Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!


Aiysha Jebali

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Information Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!

Title : Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!

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Frames Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!

Description Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!

Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!

Best Stand up comedy sketch ever!

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Danyaal Irshad
Danyaal Irshad 2 months ago

I am also from Glasgow. The jokes are way funnier if you live there.

Z- FLEX 2 months ago

I could hardly understand a word that was coming out of his mouth but at least all them other folks were into it

Er Sorpe
Er Sorpe 2 months ago

even if i dont fully understand it, i love scottish accent

Mikael Helletun
Mikael Helletun 2 months ago

No subtitles = reaches fewer people.
It's basic maths, really. Even the most evenly delivered Londonian english needs subtitles - and not only to cater to those with hearing disabilities, but to cater to everyone who would have trouble following the sound of the voice alone.
Pair the stand up routine with subtitles and it's easier for a lot of people to follow.
But then again, I'm used to subtitles, living in a country where english is not the no.1 language (but it comes in as a close 2nd).

Anthony Whelan
Anthony Whelan 2 months ago

Comedy like music or the arts is quite subjective. Each to their own poison, eh!

Endangered Dangerous
Endangered Dangerous 2 months ago

It quite clearly say in the title best comedy scetvh ever. IT WAS!!!????

Ben Coleman
Ben Coleman 2 months ago

As an English Southerner I can happily say it didn't take me long to understand the Scots I worked with when I spent a week at Eurocentral 😀

My accents pretty good too.

Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi 2 months ago

I got to tell you I sincerely appreciate the English subtitles for heavy English dialects

Marleo Ca
Marleo Ca 2 months ago

It's his accent for real, or he only exaggerates it for sounding... funnier?

Espen 2 months ago

I'm Norwegian and i understand him just fine

Tim 2 months ago

brilliant as always, love Kevin 😂

Arthur D.
Arthur D. 2 months ago

I just love the Scottish accent

Duckbilled Walrus
Duckbilled Walrus 2 months ago

can't you do the subtitles within youtube, so that they can be disabled?

Mila 2 months ago

Damn I was enjoying that, where's the rest of it =0)

braxton hayes
braxton hayes 2 months ago

not bad but not great

Steve Simpson
Steve Simpson 2 months ago

I'm not a grass,tittle tattle informant lol:-)

millertas 2 months ago

It did not need subtitles.

Jane-Doe 2 months ago

this guy reminds me of jim jeffries.

Darrel Zero
Darrel Zero 2 months ago

if only stand up was that easy! (this is redubbed)

Mr. P.Dribbles
Mr. P.Dribbles 2 months ago

2 minutes in... Not a laugh. Watch John Pinette instead people.

Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson 2 months ago

Best ever? not even top 50!

Mr.Salman 2 months ago

this is the ugliest accent I have ever heard

Fez Bot
Fez Bot 2 months ago

subtitles, really?


thanks for the sub...really helped a deaf like me...well im not really deaf...i just suck with accents

Vishal Sarmalia
Vishal Sarmalia 2 months ago

His 'thankyou' at 0:15 sounds like 'fuck you'.
Nicest greeting ever.

wigiwouwou 2 months ago

Let's make it official.. Scottish isn't an accent but a whole new distant language, which has nothing in common with any other one spoken by humans :p

Zaraki Kon
Zaraki Kon 2 months ago

Thx for the added subs. As a non native English speaker it just makes it that bit easier to watch.

Toddylad86 2 months ago

How can people not understand him lol I'm English and it's no trouble at all

joejitsu034 2 months ago

This is brilliant. Thank you for uploading

Spec 2 months ago

It's he's accent that makes it funny

Salar Khan
Salar Khan 2 months ago

best comedian

TheSubatomicfarticle 2 months ago

subtitles for the English speaking country that only understand their own English.... America

Gene Nelson
Gene Nelson 2 months ago

thanks for the subtitles so us tanks from the state's can understand the gibberish you folks in the UK call English...

CapuletRose 2 months ago

There's subtitles lol this is funny on its own but add the subtitles and for some reason it just make it funnier lol not that I need the subtitles

Mohamed Rashid
Mohamed Rashid 2 months ago

I swear, if the subtitles weren't there, I'd not have found this funny.

frank rodriguez
frank rodriguez 2 months ago

funny shit....😂😂

DjAlanBarratt 2 months ago

is that an Eskimo accent?

BAFLOD 2 months ago

10/10 translation

MetroMakeover 2 months ago

is Scotland SO boring that this is claimed as "The best comedy routine ever"?

Bill McLellan
Bill McLellan 2 months ago

why the sub titles?

Mari Roberts
Mari Roberts 2 months ago

I love the fact they have to put subtitles for his insanely thick Glasgow accent

John M
John M 2 months ago

To any non UK residents, if you come to Glasgow, AVOID people who speak exactly like this. 99% of them will be scumbags. You can tell, as when they speak, they have no concept of the word " volume ", and try intimidation tactics by talking AT YOU from approximately 2 inches away. ( I'm Glaswegian by the way, so you can't say I'm being anti Scottish).

gary whiteman
gary whiteman 2 months ago

for me he is the Scottish dave chapelle

CaptBloodeye 2 months ago

Lowest common denominator humour. Ideal for the undereducated.

leandro arrua
leandro arrua 2 months ago

Not a single smile out of me. Don't get me wrong... I loved Scotland... been there and Eddie Izzard is just fabulous, so I guess it's just the type of comedy.

LiveForever 2 months ago

needed the subtitles for the Scotsman Hahahaha it's true, there's a reason why trainspotting and filth etc had subtitles :)

G O'Brien
G O'Brien 2 months ago

subtitles are funny.... This is the queens englishs mofos!!!

Anthony Whelan
Anthony Whelan 2 months ago

I'm Australian and I can understand him. We are use to British comedians i. e Danny Buoy.

I reckon I can build that

without the Scottish accent this isn't as funny so I think tge subtitles are a bit pointless

nova world1
nova world1 2 months ago

Strong title for an average sketch

MGTOW2 2 months ago

that wasn't funny.


im a sucker for a bargin.....

Donald Roberts
Donald Roberts 2 months ago

great but the best I do not think so

Patrick Moloney
Patrick Moloney 2 months ago

+Aiysha you're cute and good luck with the acting career

JohnConnor310355 2 months ago

Many English accents need tranlationsn's too.

Stephen Dawson
Stephen Dawson 2 months ago

why is this subtitled?

Michael Tegner
Michael Tegner 2 months ago

I am Danish but I don't have any problems understanding him, but I travel a lot and are used to accents so I gotten quite good at filling in the places where they use a word I haven't heard before or understand.

James Wilson
James Wilson 2 months ago

whats with the subtitles i find that racially offensive, i would never ask for subtitles for someone from birmingham, or liverpool,

Hannah Kinton
Hannah Kinton 2 months ago

I love the posh people translations at the bottom 'tattle tale' lmao, he said grass mate😂

Firebrand VOCALS
Firebrand VOCALS 2 months ago

[email protected] the subtitles lol

Tonia Evi
Tonia Evi 2 months ago

Thank you for the subtitles otherwise I wouldn't understand a single word. I like this accent though

FatRakoon 2 months ago

This routine is so fucking stupid, that its utterly brilliant at the same time, and while he says its based on a true story... I friggin believe it too! LOL

Kevin Bridges is most definitely one of the best comedians that I have seen in a while.

Ellie M
Ellie M 2 months ago

I like the subtitles for the non weegies haaha

Benjamin LE PAGE
Benjamin LE PAGE 2 months ago

English is not my native language, and I can assure that without the subtitle, I can't understand what he's saying because of his accent !

Marcus Pennicott
Marcus Pennicott 2 months ago

that was shit

Truster 2 months ago

Sub-titles with linguistic explanations...hhahahahahahaha.

The bull Mc cabe
The bull Mc cabe 2 months ago

Brilliant hoouse rice

Drew Conley
Drew Conley 2 months ago

the Glaswegian-English subtitles make it funnier

Seller of mask machine

Irish accent?

Robert Tressell
Robert Tressell 2 months ago

Cun ye relle noh unastun me ya weegie bas?

Michal Kremer
Michal Kremer 2 months ago

This accent is terrifying!! 😵

Jenn Starr
Jenn Starr 2 months ago

Fantastic job