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Level UP: Mario and the Zombie Apocalypse

Level UP: Mario and the Zombie Apocalypse

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alramtz 2 months ago

Well toadette shouldn't be bitten remember that's a hat

Stephanie Aguirre
Stephanie Aguirre 2 months ago

we need a part 2 pls


Omml k

Herrera Causado Daniel

3:01 F

Games Mania TV
Games Mania TV 2 months ago


Sabre Wolf
Sabre Wolf 2 months ago

We need more zombies videos! Lol I'd love to see a werewolf version though lol

Katherine Delacruz
Katherine Delacruz 2 months ago

Sebastian was trotted a An day I enjoyed the snow

Samaria MinecraftGames

mario is stupid at first

Lane 2 months ago

3:02 the exact moment Toadette was bitten.

ben hon
ben hon 2 months ago

make author one

Daniela Fernandez Duran7

Es ago estupido

JC Marin
JC Marin 2 months ago

I think i revealed HOW toadett got bitten, when the infected goombas came out i saw closely, toadett was bitten by the zombie goomba.

Parallel Nightmare
Parallel Nightmare 2 months ago

i no this isnt canon with any thing els but how did this zombe invasson happen was ther a lab problem, were they created by a necromancer ?

adriana sosa
adriana sosa 2 months ago


Henry Smithers
Henry Smithers 2 months ago

Toadette gets bitten at 3:01 by a falling zombie goomba. Level up pls make s pt 2.

Left 4 Beans
Left 4 Beans 2 months ago

left 4 mario

Nathan Mitchamore
Nathan Mitchamore 2 months ago

Make a part 2 and 3

joholee hessan
joholee hessan 2 months ago

ok unpinned

Jack white system
Jack white system 2 months ago

Is there going to be a part two

Natalja Sanzarova
Natalja Sanzarova 2 months ago

Level up pro level up seuer puper pro

TENE TOURE 2 months ago

Can you finish mario craft please? Same as goomba revolution if you do then i'll subscribe.

Fede Vanzi
Fede Vanzi 2 months ago

2:18 LOL

Josh Brown
Josh Brown 2 months ago

Pikachu + Hetmanshan pls

Meng Hua Hu
Meng Hua Hu 2 months ago

I can feel it

Meng Hua Hu
Meng Hua Hu 2 months ago

This will be a future series

bergkong 2 months ago


Sonic & Mega Man
Sonic & Mega Man 2 months ago

Next episode please

tarina pannell
tarina pannell 2 months ago


Agus 686
Agus 686 2 months ago

Part 2 pls

마인스타 2 months ago

minecraft zombie sound!

James Gillus
James Gillus 2 months ago

Turning people into a 🧟‍♂️ is a bit to much

Aadarsh Suvarna
Aadarsh Suvarna 2 months ago

Wait the number of lives went from 3 to 2 twice

hello world
hello world 2 months ago

Don't worry, it's just a hat. Toadette's not actually bitten.

Rodmar Rosales
Rodmar Rosales 2 months ago

That goombas, koopas sacared my

OSİ PAİNT 2 months ago


Adventure Man
Adventure Man 2 months ago

Mamma mia!

Andrew Dickie
Andrew Dickie 2 months ago

They Need To Do A Part 2 Of This

charizard4321 2 months ago

I love this well done

Jacob Lalonde
Jacob Lalonde 2 months ago

nice touch with the gravestones falling over

Isai Martinez
Isai Martinez 2 months ago

I knew toadette was bittin

Emma Robertson
Emma Robertson 2 months ago

But but gets spooky month vibe ItS A sPOokY mONtH

owen 808
owen 808 2 months ago

Creepy and pleas do a nother zombie apokalyps with Luigi and much longer and i will 👍🏻it

Daniel Kader
Daniel Kader 2 months ago

Every video looks 3d

The feamous Yayaboz
The feamous Yayaboz 2 months ago

0:30 why is it mario doing this? 🤟🤟 this is funny to try to copy the hands of mario in real life 🤟🤟

Таня в ванне

I law you fentasi

Ian the Fredd
Ian the Fredd 2 months ago

3:11 it ok it just a hat.its canon.

Josefina Pedroza
Josefina Pedroza 2 months ago


Eamon Norris
Eamon Norris 2 months ago


2omi 2 months ago

The Mario craft part 5 he miss it

Abhishek Chhaperia
Abhishek Chhaperia 2 months ago

Upload a part 2 please

Raed Shehada
Raed Shehada 2 months ago

Why are you not downloading a video?

MATTHEW ILES 2 months ago

I think that there needs to be a part 2

UnfairMode 2 months ago

Good video! But do you know where is Gumbino?

rasha zayd
rasha zayd 2 months ago

I’m h,ugh

YuRi Sunga
YuRi Sunga 2 months ago

Upload MarioCraft 5

Nico Torres
Nico Torres 2 months ago

Do you think that you can ask SuperMarioLogan if you could reanimate their shorts?

Dante Wiebke
Dante Wiebke 2 months ago

How's mario craft going

Dante Wiebke
Dante Wiebke 2 months ago


geymer frak Veliz
geymer frak Veliz 2 months ago

eres,dl mejor yutuber

dasim 2 months ago

come back to gumbino you selfish rat slug

strazhe gamer
strazhe gamer 2 months ago

Where mariocraft 5?

Иван Коморников

когда выйдет новое видео

Tươi Trịnh
Tươi Trịnh 2 months ago

Mario craft 5 ???

테일즈 2 months ago

When zombie part2

Ivenaide silva rodrigues Tomate

Zobimes 00:15

Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 2 months ago

Video Idea: Goomba Revolution part 2

jordan dreams
jordan dreams 2 months ago

Mario RUN she got BIT!!!!😱😱

Ozilane Andrade lima
Ozilane Andrade lima 2 months ago

YVc y

Liam Amick
Liam Amick 2 months ago

You make the best animations

Pablo José Avalos Narez

Please Ep5 Mario Craft

Nahiara Marin Muñoz
Nahiara Marin Muñoz 2 months ago

1:10 Mario es tonto xD

Gigan 2 months ago

Rip goomba revolution and Mario craft

Abraham Maiza Molina
Abraham Maiza Molina 2 months ago

Please goomba revolution ep.2

Redfiredragon298 2 months ago

Plz continue on mario craft that was getting deep

Ako Yan
Ako Yan 2 months ago

Chiz the cheese part 3 pls pls pls

Khaiduyen Ngo
Khaiduyen Ngo 2 months ago


Nancy Braunig
Nancy Braunig 2 months ago

mariocraft 5 PLEASE ive been waiting for sooooooooooooooo loooooooonnng

TheOddKoala 2007
TheOddKoala 2007 2 months ago


Asterixk Sc
Asterixk Sc 2 months ago

Ace Part 5 by mariocraf

Cristian Zevallos
Cristian Zevallos 2 months ago

and the continuation of "The goomba revolution"? 🤔🤔🤔

Reppy the ruby
Reppy the ruby 2 months ago


박주현 2 months ago

Are you okay? You too late.

Nids Hassan
Nids Hassan 2 months ago

Bring part 2

Yuu -Glitched-
Yuu -Glitched- 2 months ago

Welp Mario’s dead For real this time Toadette got bitten so it’s most likely the ending

ZYRIL TIPAGAT 2 months ago

Hi nelly

Kentsu YT
Kentsu YT 2 months ago

Poor toadette...

Got bitten...


Gamer Ogan
Gamer Ogan 2 months ago

Zombi chapter 2

Athsiri flores
Athsiri flores 2 months ago

3:11 toadette got bet from her head by why well you see in 3:00 you will hear toadette scream a little because toad or the goo a bit her from the back of the head just the like th ego a we saw that is sick from getting a bite

Super Doofus person named Sara :D

3:01 That is when Toadette gets bitten! I think.

Nicholas Sotelo
Nicholas Sotelo 2 months ago

3:12 Toadette was bitten

Mathis Corporation.
Mathis Corporation. 2 months ago

02:35 meh the Shell bug is still here and its cool.

Jano gamer godzilla
Jano gamer godzilla 2 months ago


DESHI BOY FIGTER 2 months ago

Face revel please

Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago

Mario craft 5 please !!

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 2 months ago

I wonder where's Luigi at that Apocalipse. It's weird saw an Animation without our AFK Hero. XD

Malek Hatem
Malek Hatem 2 months ago

That did only bite the hat right?


R.I.P zombie mario 2021 2019


Very Good and very cool