Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)


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Information Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)

Title : Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)

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Frames Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)

Description Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)

Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)

Top 10 Gifts For Gamers (That They Will Actually Like!)

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PRASANTA MONDAL 2 months ago

I will buy my kid ps5

MrCornChips 2 months ago

Hi. I’m a gamer. And I approve of this.


Tenacious Tornado
Tenacious Tornado 2 months ago

My mom says she will buy me anything for my birthday but when I asked her for a Nintendo switch and she said no I’m not buying you another device

I only have an iPhone 6 😑

Amanda Harrold
Amanda Harrold 2 months ago

I sure want soft touch rubberised wrist-rests in my life

Cattaneo L
Cattaneo L 2 months ago

Anyone here in 2020?

JIFFTHEBIFF 2 months ago

Anyone 2020?

Joi Akhom
Joi Akhom 2 months ago

I would buy a drone ,psp and a skateboard.

Kind Memes
Kind Memes 2 months ago

Nice rap song 👌🤣

Naps Man
Naps Man 2 months ago

Jesus loves you

Amanda Harrold
Amanda Harrold 2 months ago


Not a soul:

“Soft touch rubberised wrist-rests”

Amudha Ekambaram
Amudha Ekambaram 2 months ago

I am a gamer

Kaos 2 months ago

But can your chair do this?

Xander Khalil
Xander Khalil 2 months ago


Wendy Coe
Wendy Coe 2 months ago

does number 6 (headset) work on nintendo?

30336彤軒 2 months ago

Thumbnail: Nintendo switch
Ad:Nintendo switch

evan_xai 2 months ago

who else is looking for a birthday list?

Btools 2 months ago

A birthday present ??? Because it's almost my birthday

domen nedelko
domen nedelko 2 months ago

this is what i think about this video:
30% is really good and i want it BUT its to expensive...
60% is things that are trash, old and no one will really want them
10% is good and not to expensive BUT its only for pc (keyboard wrist rest) which i am

24kclxps -
24kclxps - 2 months ago


Prafulla Sarkar
Prafulla Sarkar 2 months ago

I am watching this because I didn't get any gift on my birthday

Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 2 months ago

Who else checked to see if they were watching on x2 speed

Karm6 2 months ago

Just telling you hyper x head phones are very fragile

Imagine being a Ben
Imagine being a Ben 2 months ago

Add the Oculus Quest-

Xerox 2 months ago

Lmao i searched up "things to want for your birthday when you don't know what to get boy" bc my birthday is on April 3rd and idk wut to get execpt a bike...

Big Mum
Big Mum 2 months ago


kyoya playz
kyoya playz 2 months ago

That,s too expensive

Denise Ashley
Denise Ashley 2 months ago

You're lucky if you get present in your birthday
I don't have anything today

IncredibleKeenan 15
IncredibleKeenan 15 2 months ago

I just got a Nintendo Switch

monke 2 months ago

7:15 ThE lOwEsT pRiCeS aRe JuSt ThE BeGiNnInG

Frogfrog Gaming
Frogfrog Gaming 2 months ago

2019 anyone

DoggoLol YT
DoggoLol YT 2 months ago

My grandma got me a Rambo knife

Bh Jayden
Bh Jayden 2 months ago

Lol I said I’m getting a chrome book so I could play fortnite and stuff you know

NikhilAnimates 2 months ago

Don’t buy the laptop-bamboo-desk thing, save the pandas!

AlwaysGrumpy 2 months ago

We 👏 are 👏 not 👏 rich 👏

Not the Same
Not the Same 2 months ago

What happens when you don't have money

Mr. Random
Mr. Random 2 months ago

I have the oringinal Nintendo entertainment system

Connor Stevens
Connor Stevens 2 months ago

No eShop?! I’m angry here!

Jumbled Vlogger
Jumbled Vlogger 2 months ago

eh I want a gopro

Denise Gashagaza
Denise Gashagaza 2 months ago

now imma get a switch since i already got a ps4

alecks 2 months ago

Just buy me a new Graphics card and im happy lol

Ryuskiii 2 months ago

is this a joke because half the items on this list are not so good

Karl Høier
Karl Høier 2 months ago

who the hell would want a neca figurine, an arcade lightswitch or that wierd-ass labdesk??

Jeff Natysin
Jeff Natysin 2 months ago

I'm an adult who loves gaming, but I'm also an adult. Anything that is given to me, I'll accept with extreme gratitude.

SenseiGoat 2 months ago

My 13 th birthday is tomorrow

Hapy Me
Hapy Me 2 months ago

lol watching this cause idk what to get for my bday

monkefan420epicgamer 2 months ago

Who else was scrolling through the comments as they watch the video with slow internet

Bighurtkly 2 months ago

I have a Nintendo switch already but all I need is the case for it

Dagnija brante
Dagnija brante 2 months ago

2:09 I have that!

Gap Zyn
Gap Zyn 2 months ago

WHO Else is looking on this for things to ADD at Their birthday list

Ethan Lowe
Ethan Lowe 2 months ago

10 and 4 are same

Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann 2 months ago

In order:
The PS4 pro was released on 11-10-2016
The Switch was released on 3-3-2017
And the Xbox One X was released on 11-7-2017

I Dont Know
I Dont Know 2 months ago

Epic gamers or just plain gamers

skeppers 2 months ago

Anyone looking at this to get ideas for what you want for your birthday

Baby Luma Productions

Am I the only one who doesn't think the Nintendo Switch is the best thing ever

Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee 2 months ago

Who else came here cuz you couldn’t come up with ideas u want XD

Reaper 007
Reaper 007 2 months ago

My mom bought me a Nintendo Switch for no reason

I didn’t ask for it

But I’m not complaining

Sofie Arts
Sofie Arts 2 months ago

Yeah getting a pro controller really wouldn't hurt ;3 Gift cards are also great :3

LightningBolt 2 months ago

What about just money?

idontknow x2
idontknow x2 2 months ago

I did not know there was a controller for nintendo I only new the one that comes with the nintendo not the one that looks like an xbox controller

Kotha Vrishin
Kotha Vrishin 2 months ago

Waste channel

Yog Kumar
Yog Kumar 2 months ago

Next do it under 10$

seren_itykunn 2 months ago

Is theres any gift that dont costs money? Im too broke 😂😂😂

Maggie Greenlaw
Maggie Greenlaw 2 months ago


Samarth S.Hosamani
Samarth S.Hosamani 2 months ago

I should have seen this video earlier😐😖

Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 2 months ago

Funko pop> necca

WowNiceName 2 months ago

I'm on a budget of $50 for my birthday and I want an electronic, and everybody knows no electronic exists that is under $100

Misato Katsuragi
Misato Katsuragi 2 months ago

WatchMojo is cancer

Cammo :
Cammo : 2 months ago

im a gamer but the problem is
my tv can not handle the consoles
i already got some equipment (keyboards etc)
i dont need it
overall good gifts but no use for me

7Sinxs 2 months ago

when you already have half of these

axel axel
axel axel 2 months ago

Souljagame console

Aleksi Angelov
Aleksi Angelov 2 months ago


Ethan Creates
Ethan Creates 2 months ago

I'm an epic gamer and I want to know what to get for my gamer son please HELP!

Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown 2 months ago

Im getting a nintendo switch for christmas! :D

Michael Hale
Michael Hale 2 months ago

I hated the hyperx cloud stinger, it broke after one week :/

allsadnshit 2 months ago

You guys disappoint me so much

Janski 147
Janski 147 2 months ago

umm id rather not have these. Im doing just fine with my pc and 200$ keyboard

desire 2 months ago

The lap desk better come with the damn computer for 100 bucks holy

Mandisi 2 months ago

9000000000000000000000 VBUCKS!

i teach music
i teach music 2 months ago

Can you put balance on my uncle's paypal?
I used his 1000$ on games for the switch

Chenga 2 months ago

I'm a gamer and i don't like any of these things

luke smith
luke smith 2 months ago

I'll never understand why we give gift cards instead of cash. Can spend cash anywhere.

Cristina Flores
Cristina Flores 2 months ago

Who's watching this because there going to show their parents because the horrible at buying presents

Gianna Neet
Gianna Neet 2 months ago

I don’t know what to get my boyfriend someone save me :,)

Matthew Montville
Matthew Montville 2 months ago

I want a ps4 with madden 19

xy 2 months ago

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is terrible. The mic broke in 2 days.

korlizard 2 months ago

Wait I’m a kid who who? Who’s getting us that GIFT (ILLUMANTI CONFIRMED) sorry can’t spell

Mihnea Stan
Mihnea Stan 2 months ago

amazing Vid:)Great idea!

chloe’s g r a s s
chloe’s g r a s s 2 months ago

I would get Nintendo switch but idk because it doesn’t seem too fun

Sofala Maiava
Sofala Maiava 2 months ago

im not buying it im just puting it on my crristmas list

Explosivepro1219 2 months ago

I watched this video with wearing number 8

Stoop 2 months ago

I’m an epic gamer and also stoop

Jean Pérez
Jean Pérez 2 months ago

Top 10 Gifts for Gamers 2018

Smash Bros. Ultimate

Matt 2 months ago

Any gamers out there watching this then looking at their bank balance and crying

African Soy
African Soy 2 months ago

Thanks for this vid dude, now I'm getting for Christmas is a switch, watercolor PC,mac book pro, and the xbox one x dude, I'm so fucking excited

Kayden Cantelo
Kayden Cantelo 2 months ago

Who is here in 2018 tryna get some ideas 😂

Lukas Whitley
Lukas Whitley 2 months ago

PS4 Is better because there is a light bar on the controllers and a touchpad.
Reply: if don't agree and why
Like: if you agree

radioman 2 months ago

2:09 just wearing them listening to the video

ahmad said
ahmad said 2 months ago

I do have ps4 pro and windows 8 laptop and I am getting xbox one s in my birthday

ahmad said
ahmad said 2 months ago

I am getting xbox one in my birthday

Amit Yoel
Amit Yoel 2 months ago

Fortnite gamers: 111000010182828 v bucks

Minecraft gamers: ....

CS:GO gamers: 9717199828818182828292929#929 loot boxes

rOboLOX GamErS: A LiFE A hot GF