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Christmas In Boston 2005

Christmas In Boston 2005

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Amina Jaman
Amina Jaman 2 months ago

Wow so wonderful 💞

Nyachwo S. Brenda
Nyachwo S. Brenda 2 months ago

😂😂😂 am laughing the entire time

Carlo Vincent Gallego

Mike Ross, what are you doing here?

jacquelien amutha
jacquelien amutha 2 months ago

Wow. Patrick Adams, Seth of course, looks great in suite and Tie. Very cute looking.

Zelle Kim
Zelle Kim 2 months ago

Its woooooaaah.
I lololololololololololove itttttttttt

Zelle Kim
Zelle Kim 2 months ago

Its 5:20am watching from the Philippines..

Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More

Well okay. Merry Christmas. :)

mrsmerily 2 months ago

I keep watching it every christmas. It kind of has become a tradition. Really good and different. Not too much but more than enough. Happy christmas 2020.

joe pire
joe pire 2 months ago

That was good show, thanks for the story; it was comical at some level and and good love story who doesn't love a love story ")

Too Cool To Be Frosty

Happily ever after. Merry Christmas.

Captin Test02
Captin Test02 2 months ago


flintstoner77 2 months ago

Hard to believe that Lindy Booth is now 41. When it comes to Marla, why have your hair cut so that it usually covers one eye? Am I just out of date about these things?

Kelly Mcgreevy
Kelly Mcgreevy 2 months ago

Worst acting ever.. put me off Christmas

Meghan Schuler
Meghan Schuler 2 months ago

Love it but I wish theyd cover what they were gonna do about living in separate areas of the country. Movies like this never cover that stuff and it drives me bonkers. I cant be alone in that feeling right?

Jane Chand
Jane Chand 2 months ago

Just love to watch these movies

ariel ramirez
ariel ramirez 2 months ago

Tang Ina tong Gina na to. Bwisit

ariel ramirez
ariel ramirez 2 months ago

Gaga it's your fault. You never been honest since the beginning.

spider moth
spider moth 2 months ago

🥂🌹🌹 thanks for sharing

Ima Loose
Ima Loose 2 months ago


James Wiliams
James Wiliams 2 months ago

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Gloria 2 months ago

Love Christmas It's 3:00am alone .. with my Father in Heaven 🙏 that's all I NEED MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL ❤️

Helle Post
Helle Post 2 months ago


Layla J
Layla J 2 months ago

Did they run out of good looking men in Hollywood ?

Lynn Peart
Lynn Peart 2 months ago

Ty for all Christmas movies..🦃🦌🦃🦌🦉🦌🎅🦌❄🐿🦌🐿🤶⛄🎅🎄

Salvatrece Privitera
Salvatrece Privitera 2 months ago


Ghanaian Odette
Ghanaian Odette 2 months ago

She kinda looks like a brunette Hilary Duff

PuppyMax 2 months ago

Life is NOT complicated, people make life complicated. This movie is one of the many proofs.

Drewmor Has It
Drewmor Has It 2 months ago

why is this not on Disney+?!

eunice antunes
eunice antunes 2 months ago

onde assisto filme legendado em portugues br

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 2 months ago

God I love this movie, wish it would come on TV this year.

Elizabeth Dunne
Elizabeth Dunne 2 months ago

So enjoyable. Top marks

tesscot 2 months ago

Such a FUNNY movie. To be able to write such humor and not over acted. Just great!

Barbara Price-Hawes
Barbara Price-Hawes 2 months ago

Anyone recall the movie beast and the beauty. Great movie but unable to find it.

June Viarruel
June Viarruel 2 months ago

I'm a Bostonian had no idea this movie existed... 🤔

Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome 2 months ago

metratone5 2 months ago

OMG Gena talks far too much. Shut up and let the man talk or kiss you. DA!

Maria bella Maming
Maria bella Maming 2 months ago

Very nice...
Thanks friend...
God bless...

Sweetest Bitch
Sweetest Bitch 2 months ago

I literally watch this every year.....😂👍💟

Cheryl Lanicia
Cheryl Lanicia 2 months ago

Super nice story must watch love it😘😘❤️❤️

Christine Sarah Thomas

Very cute movie. Not very deep or intricate, but extremely enjoyable

Heather H
Heather H 2 months ago

I love this movie. I used to have it on dvd.

Barbara Doughty
Barbara Doughty 2 months ago

none of them can kiss either, well only like 5 yr olds. and yes it is a stupid story.

Traky boy
Traky boy 2 months ago

That my dear, was a awesome flic !!!¡
Funnyyyyy ☺️😊

Vesna Hill
Vesna Hill 2 months ago

Wha t a stupid story !!! Predictable, silly and boring ... I dozed off somewhere halfway through.

Kalik8000 2 months ago

This movie was horrible. The upload was fine. But the movie was mindless. The characters AND the actors that played the foils were pathetic. And that part of the storyline was sad. No Friend Code at all. And this movie didn't know if it wanted to be Rated X, R or PG 13. Sex on the kitchen counter with chocolate 👀😲😖😤 Shame on ABC Family. 👎👎👎 It's sad because the moments with just the 2 stars were good. This movie storyline just needed a whole different direction......

Atugonza Brenda
Atugonza Brenda 2 months ago

I loved the slow truck in the background.

Sharon Allen
Sharon Allen 2 months ago

Dr quinn medicine woman

Kate F
Kate F 2 months ago

Love this Movie!

marina leven
marina leven 2 months ago

Thanks so much

Karen Drolet
Karen Drolet 2 months ago

Love the movies

Barbara Tomlinson
Barbara Tomlinson 2 months ago

So stupid. She promotes a lie then plays so hurt when she did the same thing. What a stupid movie. So fake. Most I watched were good this one deserves coal a big chunk of coal.

anne bellette
anne bellette 2 months ago

I'm watch this alone too good movie it sad being alone

Nency 2 months ago

These films are so cute... just wish more guys were watching too.

Nicky Dancy
Nicky Dancy 2 months ago

"U've got mail". I havent heard that in yrs when i 1st got AOL....

Sow AG
Sow AG 2 months ago

Can't believe I watch this rubbish

Sow AG
Sow AG 2 months ago

ah bless her eye twitches. Must be awful to deal with such a thing.

pat lynch
pat lynch 2 months ago


Mukund Phanasalkar
Mukund Phanasalkar 2 months ago

Great movie! A very funny, but plausible, and quite well executed plot, good acting, and more importantly, no overdoing of the comic scenes. All in all, a very nice movie to watch...

Luciana silva
Luciana silva 2 months ago

Não tem legenda, que chato

Mariana gloria Meza
Mariana gloria Meza 2 months ago

Ya la vi pero esta vez no está traducida al español.

Margarita Mora
Margarita Mora 2 months ago

Buena pely.ok.

Antonio Quiros
Antonio Quiros 2 months ago

Enjoyed movie ,not least because there was no zooming or repetition

hunger strike
hunger strike 2 months ago

Addicted with hallmark inspires and make me smile when im sad☺

Ikura Prime
Ikura Prime 2 months ago

Here's an idea. Make a movie about a couple, but have their friends steal the show :)

Alison Winfield
Alison Winfield 2 months ago

Sweet and happy!

Rosa Maria Politano Stanisce

Por favor legenda ou áudio em português

John Moore
John Moore 2 months ago

Talk about being stupid, they take first prize.

Kelli Hardesty
Kelli Hardesty 2 months ago


Mary McLean
Mary McLean 2 months ago

Thanks for a great movie and perfect upload too! Thank you.

Carol Majanil
Carol Majanil 2 months ago

Yayyyyy!!!!Good upload and a cute story.

Nancy Yen
Nancy Yen 2 months ago

Annoying Christmas in Boston

Sondra Korte
Sondra Korte 2 months ago

The writers should get the most credit but the male actors were exceptional and charming. Dialog and plot were different from the usual rearranged few plots Hallmark usually presents. I was beginning to wonder if I needed producers better scripts. Please give us some less syrupy stories & some more classy decorations but keep the season. Way too much fru. fru.

mic Last
mic Last 2 months ago

total crap ! you need an IQ of 67 to enjoy this movie. goes a long way to explaining how Trump got elected ie thick and gullible

Rose Marta
Rose Marta 2 months ago

this is

papapapapauu 2 months ago


Vangie Gudgeon
Vangie Gudgeon 2 months ago

I loved this movie Patrick was only a boy so did the young lady its been so long sinced i'ved seen this i forgot her name i reckon they matched together! When i saw Patrick on suits i followed him he turned into a grown up young man i loved both in these movie awesomely great together🙏plus funny too good story😀🤣😀!!!

Yolanda Harrison
Yolanda Harrison 2 months ago

Merry Christmas y'all

Yolanda Harrison
Yolanda Harrison 2 months ago

Very romantic

Yolanda Harrison
Yolanda Harrison 2 months ago

Great movie 🍿🥤

Mandy, Mariesé Skincare

1:17:26 "I'm Matt. It's nice to meet you..." Lol.

Marie ET
Marie ET 2 months ago

Her behaviour is soo enoying...let him speak.

cookiebabyd 2 months ago

I like Matt character more than that Seth guy...and well.
Those two..Gina and Seth...oh well too dramatic and so afraid to take chances...
That's what love is all take it as you love , you get move on...but dont get all too dramatic...taking all that " poor me" victim attitude.

cookiebabyd 2 months ago

1:00 "How are things in the scintillating world of obituaries?"
Answer: " pretty dead sir!
( I just died laughing)

cookiebabyd 2 months ago

What the hay!

Griffin 2 months ago

I ship Matt and Seth♡

Shanti Naturechild
Shanti Naturechild 2 months ago

Funny and nice second time round, too!

CarbunkleLand 2 months ago

Does anyone have any idea what's up with the mysterious figure at 21:47?

J 336
J 336 2 months ago

This should be called: The Christmas Liars

Awa Imchen
Awa Imchen 2 months ago

So love the movie 😘

Patricia Wickholm
Patricia Wickholm 2 months ago

Oh cripes, Lindy Booth. Don't like her "acting". She should have stayed with childrens programs.

SoCal Indi
SoCal Indi 2 months ago

So who is going to move?

Luca Raimondo
Luca Raimondo 2 months ago

Would love to live in a romantic comedy...

broken - heart
broken - heart 2 months ago

this is really good..

Hege Thorsen
Hege Thorsen 2 months ago

Sweet Christmas movie 🎄🎅☃️

C L 2 months ago

Wait a minute..... they aren't supposed to be attractive... wtf?? those two actors are above average lookswise, wtf? why would those two need to photocheat, hey I just invented two new words, I think this was a great idea for a movie spoiled

AJ Green
AJ Green 2 months ago

This film is the cutest ❤️

victor Latu
victor Latu 2 months ago

Twisted movie honestly what a waste of my precious time

Genetta Ramjit
Genetta Ramjit 2 months ago

Great movie 👍

Sean C
Sean C 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2019! This is one of my favorite Christmas movies to watch over and over again.
I think we all deserve a Seth and Gina romance!

Alacrana Amorosa
Alacrana Amorosa 2 months ago