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Title : Once Upon A Christmastime

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Once Upon A Christmastime

Once Upon A Christmastime

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Naveeda Mysore
Naveeda Mysore 2 months ago



Andrew Caryle
Andrew Caryle 2 months ago

Wow what a beautiful song i really like it

_Utopiaaa_ 2 months ago


Suzy Conrad
Suzy Conrad 2 months ago

My nanny kids listen to this at least 4 times a day. They have ASD and it’s hard to keep their attention. Thank you for this live saver when I’m driving them home!

Eric Mattison
Eric Mattison 2 months ago

I wish this was on Apple music 😭

Random World
Random World 2 months ago

0:32. 1:36

SlavicUnionGaming 2 months ago

too bad Disney is gay now, Hitler would be pissed

Brandon Wei
Brandon Wei 2 months ago

Just did the whole choreography for toy soldier on fb live lol. Throwback reunion with cast member friends from moucp 2009;

Christian Mendez
Christian Mendez 2 months ago

0:00 Opening Announcement
1:36 Mickey and Minnie
3:28 Donald and Daisy
5:20 Chip and Dale
7:13 Rest of Disney Characters
9:05 Goofy Makes Marshmallows
10:57 Clara-belle Cow
12:49 Santa Clause
14:41 Final Good, bye bye

Danny Eyheralde
Danny Eyheralde 2 months ago

0:17 "Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, Mickey, Minnie and all their friends invite you to join them for the most wonderful time of the year,as the Magic Kingdom proudly presents Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade!"

Dinky Robb
Dinky Robb 2 months ago


furrygamer 922
furrygamer 922 2 months ago

I really love this parade

Jagdish Prasadam
Jagdish Prasadam 2 months ago

This song is a very beatifull song

Pageant Princess
Pageant Princess 2 months ago

I remember going here with my mom and she fell asleep while I was having the time of my life 😆

Grace Busen
Grace Busen 2 months ago

This song is the BEST!!😭❤️ it sounds like heaven!❤️

Josh Kittrell
Josh Kittrell 2 months ago

This was my first official parade as a cast member. I was Chip in 2017.

The Clark Channel
The Clark Channel 2 months ago

My husband and I go to the Not So Scary Halloween party every year, but this year is the first year we're experiencing the Christmas party! So excited!

Austin Reed
Austin Reed 2 months ago

I miss this parade all year, I cant wait to go back in November and see it again.

taylor 2 months ago

I went and watched the parade last year at Disney world and its legitimately the best thing I've seen 😍❤💚 going again this year for sure!

Recreation Student
Recreation Student 2 months ago

Where did you get the audio?

Orest 2 months ago

So many pleasant memories from Magic Kingdom coming back to me as this tune plays.

Mary Sebold
Mary Sebold 2 months ago

[CHOIR, sung]
Once upon a Christmastime
Once upon a Christmastime

Once upon a Christmastime at Christmas
Families gather 'round the Christmas tree
Once upon a Christmastime at Christmas
Moms and dads and children all agree
This fairytale for all is the time you will recall
With stories told throughout the years
So get ready for that night when Santa takes his flight
'Cause Christmas time comes once a year

Once upon a Christmastime at Christmas
Candy canes and chocolate fill the air
Once upon a Christmastime at Christmas
Sleigh bells say it's time to prepare
It's that very special time and the magic that you'll find
On that once upon a Christmastime

Once upon a Christmastime

KpopIsLife 2 months ago

When i saw this parade i 2017 it was beutiful i loved the and the parade it was amazing cant wait to see it again

kaitlin gower
kaitlin gower 2 months ago

I wish they did it here also in Mesa Arizona with Batman.

Marcus Waterbury
Marcus Waterbury 2 months ago

I watched this parade on Christmas Day it was so magical now I am about to cry

Martu Bogado
Martu Bogado 2 months ago

I love this song with all my heart Thanks God for being there at Christmas !!!!!.

kaitlin gower
kaitlin gower 2 months ago

I wish they do it here in Mesa.

B A 2 months ago

how wonderful music.

Eng Tom
Eng Tom 2 months ago

I hate this song!!!! It is so bad 😣

Chris 2 months ago

This parade is so magical. Gives me chills listening to it 😍😍😍

Jeff trains Master
Jeff trains Master 2 months ago

The part candy part and I hear some part of Willy wonka

Nakia Gaither
Nakia Gaither 2 months ago

I was a performer in this parade in 2007 at Magic Kingdom. Good times!!

tampa2533 2 months ago

great parade and time at the magic kingdom 2017

tampa2533 2 months ago


HILDA G REYES 2 months ago

This song is so good

Tj Samson
Tj Samson 2 months ago

I really love this soundtrack.

SAS Göteborg
SAS Göteborg 2 months ago

Lovely xmas overkill medley :D Seen the parade twice :)

CZ D 2 months ago

love it

Trickstress 2 months ago

The biggest thing with this parade is that the music is wonderful, but you really have to go and experience the parade because it just smells so amazing and you wouldn't believe it

Brittney Gonzalez
Brittney Gonzalez 2 months ago

going on christmas day💜 can't wait to be back home💜

Shinyville 2 months ago

December 16 here I come!! I'm getting so hyped right now!!!!

Emmybarajas 2 months ago

Love this song :)

Levi Hunt Entertainment

It seems like such a long time ago when it was just in December 2015 but I want to go back. Heck I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get an internship there in the future.

Emmybarajas 2 months ago

I love when Minnie sing

Water Baby
Water Baby 2 months ago

Admit it you wanted to twerk to this

Linda L
Linda L 2 months ago

听到这首歌就好开心!!I love this song!!!

Jayla Evans
Jayla Evans 2 months ago


Jayla Evans
Jayla Evans 2 months ago


Jay Duce
Jay Duce 2 months ago

This brings back some great memories I have of the Disney world parade a saw a few years ago. Thanks for posting!

Rockafire Explosion Forever

i love this song too!!!!!

Jay1637 2 months ago

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you posted this!!!