Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe


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Information Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe

Title : Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe

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Frames Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe

Description Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe

Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe

Trinidad Black Fruit Cake- EPISODE 11 - Caribbean Recipe

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Alia Cumberbatch
Alia Cumberbatch 2 months ago

I have to say i did your recipe and loved how my cake came out. Now my family and my moms friends want me to make for them this year. thank you.

Cheryl Barker
Cheryl Barker 2 months ago

You're my favorite Trinidadian for all recipes from Trinidad and Tobago because of you I make the best sweet ......and sorrell cake ......U rock with THOSE recipes 👌🏽❤👌🏽❤🎶💃🏾

Edith Jones
Edith Jones 2 months ago

The cakes look great, but I'm more amazed at how you did this in only 14 minutes and some seconds. The other vids I have seen are at least 30 to 40 minutes long, and one was an hour!! Go figure...

Giselle Samuel
Giselle Samuel 2 months ago

I used this recipe as my cake came out greaaatttttt. ❤️Thank you

julliana2ify 2 months ago

Hi Natasha Season's greetings ...tried this recipe Christmas eve and it was the best!!!!
I got five cakes and tons of compliments as I shared some as gifts. I did direct everyone to your channel as most wanted the recipe. Thank you so much and it absolutely delicious and the two I am left with won't last too long ❤👌😊

Caprik Caprik
Caprik Caprik 2 months ago

Christmas eve 2020...just made this and it came out great!! First time baking fruit cake.. I can share with my friends and family! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!!

Carmen Arjoon
Carmen Arjoon 2 months ago

Nice recipe. One thing though, blue band is margarine and not butter. There is a huge difference in the end product of whatever you are cooking or baking

Shanna BTS
Shanna BTS 2 months ago

I am old school and those fruits will be going in a mill but love the recipe.

Gemma Charles
Gemma Charles 2 months ago

Cake pans not trays .trays are flat

Aleesha Cedeno
Aleesha Cedeno 2 months ago

What will you recommend to feed the cakes for someone who doesn't want that extra rum


Hi Natasha, hope all's well with you and the family. Where can I buy Creme de Cassi? I also live in FL

Neisha Mohammed
Neisha Mohammed 2 months ago

hi Natasha I use ur recipe every year love it...this year i wanted to try d same recipe but with less fruits will it come out ok if I do that ?

Bernadette Baptiste
Bernadette Baptiste 2 months ago

Great recipe love your tutorial

Jasmine Shivani Mannie

Can I used salted, kerrygold butter?

Sheila Ali
Sheila Ali 2 months ago

How much is 1 stick butter

Sheila Ali
Sheila Ali 2 months ago

How much butter is 1 stick

Hamidan Sankar
Hamidan Sankar 2 months ago

About how many cups of fruits you use because

Chrystolene Rolle
Chrystolene Rolle 2 months ago

I want to try this recipe but I don’t use alcohol, what’s your recommendation? What size pans did u use? Thank you.

ilovemyselffirst Sd
ilovemyselffirst Sd 2 months ago

Did you use all of the fruit mixture?

Roda Jagan
Roda Jagan 2 months ago


Cheryl Moore
Cheryl Moore 2 months ago

Natasha, if I wanted to make a pound mix of batter, how many eggs do I need and how many pounds of minced fruit would I need. Also, how many cakes would that make?

Cheryl Moore
Cheryl Moore 2 months ago

Is the flour All purpose?

Gessy Pierre
Gessy Pierre 2 months ago

Hi Natasha does this cake come out like the pudding heavy texture or is a bit more on the fluffy side. I was waiting for the cutting to see lol.

Jenna Nicholas
Jenna Nicholas 2 months ago

I can smell the cake through my computer natasha...yum

Sherry Abdool
Sherry Abdool 2 months ago

Hi Natasha, where can I find the Black Cake recipe?

Lindyann Farrier
Lindyann Farrier 2 months ago

What size pans did you use so I can follow exact and did you use all the fruits

Nicola Panan
Nicola Panan 2 months ago

Would have liked to see the inside of the cake when cut

cynthia jaggernauth
cynthia jaggernauth 2 months ago

Send me one. pleaseee. Aunty Pame

Gennine budree
Gennine budree 2 months ago

If you lesson down the recipe from 12 eggs to 8 how much flour will be sufficient?

HOT PINK 2 months ago

Hey Natasha. Can u post a non alcohol version plz.

Nehia D St Jean
Nehia D St Jean 2 months ago

Baked this... This is the bombbbbb

kimoni6 2 months ago

Hi, why did you use do much flour? Did you want it really dense?

Sunita Laborde
Sunita Laborde 2 months ago

Hi I'am a new subscribed how do I send you e-mails or get in contact with you, my e-mail is going to try your fruit cake thanks.

Denise Maharaj
Denise Maharaj 2 months ago

I am sorry lady but that is not the way 2 make Trinidad FRUIT CAKE. From someone who knows. A REAL TRINIDADIAN..........

Gemma Charles
Gemma Charles 2 months ago

Is it 5 ups of flour

Gillian maharaj
Gillian maharaj 2 months ago

Girl I made black cake for the first time using your recipe talk about cake come out nice im so happy thank you so much for sharing I got five cakes out of it

Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones 2 months ago

i could barely hear what your saying

kailiananalani15 2 months ago

Yum 😋 thx❤️

Sherry Persaud
Sherry Persaud 2 months ago

So much rum no way

Tara Maharaj
Tara Maharaj 2 months ago

Hi Trini cooking this is Tara Maharaj i just can't get your Recipes at all only get Ingredients

Iam Daisy
Iam Daisy 2 months ago

нow мυcн caĸe wιll ι geт ғroм тнιѕ?

Nirvana Besai
Nirvana Besai 2 months ago

Would have love to see you cut into the cake..nice video. Thanks.

David Haynes
David Haynes 2 months ago

I did this recipe last year. Believe it or not, now I'm getting orders. Jus one year ago I couldn't even bake bread.
Thank you for posting and sharing your expertise.

liaciaria 2 months ago

How many cups of blended fruit did you use?

liaciaria 2 months ago

Approximately how many packs is a pound?

Blondell Besson
Blondell Besson 2 months ago

I love alll your videos

Cathy Alexander
Cathy Alexander 2 months ago

Hi natasha hope you get my comment about 5 vegetarian ham love

Angella Hall
Angella Hall 2 months ago

I wish you had cut the cake so we can see the texture

Nicholas Sampson
Nicholas Sampson 2 months ago

Really love this recipe. Is The 6 cups of flour around 28 ounces or 2 lbs.

Janell Narinesingh
Janell Narinesingh 2 months ago

How much 10 inch pan's ? ? Please

Chandra unto Singh
Chandra unto Singh 2 months ago

Cut paper to fit the bottom of the pan. a circle or square

Cherain Salandy
Cherain Salandy 2 months ago

This recipe was epic l, tried it an my black cake perfect thanks so much for this recipe

Kandice Duncan
Kandice Duncan 2 months ago

Hi natasha is the crem de casis is trinidad ?

Monica Brady]
Monica Brady] 2 months ago

Hello Natasha from Canada you mention in one of your videos that you have baby you must be married congrats thanks for cake recipe Guyana do great cakes too can you please show face you are a beauty I enjoy all of your cooking I hope that the watchers understand that all chef cook different and that it is a matter of preference so as always nice comments are appreciated I am a subscriber

Shalini 2 months ago

What size eggs did you use large, extra large?
It I use extra large egg how much should I use for this recipe

Missdivine One
Missdivine One 2 months ago

I just made this cake and it's soooooo good. Thanks for the recipe!

Sita Persad
Sita Persad 2 months ago

Thank you natasha my fruit cake was the best everyone loved it alot

Sita Persad
Sita Persad 2 months ago

Hi natasha happy holidays i wanted to know if you can give me recipe for just 1 fruit cake its my first time so i just want to bake 1 cake..please thankyou..

Michelle Henry
Michelle Henry 2 months ago

Ok well in everything that is too sweet we add a little salt to give a lovely taste

Sylvon McSween
Sylvon McSween 2 months ago

loved it, tried it and my cakes came out beautiful,. everyone loved it. i dont like the bits and pieces of the fruits so i usually blend my fruits finer.

* 2 months ago

guys another brand of cherry brandy is by mcguinness sold in canada at the lcbo

Sinfuldavy 2 months ago

Are you a married woman

Virginia Sooknanan
Virginia Sooknanan 2 months ago

Hi Natasha, How much cups of fruits did you put in this cake? I enjoy your cooking a great deal.

Paulina Pauls
Paulina Pauls 2 months ago

Thanks Natasha you are a blessing and you do what you do from the heart. Best wishes to you and your family 😘

Hasra John
Hasra John 2 months ago

Approx how many cups of blended fruits did you use in this recipe?

Michelle Henry
Michelle Henry 2 months ago

Please mention a little salt next time love your video

andrene blidgen
andrene blidgen 2 months ago

When u bite a slice of that cake u must drunk.

Alexa Brice
Alexa Brice 2 months ago

hi thank you for the video, the oven temperature is F or C?

allie atrini
allie atrini 2 months ago

how many cakes do you get from this recipie

Four Ks WeLoveRain
Four Ks WeLoveRain 2 months ago

it's not trinidad blk cake.its blk cake made by different nationality that's all.☺

Alia Cumberbatch
Alia Cumberbatch 2 months ago

Hi good day. My aunts don't drink any alcohol. What can I use to blend the fruits in. Not even cherry Brandy.

debra good
debra good 2 months ago

How much banking powder and flour you used please

Angel wings
Angel wings 2 months ago

Is there a non alcoholic version...

Seedan Shah
Seedan Shah 2 months ago

Natasha I love your fruits cake the smell Really good

Rastafari Lives
Rastafari Lives 2 months ago

Miss Natasha can we use our own rum like Hennessy or Johnny walker

Sachin Ramsundar
Sachin Ramsundar 2 months ago

how much wine do i have to put jus to cover the fruit not using rum

Sachin Ramsundar
Sachin Ramsundar 2 months ago

do I have to use wax paper will it burn wit out it

Danelle Stewart
Danelle Stewart 2 months ago

I'm accustomed ordering my black for this festive season, this year I've decided I will make my own. I was referred by a friend to your channel so I am going to try your recipe this year . Will keep you posted on the end result.

Martin H
Martin H 2 months ago

Your recipe is very close to my wife’s mother’s. Might even be a little better... Shhhhh 😉. Do you have an actual cookbook?

Sandra Boxill
Sandra Boxill 2 months ago

Just now made these cakes, they're in the oven as I'm typing this. I got one 8 inch, one 8.5 and two loaf pan size. I use your recipe every year...and I get some great reviews...great job Natasha.....thanks so very much, oh I also got a little baby

Sachin Ramsundar
Sachin Ramsundar 2 months ago

can i jus use the cherry wine i don't use acahol

Aneesa Ramkissoon
Aneesa Ramkissoon 2 months ago

Could this be baked in cupcake trays

Seedan Shah
Seedan Shah 2 months ago

Wow this is so delicious,I make my fruits soak with Malta,grape jucie,and cherry wine no alocohal taste really good

This Is Kassia
This Is Kassia 2 months ago

Soak the fruit for a few days? Days?!? Maybe in some sort of emergency. It's August and I'm starting my Christmas cake fruit now.

StKitts Fashion Events

Where did you purchase your cake pans? Did you do a measurement for the fruits? E.g 2 cups after blended..

Kemsha Hosein
Kemsha Hosein 2 months ago

Hi , how do I make a non alcoholic version? Also what size of cake pans do you use for this recipe . I'm looking to bake a 10 inch size. What size of cake will this recipe yield ?

Glenda Benny
Glenda Benny 2 months ago

Hi I made your hot cross buns your coconut bake cassava pone black cake fudge coconut rolls I believe me best recipes ever measurements are perfect love all your recipes I made a lot of the others as well but sometimes just didn't get a chance to post believe me you're a boss

catherine martina
catherine martina 2 months ago

In Newfoundland we use molasses

Trini Girl
Trini Girl 2 months ago

Can I use whisky

Marjorie Thomas
Marjorie Thomas 2 months ago

Hi hon you don't have to brush the liquor on or stab it with a fork . Just wet it as you take the cake from the oven try it

5 ty 1z
5 ty 1z 2 months ago

great recipe I just finished baking its nice and moist only difference I used regular browning

Sindy Ally
Sindy Ally 2 months ago

Hi how many fruits u have to put in one pound of cake

petrice dobson
petrice dobson 2 months ago

It should be called drunken black cake!

Aarifa Mohammed
Aarifa Mohammed 2 months ago

¢αи уσυ мαкє α νєяѕισи ωιтнσυт яυм ρℓєαѕє.... ι'м υи∂єя тнє αgє σf 18 ѕσ ι ¢αи'т нανє яυм....

Laurel Watler
Laurel Watler 2 months ago

Hi does anyone know the nutter by weight? I'm in the UK and I know the sticks are more slender in USA.

Laura Singh
Laura Singh 2 months ago

I will certainly get thanks for this video...

neffy baby
neffy baby 2 months ago

I really hope you answer me😬 I love your recipe, one question, after the cake is finished baking and I have to put the alcohol on it everyday, how long will it take to actually eat the cake?

Daphne Rodriguez
Daphne Rodriguez 2 months ago


Cindy Beharry
Cindy Beharry 2 months ago

My mother soaked the fruits for 3 months before use.

Annie Ramjagasar
Annie Ramjagasar 2 months ago

Hi your recipe is perfect i just need to know how long to bake it in foil pan