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Description AMAZON FAVORITES \\\\ CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS 2020 \\\\ Style Mom XO



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Style Mom XO
Style Mom XO 2 months ago

What is your favorite item you have bought from Amazon?

Liz Lovee
Liz Lovee 2 months ago

I will definitely be purchasing the handheld vaccum. My car needs a vaccuming every week it seems like. I'd rather do it for free than to pay $7 everytime I need it cleaned and the vaccums not even pick up well.

giselle 2 months ago

me watching all these mom Christmas ideas last min to get my mom a gift

bruised soup
bruised soup 2 months ago

damn it my mom found this bed like a month ago on pinterest and my dog is OBSESSED with it literally she always just slept on my bed or on the floor cause she hated every other dog bed but she’s so in love with this one and now sleeps on there every day! big fat recommendation for picky lil dogs

Kerrie Wheeler
Kerrie Wheeler 2 months ago

Girl, I ordered that dog bed a few months ago for my baby , and he loves it!! Shoot, I’d lay in it if it was my size, right?! Great ideas!! I subscribed and looking g do oreads to seeing more. 🦋😘

Mahogany Hanger
Mahogany Hanger 2 months ago

These are some great items that I want to try for sure!!! The glass coffee cups, dog bed etc...

Leah Ann
Leah Ann 2 months ago

Great ideas! A couple things that go great together that I ❤️. Meat chopper! A long handled plastic tool where you mash up the ground meat while browning. Found one at Walmart for 1/2 the price on Amazon🙌 Works amazing with my new 6-quart Cosori “instant pot” and don’t know why I waited so long🥰.5.99+79.99(sale)...not too bad for all the fun, fast, easy, yummy one pot meals that make my life easier!

JustThe Sweetestgurl
JustThe Sweetestgurl 2 months ago

Glad I'm not the only one thinking about Christmas now

Mariza Glam
Mariza Glam 2 months ago

I love a good amazon favorites video! You chose some good finds for the kitchen. Definitely buying some. 🤍💕

Brenda C
Brenda C 2 months ago

I bought the strainer when you first shared it and it’s been such a good purchase!

Christine Smith
Christine Smith 2 months ago

Great information and ideas. 😊

Tina Rice
Tina Rice 2 months ago

I love all the favorite Amazon products you featured in your video. I think it is so cool that I have seen every one of them at one time or another on your channel which means I am a good subscriber LOL LOL. The only one I had not seen is the makeup case which looks awesome! I love the beds you got for Miles! I also love the coupons that Amazon offers!

rose609 2 months ago

Great review of the products I love the strainer

Shorty finn
Shorty finn 2 months ago

Your foudation looks amazing where do you purchase it

Marisa S
Marisa S 2 months ago

Oh mama I need those mugs! I have a Starbucks mug and it drops with every single sip and looks nasty after a single cup of coffee, and the price was nearly what you paid for those 12! My Starbucks mug and my Starbucks travel mug that's ceramic both don't keep my beverage hot for long either, it blows my mind that Starbucks of all places, can't make a great mug!

honeyimhome 2 months ago

Girl I need everything you showed! 🤩

The Harvey Family Adventures

Loveeee this kind of video! :)

Frances Orosco
Frances Orosco 2 months ago

Awesome gift ideas! Thank you 😊

Kay Burris
Kay Burris 2 months ago

Thanks lot of great ideas.

Tonya M
Tonya M 2 months ago

I ordered that colander awhile ago when I first saw it on ur channel. Love it!

Susanaß Vargas
Susanaß Vargas 2 months ago

Hi there ,so happy I found you again 🤗 you should do a get ready with me video I love your makeup you always look muy bonita 😊that’s ( beautiful) in Spanish and any workouts that you do .. Thanks

Heidi Talley
Heidi Talley 2 months ago

Definitely like all these items 💯 Makeup case..handheld vacuum..definitely updating my kitchen items very soon with what you showed in the video love them all..

MarieAnn Grasso
MarieAnn Grasso 2 months ago

I love this! I'm actually starting my Christmas shopping soon..awesome video

Susan Tankersley
Susan Tankersley 2 months ago

Great video loved the way you described everything!

Alyssa Skōg
Alyssa Skōg 2 months ago

I ordered that makeup case! I need that in my life!

jackie estevez
jackie estevez 2 months ago

Thank you just ordered the doggy bed!

Beauty With Reina
Beauty With Reina 2 months ago

Omg this is gonna get me in trouble! 🙈Lol I might get a few things lol thanks for sharing!!! 💕💕

Shari Mahoney
Shari Mahoney 2 months ago

Love my drying rack that goes over my sink. I also use mine to season my meat. All the excess seasoning just falls into the sink, not all over the counter.

Question, what kitchen faucet is that? Looking for one and I love the style 👍

Cynthia Van Camp
Cynthia Van Camp 2 months ago

I love my stainless coffee mugs from Amazon and keep the coffee hot for so long.

Doris Hingst
Doris Hingst 2 months ago

I need about 3 of those things for myself! I do have the strainer and the cutting boards and they're awesome. Thank you for sharing! Let's go shopping!

Karen Graham
Karen Graham 2 months ago

Love Amazon Favorites videos! Thanks so much!

Jessica 2 months ago

“I didn’t realize I was matching everything today” 😂 haha too cute! I have everything in gray as well. I think my kids think I’m weird but gray looks so classy and classic, plus it goes with everything.

Mandie Robbins
Mandie Robbins 2 months ago

I need those coasters

Amy's Lighthouse
Amy's Lighthouse 2 months ago

I have that strainer, as well! Love it!
When we finally find the dog we want, I’ll be looking into that bed. It’s beautiful!

Anna Ramos
Anna Ramos 2 months ago

I love your Amazon hauls

marsha Olm
marsha Olm 2 months ago

Christine Ransom
Christine Ransom 2 months ago

Ever since you showed off your cricut maker they have been sold out on Amazon and the cricut website :(

DayCrafty 2 months ago

Hi Kim, is vacuum good for cleaning the car. I really want a small handheld to clean my car I bought a cheap dirt devil vacuum and it died so fast. My favorite is the drying rack definitely getting NYU’s for myself

Karen Barrow
Karen Barrow 2 months ago

Love all your vlogs!

Vickie Cole
Vickie Cole 2 months ago

Just got the makeup case on a lightning deal for $15!!! Score!!!!

Mandy Kharod
Mandy Kharod 2 months ago

I love my black and decker handheld😊

Kathy Cunningham
Kathy Cunningham 2 months ago

Thanks, Kim. I’m ordering a few things from Amazon that I really would n could use. The two over the sink and the cutting boards. I definitely over the coffee cups also. Little by little, i I don’t have it, I’ll buy it if I feel a need.
These are great ideas and I’m sure I’ll put them to use.
Have a fantastic day. Appreciate you sharing.....

Grace Smith
Grace Smith 2 months ago

I need some more cutting boards, so I may need to get those for myself lol.

mylifeasahousewife 2 months ago

Great video! I love those glass coffee mugs ! I have one from the dollar tree I drink my tea every night in that cup!

JessicaYum !
JessicaYum ! 2 months ago

OMG! More videos like this please!!! 🤯🤯🤯🖤🖤

Fanny Fabian
Fanny Fabian 2 months ago

I love the coffee cups! I will need to order me some 😃

Nancy Snyder
Nancy Snyder 2 months ago

Great stuff!! I actually have been looking at the hand vac and am a fan of the brand for sure!!

Luv_in_Nov 2 months ago

Nice finds! I actually have the cutting boards and makeup case, I luv them both! Thank you for sharing. ❤️ Ana

Carol Spicker
Carol Spicker 2 months ago

Hi Kimberly, I like the strainer and the roll up drain mat. So many uses for the drain mat too. Thank you for sharing your favorites.

Tania Sanchez
Tania Sanchez 2 months ago


boxer1dog 2 months ago

I have a lot of these items

Julie Keenum
Julie Keenum 2 months ago

I have an egg cooker and I love it!! So many great ideas!! I saw a few things I want to order my daughter in law for Christmas. Thanks for sharing😊

Brandi Kucko
Brandi Kucko 2 months ago

We have that handheld vacuum cleaner and we love it!!!

Life with Liz
Life with Liz 2 months ago

I have the egg maker in teal and love it! I love that you can make any type of eggs and even levels of boiled eggs. So awesome for one small appliance that is easy to store away. Thank you for sharing all your favorites 💕

Debra Roth
Debra Roth 2 months ago

I don’t shop on Amazon at all I don’t buy things online at all get them at the store everything you showed was good items good video kimberly have a great day . Stay healthy and safe ok 😊💗❤️💕💕💕

Cat & The Kitchen
Cat & The Kitchen 2 months ago

Ooh first comment 🤗 definitely best amazon buy for me is my new Churro maker it’s hard to get Churros in Britain and I’m obsessed and also gaining weight 😂