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Fifth Gear Web TV - Mazda CX-7

Fifth Gear Web TV - Mazda CX-7

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Spagu 2 months ago

Which is better 2.2 disel or 2.3 petrol ?

Jay YouTube
Jay YouTube 2 months ago

Got a 2010 with 150,000 mi... no issues so far

Arthur Serino
Arthur Serino 2 months ago

A diesel CX-7 with a manual gearbox? Fuck me dead, you brits really got shafted on this one.

Mark Sutton
Mark Sutton 2 months ago

I am now the proud owner of the actual car in this video!!
Awesome motor 10/10👍🏻

MrMike 2 months ago

Doors don't shut with the thud I'd like, deal breaker.

Josh Bacon
Josh Bacon 2 months ago

How come automatic versions of the CX-7 were NEVER offered for sale in the UK, when they were offered in other markets where it was sold?

A & S Fakhouri
A & S Fakhouri 2 months ago

The doors don't shut with a nice thud... please

Leaving ASAP
Leaving ASAP 2 months ago

Own a 12 with 60k, never had a issue with it, love this car, best car I have owned

brealistic1970 2 months ago

I think the CX-7 has aged very well. Too bad about the turbo gas engine issues. I wish they had sold the manual diesel version in the US.

Cristian Carano
Cristian Carano 2 months ago

I'm so happy with this car I got mine in 2010 as well

Joseph Clossey
Joseph Clossey 2 months ago

My mom has a cx7 and it is slow and it's the touring

Oliver Čondić
Oliver Čondić 2 months ago

My dad have this Mazda

Renew DG
Renew DG 2 months ago

Im still in love with the cx7

Undiscovered Youtuber

I really like it, it looks like a Lexus

Lord Twaddle
Lord Twaddle 2 months ago

You don't see a lot of these in the uk with makes them more exclusive than a range rover, I'd buy one used now just for that alone.

jay doe
jay doe 2 months ago

not happy with mine, I bought it new. sluggish, always hitting my head when getting in, and a slow shifting but...... it gets great gas mileage and gets my family of 4 around very well. the wife loves it

Erofei`s 2 months ago

In your dreams !

andywolfie9 2 months ago

Hellas Auss, you ignorant baffoon, the new car has a Diesel engine, do some research before making stupid comments and making a fool of yourself, it's a great car and I would rather listen to a car shows view than from a knob like you

niceguy60 2 months ago

this car needs a powerful 1.6 or 1.7 engine . The Tax man loves this 2.2 engine

Nd4SpdSe 2 months ago

I sat in a CX-7 around a race track, I totally forgot I was in a Cx-7. It was the turbo 2.3 since we don't get the diesel in North America, but for handling, it was amazing,

Silver Low
Silver Low 2 months ago

@mahatmacoatmahandbag What od you actually mean....? XDD

paomig098 2 months ago

asx is much better

TheCarArchives 2 months ago

the 2007-present Mazda CX-7 is assembled in Hiroshima, Japan

TYGR 2 months ago

looks like a minivan..i'll take my sportage sx thank you.

Hastrup081290 2 months ago

Looks like a tall MPV...

Bharat Baid
Bharat Baid 2 months ago

amazing website

jin7210 2 months ago

i love mazda,i really want to drive that beauty

djkasdjkasdjdjdj 2 months ago

mazda is too underrated, & yet toyota is too overrated!!

WAHTTHEDIEW 2 months ago

@luckynumba7ivory LOL pretty much

Kolgya Rodríguez
Kolgya Rodríguez 2 months ago

I got the mazda cx-7 11" on white pearl ad mi wife and I , we love it!. Zoom Zoom!.

Tomek Serek
Tomek Serek 2 months ago


Silver Low
Silver Low 2 months ago

Whats adBlue?

Enzo20061234 2 months ago

The tail lamps are too un-Mazdaish.

Zap Rowsdower212
Zap Rowsdower212 2 months ago

@villemadison1 I love Mazda too. For what it stands for. Making drivers cars. Sure some are more than others. But they try to be different not the same. I wish I had a Mazda. Someday. But I remain a fan.

Jonny Oliveira
Jonny Oliveira 2 months ago

@245thegreat Why?

fakeheadphones 2 months ago

@245thegreat oh dear!

jaroslav44 2 months ago


Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans 2 months ago

Why do they have to send it back ?

HyperbirdF6 2 months ago

Nice revew

originalfunfair 2 months ago

BOSE??? - Buy Other Sound Equipment

alernest 2 months ago

Hugo Chavez Jr., just as talented a presenter, is back!

alernest 2 months ago

Beautiful shape a couple of years ago. But any Prado would swalllow it for breakfast...

Lilian 2 months ago

Good review

Bogdan 2
Bogdan 2 2 months ago

Mazda - pretty ugly, reliable for about 7 years and to damn expensive for normal people...

oniftw 2 months ago

cool review

TheSlimeyLimey 2 months ago

Mazda seems to have crap service everywhere.

drea177cha5er 2 months ago

you guys are getting better at reviews. though not entertainment (like TG) but FG does still provide a good watch

Philocognition 2 months ago

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TornTech 2 months ago

You know what's stupid? Having an SUV with a standard.

Bergers5 2 months ago

your gay^^^

Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen 2 months ago

5 MONTHS?! how is that a long term test? i can understand a year, but not 5 months.

howruhobo 2 months ago