Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist


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Information Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist

Title : Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist

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Frames Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist

Description Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist

Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist

Our Christmas Celebration // Raw Vegan \u0026 Minimalist

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zenbeth 2 months ago

Could you make a video or post below the recipe for the raw vegan lasagna in this video? I really would like to try making it. Thanks!

Teagan Blue
Teagan Blue 2 months ago

I definitely agree that the consumerism detracts from the spirit of Christmas. I take a secular viewpoint therefore Christmas means gratitude for family, friends, health, the comforts of life and most of all the sacrifices we make for loved ones we because we love them. I guess an extension of thanksgiving. I buy a few things that speak to me but I feel no obligation to buy a gift for someone just because it’s Christmas. I’m just as likely to buy a gift in May.

Your video is beautiful.

Gosia Shah
Gosia Shah 2 months ago

I celebrated exactly the same way. Hope more people awake and understand that Christmas is about having nice time with the close people rather buying presents and stuffing yourself with unhealthy food.

Lisa Bergman
Lisa Bergman 2 months ago

I SO agree with everything you have to say. The holidays are such a chore for me as I don't live close to my family and cannot afford to participate in the "sharing of gifts" that we are all pressured to do as well. I work part time at a local shop and it made me so sad to see people spend, spend, spend on things that are so not necessary to give as a gifts. Spend time shopping for hours with crying babies, and making messes for others to clean up as they went along. What is the world coming to!

Rainbow Magick
Rainbow Magick 2 months ago

Little tip for your fur baby. Feed him on a little table. It helps their digestion. They actually sell tables just for this but that's of course not necessary.

Tara Krueger
Tara Krueger 2 months ago

oohhhhh Pepsi!!! That face:)

Sonya Hill
Sonya Hill 2 months ago

This was such a beautiful video from all aspects; topic, scenery, and you ! You look so amazingly happy and healthy and I wish you , your bf, & puppers Pepsi all the best in 2018! We stopped the "gifts/materialism" years ago and I was not too popular then. Great to see that yes the times are changing and awareness is key so thank you for sharing what just might be an enlightening moment for others for any " holiday " celebration :D <3

Alissa 2 months ago

I love this and totally agree. As a Christian it's interesting to hear a different prospective that I agree with. I celebrate Christ's birth, but with all the consumerism it's become hard to celebrate. Also knowing this is not when He was born it's also difficult. But I love spending time with my friends and family. We started a tradition a couple years ago where my husband and I plan a fun outing for our family instead of buying gifts. We have really been enjoying!

Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 2 months ago

I grew up without Christmas so I never had a deep attachment to it, but I do like the feeling and some of the beauty that comes out of it. I have never had to participate heavily in the modern American consumer game for Christmas, which i am grateful for. At a young age I recognized the mess we have made of it. I would like to see people make gifts with their own hands more often rather than buying things that end up in the landfill quickly. The corporate consumer game is a death trap from end to end, it is environmentally destructive and unsustainable, and has nothing to do with the deeper meaning of Christmas..

easy2bvegan 2 months ago

It is beautiful there! We only purchased gifts for the kids this year, all the adults received homemade vegan cookies and we had a vegan meal together. It was great, hope to continue to phase out the stress, clutter and gift buying as the kids get older.

GardenVariety Vegan
GardenVariety Vegan 2 months ago

Pandemonium is a great description! Christmas 🎄 celebrations having pagan roots is incorrect however. ❤️ Food looks fabulous as always! 🥙

Francesca Bosco
Francesca Bosco 2 months ago

I hope people don’t judge me but I never even bother putting up a tree anymore, gave all my decorations and lights away to declutter! Easy and simple!

SJ Calderon
SJ Calderon 2 months ago

As a mum to a little one who gets very excited about Christmas, we do give gifts. That said, we keep gifts to a limit and we mainly give each other gifts we’ve made.

Just wondering if you’d give us a tour of your vegan winter gear? I can find it challenging at times, especially when looking for sales and good quality products. Can you give us some tips?

Iwona Sutton
Iwona Sutton 2 months ago

I feel like you, Tara about Christmas..., just another beautiful day....😊

MyPassionFurPaws 2 months ago

What an adorable place!

D.María 2 months ago


Karax3b 2 months ago

I have teenagers at home and so the gift giving part is still somewhat exciting to them. I could see us reducing the consumerism and creating more experiences instead. Love the food ideas. Happy New Year

jaquiobear 2 months ago

My husband and I have not been doing the consumer xmas since about 10 years except when I go back home to visit my sister and family in the US, then I get them presents, but they were usually presents that came from the Animal Rescue site or things where part of the payment goes to help others. I do minimal decorations at home with my tiny fake tree and some little lights cause it’s pretty, but my deco is saved from year to year. I never buy new deco, and most of what I had in the past I don’t even use cause I don’t have the time to set it all up.
I like to make a fire in the fireplace put on my little lights and tree and enjoy an evening with my husband, but it can be any day around xmas, it doesn’t matter if it is xmas eve or day. I don’t make any special food either... I make good food every day.😋🤗
Thanks for the pretty video.😍😘

Sabina Beinish
Sabina Beinish 2 months ago

Yours also but I love warm food especially when i see the snow

Sabina Beinish
Sabina Beinish 2 months ago

Pepsis food looked yummy

Jo Pearson
Jo Pearson 2 months ago

Do you mind if I ask was cam you use? Lovely video, I love seeing Scandinavia...you're so lucky to be there. Happy New Year

Cynthia Amos
Cynthia Amos 2 months ago

Exactly !! No pressure at all. I do think about Jesus but, Jesus was humble. We don't need all the pagan other stuff.

Tammy Blomsterberg
Tammy Blomsterberg 2 months ago

Love this video! We changed the way we did Christmas last year and it’s been wonderful. Instead of shopping and being caught up in the commercialism, we simplified it. This year we focused on spending time together and it was so much more enjoyable. We decorated simply and spent quality time together as a family. 💞

Lee Sybrant
Lee Sybrant 2 months ago

We did deviate from the xmas consumerism this year because I had shoulder surgery. U know what, felt great, no pressure. Had a tiny tree and lights, plugged it in for a night light and it was magical even with no gifts under it. 😊

Chunkybutterfly 2 months ago

Thanks for the great video. The food looks great. (and I have to admit.. even Pepsi's food looked delicious. I thought that was going to be your plate)...

Alora Moon
Alora Moon 2 months ago

Love this! Next year we are going to be doing the same. We will not be partaking in the consumer aspect of the holiday. We're going to spend time with family creating decorations before Christmas day and exchange those. We have ligs we have taken from our camp area and we are drying them now and going to cut them and them have them for next year. Then we have lasting memorial of that time spent.