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Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes 2 months ago

I wish there were 2 of them

Lalita Kaur
Lalita Kaur 2 months ago

I remember doing this song on the violin a couple years ago… I regret that I don’t play the violin anymore 🙁


Me encanta! Van al mismo ritmo. FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!

Bouchot 31
Bouchot 31 2 months ago

Great song..

Steve Moy
Steve Moy 2 months ago

Taylor you sounds so good, I never thought about violin, I love it. I thank you for sharing.

Kalina. frozen 2 Nesbit

Kalina music video YouTube like songs together

Audi Puteri
Audi Puteri 2 months ago

Wow 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😄😄😄😄😄😍😄

Jacob Urban
Jacob Urban 2 months ago

You definitely deserve it I do mean it as a Christmas gift from your newest fan and it’s 2.83m subscribers it’s brings me great tidings of great cheer and so much of sound of violin carol of 500 comments and I have a question what is the best thing about playing the violin and of course what Disney song Do you play on the violin is your favorite my favorite is just can’t wait to be king

Linda Abold
Linda Abold 2 months ago

Just beautiful!

QuietMaia 2 months ago

Who else is listening during quarantine?

Awad Oy
Awad Oy 2 months ago

Yo Taylor wanna duet
Yeah sure Taylor

LENIOS C. Demetriou
LENIOS C. Demetriou 2 months ago


Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter 2 months ago

I love it 😍

Mya Moniatis
Mya Moniatis 2 months ago

I can’t do that and I play violin and I’m playing it now

rbspider 2 months ago

I felt the same way about The Boys are back in town by Thin Lizzy so I took about guitar .
Do you play Tammy ?

Novian Adi P
Novian Adi P 2 months ago

why they not smile to another ones 🤗

Lim Limez
Lim Limez 2 months ago

Lol my class can’t do that good as you guess, I’m playing silent night on my violin and it’s hard 😫

Mia Richardson
Mia Richardson 2 months ago


Charles Smith
Charles Smith 2 months ago


Maria 123
Maria 123 2 months ago

Thanks for the awesome present! Merry Christmas! 🎄

Feyzi Ozturk
Feyzi Ozturk 2 months ago

Aşk aşk aşk aşk aşk aşk ...yaratılışın sırrı Aşk❤️

fouad zizine
fouad zizine 2 months ago

merci je vous suiat les paradi sur terre est dans les 8 etage dans les ciel

fouad zizine
fouad zizine 2 months ago

merci bouco

fouad zizine
fouad zizine 2 months ago


T Mee
T Mee 2 months ago

I would love to see Sissel and Taylor do this.

fouad zizine
fouad zizine 2 months ago


Marty na
Marty na 2 months ago

my fav💞


is goot is is perfekt



João Miguel
João Miguel 2 months ago

hi. i just loved it. please, let me know if can i use it in a very short movie. give you credits in the final. Thanks in advance. merry xmas! :)

Richard Raven
Richard Raven 2 months ago

I'd like to only hear the duet. I don't need the background sound.

Rose Sudario
Rose Sudario 2 months ago

I really love you Taylor pls notice me.😢i watched every video you made im a fan of you

Jaron Speakman
Jaron Speakman 2 months ago

good job guys

Andi Sasmita
Andi Sasmita 2 months ago

This is a 'Silent Night' should be. Pure and beatiful! Love it

Hamza Iraqi
Hamza Iraqi 2 months ago


contrafax 2 months ago

This song is the ONLY thing that makes Christmas bearable for me.

Charles Li
Charles Li 2 months ago

Dear Lord Jesus, please save her, help her, protect her as you said! Please protect our body and soul, so that we will see each other in heaven. Thank you for giving her the music talent, may you use her music to spread your gospel. In the Holy name of Lord Jesus Christ I pray! Amen!

Nicholas Samuel Stember

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us, and for sharing that sweet story of how your love of the violin started. I look forward to hearing more in the years to come :)

Certain Death Awaits
Certain Death Awaits 2 months ago

Very nice to listen to!

caroline danae
caroline danae 2 months ago

Qué bonito realmente me conmovió 🎁🎄💜🌷

100crowns 2 months ago

A great tune played very beautifully!

James Tindukasiri
James Tindukasiri 2 months ago

This is Lauren. His daughter. I love your music. I can listen to it all day without getting annoyed :3

Agun Kenyut
Agun Kenyut 2 months ago


Luis Torres
Luis Torres 2 months ago

Heavenly peace . Need I say more. Merry Christmas ,

Ambie 2 months ago

Absolutely love you and your music. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

Asmana 100
Asmana 100 2 months ago

Cicha noc, święta noc,
Pokój niesie ludziom wszem .....

Piękne wykonanie! Wesołych Świąt!!!!

iona june
iona june 2 months ago

Absolutely Beautiful, Have a very Merry Christmas!!. Your music is Fabulous, it adds Beauty to my life

Warrior of Peace
Warrior of Peace 2 months ago

That was perfect Taylor, you got the perfect moment, took it and made it your own... Just perfect.. thank you

Subin Chacko
Subin Chacko 2 months ago

Merry christmas

Yeferson Lux
Yeferson Lux 2 months ago

Hi, I'm a violinist and I'd like to play that music, how can I get the score?

shashin nuwan
shashin nuwan 2 months ago


Mic12 2 months ago

Thanks dear it is so beautiful

Jerry Israel Soto Hernandez

me encanta excelente...amazing

Francisco Zacarias
Francisco Zacarias 2 months ago


GlitchGodDeimos 2 months ago

This is making me cry with how beautiful it is. Is it just me or does a beautiful Christmas song make you wanna bawl too? I just get so emotional. Especially since I miss certain people who have passed whom I can no longer spend Christmas with.
;-; WAUGH. Also, I think my grandma would love this song. And I love your little story at the end. Makes me so happy.

Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen 2 months ago

I just looove at X-mas😍

Scott Reacher
Scott Reacher 2 months ago

This is beautiful.....

DatBoiTyler 2 months ago

I also wanted to play violin because one it is beautiful and two I want to play silent night

Angel Galapon
Angel Galapon 2 months ago


Djefferson Luiz
Djefferson Luiz 2 months ago


F kalis Palastra
F kalis Palastra 2 months ago

god bless you.....

josh kraus
josh kraus 2 months ago

So beautifully played and amazing talent you have

Sachi la magnifique
Sachi la magnifique 2 months ago

remind me again why this is so amazing?

Gulnare Mirishli
Gulnare Mirishli 2 months ago


Night Vibe
Night Vibe 2 months ago

Merry Christmas people!!!!!

1701EarlGrey 2 months ago

beautiful interpretation, marry xmas to you! :)

Paul Scholtes
Paul Scholtes 2 months ago

it's so beautiful, i could'nt keep it dry. To me, Taylor Davis is the best violin player ever.

Mario Sie
Mario Sie 2 months ago

I see Taylor twice. Should I stop drinking glogg?

Gerard labrot
Gerard labrot 2 months ago

Merveilleuse interprétation de Taylor Davis et de son clone.

xytha 2 months ago

Hey taylor, how much was your violin when you bought it? im interested in playing

Juan Norte
Juan Norte 2 months ago

Nice, ps can i date your twinsister... OK. Merry Xmas.

tumtea laltumtea
tumtea laltumtea 2 months ago

and a very body,,, i say advant merry chrismass

tumtea laltumtea
tumtea laltumtea 2 months ago

silent night,,,so good

Juliana Lee
Juliana Lee 2 months ago


Kamelito Toe
Kamelito Toe 2 months ago

you have a twin sister.... just kidding. Merry Christmas to all!

Thwifu 2 months ago

Someone I would like to be.

MrAl Rodri
MrAl Rodri 2 months ago

Wow, love it. Huge thanks to your parents, getting you a violin. Muchas gracias Taylor Davis.

Anthony Zhu
Anthony Zhu 2 months ago

nice music

Ariane Erbach
Ariane Erbach 2 months ago

"Some things in life are just meant to be!" - So grateful, you had been inspired by that girl playing the violin!!!

Dennyz 147
Dennyz 147 2 months ago

you are the best!

Sammiehahafilms 2 months ago

May I use this song for a video I am making? You will be given full credit.

Aro 2 months ago

thank u miriam

Michelle Lin
Michelle Lin 2 months ago


Pennie Huewitt51
Pennie Huewitt51 2 months ago

like the vedio wish you could play while I sing

Pennie Huewitt51
Pennie Huewitt51 2 months ago

like the vedio wish you could play while I sing

Laura Morrissey
Laura Morrissey 2 months ago

Do you know where I could find the music?

VR EN 2 months ago

nice to hear this from most talented violinist . hats off....

Karen K Artist
Karen K Artist 2 months ago

Sound wonderful

You are amazing Abrams

are those two twins

Roy Bauer
Roy Bauer 2 months ago

Wash this video. You make my heart, go to my throat. You are the best I have ever seen play a violin.  Please keep up the good work. Did you ever do amazing grace?  I beat you would be awesome at it. Hope to see you some day. May GOD bless you, and your family.

Cameron 2 months ago

So beautiful, Taylor! God bless you and your family!

Aro 2 months ago

how to download this Taylor..very nice .child jesus bless you

Aro 2 months ago

how to download this Taylor..very nice .child jesus bless you

Aro 2 months ago

how to download this Taylor..very nice .child jesus bless you

Snow Kit
Snow Kit 2 months ago

Just listening to this reminds me that I'll never achieve it. I'll never be able to follow in her footsteps.

iseeicyicetea 2 months ago

i'm so happy i found this channel :) every single video is fucking awesome!

Jimmy Vasquez
Jimmy Vasquez 2 months ago

I want to learn how to play it.... Where can I get the music sheet for your version of this song!!! I loved it!

george tasber
george tasber 2 months ago


Clément G
Clément G 2 months ago

So beautiful to hear.. you play it very good

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