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Polar Bears Film (Coca-Cola 2013)

Polar Bears Film (Coca-Cola 2013)

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mewee2 Jones
mewee2 Jones 2 months ago

I wish this was in theaters!!!

mewee2 Jones
mewee2 Jones 2 months ago

This is reminding me of happy feet!!! 🐧

BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]

Jak was not throwing away his shot

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears the smartest Bears

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears live in the Arctic and Antarctic

Pugging Hell
Pugging Hell 2 months ago

This ad feels like a weird movie

In sha allah
In sha allah 2 months ago


TFE niname
TFE niname 2 months ago

2:57 That bird is on drugs

deanna spencer
deanna spencer 2 months ago

They so ND to make a movie,would be great

Salman Ismail
Salman Ismail 2 months ago

What is the flim name please tell me

Baliey Davis
Baliey Davis 2 months ago

Did that movie come out in theaters

Moviebuff Shatto
Moviebuff Shatto 2 months ago

Does anyone else want a Coke Now?

GUNDHAM TANAKA 2 months ago

is it me or do i hear lin manuel miranda as jack

Belenda Choice
Belenda Choice 2 months ago


Neimoln hers
Neimoln hers 2 months ago

From this movie has appeared "The Polar Bears" out the arctic wilderness that polar bears, exclusive it's films including retopology. The Polar Bears (2019) - Full Movie: www.cola-cola.com/polarbears

Wastam Rojali
Wastam Rojali 2 months ago


Georgia R
Georgia R 2 months ago

Who else watched this for Lin?

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears live in the Arctic and Antarctica

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears live in the Arctic and Antarctic

Jazzy Blade
Jazzy Blade 2 months ago

Better yet why wasn’t this idea pitched for a movie instead of NORM OF THE NORTH.

Jazzy Blade
Jazzy Blade 2 months ago

You have to admit it though. It’s a billion times better than freaking NORM OF THE NORTH.

Sprite cranberry lebron lebron

Bruh anyone here 𝑾𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 π’”π’‘π’“π’Šπ’•π’† π’„π’“π’‚π’π’ƒπ’†π’“π’“π’š?

Sebastian Fuchs
Sebastian Fuchs 2 months ago

Lin-Manuel Miranda

this guy is just

non stop

Ruben Knight
Ruben Knight 2 months ago

I never seen this. Didn't even know it existed. That was cool. And I love the underlying lesson and message. Christmas was better when companies were creative with their commercials. Coke nailed it with their Christmas polar bears each year. There's no magic anymore. I really think something has gone out of the holidays since then. Of course the magic as a kid goes away. But as an adult, idk, I kinda looked forward to the creative advertisements. It made me smile inside. I don't anymore. Like I said, something's gone out of the holidays since the 90s and early early 2000s.

IaMmEsSiNgBoY 2 months ago

Oh that's how you can survive a bear attack

mix all
mix all 2 months ago

1:23 just look at him😍

pippy NOTstockings
pippy NOTstockings 2 months ago

what just
what just happened

Rosamaria Bautista
Rosamaria Bautista 2 months ago

I barely found out about Lin being in this let a lone the beautiful animation πŸ˜ƒ

ThePinkDragon 2 months ago

I'm here for Lin But Also I love those Polar bears! The Animation is breathtaking! Amazing , where did this debut?

Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez 2 months ago

Lin as a polar babes gives me life~I just came here him

Emma Teare
Emma Teare 2 months ago

who came here because the just found out that Lin voiced Jack?
And now, Jack is my spirit animal.

Camille Alen Mari Enad


Honey 2 months ago

Omg this is so amazing ❀️

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears have the ability to survive in the Arctic and Antarctic

d1scount 2 months ago

Lol it’s funny because like almost everyone came here for Lin Manuel Miranda. (Not saying that I didn’t) lol

Victor Domingo
Victor Domingo 2 months ago

Am I the only one who came for Oliver?

BIPANA THAPA 2 months ago

Made my day....such a cute story.😍😍😍😍

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears live in the Arctic and also Antarctica too

Tony Gasper
Tony Gasper 2 months ago

Polar Bears live in the Arctic and also the Antarctic too

simon gadd
simon gadd 2 months ago

One of the best short films I've seen in a while.

Jolt 2 months ago

If I could choose 3 words to describe Jack it’d be great young, scrappy, and hungry!

Sofiya Grinevich
Sofiya Grinevich 2 months ago

"Idiot Tower!" "Well in that case AFTER YOU!" I died laughing XD. Lin is amazing :')

MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr. 2 months ago

Here from ellen

Sally Verdesoto
Sally Verdesoto 2 months ago

They should make a movie about this I would definently watch

Darren Stauffer
Darren Stauffer 2 months ago

Is it me, or does the lead polar bear sound like Mufasa?

Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak 2 months ago

Where is the audio

Chiles Russell-Taylor

Polar Bears. Coca-Cola. My Favorite!

The Annie Keever Company.

4:21 Does anyone know the voice actor. It sounds like Nino from Miraculous.

Ol Greg
Ol Greg 2 months ago

Why is this not a movie

Dancing Mang
Dancing Mang 2 months ago

This is the best add I ever seen❀

ANGELITA BABASA 2 months ago

In the heights

Razorback Lodge Stables

As soon as I heard Lin's voice, I knew I would love this animation. And when he said, "Me??" I understood it because he is the star and creator of Hamilton, how much spare time does he actually have on his paws?

γ€Š Nanami -Chan 》

Jack is my mood-
Lin is so frickin great!

Glo Oliver
Glo Oliver 2 months ago

His brother is cool

KnottyOrchid 12
KnottyOrchid 12 2 months ago

Warner Bros has left the chat

FOXTherron7 2 months ago

Icebear loves this video

Francisco H.
Francisco H. 2 months ago


Where's the soda?

Joel Clements
Joel Clements 2 months ago

Can we get a Pepsi Man crossover please

EvenMorePinz 2 months ago

Jack is not throwing away his shot 😏

Oh My Juliet!
Oh My Juliet! 2 months ago


froggie.melonpan 2 months ago

I absolutely only came to see Lin as a polar bear

Morakinyo Wilson
Morakinyo Wilson 2 months ago


Kallie Moore
Kallie Moore 2 months ago

Or is this a shot film?

Kallie Moore
Kallie Moore 2 months ago

I was wondering what happened to this

R they ever going to do the movie? Or is this something they made just to please people?

If so why bother making this and getting people's hopes up?

Mei hem
Mei hem 2 months ago

ahhhhh Lin plays Jack in this clip, and he plays Jack in Mary Poppins Returns!!

PurplLexl 2 months ago

WHO IS LIN?! i came here because i remembered liking this!

Boxxy 2 months ago

Hi Lin!

Judi Booher
Judi Booher 2 months ago

One of my favorites!!! πŸ’ž

Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 2 months ago

i'm giving this a 99% +1

PokerfaceSteve 420
PokerfaceSteve 420 2 months ago

1/10 not enough coca cola drinking

cloe1704 2 months ago

Armie Hammer is a bear (his voice)!

Matthew Slee
Matthew Slee 2 months ago

I observe that the father polar bear called Kaskae sounds like Mufasa from The Lion King when he was slightly younger.

Legendary Force
Legendary Force 2 months ago

2018 CocaCola

Mags2theMax 2 months ago

What if the dance scene was longer for 4:00?

SLAY QUEEN 2 months ago

Fortnite dance on the polarbears

Jamie Camps
Jamie Camps 2 months ago

damn it kaia hanging with the black kids again

Tj-tries-her-best 2 months ago

Who’s here bc they heard Lin was in it

RAWTOMIC 2 months ago

God this is fucking beautiful

Grace Woofter
Grace Woofter 2 months ago

The world didn’t know they needed Lin-Manuel Miranda as a polar bear.

Vickie Kyriakis
Vickie Kyriakis 2 months ago


BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]

thumb this comment if you found out GizmoDuck is returning to DuckTales and his episode airs May 11th 2018 (Lin got his lines recorded)

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams 2 months ago

Why didn't this be a real movie instead of Norm of the Fucking North

2 months ago

Cutest film ever

maria lourdes villagracia

who came here for lin

Anthony Larsen
Anthony Larsen 2 months ago

So cute. I wish there was a movie about this.