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Unboxing the Bachmann Gandy Dancer

Unboxing the Bachmann Gandy Dancer

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Tomas Roberts
Tomas Roberts 2 months ago

Not ideal for freight, but a fine little rail car this is.

Dan Hudson
Dan Hudson 2 months ago

Gandy Dancer was a track maintenance worker. The hand powerd cart was commonly known (UK certainly) as a 'Push me pull you' . Love it nonetheless . 'Gandy' was a company that made tools for workers 'dancer' was rhythm from the workers singing!. Me push you pull is self explaining 😂

Lanky One
Lanky One 2 months ago

I used to have one of these lil guys. I threw it away since I hadn't played with in years, despite finding all of my old HO train stuff a few days later which got me back into the hobby...but to be fair, I don't miss it. 🤷‍♂️

Christopher Stokes
Christopher Stokes 2 months ago

Funny little thing. Just a pity it has a tendency to break down violently :( .

(As opposed to a Gandhi dancer, which breaks down non-violently!)

Tees Cottage Guy
Tees Cottage Guy 2 months ago

Do you have a Triang Steeple cab? I got one in September and it’s on my channel and it’s so annoying. The pickup on one of the wheels is wonky so I constantly have to bend it back with a screwdriver

Tees Cottage Guy
Tees Cottage Guy 2 months ago

I got one brand new back in September and it’s one of the best runners on my railway. It’s the cutest thing and it runs incredibly smoothly considering how clean my track is! 😅😂

Alastair Wilson
Alastair Wilson 2 months ago

ha I have a second hand one of these, just taken it apart to service it.... what a faff! it sort of runs.... for a second or two. Maybe the guys are just exhausted

Josh’s Transport videos

I got my Gandy Dancer recently it looks so funny

DatGuy Miller
DatGuy Miller 2 months ago

Hey Sam so I may be getting a model railway set soon and I kinda won't be getting a rerailer or a starter power track (the ones that make it easier to rail/rerail locos and rolling stock) any tips on rerailing?

Name Less
Name Less 2 months ago

is the problem of this err "loco" (this time the Latin meaning not shorthand for locomotive) vehicle the fact that its engine seems to be entirely open?
Have the replacement been attempted (of the engine).

Or is the issue more of a too narrow distance between front and rear wheels?

regardless i do think its entertaining thing indeed, maybe ideal pairing with the bovine vagon.

Rocad Rocad
Rocad Rocad 2 months ago

Anyway, are you done with the brake tender review vid?

Rocad Rocad
Rocad Rocad 2 months ago

It's a motorized hand car! How hilarious.

thiru raj
thiru raj 2 months ago

Who will win the fastest and strongest loco in the world or a little pump trolley also I think this was in Thomas and friends episode heart of gold where Toby stops crooks from stealing king godreds crown th crooks used a pump trolley

Demonclaw 2 months ago

this train is the most evilest one i own it likes to run into other trains on the rails.

Cthulhu1970 2 months ago

When you look at what Marklin have achieved with Z Gauge, you realise what a clumsy effort this is from Bachmann.

Cthulhu1970 2 months ago

The green bloke looks like he's wearing "The Wrong Trousers". :)

willrussell21 2 months ago

My OCD when a gwr loco runs with lms coaches

J4V 2 months ago

A velocipede

Lizzie Reynolds
Lizzie Reynolds 2 months ago

Sam's trains and
Leokimvideo video and Lizzie Reynolds will do of will drive to my house to do how were the Pullman trains operate

Lizzie Reynolds
Lizzie Reynolds 2 months ago

Maybe you fly to Australia and meat leokimvideo and the others to make model train about the pez Thomas

Lizzie Reynolds
Lizzie Reynolds 2 months ago

Don't play your diseased caterpillar

Eclipse Playz ph
Eclipse Playz ph 2 months ago

Imagine the gandy dancer pulling Passenger coaches

Owen Budd
Owen Budd 2 months ago

I used to operate one of these at the B&O Railroad Museum in Ellicott City. Once it builds momentum it is very very easy to keep it rolling down the track at a surprising speed, even while pulling a tool cart.

Owen Budd
Owen Budd 2 months ago

If you believe it, a friend of mine here in Australia has one with DCC fitted!

P674 MLE
P674 MLE 2 months ago

if it was mine id stick a petrol powered rocket to the back an have ground my track lol

Dan's Transport Spots

Sam, I think it's HO scale

Ray Konold
Ray Konold 2 months ago

Talk about oddities. Where did you get the helicopter on the flat car? That made me smile.

Today 4real
Today 4real 2 months ago

It is worth 1 pound for the thang

Reviewer 2016
Reviewer 2016 2 months ago

I have one,it's dead now

Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom 2 months ago

I've changed my mind. The GWR 57XX class pannier tank is no longer my favourite loco.

Bart,s trains
Bart,s trains 2 months ago


Kelly Ashford
Kelly Ashford 2 months ago

Trigger Troubles
Sam found out, much to his alarm, that adding that helicopter pad truck to a goods train wasn't the good idea he'd thought it was. At one point, the tiny tank engine stalled under the bookcase. This was when trigger trouble suddenly erupted.

Sam got hold of the helicopter truck and gently pulled the goods train back, to help the engine move. But he had his thumb on the switch, and triggered it by accident. The helicopter flew off and hit him in the face at top speed. It dropped to the floor. Sam quickly covered his face, suffering sore eyes and a splitting headache. He was left feeling scared stiff.
"M-maybe th-at w-wasn't such a g-good idea," he nearly sobbed to himself. Tears threatened to spill down his frightened face. Eventually, he recovered and carried on playing with trains as if nothing had happened. "One minute wonders are good to look at. Yet, I guess it's not very wise to include them in a goods train." As for the other two engines, they were not what he'd hoped to have scouted for. Instead of the V2, Broome Manor was on the outside line hauling a GWR passenger train. Hogwarts Castle, on the inside line, had been replaced by a Bachmann Bossy Boiler grumbling about, "A goods train! The shame of it! Oh the shame of it!" Sam stared in surprise and laughed out loud, as Gordon from Thomas & Friends went about his goods train duty in a bad mood. Sam was almost in stitches with laughing so much.

There came a more successful track switch move. Gordon got stuck halfway up his own hill.
"Come on, Gordon," sighed Sam. "You're not trying."
"I can't do it!" insisted Gordon. "The noisy trucks hold an engine back so!" Out of the blue, Emily came up from behind, and helped her friend get his train over the top. Gordon was about to rush happily away, when he checked himself giving Sam another reason to laugh out loud. For a first, Gordon said thankyou to Emily. Since when was this Bossy Boiler so polite? Sam felt like he might blow himself to pieces at this rate. He regained his composure in any case. Oh well, better to laugh than to cry.

NCO Pictures
NCO Pictures 2 months ago

Gandy Dancer is actually an old slang term for railroad workers.

SkullMasterGaming 2 months ago

this was uploaded on my birthday

Noud V.
Noud V. 2 months ago

Wow i want this!

Kelly Ashford
Kelly Ashford 2 months ago

Your Gandy Dancer is a funny machine to watch. Other than that, you lazy little litterbug, you discarded your empty water bottle on the floor near where the ladder is. Pick the bottle up before something dreadful happens.

cake powers
cake powers 2 months ago

It's do small compared to a steam engine

XenonStriker002 2 months ago

I remember when I was a kid. I don't know what a Gandy Dancer was when I watched a video on a Take Along or Take N Play Thomas with those "Gandy Dancer" HO wheels. But as I grew up as a teenager I know that a Gandy dancer was actually a handcar. :P

Allen 2 months ago

I had one back in 1988. It was cute but didn't last long. Bachmann was good about sending me the parts, though.

Christhorpe Junction
Christhorpe Junction 2 months ago

Fantastic! You can see one in use in an episode of Dads Army, the Kings Train if I remember correctly. Just as amusing!

Finland Does Not Exist

Looks like a railway exorcism

Darren Brandon
Darren Brandon 2 months ago

I just bought a brand new one of these, Christmas themed.. has Father Christmas and an elf on it.. hasn’t arrived yet, am looking forward to it... was 39 dollars plus shipping...

ShinyRedPaintwork Productions

Please don’t pick on seizures.

Zech 2 months ago

So cute!!!

Justang 2 months ago

Are these loco or tender drive?

Kealie Brook
Kealie Brook 2 months ago

funny little thing

Thomas the tank engine NO1

Can the gandy dancer push 1empty wagon and can you review the bachmann Wickham trolley

Raccoon gaming channel

I think your Australian accent is getting better...
Or was it just a weird voice you came up with ? 🤔

Nah definitely Australian 🇦🇺


Where can I get one of these?

Aussie Pom
Aussie Pom 2 months ago

Rather a novelty Sam. Here in Kangaroo land unlike in Britain when lines closed they didn't remove the track. It was all left for nature to reclaim. Here a video I just found showing a home made four wheel trike ride on an abandoned branch line which opened in 1923 and closed in 1979. Farmers animals have kept the grass at bay between the rails although in some parts sleepers have disappeared altogether. The line is now waiting for a time when the Oberon - Tarana (pronounced Ta ran nar ) railway preservation society can restore it. The line was 15 miles in length built to standard gauge but with earth ballast. It was known as a "pioneer line". Very sharp curves and very steep gradients of 1 in 25 rule on this cheaply built line.

Alan carpenter
Alan carpenter 2 months ago

Hi Sam. "Gandy Dancer" is what our cousins in the US of A call the good old hand cart, because it looks like the operators are doing a hillbilly barn dance. I have an LGB "G" scale version, much larger, to which I fitted a coupling so it can pull a wagon or three. It also travels relatively fast although it will move more slowly than your one in the video. A good funny video. We should inject some fun into our hobby, not be stuffy like some of the fraternity are. Regards, Alan.

Rex Remedy
Rex Remedy 2 months ago

the world definitely needs this! no doubt!!!

The Pickle Jar
The Pickle Jar 2 months ago

i have one that doesn't work anymore

James Suffecool
James Suffecool 2 months ago

Good Show! Can you please make a future video showing us how to tune up/repair this piece? I have one that doesn't work & would appreciate a tutorial. Thanks.

Dominic Breen
Dominic Breen 2 months ago

I now kind of want to get one of these as a joke but I can't afford it

MapTheDragon Railways

I have seen this before but every time I see it I laugh

nothing_cool the magical cat

I wish I knew where my gandy dancer is. Set it up on my public layout for the holidays and see who notices it...
Is very entertaining

the zucchinis
the zucchinis 2 months ago

Love it so cute

Terraria Fan The Floran

WHERE DID YOU GET THIS? Im Sorry For Doing All Caps.

Jay Dailey
Jay Dailey 2 months ago

Leave a like for a z scale version 😂

Jadens Go animate
Jadens Go animate 2 months ago

Does the Gandy Dancer pull anything?

peterb666 2 months ago

I have one of these - haven't run it in years - so cute but a terrible runner - the little guys go like crazy when you can get it running.

Yorkshire Man 66
Yorkshire Man 66 2 months ago

They must be more models similar to gandy dancer lol

Doctor Who Productions

Me and my brother made a wooden cart with little train wheels with a little motor didn't go very fast but fun and quite light as well

Doctor Who Productions

I had something like that but my cousin broke it when she was 7

md12 2 months ago

What do you place underneath the track? Like the grey stuff. Great video. Thurrily enjoyed

Teag Brohman GDC
Teag Brohman GDC 2 months ago

You should have used Yakety Sax for the Background music when the Gandy Dancer was running on the track.

sirmugman 2 months ago

such a stupid model I LOVE IT!

The CPMR 2 months ago

I've actully driven one of these (albeit on a ride along railroad 1/8 scale. It was real to me okay!). It was a one person one, and it was quite the work out!

SMT Mainline
SMT Mainline 2 months ago

Where was the unboxing?

fufferfish 2 months ago

L.E.L (laugh extremely loud)

Lenny A. zagara Jr.
Lenny A. zagara Jr. 2 months ago

Where did you get that

WHERE DA BARBZ AT 2 months ago

I don't care who tells me I will always call it the candy dancer

ufg2036 2 months ago

bachmann make some good noveltys with motors,I have a school bus by bachmann the runs


stick a V8 on it

Railways Of The United Kingdom

If you can get this Gandy Dancer working, could you do a little remake of the scene from the Dad's Army episode 'The Royal Train'. I would really appreciate it.

Mike Ramsey's other channel

I used to have one of these as well. It's cute, but it never ran very well because it's so light and doesn't pick up power very well. It also uses the same motor as several of Bachmann's N scale American locos.

jonas 24
jonas 24 2 months ago

could you replace the motor in the gandy dancer

The Black Wolf
The Black Wolf 2 months ago

Do you have the midnight special or the silver streak.

VolfMark 2 months ago

Hi, Sam, great trains you've got there. Thanks for sharing this video. I have two EMD GP18 locomotives sold by Bachmann in their respective boxes (the locomotives were actually made by Mehano and obviously distributed by Bachmann), and I noticed the Gandy Dancer vehicle being shown on one side of the box. I tried to figure out the mechanism from the picture, but your video was worth a thousand images. Those little guys really work out hard while in motion. On higher speeds they look like they are about to get a seizure or have their arms dislocated, which was funny to watch. Anyway, I have always wandered what it looked like live, so thanks for the video, it was very interesting.
Best regards. :-)

nityking1 2 months ago

interesting anatomy XD

Ian Haynes
Ian Haynes 2 months ago

Made me laugh watching it.

Rob Fuller
Rob Fuller 2 months ago

i feel like i want one now just to sit on my shelf and for me to be amused

Tom PrickVixen
Tom PrickVixen 2 months ago

My club had 2 of these, and our expertise is: if its been used (run) regularly and the wheel are cleaned, it works relatively well.

Andrew Vaughan
Andrew Vaughan 2 months ago

If I had one of these I'd play some AC/DC while it whizzed round the layout.

thefallingpi 2 months ago

I wonder what the point of this 'model' is

Jacob Forbes
Jacob Forbes 2 months ago

I have to send one out every time a coach or something derails

BigAllan 2 months ago

Sam, I recently just bought one at my local hobby shop for 23 US dollars. It is such a CHARMING little thing, got me hours of laugh! But I think I might be the lucky ones, it didn't have a SINGLE problem when I ran it, and people said it would over heat but mine didn't! But here is the tip with the gandy dancer, make it run more. It gives the whole engine a "comfortable" run when it runs for a while. But Great review! Still love this little thing :)
Best of luck
BigAllan XD

Sebastian Andersen
Sebastian Andersen 2 months ago

Great video and all, but.. You really shouldn't title it "Unboxing" when it's got nothing to do with an unboxing. It's just misleading.

cackycreeperking vlogs

Oh my gosh It's insane how many people have these things I want one :-)

John Crooks
John Crooks 2 months ago

The Gandy Dancers are a great wee novelty item and I love them for their cheeky little bobbing movement and super characterisation, even if they are a bit stop and go over points. They have been designed very well I think for there size, with the detailed metal sides depicting the shovel, pick and hammer, which with a fine paint brush to add some silver tips and brown wooden handles to show them off. Cheers Sam for posting this for all to see, and thanks to Bachmann in producing these delightful items.

gordonfan112 2 months ago

You can make some custom Thomas trains whith it

gordonfan112 2 months ago

The gandy dancer and a very speedy engine put together what a joke😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Sir Fowler
Sir Fowler 2 months ago

anyone remember the dude who made the pez thomas HO things out of these

Nicks Adventures
Nicks Adventures 2 months ago

What a cute little thing also nice video :D

A Wannabe Copeland
A Wannabe Copeland 2 months ago

I wonder if you can convert it to DCC sound? 😉

the green brick seperator

how is it an unboxing if you dont have a box ?! ;)

Oscar Paisley
Oscar Paisley 2 months ago

I really like that Sam. I'd not seen that model before. Very comical when it's running at speed.
Great fun.

Elliot Baker-Schellhorn (Midland compound 1000)

fantastic review i'v always wanted to get one as its one of the smallest models in 00 plus i had a go on one in germany it cost about £3(5 euro) to do it but it was worth it plus the money was given to the museum so thanks for posting

J.R 2000
J.R 2000 2 months ago

Quite a funny little novelty, which made this an interesting vide, some nice lcos at the end as well.