Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)



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Information Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

Title : Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

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Frames Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

Description Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

Emerson, Lake \u0026 Palmer - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 (Remastered)

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Aotearoa 2 months ago

Keith’s keyboard technician.....oh F##k he’s only gone and stabbed the organ again 🗡🗡🗡🗡😱

paul mcginn
paul mcginn 2 months ago

the best of the best of the best and i'm so sorry you had to work so hard but any consolation. love you guys to the max

neoaureus 2 months ago

Wait a fkn minute... Is that a DAGGER holding a note ??? holy fk....

neoaureus 2 months ago

When you take off your shirt in Zurich ... that means business....

gina j
gina j 2 months ago

so nobody is going to tell us the name of last song :(

Rod Sabathe
Rod Sabathe 2 months ago

Love the drums on this!

Sterling Simmons Arts

Keith Emerson is pure insanity on the keyboard, I love it.

MM M 2 months ago

That Hammond treatment... amazing!

Pam M
Pam M 2 months ago

When you are a musical genius you live your music. Take a pebble sounds of Crimson

JeffJimmyJimi 2 months ago

There was a time when there was talk of Jimi Hendrix joining this band. They would have been known as H.E.L.P. then.

Rick poplett
Rick poplett 2 months ago

The Father , Son and Holy ghost of music.xxx

Caio Aureliano
Caio Aureliano 2 months ago

Shit! This Blue Rondo a la Turk its a masterpiece!!! Amazing

Rodolfo Peralta
Rodolfo Peralta 2 months ago

Desayuno para mis oídos

Hans Jakob Strai
Hans Jakob Strai 2 months ago

Very Nice ,.. R.I.P. Keith and Greg ,..

Kyle Pasta
Kyle Pasta 2 months ago

That man violated that machine

3109 Eduardo Diaz Gzz

whats the first song?? that was awesome

David B
David B 2 months ago

I saw them in 70 and 71 (Yes opened). ELP will always be one of my favorite LPs.

Indiana Bond
Indiana Bond 2 months ago

In some places, Rick van der Linden and Vincent Crane come to mind.

Johannes de Bruijn
Johannes de Bruijn 2 months ago

i like abba.....hihih

Martyn Seed
Martyn Seed 2 months ago

Yay, first year I saw them. Birmingham, UK. 😁

kattenbroekcom 2 months ago

1:47 Rondo
20:06 Nutrocker
24:59 Take A Pebble (Including Hoedown)
40:18 Knife Edge
47:02 ????

Edi Gabrieli
Edi Gabrieli 2 months ago

At min 6 do I hear J.S.Bach Branderburgh concerto # 5?

Francois Gagnon
Francois Gagnon 2 months ago

Meilleur musicien ayant une formation classique parfaitement synchronisé ,comme King Crimson et Gentle Giant des bourreaux de travail .EXCELLENT !!!

Rodolfo Peralta
Rodolfo Peralta 2 months ago

True musicianship, mysticism, witchy velvet outfits, psychedelic video editing, ... ELP ladies and gentleman

domeskeetz 2 months ago

RIP Greg and Keith <3

Hunter Roudenis
Hunter Roudenis 2 months ago

this is the coolest video on youtube

Chupachichi 2 months ago

3:21 Nice Weed

Брюс Дикинсон

Это потрясающе!!!

Patrick Hawkinson
Patrick Hawkinson 2 months ago

Rush and Yes don't hold a candle to this band. Yet still this band that opened the door to their existence is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Emerson alone was the Jimi Hendrix of keyboard players.

Joel Zamudio
Joel Zamudio 2 months ago

De los pocos vídeos ,de Emerson ,lake ,and palmer ,con excelente calidad en audio y vídeo

hackberry64 2 months ago

Came here hoping to be reminded just how grim all that pretentious prog rock nonsense was back in the day and wasn't disappointed. This is truly horrible.
I did enjoy reading all the misguided comments claiming these guys were such a big deal. Hilarious stuff.

Prof. Jota silva
Prof. Jota silva 2 months ago

socorro.... o Erico Rocha voltou ..... saudades da Betina KKKK

EdZEP Gallegos
EdZEP Gallegos 2 months ago

Three virtuous musicians, among the best,.. playing cacophony.

Yesman 2
Yesman 2 2 months ago

Isle Of Wight festival 1970 was ELP’s second only gig. The whole weekend was like £4.00. My daughter hates me, she saves up a whole year for a festival. We just paid for one out of our spare change. It’s weird because I guess we didn’t realise how easy and carefree life was back then before the corporate machine took over and made us all poor.

Tiago Alves
Tiago Alves 2 months ago

Muito bom

Fred Jamison
Fred Jamison 2 months ago

Jamming to Knife Edge, on the way to HS in my Datsun B210. (The bondo mobile)

L. Felipe
L. Felipe 2 months ago

Carl Palmer !!!!!!!

Astrid Olearczyk
Astrid Olearczyk 2 months ago


MarshallAmp Man
MarshallAmp Man 2 months ago

Wild Ciencias: Emerson vx. Wakeman: who'd win in a death match?

Gustavo Paes
Gustavo Paes 2 months ago

song list?

FortePiano 2 months ago


vinyl record
vinyl record 2 months ago

курнули что то очень крепкое..... но талант не прокуришь! талантеще!!!!

Charles Saab
Charles Saab 2 months ago

I saw then for the first time on August the 4th, 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia at the old City of Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. Humble Pie mixed with purple microdot was the warm-up band. It changed my life. Tickets were $5.50 each. The next week Alex Cooley promoted Ten Years After at the same venue! Four months later (11/22/1971) we saw Yes warm up for ELP. Yes simply blew them away!!!!

T161S PRAWOTSI 2 months ago

The Best Leading Performance in the WORLD LEGEND...💖E💙L💝P🧡...GOOD JOB 🌟GOOD LUCKY 🌟 GODBLESS YOU 🌟 By..🎹 ESP7N3 🦁S♊UL 🇮🇩👍💪🙏🤟👌.. Thank you

Брюс Дикинсон

Пусть над вашими могилами ссегда звучит атомик рустер и пинк флойд, и пусть карл всегда вам акомп... не могу, друзья, слезы текут

euskedyzestoa2008 2 months ago

And Genesis...

Peter Baum
Peter Baum 2 months ago

When Keith Emerson finally got some synths the excitement factor went up significantly. He was the most exciting rock performer I've ever seen (five times) and probably rock's greatest
keyboard player.

teacup3133 2 months ago

These guys always reminded me of the Moody Blues

Animalgeo 2 months ago

I didn’t pay my internet to see ELP jamming and not playing their songs...
The quality of the audio is excellent, too bad they were not into playing their songs, I’ll try another video

Centre lesdiguières
Centre lesdiguières 2 months ago

1st Track: Rondo (written by Emerson originally for The Nice) 2) Nut rocker (rock version of Tchaikovsky - Nutracker)

АДЕЛИНО 2 months ago

They only deceive anyone who knows nothing about music. Repeat scales without any creativity and make faces and mouths as if something is stuck in the anus.

Jav Mendoza
Jav Mendoza 2 months ago

Hola, ¿alguien acaso sabe si la parte del minuto 29:40 es solo una improvisación o es una canción como tal?
Les agradecería mucho el dato.

Charles Gibson
Charles Gibson 2 months ago

Both Keith and Greg made mistakes during this historic live show. However, their other-worldly musical prowess, energy, and spontaneity, made any error vanish into importance.

Jorge Trejo
Jorge Trejo 2 months ago

Sin dudas unos genios de la música electrónica clásica. Con toques de rock y música Great Highland Bigpipe escocesa. Fueron los precursores de lo que fue Premiata Forneria Marconi en Italia.

Juan Martin Fernandez De Cordova

Fucking awesome. No band has a better chimestry that this gods.

Apple O
Apple O 2 months ago

Like wow, man... I wonder if any youngsters are watching this and getting inspired??

Sevcrow 2 months ago

wish the set list was shown

Tim Burr
Tim Burr 2 months ago

The claim is that Jimi Hendrix sincerely wanted to join this band, but that they wanted to try something different without a lead guitarist, So they told him no instead of sure success for themselves. Too bad, it might have saved Jimi's life maybe.

Neptalí Monroy
Neptalí Monroy 2 months ago

How are there going to be Musicians of this size nowadays? It is IMPOSSIBLE, THE 'MUSICIANS' of today, are on Twitter, they are YouTubers, or they are playing on a computer or with a console

sandi sandii
sandi sandii 2 months ago

Hobbies ! Musicians dont have hobbies.

the_nautillus 404
the_nautillus 404 2 months ago

Keith treats that organ like a little bitch!
Those three acted like a metal band, but played only prog, i just love this!

G Lyankiv
G Lyankiv 2 months ago

...польский SBB мені подобається більше !!!

Tomas Cano
Tomas Cano 2 months ago

What is the last song they played? Because the piano melody is similar to Tiger In A Spotlight but faster

Ulises Chávez
Ulises Chávez 2 months ago

Los doors se quedan pendejos

Johnny Angeldust
Johnny Angeldust 2 months ago

What a power trio,...the talent is off the charts,...ELP for life!

Georgios Temirsidis
Georgios Temirsidis 2 months ago

Take it easy, it's just three guys from 5500 who apparently built or bought a time machine and wanted to swing by 1970 to play a show.

Nicolas Acosta
Nicolas Acosta 2 months ago

E L P 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Biker BMX
Biker BMX 2 months ago

hä was ist daran toll

Federico Realm
Federico Realm 2 months ago

first song is Blu Rondo a la Turk from the Dave Brubeck Quartet

Tangento 2 months ago

I think Keith might have pretty much invented Industrial Music at about 2:07

Lincoln City Radio
Lincoln City Radio 2 months ago

I saw them in 1974 at the Empire Pool, Wembley with my great friend, Paul Tootill. It was the most mind - blowing concert I ever saw.

William Smith
William Smith 2 months ago

Sorry Neil but, Carl just ate you for lunch.

Morell 2 months ago

Esto es arte y no mamadas

Morell 2 months ago

Yo lo vi hacer eso en vivo!!!

Morell 2 months ago

Mozat, chopin y emerson

Morell 2 months ago

Hoy en día se escucha música clásica de este genio, yo le vi enterrar cuchillos y tocar al revez el moog... Un grande dela música clásica

jose gnaspini junior
jose gnaspini junior 2 months ago

Just...perfect! Lake, sings beauty beauty....Keith....Carl......great

Renecio Orange
Renecio Orange 2 months ago

Yo vine por el gran maestro Pepe Segarra!!! Son las tres y cuarto carajo!!!!

Jorge Segovia
Jorge Segovia 2 months ago

Impresionante.!! 🙁

pattomuso 2 months ago

Who'd be Emmerson's keyboard tech?? ;)

pattomuso 2 months ago

Sad to hear Lake saying he'd "commit suicide" (if he couldn't play music), then camera cuts to Emmerson.....several decades on.....

Keith Carlson
Keith Carlson 2 months ago

These men aren’t musicians!!! Try gifted musical geniuses!

Swapster .com
Swapster .com 2 months ago

Greg Lake's voice is amazing and he sings so effortlessly.

goga baqradze
goga baqradze 2 months ago

What is the name of last song??

Christopher Haas
Christopher Haas 2 months ago

These guys are not in the farcical hof here in the America’s. Thus it’s no such thing.



Winston 2 months ago

Keith Emerson’s solo during Rondo: perfectly fine
Carl’s: woah wacky car driving and building

Paul sweet
Paul sweet 2 months ago


John Featherman
John Featherman 2 months ago

It's worth being old now to have been young then!

Steve Binning
Steve Binning 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this. The performances and sound quality were first class.

Glen Kurfurst
Glen Kurfurst 2 months ago

My Brother is A ''HUGE HUGE '' Fan Of Elp And Was lucky enough To meet Keith Emerson a couple of years ago . I was lucky to meet Carl Palmer last year with my brother as well. Best part Carl palmer came to my Brothers house & it was amassing. Im 53 so i grew up listening to Elp all the time because of my Brother. Im shocked to see how Carl Palmer Can Still Play so fast at his age..

Nilton AS
Nilton AS 2 months ago

Tecladista excepcional , baterista excepcional, tudo excepcional.

Joke Tielen
Joke Tielen 2 months ago

Wat een geweldige drumsolo!!!!

Jemný Černý
Jemný Černý 2 months ago

Why did Greg Lake say "fuck off" to someone under the stage and laugh?

удача здравствуйте wasp

И в армии работают

Tim Haigh
Tim Haigh 2 months ago


Hiroyuki SATO
Hiroyuki SATO 2 months ago





Didier Lajou
Didier Lajou 2 months ago

Quand je vois que les rappeurs croient faire de la musique , quel blague.....

Michael Clark
Michael Clark 2 months ago

I saw these guys in Boston in 1970. Still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull 2 months ago

What is the ttile of last song?