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Hina Suleman
Hina Suleman 2 months ago


Iman A
Iman A 2 months ago

Gemma you’re so beautiful 😭❤️

Chun Hin WONG
Chun Hin WONG 2 months ago

It looks delicious but some people might have a shock because it looks like chunky cake batter..... Like what I think..

PotterFreak22 2 months ago

I started playing Best Fiends when it first came out and got to level 200 but stopped playing cuz it got a bit tedious for me. I'm not a fan of rice pudding in the least! Probably because of the way it feels in my mouth. I'm a very textural person so if it doesn't feel right, I won't eat it (like applesauce and kiwis)

Skarlet Rose
Skarlet Rose 2 months ago

And Gemma forgot to mention that it's very important to make sure your eggs are at room temperature or you will have scrambled eggs whether you temper them or not.

Miguel Moreno
Miguel Moreno 2 months ago

I LOVE this so much!

Rai Mukhopadhyay
Rai Mukhopadhyay 2 months ago

Lovely video but if i use rice instead of tapioca should i boil it before cooking it in the milk or not ( will the milk puff it up?)

shia Behary
shia Behary 2 months ago

In my country we get the tapioca pearls everywhere no need to run everywhere to get it we can get it in the nearby store just like powder milk too.😊😊😊😊😊

Mugdha Sathe
Mugdha Sathe 2 months ago

It's basically sabudana kheer

Meharin Moideen
Meharin Moideen 2 months ago

Thanks for the game I was looking for a game like that one

kimberly delcid
kimberly delcid 2 months ago

I am a doy

Jeremy Art Alvarez
Jeremy Art Alvarez 2 months ago

the skeleton kinda grossed me out but this is definitely awesome!

kate marie
kate marie 2 months ago

Wow I'm so behind ever since my iPad broke! I can't believe you have 1 million subs congrats I'm definitely watching the rest of your videos and support you forever. I also can't believe that you haven't aged a bit you are so beautiful!😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊

Leah Glennon
Leah Glennon 2 months ago

What is tapioca?

Purity Kirubi
Purity Kirubi 2 months ago

what is #tapioka#

Utakata The Saiken Jinchuuriki

Gemma, pls make a milk and cookie shot glass recipe video!

Isabelle C
Isabelle C 2 months ago

Vegetarians can eat eggs, we are not vegan.

Moritz Hessel
Moritz Hessel 2 months ago

I don't know what you man at 4:08. Can you tell me pls? I can't understand how you can make the fire around the bowl

Hula Bob
Hula Bob 2 months ago

The fire looks so cool!!

Chloe Blank
Chloe Blank 2 months ago

if u have a lot of tapioca pudding can u use that

Jatendra Sital
Jatendra Sital 2 months ago

so cool

kratika agrawal
kratika agrawal 2 months ago

omg 😲 tasty y i watch your vedio although i know that then i start carving 2 eat it

iris ploeg
iris ploeg 2 months ago

love it!!

It also looks a little bit like bogger ;-)

Krispy Lettuce
Krispy Lettuce 2 months ago

who else stopped at 0:59 b/c 'tapioca'

Susan Millard
Susan Millard 2 months ago

Great dessert Gemma, sure to be a hit at a Halloween party. =) Thanks for showing us how simple it is to create it. =)

Patricia ́Cuisine
Patricia ́Cuisine 2 months ago

Gemma, you really made a piece of art with this yummy dessert! Great job!

Happy Halloween!!!


Denise Lxk
Denise Lxk 2 months ago

why like all my fav youtubers are sponsored by best fiends gosh



Kunal D
Kunal D 2 months ago

Hey Gemma,
In my house once every week we have a Tapioca recipe and trust me it is delicious... If u permit i would love to share it with you... But it is a lil tricky but iam sure ul get it

Ratna Sadal
Ratna Sadal 2 months ago

can you use the slow cooker?

Dr. Payal S.P
Dr. Payal S.P 2 months ago

Ohh waaooo.. tapioca is called "sago pearls" too and "sabudana" in India.. It is eaten during fasts on various occasion by makng it's "khichdi" jst by soaking d tapioca overnight and dn d next day, sauté it wid cumin seeds,green chilli, roasted crushed peanuts which tastes awsum with thick yogurt on top of it.. u make delicious recipes 😘

qureshi ummul
qureshi ummul 2 months ago

Make boil sweet potato

Vilma 2 months ago

That looks amazing but I couldn't eat it! I hate pudding, and that looked extra gross 😂

Planet Charlie
Planet Charlie 2 months ago

This was so cool!! I love how you made it all gloopy and green hehe!!

Radhika B
Radhika B 2 months ago

Gemma! this looks amazing! Thank you so much for including a vegetarian substitute for the pudding. An FYI, we Indians also have a type of tapioca pudding dessert called "khirni" or "kheer" that is made from milk, sweetened condensed milk and tapioca, flavored with cardamom and saffron and garnished with almonds, pistachios and cashews. This pudding reminds me of a Halloween-y version of that :)

Andrea Z
Andrea Z 2 months ago

I haven't made tapioca in ages this Ooey-Gooey dessert it's the perfect excuse to make it, looks incredible Gemma 👻

Remy Andersen
Remy Andersen 2 months ago

I've never heard of tapioca?!?

Kwabena Yeboah
Kwabena Yeboah 2 months ago

I hate tapico is there a subsitute

Oski Haddad
Oski Haddad 2 months ago

hi plz make a video like the one of the blood apple loved it

Ijlal Youmna
Ijlal Youmna 2 months ago

hi my lovely gemma.what is tapioca.?

Nadia Farooqui
Nadia Farooqui 2 months ago

You're really creative! So when I showed my mom ur site, she was like "She has got to be a professional chef or baker! If she isn't than no one is!"

Malak Samir
Malak Samir 2 months ago

and I will be 12

Malak Samir
Malak Samir 2 months ago

my name is malak and my birthday is next Wednesday can you make me some thing one your channel to celebrate please answer

EvillMonkeyy 2 months ago

Could I use something else instead of tapioca for similar effect? Not that easy to find around me... (or maybe I just didn't notice it)

Leanyn Andini Nainggolan

red velvet peanut butter cake would be big and bold just a random thought
Congrats for a million subscribers :)

Heather Smedley
Heather Smedley 2 months ago

This was so much fun to watch.....great presentation.

Sandra Michele Leong
Sandra Michele Leong 2 months ago

This is so cute.. gonna try it in Malaysia

Liem Nguyen
Liem Nguyen 2 months ago

Gemma, could you show us how to make corn candy?

Reet Dharamsey
Reet Dharamsey 2 months ago

I love your videos

Lubnaash S
Lubnaash S 2 months ago

the flames look soo realistic!!!! 😀

Rainbow Cherry
Rainbow Cherry 2 months ago

Oh my goodness every single youtube video I've watched today has been sponsored by best fiends :D 😂

Sczx 2 months ago

Please make peanut butter cups next

Time For Corn
Time For Corn 2 months ago

The fire looked amazing, one question though. Won't the food dye get messed up when you put the frosting in?

Clyn 2 months ago

WOW! This is so nice and the fire looks real.
Advance Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

Sarah Saunders
Sarah Saunders 2 months ago

ha, that's so cool! I love it.

Another Random Youtuber

Oooh, I love this but have a few questions. Is tapioca the same as sago? (in flavour) and could you use sticky rice instead of tapioca?

Alexandra Wronski
Alexandra Wronski 2 months ago

The first thing that came to my mind when Gemma said tapioca, was bubble tea 😂

waniya abbasi
waniya abbasi 2 months ago

I don't celebrate Halloween but I'm gonna try this 🙂

Life of Aimée
Life of Aimée 2 months ago

Gemma, that is fangtastic! The colouring for the fire 🔥 is brilliant!

Noorina 2 months ago

Love it Gemma ! Definitely trying this :)

Thumbs up bestfiends fam ! Loving the Halloween update !

Jana Delsi
Jana Delsi 2 months ago


Tracey Zvirblis
Tracey Zvirblis 2 months ago

Clever stuff Gemma 😀👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Александра Чудная

What she say at the start of every video?

Kriti Karna
Kriti Karna 2 months ago

can you make microwave meals!!pleasèeee

Christina 2 months ago

wow it looks amazing😍

Carmen Padida
Carmen Padida 2 months ago

I Love It😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
please make GranolaBar tnx😘😘😘🙆🙆

iiSanjanaii 99
iiSanjanaii 99 2 months ago

Isnt that Sago?

Anime Food, Baking, Dessert Recipe Ideas

Pretty spooky looking, Gemma! :D

pragya shahani
pragya shahani 2 months ago

spooky and delicious

Hooria Khan
Hooria Khan 2 months ago

your videos are awesome

Mary Monique
Mary Monique 2 months ago

In Philippines, we have that kind of dessert. It's called lugaw.

jezzebell 2 months ago

This is just so cool.

Zuha Ibrar
Zuha Ibrar 2 months ago

I wanna ask that at first this topioca would be small white balls or something like tht coz in Urdu language we call it Saabu Daana lol and when u eat that with milk its so soft when its cooked
Am I Right if I am then plz tell me tht is it soft when we eat it and thnx for ths video I hope u will reply soon :-:-):-):-)

留語陞 2 months ago

oh my it's 西米露 it's a Taiwanese dessert that's cooked enough taro , it also tapioca and look just like this

MagicBugzz 2 months ago

omg thats deliciously disgustin lmao o~hugs~o thank you Gemma :D

tubeblahblahblah 2 months ago

Your creativity is out of this world, Gemma! Been following you for years and I'm never disappointed :)

thereaderbug 2 months ago

Super cute!

118_Amelia Amanda
118_Amelia Amanda 2 months ago

hi gemma 💛 this is so cute 💛💛

whitewave16 2 months ago

Many thanks for this bonus episode, Gemma!

Barbara Jeanne Brennan

My dad loved Tapioca. He sometimes put raisins in it. My mom said the raisins looked like bugs in it. i love the game.

VISHWA 2 months ago

gemma youre juz awsome i got sooo exited to make this and i made this tday only and my sisters friends had come and the loooooved it
thanks gemma
plz reply

noor malik
noor malik 2 months ago

you are so beautiful.i love you

sm dv
sm dv 2 months ago

wow gemma you always make simple things into amazing delicious big amd bold desserts💖🍩🍦🙌👌😁

Jad Ardat
Jad Ardat 2 months ago

I really admire that you mention vegan substitutions whenever you're making a recipe :) thank you for being inclusive <3

Noel Vu
Noel Vu 2 months ago

The gummy brain looked like the same one from Threadbanger

Beth Gates
Beth Gates 2 months ago

Gemma you are SO amazing!!!!

Christina Li
Christina Li 2 months ago

I'm on level 178 on best fiends

Lily Taher
Lily Taher 2 months ago

Yeay Bonus !!!!!

Cleo N
Cleo N 2 months ago

This is such a cute and clever idea for Halloween! Fantastic idea for Halloween! :)

Kayla Ochwatt
Kayla Ochwatt 2 months ago

See how easy she said the best fiends ad. It look like 30 seconds not half of the video like most people.

Alice Cerny
Alice Cerny 2 months ago

Is there any substitute for the tapioca? :(

MsMarie0072 2 months ago

I can eat this now you are amazing thanks for sharing

Tayyaba Sabir
Tayyaba Sabir 2 months ago

that's really cool and creepy! =)

Brenda Soto
Brenda Soto 2 months ago

I love it! 💚 I did a similar treat on my channel last year except the bowls were edible. 👻

Raven Nightshade
Raven Nightshade 2 months ago

Rice pudding would work too I bet 😃

Veronika Paulovicova
Veronika Paulovicova 2 months ago

you can't be a are so sweet:)

Jaime Thomas
Jaime Thomas 2 months ago

So awesome Gemma love this ❤️

Mimi H
Mimi H 2 months ago


Sophie Lennon
Sophie Lennon 2 months ago

I'm stuck on level 12 😩

Natalie Ford
Natalie Ford 2 months ago

Kids would love that. Looks awesome