in the Middle of trying to set my Christmas Village up for Christmas. Takes for Ever an a day but I will will get there eventually. You have beautiful day today.

Thomas Abbott
Thomas Abbott 2 months ago

Karla Heningway.
Lionel poler Express Train Under the Tree.
Real Good set up here by you Karla. An I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas for this year my dear. Have a beautiful time.
And loved your set up. 🎄✨🎼✨🎈⭐🎀🍀❄️🎄🎀🤗🎄

Vincent VanPaepeghem
Vincent VanPaepeghem 2 months ago

Great video! Very nice looking Christmas layout! Thanks for sharing!

Karla Hemingway
Karla Hemingway 2 months ago

I was in my local train shop and they have this set for sale. Eastside Trains in Kirkland WA $2,799.95 and it can be yours.

GL Wiz
GL Wiz 2 months ago

Fantastic. Just amazing. Well done.

Phillip Clift
Phillip Clift 2 months ago

All my childhood dreams about Christmas in one video - I just love your tree, train and village.

Sylvie Garcia
Sylvie Garcia 2 months ago

I wish the video was longer of all the Christmas decorations

Sharon La Tour
Sharon La Tour 2 months ago

I just love this!!

Chacorta 5803
Chacorta 5803 2 months ago


Valentina Aquarius
Valentina Aquarius 2 months ago

Какая прелесть !

maxpaul11 2 months ago

Very nice!

Jam Sax
Jam Sax 2 months ago

I don’t think this set you can do that? Thanks

Maddalena Marchetti
Maddalena Marchetti 2 months ago

Meraviglioso tutto ,anche il gatto 😺

Jam Sax
Jam Sax 2 months ago

My train does not smoke shame on you lionel and it’s 2019 model?

Silviu CODESCU 2 months ago

Where did you buy it from ?

A J 2 months ago

Gosh it's sooooo cute . I want to live there .

Stw 2 months ago

I love the way you decorated your tree. It’s a great set up I love your decorations and the train really adds to it. Great job.

Martha Rincon
Martha Rincon 2 months ago

Todo es muy bonito .y lo mejor es el gato😻😻😻😻

Clsa 01
Clsa 01 2 months ago

Beautifull tree

Big Mike
Big Mike 2 months ago

I love this

Yolanda Mojica
Yolanda Mojica 2 months ago

This one is so cool I want one

Hummerfan 2 months ago

Naturally you have a cat, your last name is Hemingway.

Donald Kneuer
Donald Kneuer 2 months ago

Very nice!

Wide World Of RailRoads

The lionel legacy polar express train is not hard to find it's just $2,000.99

Wide World Of RailRoads

I have the lionel LionChief polar express train set

Bonnie Angelic Rose
Bonnie Angelic Rose 2 months ago

Omg I want this!!! How did it sell out and I never knew about it 😱😭

Lord Chad TV
Lord Chad TV 2 months ago

This is the rare heavyweight ready-to-run o-gauge Polar Express from 2010.

Ian McCauley
Ian McCauley 2 months ago

How did you get your crossing gates tp stay down?

pig sty alley
pig sty alley 2 months ago

Very nice classic round-the-tree layout with a very cool version of the Polar Express. Nicely decorated tree, too!

Darren Krukiel
Darren Krukiel 2 months ago

I am a model train hobbyist. First off I want to say that this train is beautiful as is the layout... very well done. I too have this “O” scale model as well as this year’s “Ready To Play” model from Lionel that I bought at Costco. For the people out in the threads that are saying that the “Ready To Play” Big Box Store train is in any way better than the “O” scale model shown here... . You are wrong. I mean that with no disrespect. It’s just that a train hobbyist knows that an “O” “G” “HO” or “N” scale model electric train is much better constructed, engineered, and will last forever if properly maintained. The “Ready To Play” models are toys. They run on batteries. They are not constructed nearly as well as the electric model trains. They contain plastic gears instead of metal gears. They have a cheaper grade electric motor. Nothing out there in way of “Ready To Play” even comes close to the “O” scale. I will admit that the “Ready To Play” does more closely resemble the Polar Express in the film.... but that’s about it.

J O 2 months ago

Let's rev it up especially a train set under the Super Megaforce Christmas Tree.

Len James
Len James 2 months ago

Very nice...hope your still enjoying it... Merry Christmas

Sue Meyer
Sue Meyer 2 months ago

Very nicely displayed. I liked how your cat found a way to fit in with your display🤗⛄️

RML Bobby D
RML Bobby D 2 months ago

Kick the cat’s butt!! Brilliant! What’s the model set catalog number please?

SmokeStack_684 2 months ago

Awesome display! I love the cat too. :)

Greg Coates
Greg Coates 2 months ago

Beautiful display of the traditional Christmas tree with the train and village. Awesome job.

Mr S
Mr S 2 months ago

Where u buy the train I love it.... great decorations:) I'm like a lil kid

Grant MacLaren
Grant MacLaren 2 months ago

Karla, Could it be? That red-roofed church and the house on the far right look like the very same items I had on my Lionel layout circa 1942. Also, some of those tree ornaments look to be antiques.

Nick Kladis
Nick Kladis 2 months ago

What size is that loop? Thanks!

Einnor Zerep
Einnor Zerep 2 months ago

how much does it cost and where do u buy it?

Glen M
Glen M 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing,Karla.

TrueBliss Consciousness

One day I'm going to get me a set-up like this for Christmas!

My Train Hobby
My Train Hobby 2 months ago

WOW! Really nice holiday display. Those houses and trees with the red bases really bring back memories of when I was younger. Hoping to get a video posted of my current holiday display by January.

Eyez On Me
Eyez On Me 2 months ago

Love this setup..

Great vid.

Ken Davidson
Ken Davidson 2 months ago

Karla ...Thanks so much for putting a train around you tree and sharing the video..Everything looks fabulous!!!

The Comet 833
The Comet 833 2 months ago

Legacy is a cool innovation to model trains but I feel that postwar trains and accessories are fun. Just my opinion though.

Grays Trains
Grays Trains 2 months ago

Very nice little Christmas village! You did a great job. Have you always been big into Christmas and trains?

Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 2 months ago

Please can i have a train just one my birthday is tomorrow and my mom or dad are low and I need a train because I just love trains

Gye Nyame Leslie
Gye Nyame Leslie 2 months ago

So niceee! Very beautiful!

p 2 months ago

great Christmas display. Im making one of those stacking x mas train displays....

Robert MacKenzie
Robert MacKenzie 2 months ago

Really nice Christmas layout. It even survived "The attack of the Giant Cat". Thanks for the video!

Superhero Movie Reactor

Can you tell me whats the model of that engine train? I only got the lionel O-Gauge redy to run set. Is it a Legacy Train? Mega Steam Train?

Crystal Reynolds
Crystal Reynolds 2 months ago

its butiflul

Glow 2 months ago

Can you do a video on tree decorating?

Glow 2 months ago

Omg!!! I love your tree setup!!! Beautiful job!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Karla Hemingway
Karla Hemingway 2 months ago

This is the Lionel O Gauge Heavyweight Scale version of the Polar Express that was available in 2010. It’s heavier and larger than the ready to run Polar Sets that are out. This is retired, and getting hard to find.

gillbt 2 months ago

Hi Karla. You have a great set up. I’m wondering if you know the name of the car that looks like a baggage car? I can’t seem to find one. Thanks